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  1. Clairalience?
  2. spontaneous OBEs and astral wind
  3. awareness?
  4. Can you prove OBEs exist?
  5. Mini OBE= lots of questions for me
  6. First Time!...sort of
  7. rainbow Tunnel
  8. Speakers Crackle when trying to Project
  9. what to do to improve visual clarity, decrease disortions
  10. My experience.
  11. Affecting the Physical
  12. Almost out... I think.
  13. Pull someone out?
  14. an exit easier than rope
  15. Astral Vision
  16. Interesting effect
  17. Am I dreaming?
  18. Think I am close! (Any Tips?)
  19. Blindfold?
  20. Trouble Getting Out - Please Help! :-)
  21. Monroe methods... feedback, help, anything?!?!?!
  22. Double or demon spawn,to Aunt clair or anyone!!!!!
  23. Is there anything to gain, do, or otherwise benefit from AP?
  24. does anyone know the answer for my question?
  25. Hello, just a question or so...
  26. history lessons via the Akashic Records
  27. When projecting, I have an extra finger.......?
  28. Seeing light, seeing darkness?
  29. Spontaneous obe experience
  30. IS this Evil in the eyes of god?
  31. What part of the OBE exit am I missing?
  32. Aunt Clair
  33. Just like the walkiing fairies from the past...
  34. Strange Obe experiences !Help !!!
  36. guides, real or manifestations of subconscious
  37. Tick Tock... WTF?
  38. Need assistance
  39. Need advice on my near out of body experience
  40. near death experience?
  41. A new member's first OBE! :D
  42. mysterious clouds
  43. How do you see auras?
  44. A very curious Projection
  45. OBE down & out , sliding thru water hurtling thru space
  46. Hypnogogic or Astral noise?
  47. A dark projection
  48. Projection Dexiterity and O.B.E. Lengthening
  49. Phasing through walls/floors.
  50. Sigh. So confused.
  51. i used some of RB's techniques, and with interesting success
  52. OBE: Shift of consciousness/awareness
  53. ?'s about lucid dreaming, spinning, energy body, projection
  54. Wstein's technique
  55. Beginnings of Astral Sight?
  56. Creating strong solid objects
  57. Some weird stuff this morning
  58. Birthday OBE
  59. Can't get fully aware
  60. First Planned Projection! (Progress!)
  61. Strange Obe and saw someone almost transparent!
  62. When I get out of body, I am not always in the same room..??
  63. First Projection - Thrown around my room?
  64. Started to project out the ear, lololol
  65. From the bedroom, around orbit and back again.
  66. A different kind of OBE
  67. Quarters
  69. random glints and signs
  70. I had an obe while meditating yesterday.Very strange!
  71. I need some help
  72. Strange sensation on waking up .
  73. How to open the third eye
  74. remote viewing?
  75. My 2nd OBE! Advanced projectors analyze please :-)
  76. My first ever conscious OBE happened last night… WOW
  77. Has anyone here actually experienced astral projection?
  78. Rapid heartbeat?
  79. My first (and only) OBE, very dramatic sensations.
  80. Getting cold
  81. Negs making Astral Projection difficult?
  82. Your views on Intention...
  83. Astral Projection from a dream...or just a lucid dream
  84. the third eye
  85. OBE after a long dry spell
  86. dream, AP, and 3 short OB
  87. Shadow person in my room...
  88. Three doorways of light
  89. The First time you can remember having an OBE
  90. Why such divergence in experiences?
  91. Another Accidental OBE
  92. Astral Meeting
  93. Stange occurance
  94. How to see Aura's?
  95. Reduced hypnagogics / visual recall
  96. The Pineal and Pituatory Gland
  97. Can't open my eyes during an OBE
  98. I´m back and I want to learn...
  99. Wowww We did it....
  100. Night Vision
  101. Whats the rash on my tailbone & burning between my shoul
  102. Some advice for an 'intermediate' projector please
  103. "Someone" I saw
  104. Astral sight at last! Or what I believe to be...
  105. First time OBE 3 times in a row...
  106. Shed some light on these recent OBE's
  107. Advice please!
  108. Verification of Objective reality thru OBE...
  109. May be you can tell me if this has a special meaning Chakras
  110. Comparing Robert Bruce to Robert Monroe
  111. Side effects and danger of obe
  112. Troubles
  113. eXploration of consciousness (YouTube Video)
  114. goblins?!
  115. Almost projected - what happened?
  116. Twin Vibrations?
  117. New to projecting
  118. Some inquiry on things...im very confused...
  119. Eye
  120. Had an Out of Body Experience this morning
  121. The Real Time Zone
  122. Utter Frustration...
  123. So my gf projected...
  124. Hmmmm....
  125. .
  126. IDK what you call this...or how to explain it...
  127. Reptile Man
  128. Am I going crazy...?
  129. First Experience In Months!
  130. Break thru!! (almost)
  131. How to protect yourself while having an obe?
  132. Closest I've ever gotten
  133. X series
  134. video claims to induce OOBE/AP
  135. Floating foliage in my room...
  136. One Week Later
  137. Was I out of my physical body?
  138. phasing instead of traditional obe
  139. Projection question
  140. straight to consciousness
  141. Back again with questions :D
  142. Occasionally hearing a distinct "DING" and then wa
  143. Astral body setting off smoke detector?
  144. Tips and tricks to getting out?
  145. Intentional Initialization of Fear
  146. How can i be more aware during an obe ???
  147. Clairvoyance, definition and exercise.
  148. Wooo this was intense! OBE Event
  149. How to get past REM?
  150. Foot tasting
  151. Best obe aids?
  152. Why should the physical affect one´s obe experience?
  153. On the Brink of Consciousness
  154. Question..
  155. Having some trouble
  156. A tricky question, but I need an explanation
  157. Noisy AP
  158. Does mastbt. deplete neccessary energy for wake induced OBE?
  159. A few minutes = entire lifetime
  160. strange triangle...
  161. Interesting experience by Redlining
  162. Was this an obe or lucid dream?
  163. Question about "cord" attached to body
  164. Back after a few weeks :D
  165. One thing that bothers me...
  166. Could some experienced help me?
  167. What do you do during A.P. or Lucid Dreaming
  168. About trance and OBE.
  169. Experience last night
  170. Mysterious Character??
  171. My first experience with OBE's
  172. Higher Astral Dimension Projection Technique
  173. Beginner seeks advice: Was it astral sex or lucid dreaming?
  174. Did i meet my spirit guide?
  175. Through my closed eyelids
  176. Ascension Experience
  177. A new Vibration
  178. Experiencing Higher self?, afraid of being a god
  179. Seem to have programmed my mind to remember.
  180. Should I have passed through the door instead?
  181. Brilliant!
  182. weird flotation feelings
  183. Need some OBE help :/
  184. Teleportation
  185. I Projected!!!!
  186. Other ways to exit body or enter lucid dream...
  187. Success and an odd question...
  188. Displacement on the swings
  189. Why this dimension
  190. Interesting OBE experiment regarding my Sis...
  191. Spontaneous OBE Qeustion
  192. Headway with one of my guides
  193. golem from lord of the rings
  194. possible re-entry, NOT fun.
  195. Astral character- woman ????? wth
  196. OBE's and religious beliefs
  197. What's this, a trick of the eyes or something else?
  198. reliable way to trigger projection reflex from trance?
  199. paralysis
  200. Exit sensations??
  201. Weird clock-like experience.
  202. How close was I to an OBE?
  203. Chills?????
  204. Age and OBE
  205. Awareness while ill
  206. Stuck in body
  207. question about astral sight- is it for real?
  208. Ladies and gentlemen: We did it!
  209. Any ideas/tips to help me with success in having an OBE?
  210. What's the worst that could happen while having an OBE?
  211. Visualizations before transitioning?
  212. Is it possible that the figure we see is ourselves?
  213. Was I projecting?
  214. Past the vibrations
  215. 360 degree vision during AP/OBE....
  216. How often do you project and or Lucid dream?
  217. Whee, my first conscious projection!
  218. What was this?
  219. Another first timer!
  220. Non Verbal Communication
  221. Spontaneous OBE?
  222. Does anyone here RTZ OBE in the middle of the day?
  223. projection brightness
  224. OOBE - False awakenings and possible retrieval?
  225. !!>[[Astral Experience Need Imput]]<!!
  226. Astral Spiders ?
  227. I saw a purple oval (orbish) haze while nearing an OBE.
  228. Astral Spiders and others...
  229. Meeting our Higher Selves
  230. RTZ obe,lucid dreaming there but invisible to others !
  231. Something about reality fluctuations
  232. Was I awake?
  233. Vibrating square
  234. i dont understand.. is this vibrations? or is it not?
  235. OBE attempts.. side effects?
  236. Bodhi Tree seen w/ Astral Awareness
  237. floated out last night
  238. can i choose to not return to body?
  239. I went from lucid dreaming last night to an OBE
  240. New to this. How close was I to a projection
  241. Buddha on Empathy
  242. G'day, Is it just me or is time flying while attempting OBE?
  243. Uncontrolled rolling and spining sensations
  244. swallowing saliva is distracting to me while trying to obe
  245. My recent experiences (advice and explanations needed)
  246. Strong Visualization / Flying
  247. Attaining consious OBE.
  248. Quitting Life...doing AP...
  249. OBE/AP in the bath
  250. Would like some help on sensatations