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  1. A little advice needed
  2. Another imminent projection sign ?
  3. What the hell....???
  4. Incredible experience
  5. Feeling pain while out of body
  6. Grandfathers NDE
  7. Last nights expierence
  8. I need feedback from the members
  9. Very exciting progress- what do you make of this
  10. An interesting experience
  11. Stomach Pain or twitching
  12. Please help me
  13. Losing focus during the exit
  14. 1st time projecting unpleasant
  15. Memories from the past and spiritual experiences
  16. Clair Senses...?
  17. My latest discovered OBE problem
  18. Overcoming failed exits--my strategy.
  19. Astral Projection Through Meditation
  20. Little Girls
  21. Remote Hearing through OBE
  22. Strange Experience
  23. Exit Issues
  24. meeting resistance
  25. Question About Spirits/Entities
  26. Want to get back into obe´ing
  27. Base chakra pulsating - questions.
  28. Exit using affirmations
  29. I Did It! Success! I Finally Did It!!!
  30. Use Your Gift To Help Others!
  31. Time Travel Through OBE-Solving Past Mysteries?
  32. Ethereal Flying and Corporeal Hawks...what???
  33. Sleep Paralysis Games
  34. Curiosity vs. Purpose in Conscious Exploration
  35. Interactions with other OBEers during mutual OBEs
  36. think I had my7th OOBE?
  37. Relaxation, how to ?
  38. What does this mean ?
  39. Sight and memory while out of body?
  40. How can I liven up my flying ?
  41. Astral projection or dream about astral projection?
  42. Projecting just one part of the body
  43. Bardon's Mental and Astral Wandering vs Astral Projection
  44. What's your view on Astral Projection's purpose please
  45. What drew you to Astral Projection?
  46. Dream Projection?
  47. what do you think of this?
  48. 180/ or 360 degree vision .
  49. RTZ Black hole
  50. How far have you tried to travel in the Astral where did you end up?
  51. Projecting again. Listening to bugs.
  52. About to project every night?
  53. lost opportunity
  54. A few walkabouts.
  55. Encounter with strange being. Need advise
  56. Astral projecting again : )
  57. Pain during projection?
  58. Projecting out and looking at yourself, what's is this called
  59. Starting over
  60. Learning from different entities
  61. Help! I am a new astral projector....HELP pls!
  62. Projecting
  63. How to have a fully conscious OBE?
  64. Difference between Astral Projection and OBE? Is what I'm doing right?
  65. How to become Visible to people on the Physical plane
  66. couple of questions about my projection
  67. First Time Astral Projecting, Need Advice...
  68. Strong Vibrations, feeling like my body (or consciouness) was going to teleport somewhere else?
  69. Yellow Eruption?
  70. Fear of OBE
  71. Almost..??
  72. AP and sexual energy
  73. Tried Lucid Dreaming with nicotine patch and woke up with strong vibrations
  74. OBE during dream?
  75. Need help with Trance and more, please comment
  76. Recent OBE
  77. Got stuck while Astral projecting
  78. Opposite question to "How to become Visible to people on the Physical plane."
  79. My life as a spirit medium
  80. New guy
  81. My experience: obe or lucid dream?
  82. What happened yesterday night.
  83. jolting out of paralysis & vibration stage :/
  84. Background music
  85. Don't know what this was exactly...
  86. Got so close to an OBE - Heart rate increased 30 bpm
  87. Sigil Induced coma
  88. Success story
  89. question on understanding of escaping lower hellish dimensions
  90. pope francis warning
  91. re entrer in my body past
  92. newbie questions about trance
  93. Second OBE
  94. Was this an OBE ?
  95. How to stay calm during meditation and attempts at an OBE?
  96. Had an OBE experience this morning I want to share
  97. SoulSail does love to sail
  98. Feeling astral arms: suggestions for complete exit?
  99. Feelings I had yesterday night. Would like to learn about this particular situation.
  100. Hypnosis + Hypnotists
  101. OBE experiences very short! Help me!
  102. Questions regarding Crown chakra and kundalini activation
  103. Turned onto this unexpectedly!
  104. Is it possible to ask spirit guides or other spirits deep important questions of the future?
  105. Had an OBE this morning...what does this mean?
  106. astral signature
  107. Techniques for turning a lucid dream into an OBE?
  108. Dark promises
  109. black theater
  110. Selfish boy
  111. My first astral projection attempt
  112. My second astral projection attempt
  113. Ok did i just float ?
  114. Possible Tests.
  115. Flying Uncontrollably
  116. Change Physical Body from astral plane
  117. Help getting to a real-time projection state
  118. Help
  119. hello thought i'd share a weird experience i had last night
  120. Popped out last night!
  121. First Projection - I think?
  122. What is this?
  123. 5 Months Experimenting
  124. Seen a odd entity
  125. OBE and medication
  126. How to increase lucidity during an OBE
  127. Golden Lantern
  128. Gold Map
  129. Variations in frequency?
  130. My personal experience
  131. Cemetery
  132. Still trying
  133. Zooms OBE's and traveling fun
  134. A few questions about OBE, meditation, and the rope technique
  135. Exit techs and massive energy surges.
  136. This may sound goofy...
  137. shifting feeling
  138. Problem projecting
  139. some help needed
  140. Have you had an ‘Out-of-Body Experience’? Request for research participation
  141. Am I having an OBE?
  142. Gatekeepers
  143. Does this sound like I successfully lifted my astral leg while attempting an OBE?
  144. mind split effect astral projection change body
  145. Your own Proof thats OBEs a real ?
  146. influence on the physical plane
  147. meditation, OBE's and being ill
  148. Had a short, but powerful OBE this weekend
  149. Expectations
  150. A start?
  151. anyone purchased Astral projection mastery course or manifestation and healing course
  152. Hello everyone! I have a little problem...
  153. First OBE and difficulty separating
  154. The Ankle Pulling Thing
  155. Exiting Immediately
  156. Warped vision and difficulty separating
  157. How can I relinquish disbelief in Astral Projection, as well as fear?
  158. Cloud 9 and Beyond
  159. Playground reality sphere - Kind of experimenting
  160. How to get to higher astral planes
  161. why cant i visit my friend?
  162. Trouble Getting Into Space
  163. Astral, lucid or a regular old dream? Astral Questions.
  164. Frightening OBE
  165. Do strong energetic connections (with someone in the physical) hinder astral projection?
  166. Preparation for an OBE.
  167. Wake asleep
  168. Heavy pressure during RTZ
  169. Is information we get during OBEs reliable? (scary experience)
  170. Question on the rope technique
  171. Have I exited or do I have more work to do?
  172. How do YOU get to the "Astral Proper"?
  173. Help requested, please read!
  174. I need some clarity on an OBE that I had
  175. Something Pulled My Astral Body Out
  176. Have you had an Out-of-Body Experience? - University research participation until this Sunday 9th November
  177. What's something you have learned about life from OBE?
  178. Astral Sight
  179. Visiting: how to? (Person or dog; Dead or alive)
  180. Ready for a battle !
  181. 8 year old daughter is astral projecting
  182. Vortex
  183. First OBE experience (s?) Part 1
  184. First OBE experience (s) ? Part 2
  185. OBE in non-lucid dream
  186. OBE while asleep?
  187. Something sat on me and touched me? OBE?
  188. Running Commentary During Projection
  189. No perspective shift
  190. What type of experience was this?
  191. Need some advice and help about my OBE's/AP's, and lack there of... :(
  192. German Translation "Deep Physical Relaxation"
  193. have only 30seconds too 60 seconds to astral project
  194. What hemi-sync is recommendable?
  195. Any Astral Projection Circles?
  196. Stuck in an Astral vortex?!?...
  197. Question: does your OBE look the same as mine at first?
  198. Astral Time Travel Video
  199. Coincidences, or consciously/unconsciously hampering progress?
  200. mildly bazaar
  201. Angle of Perception
  202. Hi everyone!! New projector
  203. OBE and physical manipulation
  204. Are some people more prone to OBEs? And what did I see?
  205. media enquiry
  206. Is this a spirit thing?
  207. My first conscious OOBE
  208. OBE's and false awakenings
  209. Liam's Astral Journal
  210. Center of the earth
  211. What do you usually do when you go out of body?
  212. Astral projection attempt
  213. Advice wanted for a friend
  214. Card experiment
  215. Audio guided practice for energy work / OBE?
  216. How to last longer in OBE
  217. Need an interpretation of this kind of experience
  218. Lucid dream turns into massive attack
  219. Waking up with vibrations *Help*
  220. Contact Kurt Leland
  221. Radio message while AP
  222. Lucid Dream or AP/OBE?
  223. Moved: Frustrated OBE guy
  224. MAP CD Companion
  225. Weird debate to open a restaurant
  226. Light Body Projection (rear projection)
  227. Projection during surgery
  228. eagle symbolism
  229. Did I Almost Have An OBE?
  230. Visit to the Akashic records? Thunderbird encounter
  231. Past lives and numbers symbolism
  232. Advice on deep physical relaxation
  233. Astral dangers - Astral stalkers, negative entities etc.
  234. Entities Interactions
  235. Vibration/Threshold
  236. vibrations during day to day activity?
  237. How can you tell living astral beings from your own creations?
  238. Help please.. trapped in the trance state.
  239. Problems with projection exit and level of trance
  240. Had an OBE last night
  241. interdimensional voices and higherself
  242. Afterlife visit to a deceased friend
  243. i really miss when i can easily leave out of my body
  244. Issues with entities
  245. So close!
  246. need to know seeing ghost doing obe???
  247. The Love and Nurturing Song
  248. Link between Schizophrenia & OBE's
  249. Exit Points.
  250. No exit sensations