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Thread: Successful Projection- December 02, 2008

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    Psychonaut1984 Guest

    Successful Projection- December 02, 2008

    Successful Projection- December 02, 2008
    After almost a month of unsuccessful exits, I finally succeeded in projecting again. I woke up around 8am, and practiced for about an hour then fell asleep, then woke up again around 10. I started practicing again. Then after a little while I got a little tired and frustrated so rolled over on my belly to go back to sleep.
    At this point I guess I was awake but my body was nice and relaxed. It really didn't take very long at all maybe 10 minutes tops before I randomly started getting exit sensations. (Note: I was not trying to get exit sensations they just happened and I went with it) These newer exit sensations are not the major vibrations they used to be. Instead, I just notice this white TV static effect behind closed eyelids, it is accompanied by a funny tingly static feeling, which grows and grows rapidly until I leave my body. I was laying in my body for a several minutes before I actually exited. I didn't exit once the static reached its peak. I think I was still in 'the zone' because I didn't have to start over, I noticed my hearing had changed, so I carefully just continued with a couple of exit techniques until I was finally out of my body.
    I did not have a whole lot of control maneuvering myself, I think I floated backwards next to the water heater, and I kept finding all these tiny nails and screws. I'm not sure what that means but I continued toward the window across the room. The room was very dark so I finally got to try out increasing the visibility. It took a few times of me saying it but sure enough the room lightened up. I thought that was really cool. I did have some problems seeing. I was aware that my eyes were closed so I would open them but I would start seeing out my physical body. The weird thing was I don't think I was seeing out my eyes. When my other eyes would open, I would be looking at the back of my head through this weird distorted tunnel vision. So I found a way to not do this as much but my vision wasn't that great for the rest of the session, I was a little too aware of my physical body throughout the experience.
    I had some problems flying at first but eventually I got to the window across the room. My vision sort of blanked out briefly when I got there but I managed to squeeze myself out the window and through the deck. For some reason I did actually have to squeeze myself out at first but I kept telling myself there was nothing to squeeze and I slipped through pretty quickly. I saw my mom smoking on the deck with a little book. I couldn't read what she was reading, I got the feeling that she wasn't real because I expected her to be there. She didn't seem to see me. I flew away and floated around by the backyard. I tried to think of where to go. I wanted to visit some of the astral planes, so I started commanding that I wanted to go to the higher astral planes, then more specifically I remembered reading about the Buddhic realm. I didn't really know if I would actually be able to get there but everything turned white. I kept saying my intent until I was surrounded by white clouds, and some cartoony things. Then I woke up. For some reason I don't really feel like I went anywhere authentic when everything turned white, but it was so brief, literally a few seconds, that I can't tell. When I woke up I did not feel as disoriented or fatigued as I usually do after a projection.
    All in all it was a nice brief little projection, I think the whole experience might have been 5-10 minutes in real time. The major downside of the whole experience was that I extremely distracted by how aware I was of my physical body. I feel that it did take away from the experience a little bit, but I am just glad that I projected.

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    Fish Guest

    Re: Successful Projection- December 02, 2008

    Congrats It sounds like you may have dropped into the Buddhic for a moment. Why do you doubt yourself about that?

    I came very close myself last night. After these rollercoaster upward launches I saw what looked like the rippling water in the Stargate, but hubby snapped me out of it as usual with his restlessness. Gonna give it another shot tonight.

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    Psychonaut1984 Guest

    Re: Successful Projection- December 02, 2008

    As far as the possibly visiting the Buddhic realm, it was so short maybe 5 seconds. I felt as though it might have just been a projection of what my subconscious thought it might be like. The few seconds I saw, it was bright white, with clouds and the little bit of blue sky, just at the corners of my eyes,I saw these cartoony things that reminded me of Blue Clues or something on Nickelodeon, looking down at me.

    Too bad you got snapped out of your session. Maybe you should try doing it in another room? Good luck tonight!

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    Fish Guest

    Re: Successful Projection- December 02, 2008

    Well at least you got that far, that’s positive in itself.

    The only opportunity I have at making any attempts are at bedtime, I’ll get there eventually it’ll just take me longer lol Well no luck last night, I fell asleep (again) *sigh*


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