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  1. Can you literally change the past with astral projection?
  2. Dream or OBE?
  3. seeing dots everywhere & paranormal stuff
  4. conscious projection
  5. astral projection and physical time travel
  6. First real obe!
  7. lamp debunked...
  8. Astral simulations
  9. can babies AP?
  11. Interesting OOB experiences/dreams this week
  12. BuGGiNG EyES!!
  13. How to have an OOBE
  14. AP Questions
  15. A lot of pressure between the eyes and nose?
  16. Jaw tightening projection symptoms?
  17. Binaural Beats aiding in Projection
  18. Question about getting in OBE
  19. rocking sensations & awake APing..
  20. time for a poll...
  21. Weird experience
  22. Transferring from RTZ to Astral
  23. Obe flying dreams after meditation
  24. Best place to go after a successful rtz exit?
  25. The rope puts me out of the trance.
  26. My Big TOE
  27. Relationship between etheric body and aware consciousness?
  28. Reconnecting in the Astral?
  29. Guides/Higher self?! Need Help!
  30. Sex, drugs, and Getting around while OOB!
  31. Split from: Finally getting back into it again...
  32. Tapping into Creativity within the Astral
  33. Best chair position for obe?
  34. nothing happens after the intense vibrations
  35. a few questions...
  36. Experience and Follow-up Questions
  37. I think I have gone to the future...
  38. Tintling question
  39. Worthless OBE notes
  40. demonic attack
  41. Experienced Astral Projectors Needed
  42. Something to listen to for Paralysis?
  43. Projected Double Memory Download
  44. 3-4 short obes this morning?
  45. Body awareness sight. really?
  46. Getting over the hump
  47. Battle of armageddon - Edgar Cayce prediction
  48. vip training IAC
  49. Grounding sheets
  50. Pop music?
  51. About no time in the real time zone...
  52. Newbie epxeriences, skepticism, and questions about AP
  53. TV Gateway to other Planes?
  54. Is Detecting Deception Through OBE Possible?
  55. OBE started with a dream, is it really OBE?
  56. my obe's scare me
  57. Death
  58. Dog with No Head
  59. Benefits of OBE - particularly benefits after death
  60. Close encounter
  61. trance falling technique and exit
  62. Exit issues- Split from Things to Do
  63. Are you guys normal:)?
  64. Doorway to the Astral?
  65. Trouble with exits...
  66. Was Robert Monroe a pantheist or a panentheist?
  67. May have had beginning of experience?
  68. First post projection
  69. Asking for comments on progress
  70. Another place that doesn't have a 'physical' presence
  71. POLL - Favorite OBE Methods and Recall
  72. successsssssssss!
  73. ever feel this?
  74. First successful AP but who was she?
  75. Mystery Tour(but not alone)
  76. AP from WA to AK?
  77. Interesting comment made by my toddler
  78. thinking of a song to enter trance state?
  79. Notice of Update OBE Survey
  80. A Journey this Morning
  81. Please tell me it will get easier
  82. I got out:)
  83. is someone trying to hurt me?
  84. Am i doing it right or wrong??
  85. Please Help!
  86. Problem when experiencing vibrations, please help
  87. Was my experience an OBE?
  88. The archipelago
  89. How do i consult my guide?
  90. Gone off flying for a bit
  91. i saw my daughter:)
  92. how to access akashic records?
  93. bed covers pulled off/sleep paralysis
  94. neg attack
  95. OBE... or just a dream?
  96. Osiris' Midnight Round-Up
  97. What could be stopping me from Astral Projecting and why?
  98. pulling someone out
  99. sleep meds and obe
  100. First OBE?!
  101. Robert's new OBE program
  102. Not sure if i had an obe. saw spiders.
  103. anyone named Dave that APed today?
  104. Higher self aiding AP
  105. Newbie Question ON OBE vibrations & paralysis
  106. New sensation while attempting obe?
  107. New OBE's
  108. Botched OBE
  109. How often do you project?
  110. Question about my OBE expirence
  111. scary and weird experience
  112. Is a dry spell normal?
  113. Trance experience - A question
  114. An OBE question...
  115. Am I strange, obsessed, or both?
  116. popping?
  117. the other night..
  118. Contacting a guide or a helper
  119. dream or obe??
  120. Another Astral Visitor
  121. Trance Practice Problems
  122. So, how close am I to astral projecting?
  123. OBEs or LDs?
  124. Roadblock to relaxation
  125. From lucid to obe experience
  126. Some advice on my progress needed!
  127. Witnessing a Projection
  128. Mind split or or allucination?
  129. First (Possible) AP/OBE Questions
  130. Is this an OBE or a dream?
  131. Help my daughter with these Dreamwalkers,please !
  132. an attack or a lesson?
  133. if you ever get stuck in your body while exiting, here are some tips
  134. why after 12 years my obes stopped
  135. Sensing invisible object while partially out
  136. Big Brother and the Nebula
  137. Was this an OBE or LD? (shadow crature)
  138. unclear images and pulling sensations
  139. Strange testing while in vibrational state
  140. Was this a lower astral realm?
  141. An Astral experience, place of souls?
  142. My experiences in Sedona
  143. Frustrated and unmotavated
  144. For Probable Reality
  145. White Christmas
  146. Missed opportunity
  147. Music
  148. Black Cat
  149. repeated patterns
  150. tried to have obe, had a vision instead?
  151. Life between life hypnosis session
  152. Astral Love
  153. Fireworks
  154. A little person pulled me out
  155. second morning in a row!!!
  156. Partially split, legs and arms out, but stuck
  157. OBE may lead to missing baby.
  158. The Nature of Hypnagogic Imagery
  159. was this a brow centre strobe?
  160. Raising energy level during the Astral/ OBE
  161. What was your first Neg you faced in OBE/ Astral and your toughest you fought?
  162. what to do after ans exit?
  163. what to do after an exit?
  164. Astral Projecion Organization
  165. A helping hand?
  166. several.nice OBEs this morning.
  167. Shamans That Astral Project
  168. SoulSail's 2nd outing. Lower plane experience with lingering questions.
  169. Not sure what happened.
  170. OBE during conversation?
  171. Merkabah technique
  172. Ethics, Morals and the OBE
  173. Can't just do it anymore, any suggestions?
  174. I Made It!!
  175. Astral Helping Hand
  176. Animals on the astral: your experience needed, please!
  177. some questions on my experiences...
  178. Ironic
  179. 5th AP/OBE maybe?
  180. Im out..Woops no Im not
  181. oh, so close...but no OBE cigar!
  182. How to keep a companion projector focussed?
  183. Kinda scared me
  184. A little help?
  185. Connecting with guides
  186. A vote of confidence for my fellow projectors
  187. Visiting fictional realms
  188. SoulSail's 4th Outing.
  189. What's going on here?
  190. SoulSail's 5th Outing (5 is a good number)
  191. Need Advice Please
  192. Full moon tonight.
  193. Out for the first time.
  194. I just wanted to wake up
  195. False awakenings
  196. Boy in my room
  197. For What its worth
  198. Reality fluctuations in Real Time experiences
  199. NEW Lucidology Video - Feel OBE Like Dissociation While Awake
  200. Finally Mastered Projection!! But still need a littlel help
  201. The Value of OBE
  202. Clairvoyance versus OBE
  203. 3 experiences last night.
  204. AP or Dream?
  205. Strange OBE
  206. AFTER the 90 days WITH Obe's
  207. Has anyone had this experience? Weird first (four?) projection(s)
  208. Need serious help, have someone 'attaching' on the astral plane
  209. An OBE? Or an OBE that turned into a dream? 4 projections this morning.
  210. Practice the "Test" as often as possible.
  211. Amazing experience last night. But, question on clarity.
  212. Like Cody, OBE turning into a dream?
  213. 4 different OBE's in a nap
  214. Super quick OBE this morning.
  215. Asking guides for help.
  216. Thoughts slamming me.
  217. Rare and unnatural symptoms (In DESPERATE need of help)
  218. Wondering if I been more lucid than full OBE
  219. Quick question on an OBE I had a while back.
  220. Machine Elves?
  221. Help anybody..
  222. When in OBE... Still have physical sensations?
  223. Astral Noise
  224. Loosening techniques and the third eye
  225. is this clairvoyance?
  226. I do not understand this.
  227. Hypnagogic Imagery
  228. Mind-split while awake?
  229. A must look for ANYBODY interested in AP/OBE
  230. leprechaun....Troop Fairies..
  231. Heart buzzing?
  232. Copy of A few questions for you
  233. How to astral project, i am stuck
  234. Checkerboard Tunnel
  235. recall at looking at my hands during dreams asking for clarity
  236. My first experience. I'm looking for answers.
  237. Getting used to the sensations
  238. Diary comments
  239. SoulSailing.
  240. Cartoon Domain?
  241. Reflection
  242. Made a video for anybody struggling with breathing changes during OBE.
  243. How do I know if someone is astrally visiting me?
  244. Almost had a successful OBE!
  245. Trance's brink
  246. Did I Meet Jesus?
  247. have a few questions about spirits during OBE or AP's
  248. Looking for radio show guests
  249. Intense falling feeling shortly after sleep
  250. Unable to AP from hypnagogic state