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  1. Nausea whilst attempting OBE
  2. trance near?
  3. Video: NDE documented travel to heaven
  4. a kundalini experience?
  5. OBE while still physically awake?!
  6. Confused between theories (physical vs astral)
  7. Getting closer to an OBE, please help!
  8. Two AMAAAZING OBEs this morning!!!!
  9. question about Chakra Stimulation
  10. New OBE lengthening method: Feel prickly things
  11. vibrations
  12. Near Death OBE
  13. Lucid Dream technique (NOT easy)
  14. A strange vision
  15. Help with two very very important things
  16. Dream Handling - How do we determine...
  17. Shadow Figure
  18. accidentally becoming aware of possible obe
  19. Help me out I'm almost there
  20. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS BREAKTHROGH it will change your life
  21. Spontaneous OBE and Orgasm
  22. Reiki
  23. MP3 download of breathing pattern to finish sleep paralysis
  24. BWGen presets and good practices?
  25. New experience
  26. Question for Aunt Clair
  27. astral sight and surges of energy
  28. Astral sight, a precursor for belief systems?
  29. have i really done it?! was it an LD or an AP?
  30. First time - sparkly hands?
  31. Little OBE
  32. motivation waning
  33. spontaneous sp
  34. Optical Illusions
  35. OBE while Driving
  36. What are your achievements and discoveries?
  37. My Personal Experience... please comment
  38. stepping into a mental picture
  39. Question on seeing one's own projected double
  40. Dream or astral?
  41. How to get vibrations for all the body in 5 minutes.
  42. Remerging with a lost aspect of Self
  43. i finally figured out a part of my obe
  44. Ever experience white noise accompanied with paralysis?
  45. The time has finally come.
  46. Developing open-eyed clairvoyance/astral sight: Experiment
  47. Have hit a brick wall (dead end)
  48. constant obe, invulnerable?
  49. Astral barriers
  50. Overwhelming vibrations
  51. Interesting experience last night.
  52. Total Beginner
  54. OBE or Lucid Dream? Or what? Can anyone help me figure this?
  55. open-eyed OBEs ??
  56. VERY EXTREME pressure inside my head
  57. Trick of the light or...?
  58. Best Astral Projection Method?
  59. Neighbor projects while awake
  60. using clairvoyance to see astral shields
  61. Physical barriers while in astral form?
  62. Astral Danger
  63. An astral noise - BEEP! Super irritating
  64. ROPE disorientation
  65. anyone seen any astral wildlife?
  66. URGENT new message
  67. An Astral Eye floating...?
  68. White Strobe?
  69. Another question
  70. Feeling drained after Astral projection
  71. I can't seem to do this..
  72. ever tried entheogens?
  73. wait, astral projection is dangerous?
  74. The appearance of the Astral planes
  75. Projecting into a chakra
  76. white aura coming off people.
  77. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  78. Trance Meditation for OBE- tips?
  79. Confusion With Waking Paralysis/Spontaneous Projection
  80. Question about the vibrations
  81. Breathing while doing NEW
  82. A little about me and How my first OBE came about
  83. What do you see when you count in your head?
  84. Greetings fellow Projectors
  85. Past OBE Experiences of Aneas
  86. Body Spinning
  87. YAY! a Vivid Spontaneous OBE!
  88. have not been able to OBE in many weeks :(
  89. Help me work out a training schedule...
  90. Looks like I'm half-way there :)
  91. OBE or Lucid dream?
  92. My most powerful OBE
  93. Astral lights?
  94. Another experience.
  95. effects of jewellery?
  96. Very close to OBE
  97. A Matter of Ethics
  99. Energy seen on others heads
  100. OMG OMG I DID IT! I DID IT! OMG!!!!
  101. Verified Channeling: Genuine Spirit Contact or Just ESP?
  102. Strange spontaneous OBE
  103. First projection... I think.
  104. Half-way conscious...but still first OBE
  105. Two short Projections's I'll share
  106. Tooth Energy
  107. Will the painful jaw clenching stop if I continue?
  108. Odd obe experience / return to failure :(
  109. ADCs Vs. Memory Loss: 7 Questions
  110. My 1st OBE or Astral Experience.
  111. How do u convince ppl of astral projection?
  112. Hello, my first post here...my most recent OBE! Crazy one!
  113. VALIDATIONS - successful? Anyone?
  114. Oh yeah. Here they come.
  115. nasty being
  116. What to do with a constant sensation of falling, tips????
  117. The fear held me back Argggg
  118. This was intensely scary. Was it an OBE or something else?
  119. Do people ever treat you differently?
  120. a thought on astral feedback
  121. anyone notice this
  122. **Working out who your guides are?
  123. Virtual Reality Projecton
  124. Wonderful & Amazing Otherworldly Exploration Recall
  125. OBE or Dream
  126. A question [or two]
  127. the fear of possibilities
  128. Controlling astral awareness?
  129. Almost...I think
  130. the worst possible timing
  131. Flying in dreams, possible SOBE or just a dream?
  132. OBE sitting position question
  133. My NDE on April Fool'sDay.....
  134. Success! I actually did it...!
  135. OBE Training DVD
  136. My latest experiences
  137. Messing up my Astral Doublelife
  138. Spontaneous OBE
  139. Early Morning OBE
  140. Astral and the Computer
  141. My letdown
  142. OBE or Dream?
  143. Something weird is happening to me. please help
  144. has anybody ever seen a red astral chord?
  145. Exit problems
  146. Trick exit symptonms?
  147. Prescription Drugs and their effect on OBE
  148. Some questions from a noob
  149. Astral Noise that is not a result of projection
  150. Fast Forward Effect
  151. My first exit/s (input would be lovely)
  152. Blanking out while operating in the physical
  153. "Is this a Dream? Pets in the Afterlife"
  154. This morning at around 1.50 am
  155. Lapse in consciousness while out
  156. Shadow Man?
  157. Was it Aura Vision?
  158. One eye'd sight
  159. Debate that took Rain, iF's thread off-topic
  160. is it astral?
  161. How should i get back into it?
  162. Ethric body
  163. Unidentifiable "knowledge"
  164. creepy astral sounds
  165. urantia book discussion
  166. Astral Projection Definition
  167. last night. mild sleep paralysis
  168. Do projections to the astral plane really even EXIST?
  169. My multiple obe's this morning
  171. What Is The Meaning Of Awareness Please !
  172. Conflicted
  173. Feeling sick
  174. The Sun
  175. Young 14 yr. old trying something new...
  176. Astral noises not just in your head, possibly
  177. Multiple body projection?
  178. Methods for reading sitters as a Clairvoyant Medium
  179. Really..close.
  180. Astral plane experiences post here....
  181. Skeptical about the "RTZ"
  182. I finally consciously projected but Im confussed(3 me's)
  183. So close to a projection - intense vibrations, but...
  184. A Touch of Flu...
  185. Does dealing with OOBEs enhances your psychic abilities?
  186. OBE/Spirituality and problem solving - any suggestions?
  187. Strange sight after waking up...
  188. OBEing and God
  189. Almost did it!
  190. First Out Of Body Experience?
  191. First OOBE or a dream of having an OOBE?
  192. !!!DRAGONS!!!!
  193. Deep deep trance
  194. Complex question about leaving your body forever
  195. Nothing happens when I leave my body please help-unresolved
  196. So what this an OBE?
  197. Only have OBEs when i don't try.
  198. Ok so anyone who can remote view CLICK CLICK HERE
  199. Sleep paralysis & obe?
  200. Sorry for so many threads but...what happened here?!
  201. working on energy blockage knocked me a bit OBE... neat
  202. Remote Viewing Technique
  203. Possible OBE assisting device...
  204. Astral Music
  205. My personal experience
  207. negs and astral sight
  208. Rapid Eye Movement During Projection Attempt
  209. Bad vibes
  210. CEP2plet's notes
  211. Paralyisis?
  212. Something holding me back
  213. cutting psychic chords
  214. Cannot proceed from vibratrional state
  215. what happened to my last post? mods?
  216. holy beings
  217. Need some advice. (astral sound,exit tech. etc..)
  218. Why Do I hear someone calling my name?
  219. Briefly out. Briefly.
  220. I DID IT- for a slit second
  221. Strange man-creature thing
  222. 3 OBE Experiences in 1 week questions
  223. Trying For 6 Months...
  224. How to help chances of having a OBE
  225. how long can you explore the rtz?
  226. Can never remember!
  227. Experiences with OBE aids [was: Other Products]
  228. what is phasing?
  229. Etheric Vision and strange balls of light!
  230. post removed
  231. glowing spider-like things
  232. Unknown ancient(sacred)geometry
  233. etheric vision?
  234. Idea for new method of...something
  235. the real thing
  236. I projected while riding an airplane!
  237. How Do I?
  238. Wow.... That was... Weird.
  239. Trouble Getting Vibrations.
  240. some brief spontaneous vibs, and more on sound
  241. I have a question
  242. How do I project to a friend?
  243. Was this an OOBE?
  244. A few spontanious obe's today
  245. Light Beings
  246. communication between real time zone and real world?
  247. Time Travel: Is it natural?
  248. developing claivoyance?
  249. light beings, beings of light, beings of the light
  250. OBE after mirror meditation