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  1. Pain when im OOB
  2. Could this be true?
  3. is there an exercise to see auras...
  4. Really useful video on OBE and lucid dreams.. new techniques
  5. What was this?!Your opinion please !
  6. power to see from a bird's eye view
  7. wiggly aura
  8. conscious projection or ???? first time
  9. A Light inside?
  10. energy currents
  11. Hello, at last people to speak to...
  12. Believing or Knowing?
  13. I'm getting close
  14. hi to all and my first astral projection and questions
  15. what was this?
  16. Electromagnetism?
  17. Foresight - Increased awareness.
  18. astral projection question....
  19. Am I having OBE's? Moved (Copy from Ask RB)
  20. How real can it be?
  21. control of weather?
  22. Conscience Obe
  23. Tee hee. Playing with the vibrations!
  24. Why Did I Turn Green?
  25. nice easy projection
  26. funny something
  27. Full moon and waking paralysis, noobie
  28. why would a spirit tell you that you dont belong?
  29. Newbie, curious about an old possible OBE
  30. Was this an OBE while I wasn't trying?
  31. Trouble with astral projection
  32. advice needed on inducing obe
  33. Astral Plane Warrior
  34. Real Time projecting.
  35. New to OBE, not sure what happened.
  36. My Spontaneous OBE's
  37. Should I or shouldn't I?
  38. Akashic Records and Privacy
  39. Does the astral body glitter like stars?
  40. AP Troubleshooting/I'm Almost There, I Know It!
  41. OBE: Glowing red eyes and golden armor
  42. Talking to me ?
  43. Stopped Breathing During OBE !?
  44. Multiple spontaneous and consecutive OBE's
  45. I'm not sure what happened to me
  46. Experienced an OBE due to a faulty lamp
  47. The loud sound we hear is atoms and energy moving ?
  48. A hard time projecting
  49. Ghosts in my dream?
  50. Was this the beginning of an OBE?
  51. Opening the chakras...close them again?
  52. Split from CFT's journal
  53. Teachers in the Astral Plane
  54. Scary beginners OBE experience
  55. Can this ever happen?
  56. Germany, a bomb and a hostel.
  57. Help!
  58. Whitley Strieber's OBE
  59. Tree Aura sighting
  60. Awakening in OBE after a long sleep
  61. Astral Movement
  62. Paralysis when R-T-Body trying to reintegrate
  63. Finding Someone
  64. Thought shielding & hiding ones presence
  65. Out of Phase Dual Awareness
  66. Was it real?
  67. Recent experience
  68. Weird Case Of Helping Ascended Masters Out... With A Blog?
  69. My first two OBE's!
  70. My obe this morning and something else.
  71. Void-Portal Experience
  72. Astral Projection&Friends reaction?
  73. First Timer
  74. Extracting my astral arm?
  75. repetetive observesation in LD/OBE
  76. Top 10 benefits of learning astral projection/obe?
  77. Astral awareness 24/7
  78. can anyone have an OBE almost everyday
  79. God Within/Without (was: Marriage and soul ties)
  80. Weird OBE?
  81. Trouble Getting Places...
  82. Light vibrations and images
  83. real time and astral sight.
  84. First OBE
  85. Projection from dream into astral dreamspace...I think
  86. Saw my Aura in a Dream/Vision
  87. Astral sight or vision?
  88. important training but yet no hypnagogic images
  89. Questions about exploring out of body.
  90. was this the beginning of an obe??
  91. any problems getting back in the body?
  92. Spontaneous projection symptoms
  93. Question possibly regarding reptilians
  94. My projection attempt
  95. how to get an OBE from sleep paralysis
  96. My first OOBE!
  97. were THOSE the vibrations or was I in danger ?!
  98. Astral Noises...
  99. Kids Screaming My Name While Out of Body.....???
  100. Astral sight and your body.
  101. Twin Flames and Remote Viewing
  102. remote viewing or clairvoiance??
  103. Clairaudience?
  104. sbagen-induced OBEs
  105. What does black mean?
  106. Failed conscious OOBE... Maybe a different case?
  107. Bad O.B.E Experience?
  108. OBE reveals true nature of GOD
  109. Cant Call on Jesus
  110. Being Seen in Astral Form
  111. Youre Toughts On my Experience
  112. The power of intention
  113. vibrations and noise but no exit
  114. Deeper nature of OBEs
  115. Something is holding me back
  116. Heavy Vibrations/Heart Experience
  117. Astral projection or something more?
  118. Remote viewing past events?
  119. Successful OBEs! How to do it again?
  120. Reality Fluctuations/Time Slips/ & Bi-location.
  121. Out of body, or Re-occuring Lucid Dream?
  122. weird experience?
  123. ADVISE me on asking spirit entities to assist me OBE
  124. Astral Projection Question?
  125. Afternoon conscious obe
  126. My first time.
  127. OBE or Crazy Dream?
  128. Fear of astral beings keeping me from projecting?
  129. Helped by myself?
  130. My First OBE...or was it?
  131. Not quite
  132. Clairvoyance/Meditation
  133. Just felt actual pain in an OBE...WOW
  134. astral projection...I hope !
  135. “really extensive sweating” at night time
  136. Need input......Please!!!
  137. bad dreams
  139. I am out but not seeing anything.
  140. Cemetery
  141. Where should be my focus during trance?
  142. sidereal time
  143. A validation... from Finland?
  144. is it supose to be this slow
  145. is masturbation related to astral energies and planes?
  147. Relaxation tape
  148. Pink angel in my room ?
  149. If I want to achieve a fully concious projection?
  150. Exercise and relaxation
  152. Where can I read about visits to other worlds?
  153. To ALL Who Have "Astral Projected" To Mars...
  154. Common Issue with Beginner's OBE...
  155. Opening post here.
  156. Moved from Workshop events
  157. how to recognize the right level of trance for projection?
  158. Projection reflex triggered by external source.
  159. Full relaxation instructions?
  160. fear, resistance, and conscious OBE duration
  161. Library...Akashic?
  162. Finally
  163. Post Astral Projection Dangers
  164. stuck with a problem after finally getting OBE.
  165. Black smoke around me...
  166. Wind and temperature Change
  167. Astral Steve's Intro & Experience Logs
  168. OBE:Got a gift from people who were expecting me but...
  169. Questions about my OBE.
  170. Floating out the front.
  171. My Encounter with myself.
  172. Lack of Awareness
  173. Apology
  174. Aurasight Newbie today !! Tourqouise Aura question
  175. How Can I Reclaim An Astral Memory?
  176. Looking outside I often see rain when there is no such thing
  177. Sharp pain in my chest then a male voice called my name!
  178. My experienses of things and the reason to it?
  179. Intention to meet a person during OBE
  180. The Buzzing in My Ears...
  181. Spontaneous Seperation Vibrations 2-5 times a month
  182. First Conscious Expansion of Awareness
  183. Need some advice.
  184. Need some advice about astral awareness in my life
  185. A question, again<_<
  186. Mayan/ Hieroglyph Vision? Altered state? Meaning?
  187. "Bright" people
  188. astral tube
  189. astral noise
  190. Objective Validation
  191. Hypnagogic Voice talking to me ... with discontinued message
  192. Energy bursts
  193. Can remote viewing be interfered with?
  194. What do you make of this?
  195. NEW Energy Ways
  196. Almost an OBE?
  197. I think I astral Projected!
  198. Projection into some kind of egyptian plane
  199. What are Visions?
  200. Etheric vision - what can you see through?
  201. Problems With Destinations
  202. :(
  203. subconcious
  204. What was this experience?
  205. astral projection and the future of time travel?
  206. Physical Heart Rate
  207. Why astral project?
  208. 5 serial attempts, invisible wall
  209. Is your first time the best?
  210. a small astral projection guide - in comic form
  211. Astral Trip For Help
  212. Fictional Worlds Exist
  213. Eyeoneblack's OBE's (?)
  214. OBE attempts
  215. first false awakening
  216. question about spirit guides
  217. New experience..moving past earth's atmosphere
  218. teaching?
  219. Visits by Enochian angels/Extraterrestrials
  220. Going up through an elevator
  221. travel to the future
  222. My first intentional OBE
  223. OBE and paranormal activity
  224. Getting closer...
  225. Aware of Sleeping
  226. Hypnosis for Astral Travel?
  227. The Vehram Energy System
  228. First Astral Projection + Questions
  229. E1B's Mini OBE
  230. Has anyone here done any healing in their OBE?
  231. OBE - An angel ?
  232. memories from childhood
  233. What are you guys up to?
  234. Lucid OBE, got tricked!
  235. Black Portal on wall. Bad?
  236. Freestone's OBE experiences
  237. My OBE's and rushing wind?
  238. OBE vs Dreaming of OBE
  239. Spontaneous, Wide Awake, Involuntary Projection
  240. Remote viewing in space
  241. Astral shadows and perception
  242. my experience
  243. Body asleep, mind awake
  244. Gateway Experience Blog
  245. Is It Possible To Steal Someone's Aura?
  246. Was this an OBE?
  247. Astral Help!
  248. meeting with fellow psychic and pastor
  249. a natural awareness that was once strong,trying to reattain
  250. seeing fairies while lucid dreaming...