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Thread: interpreting vision screen images

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    interpreting vision screen images

    Dear Robert,

    I was thrilled to discover in 'Astral Dynamics' the description of astral vision/the vision screen, which I have experienced a handful of times, without understanding exactly what it was. I realized I was experiencing something different from, though connected with, projection - gentle upward pulsing waves of energy being present throughout. (I have also experienced actual projections, so I do have a point of comparison).

    What is not touched on though is how one could/should (if at all) interpret these visions, that is, my 'clairvoyant' experiences haven't been predictive in any way, nor do they seem to be showing me any remarkable events at all, just sweeping panoramas of unknown places and people, in unbelievable clarity, light, colour and detail, from a somewhat elevated reference point. They are fascinating, but I can't help thinking there must be some meaning for me in this if I can only decode it - or is that my self-centred conditioning assuming there must be a 'message' or reason? Are we actually seeing something in the present, (or the past or future) in this physical world? Or is it an alternative reality of some sort? Just what is their purpose? I don't seem to be in charge of manipulating their content at all, it's just as if I am a passive observer in the cinema.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this phenomenon!

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    Excellent question!

    What you see in the vision screen is like how Nostradamus saw his visions.

    There is often a metaphorical symbolic content, and understanding this is covered in my section on Vision and Dream interpretation, in Astral Dynamics. But most of what you see in the vision screen is real life. This is usually of future events.

    When the vision screen is active, you can shift into it with an act of will. Feel the vision coming closer and yourself moving towards it, and you will shift into it. From then on its an OBE. But, you can shift back to your body at will. If this is stable enough, you can take notes, then dive back into the vision screen, etc. This is what Nostradamus did, and other seers like him, methinks.

    You can also go back in time and view past events accurately. Present events can also be viewed.

    The trick is, I think, to focus on a particular type of event and attempt to 'tune' in the vision screen. I know, this is easier said than done.

    The type of visions you describe seem to indicate a visual connection between your conscious self and your higher self. Your higher self is in charge and is just doing its thing here, or so it seems.

    To take control over this I suggest you make a strong statement. This relates to how demanding 'sight now' or 'clarity now' during OBE will usually improve sight and clarity of vision.

    Make a strong 'command', something like "show me ???" Have a think about what you would ask to be shown. Be as specific as you can. This is a bit like 'mirror mirror on the wall' but it works.

    Once you make a command, things should happen immediately. It is important to keep your mind fixed on your target. So keep your mind clear and no matter what else you see, stay on target. I've done this before, with vision screen experiences and OBE, and the higher self responds immediately, but the trip from A to B can be distracting and if you pay attention to anything along the way, you'll be dropped there.

    As you say, there is no intentional message in the visions you have been seeing. This is a phenomenon, a window into the workings of reality. Most of it is way above the heads of us poor humans, but we can take advantage of some of this. This also relates to astral projection, which is another natural phenomena with a few interesting loop holes.

    To date future events is difficult, if they are too far into the future, or if they happen in another country and you don't read the lingo etc. Nostradamus found a way around this by memorizing star signs and planetary positions, which are unique, meaning if you can read the stars you can date the event. To do this you would have to fly into space and make an observation before returning to your body, and then be able to write it down or record it in some way.

    Robert Bruce

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    Re: interpreting vision screen images

    Thank you Robert, your explanation explains almost exactly how my experiences work,

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