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  1. Strong vibrations , but no exit
  2. Strong vibrations , but no exit
  3. 2 questions
  4. Questions for trance state and OBE exit
  5. Questions
  6. Experiences from a book called "the phase" by Micheal Raduga
  7. Sudden energy rush and ear noises!
  8. What do you look like? And a question on communication.
  9. HELP - Ive Been looking for an answer for a long time - am i astral projecting?
  10. Help me please, asap
  11. Dwellers
  12. Need hint on meditation!
  13. Could I be experiencing OOBEs without knowing?
  14. Can't you go into the future with Astral Projection/Out of Body Experiences?
  15. Maturation of Practice...
  16. Keep failing to astral project
  17. obe and mental health
  18. What was that?
  19. soul travel
  20. Astral projection from Astral Dynamics / Robert bruces online works
  21. Perfecting communication
  22. White Event
  23. Few questions
  24. Can you get stuck, and other dangers.
  25. OBE encounters
  26. First OBE
  27. Thinking about astral projection more likely to project?
  28. Benefits of OBE's & Meditation
  29. not sure if OBE? strange experience with physical partner laying by my side.
  30. Ever had a spiritually formative experience? [SURVEY]
  31. Date of your death
  32. What determines your surroundings have when you project?
  33. Not Really Getting Anywhere, Help?
  34. astral projection?
  35. Strange voice while meditating?
  36. I think I had the beginnings of an obe last night
  37. Binaural Beats?
  38. How do you know that your Astral Projection isn't a dream?
  39. What was I experiencing?
  40. A helping Hand?
  41. Doing something wrong or doing something else?
  42. Manifesting in the Astral Realm?
  43. I'm stuck and need help!
  44. Evolve and Transcend.
  45. Did I meet my guides? Please leave feedback after listening to my experience
  46. Repeated Unintentional OBEs
  47. Unmotivated...
  48. Excited to die?
  49. Can you shrink yourself in Astral Projection?
  50. Lucid Explorations 5 - Mannengias
  51. How close am I to astral projecting?
  52. Back at it again?
  53. Finding a Teacher On Your Journey
  54. How I made my first OBE
  55. Lucid Dream or Astral Projection?
  56. I never feel vibrations!
  57. Existence of other life in our dimension?
  58. Change the past
  59. Made some progress!
  60. in and out of my body allot during trance...
  61. Is Astral Projection really real ?
  62. What does astral projection feel like?
  63. Warrior Transformation (Call to Action)
  64. Tips on how to physically relax body on side
  65. Need your opinion/help on this
  66. Can someone please help me find answers
  67. What was that
  68. I have a question about a specific YouTuber
  69. does anyone else feel like family gets in the way of trying to astral project? If so what do you do?
  70. What would happen if someone pulled me out of my body?
  71. How does learning new things in the Astrals work?
  72. Energy failure please advice
  73. theta gamma sync
  74. EA Koetting MST
  75. Projection Question
  76. Meditation to prepare for astral projection work
  77. Need some help. My progress with astral projection.
  78. Was this Remote viewing or astral travel
  79. Single eye?
  80. North-South orientation?
  81. Meeting Someone on the Astral
  82. Tensing Neck Problem
  83. Inducing trance?
  84. Can skills / abilities be learned from reviewing past lives?
  85. Magnetic Mattresses - Are they good or bad?
  86. Darkness during OBE
  87. Emotion Prior to Projection
  88. Question regarding wandering vs OBE
  89. Acheving obe / Ap with obe4u techniques?
  90. Warp drive when vibrating?
  91. Distance From Body When OOBE
  92. AP experience from this morning, thoughts?
  93. strange meeting with somebody on astral..
  94. I think my spirit guide literally helped me
  95. How to tense muscles for deep physical relaxation?
  96. How can I raise my consciousness vibration?
  97. OBEs and Medication
  98. Medication & OBE
  99. quick question about theta
  100. question about divination
  101. Real or Not
  102. i need help to stop other from astral projection and taking control of you body
  103. Big question and favor
  104. How do i get to the messianic plane?
  105. Out of body question
  106. What is your favorite obe method?
  107. Out of body experiences and exhaustion
  108. Question about lit candles and obes
  109. Question about jesus and going out of body and all you guys on here
  110. Question about movies and astral projection
  111. Is there any christians on this board who go out of body?
  112. OBE without transition from body