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    Psychic Self Defense Forum

    Psychic Self Defense Forum
    Ask questions about psychic self defense and psychic attack.
    -The Ongoing Debate About Negs- Do Negs feed off negative energy?
    -Cord Cutting-Before they went into battle, the Ninja warriors had a meditation they performed....-PSD Latest Countermeasures-
    -A Primer on Negs- How to Recognize a Negative Entity-Especially helpful.

    Psychic Security

    Psychic Vampire Protection -- How to Charge Amulets or Protective Stones -
    "Hi everyone!

    I posted some months back about a problem I was having. I was able to find a local healer who helped me with removing 3 entities I had picked up from a haunted house I had lived in this past year but I know that was not my only problem..."

    Members have full access to the Psychic Self Defense forums.

    Updated periodically as threads change.
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