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Thread: Why are Astral Spiders BAD?

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    Alayah Guest

    Why are Astral Spiders BAD?

    Hi Robert,

    I came across a older post from this forum where you said:

    "In my experience, astral spiders are bad, very bad."

    However, you did not elaborate on this explanation. I have been seeing these little critters (which I find so absolutely annoying) when I come out of a deep sleep. It has been going on for about 3 years off and on. I have yet to understand it. At first, I thought I was losing my mind and then I found your website. In my own understanding, I have come to find that I may have been around others who have negative energy or thought forms and I may have picked up on this energy. For the past 3 years, I have been living in a very old home that I know has been inhabited by entities. I have worked extremely hard to do blessings and clear the energy and it has worked for the most part however was not easy. Do the astral spiders have anything to do with this energy?

    Or... am I seeing the spiders because of some unresolved fear or darkness within me that I am unaware of... I hope not!

    I hope you can help shed some light on these little buggers once and for all!

    Thanks so much for this website and all the work you do!


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    Re: Why are Astral Spiders BAD?

    G'day Alyah,

    Astral spiders are low astral beings, and they can be very nasty.

    Intensive spring cleaning, with the intention of washing them away, is the first step.

    Then, incense (white sage or, dragon's blood incense), and purple fire,

    Check the 'purple fire' audio out here, as it gives instructions. This is easy to do and works very well. ... epage.html


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