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Thread: Easy way to move objects with your mind (Telekinesis)

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    Easy way to move objects with your mind (Telekinesis)

    This is a fun and easy way to learn to move things with your mind (called Telekinesis or Psychokinesis - same thing. Within the Parapsychology field it's more often referred to as "PK". Huge success rate. Just thought I'd share some fun. Stay in the OBE Forum. Go to my post, "Extremely Awful Experience". Page 2, scroll down to "Subject: Telekinesis". If you try it, let me know how you do! Have fun!

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    Sergio Guest
    Geez I'm more and more amazed by your posts I'm very interested in telekinesis. To do this do you have to have a high level of psychic skills? I tried with a very little piece of paper. I put my hands around it an concentrated in it spining. But nothing happened. :S Any hints?

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    Nah, you don't need any psychic skills. It's like OBEing, anyone can do it with practice. Try making the paper part of the target 4 inches by 4 inches. Fold it in a triangle, open it up, then fold it in triange the other way. I would use colored markers, or anything really, and make all 4 sides look different. That way it's easier to tell if it's moving.

    Relax, relax, relax!! If you are uptight, it absolutely won't work. Try putting your hands in position, then press down on the table as hard as you can, then relax. Talk to the target...("MOVE you little sucker!, Spin, spin, spin"). If you see it just twitch, believe it. KNOW that you can do it. Martin Cadin said, "If you think you MIGHT move it, the you MIGHT move it. If you think you WILL move it , then you WILL move it".

    Try it different times of the day. Sometimes sleepy, sometimes very alert. I'm not consistent every day, sometimes it'll give a couple of spins and then stop and not move again. Other times I look at it across the room, and it whirls round and round forever. One really unique thing about it, when it stops, it comes to a dead stop. If it was air blowing on it, it would gradually slow down. You know you're doing it if it stops on a dime, or spins fast the other way.

    If I can't get it going, I'll unfocus my eyes, or look just barely to the side of it. Same way you would see an aura. Looking dead on makes it harder. Sometimes called "soft eyes".

    Have fun, and let me know when you even twitch it, 'cause I KNOW you will.

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    sash Guest
    What do you visualize? When you try to move something do you visualize it moving by itself, or do you visualize your astral hands moving it?


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    Either way works. Try different things.

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    Mind Guest

    How i do tk

    Usualy when i do tk i wont visualize at all, i will just sit back look at the target. Now unlike most ppl i dont hold my hand(s) by the target cause there realy is no need for it.
    Now when i sitt there gazing at the target its important, espesially for people that are new to this to be fully relaxed. This also includes the mind and emotions.
    The actual moving part, at start you just simply know and put it in the back of your mind what you want to do. Dont activly think of it but simply know it and let it happen, it might take a little while for it to work the first times but most people will do it.

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    sash Guest
    Mind, thanks that is useful.

    The thing with visualizing is I find no matter how hard I try I can't get anything to happen at all (in the particular context of TK). The non-visual method makes more sense to me and I will experiment with it in future.


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    Mind Guest
    Np, i will usualy get much quicker and better results when not using visualization and its much easier to do then as well. Also multi tasking becomes much easer to me when using none visualization methods.
    But i expect this to be individual so everyone should experiment to find whats best for them.

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    enoch Guest
    I'm always very sceptical of claims such as these - for no other reason than the fact that so far nobody has been able to do it. Instances such as these are not every day experiences - in fact, the whole world and his dog is waiting for such a person and that person would most likely change the world....after a million or so brain scans and other prods and pokes. I can 100% guarantee you that if we were now in a room, as opposed to a forum, and I asked you to perform your feat - you know what results we would achieve??

    Which, although this sounds pessimistic, is a dent in the rep of spiritualism. But maybe a giant leap for the ego.

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    sash Guest
    enoch, perhaps this will quell your pessimism for the time being: ... 145.0.html.

    I do not believe it is difficult to achieve something like this. It might be true that most people cannot do this, including me -- but the reason for that is a mental block in front of something that should be possible to achieve naturally.

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