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  1. My NDE
  2. Outer Space
  3. Spontaneous OBE warping into a Lucid Dream
  4. Astral Society OBE Essay Contest
  5. I woke suddenly from a dream and consciously projected
  6. This is an intense experience I had last summer.
  7. Moving through the paralysis state
  8. OBE at work
  9. Akashic Records
  10. OBE this afternoon!!!
  11. Permanently paralysed projector?
  12. Vocabulary
  13. Virtual Reality Projection
  14. My Mansion:obe
  15. OBE or Lucid Dream
  16. Just want to share my most lucid experience in some time...
  17. Waking to Fast
  18. Reaching The Edward Platt Plateau
  19. Anxiety attack or failed OBE?
  20. A technical question for experienced obe'rs about mind split
  21. I need to ride the roller coaster
  22. phases of the moon
  23. 1 thing really puzzled me
  24. VRP'ing a lord of the rings poster
  25. Physical heart rate
  26. Clearning the mind
  27. Raising a child to maintain their OBE activities
  28. Projecting into objects... (like pictures)
  30. Questions and a theory
  31. Inspiration!
  32. My first experience
  33. Experience, progress and blocks
  34. Scaring yourself out of your body?
  35. Body Loosening (New Technique)
  36. An Interesting Switch
  37. How real can a projection be?
  38. projection or dream about projecting?
  39. is this an OBE?
  40. Solid proof of astral projection
  41. Remote Eye Projection - Control?
  42. i did it, had my OBE
  43. my second OBE was no a nice experience
  44. Please Help me make it stop.
  45. question about physical pain with projection efforts
  46. Clicking/Knocking Noise
  47. Opening the Third Eye
  48. Making the exit
  49. Looking in the mirror during OBE
  50. Question about Phasing
  51. Astral Projection Card Verification
  52. Astral Projection and Crystals....
  53. Darkness and Light
  54. Video Recording The Astral World....
  55. Astral Projection and Family
  56. Strange Experience
  57. Active awareness at multiple levels theory
  58. Symbology
  59. Lucid dream of first OBE
  60. Boost Energy Production
  62. Weird OBE
  63. How Many OBEs Over How Long Time?
  64. Not Sure if I Experienced OBE--Your Thoughts?
  65. Guys and gals, you gotta try this!
  66. I just can't SEE!
  67. Describe your exit
  68. Hrmm some help?
  69. Scientific OBE Survey by the University of Manchester
  70. Virtual Reality Projection experiences
  71. effective and simple trick to help induce a trance
  72. Trained to sleep.... any suggestions?
  73. Freaky experience from rope technique
  74. Trying phasing how am I doing???
  75. Reforming automatic reflexes?
  76. someone waiting for me
  77. Astral Projection Side Effects
  78. 3rd Eye Open - What does it Look like?
  79. My symbolic OBEs - showed me the near future
  80. Sex with astral projector while in my body
  81. Blind OBE?
  82. OBE practice
  83. OBE Time Travel
  84. OBE, lucid dream or maybe both
  85. had OBE, saw someone else as me in bed....
  86. OBE? Dream? Wishful thinking? What do you think?
  87. OBE or what?
  88. Obe while extremely tired
  89. my second OBE, got scared, heard voices, chanting
  90. common OBE sounds or visions you hear or see?
  91. Waking Paralysis
  92. Has anyone tried this technique?
  93. personal confirmation of the mind split theory
  94. Would anyone care to participate in a study?
  95. OK i can't trance!
  96. had multiple OBe's this morning
  97. Roast Chicken Projection 9/20/2005 8:17 PM
  98. falling
  99. trance inducing falling technique
  100. Projecting from a plane?
  101. I did it!!! (almost)
  102. Mind-split
  103. Bliss
  104. New Close OBE
  105. OBE under Hot conditions
  106. OBE very quickly comes to the end..Need advice! Please help!
  107. Length of Sleep time
  108. Flying OBE?
  109. Councious OBE?
  110. Has anyone been able to OBE with a CPAP?
  111. Shielding
  112. Howdy
  113. Has anyone tried this technique? (visual induction)
  114. Metaphysics - God Gene - Spirituality
  115. What do you think of my experience?
  116. Huge question
  117. Exit techniques
  118. Stuck: Very strong vibrations...
  119. Is it common to project to ...
  120. Newbie APr need help
  121. Caffeine
  122. How do you see the aura?
  123. Combined relaxation and trance induction technique
  124. Scar affecting Trances
  125. Wikipedia needs your feedback about astral projection
  126. Does anyone have any special methods of inducing vibrations?
  127. Childhood OBE Experiences
  128. Great OBE from a Plane
  129. Group images while in the Hypnagogic State
  130. Visual projection into a landscape
  131. Lucid Dreams Are OBE Launch Pads 1.1
  132. OBE by Thirist Induction.
  133. Way cool illusion, maybe the most powerful I've ever seen
  134. Can you move a physical object from the astral plane?
  135. Well is being 13 to young for this??
  136. Question for female projectors
  137. How Can the mind-split exist?
  138. Muscle Relaxation Techniques - any snazzy ones out there?
  139. Death, suicide and transition
  140. I projected again! Gobble Gobble.
  141. dream more real then an obe?
  142. What was that?
  143. Anyone want to help me?
  144. Should I try and project or...
  145. does pot help u project?
  146. Short film on astral projection
  147. sleep paralysis and obe (unbeknownst to me)
  148. Robert Bruce's model ... Phasing model
  149. Freaked out when having a Fully-Conscious OBE
  150. Question regarding OBEs
  151. Does Your Personality Change in Your Astral Body?
  152. Can One go from a Conscious OBE into a Dream?
  153. akashic records/ lottery
  154. Stucked in a Trance
  155. OBE-Gene
  156. shocked after energy work
  157. Steps to project
  158. recruiting all people who can get to the akashic records
  159. astral projection problems :-(
  160. OBE After Redirected Shudder Sensations
  161. weed and root chakra
  162. multicolour projections
  163. Astral Time Travel
  164. Having Trouble Projecting
  165. Doubting my OBE's
  166. Query on success of an OBE attempt
  167. Not sure what it was
  168. Multi-Projection.
  169. can anyone else do this?
  170. Almost there but fail to fear of Astral Noise everytime HELP
  171. Discussing OBE's with Friends and Family
  172. Seeing through closed eyelids
  173. I want to try and project tonight.
  174. Whats the colours like in the higher planes?
  175. RTZ verification experiment this morning
  176. Wierd dream...
  177. about the designs on the surfaces of astral plains
  178. wierd creatures I have encountered
  179. out of body experience
  180. Haunted places / RTZ
  181. OBEs and piercings
  182. Phasing vs. Shifting the Assemblage Point?
  183. my obe attempt
  184. heavy heals
  185. OBE's are just dreams
  186. Consciousness
  187. My first OBE experience.
  188. Experience.
  189. Little White Light
  190. New to everything
  191. Need opinions on a couple experiences
  192. Guided OBE tours
  193. Astral... surgeons?
  194. opposite sleeping position
  195. the real timezone world war 3
  196. The masters
  197. what the difference beween spirit and soul
  198. My sister and I playing in an astral realm?
  199. Is this possible? If so... how?
  200. Lucid Dreams with Dead Relatives as "Balls of Light&quo
  201. Spontaneous OBE
  203. My first (almost) projection???
  204. Projecting in time through a computer?
  205. Virtual Reality Projection Into a Computer Screen
  206. Extremely awful experience. Please help!
  207. where exactly am I going?
  208. Going Looney Tunes.............
  209. Subtle Bodies
  210. My OBE Thread
  211. Visiting someone else dream
  212. Past Life Regression as an OBE
  213. Temple Training
  214. Aunt Clair, Indigos, Dragon Temple
  215. Question about my Experience
  216. Raising energy for projection
  217. Surfing and AP
  218. Guarenteed Astral Projection, so it says
  219. Is there a reliable way to travel in the RTZ?
  220. first conscious OBE
  221. head-experience
  222. astral projection?
  223. Done for awhile.
  224. Can Astral Projection cause psychological damage?
  225. 5 minutes in an altered state.
  226. Twiching eyes
  227. Visiting.
  228. Favorite essay
  229. Who Has Travelled Beyond This Dimension?
  230. Electrical Appliances and Exit Sensations
  231. Pulling someone out into the astral.
  232. Why does Astral Projection interest you?
  233. Why is sleep paralysis so painful?
  234. Trouble seeing colors
  235. Has anyone tried the After-Image technique?
  236. The best way to take advantage of temple dreams?
  237. Two Synchonized NDEs
  238. Frightened friend
  239. Strobe Flashes While in Trance
  240. Proved it to myself!
  241. Energy Work and Sleeping
  242. Exciting new experience
  243. Astral Blindness?
  244. 2 Spontaneous OBEs Last Night?
  245. Qoafzwjaojofqve!!!!!!! This OBEing is ruining my meditation
  246. Astral funny!
  247. ***** After Projection, Then What? *****
  248. Clairovoyance
  249. Things That Go Bump in Your Head
  250. Mind totally calm?