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  1. emerald tablets of thoth?
  2. [news] Gamers have power over their dreams
  3. BuGGiNG EyES!!
  4. Introducing myself and experiences
  5. sorry but is anyone knows what is this
  6. Scientific Information relating to OBE's
  7. Biology Research and OBEs
  8. Disorientation as a type of sensory deprivation
  9. Who ARE these people?
  10. Has there ever been RTZ Scientific Study?
  11. Meditation can have a massive impact on OBE success rate
  12. What IS astral projection?
  13. Entoptic Phenomena and Astral Dimensions
  14. Exiting through crown chakra
  15. Video
  16. I got killed and saw the light its was soft
  17. the energy circut mind
  18. ***Has anyone met their guides?***
  19. Childhood Memories
  20. My experiences and some observations/questions
  21. Aunt Clair's post- Gender Differences in Etheric Projections
  22. Just for Fun a joke ....OBE NDE Astrologically laughing
  23. OBE attempts and it's consquence-how does it feel afterwards
  24. Dreams I have are OBE's?
  25. 10 Minutes in the Astral = 1 in the Physical?
  26. Habitual Etheric Movements and other gooblegie gah
  27. Almost ????
  28. got scared and didnt make it.
  29. Energy raising?
  30. Is this true?
  31. Blind OBE
  33. Some Questions
  34. Most common state of mind used
  35. bouncing?
  36. Another mind split?
  37. Getting back in the game
  39. "Where" is the etheric?
  40. Creative power and efficieny of OBE's
  41. lose the fear
  42. my dream
  43. Meditation exercise for inducing Hypnagogia
  44. Am I Close?
  45. On Proper Motivation
  46. Pleasant experience in the lower levels...
  47. Thought forms.....
  48. What's a mind OBE ?
  49. your personal techniques (projection, body loosening, etc.)
  50. Body paralyses and scientific study....
  51. OB Trips to the Moon
  52. Astral Projection Now Unlocked
  53. A question about Robert Bruce - Astral Dynamics work
  54. How a hypnotherapist explains TRANCE
  55. Under_Pressure
  56. Astral Dynamic or Mastering Astral Projection?
  57. Why am i so tired?
  58. Mental plane
  59. Time travel?
  60. Communication
  61. So close and yet...
  62. Insight of my state
  63. OBE in a plane
  64. Study Paper
  65. OBE survey #1
  66. OBE Survey #2: What is Your Most Common form of Projection?
  67. A Technique to OBE
  68. OBE vs Phasing vs Astral Travel
  69. OBE and the Senses in the RTZ
  70. Projectarium Project, to do OBE experiments
  71. An easy projection technique which works for me
  72. RTZ Question
  73. Something Specific?
  74. What O.B.E. actually means
  75. Entities during projection
  76. Full Moon Coming Up
  77. Solar Storm coming our way
  78. Projection from sleep paralysis - a triple projection?
  79. "Throwing" Essence
  80. loosening the astral body last night.
  81. This has probably been discussed several times
  82. "Dirty energy" has a taste?
  83. Astral Memory Loss Versus After-Death Communications
  84. 3 or 4 projections last night.
  85. Vatican visits and impenetratable rooms
  86. What the heck happened?
  87. I was wondering...
  88. Interesting Article
  89. Where do you go with NEW?
  90. Sleep Paralysis
  91. Skip two nights of sleep?
  92. what if every one could?
  93. Taking Pictures/Video
  94. Commiting Crimes
  95. Exactly how far can OBEs go?
  96. OBE work and ADHD
  97. did my painkillers upset my obe exit?
  98. Debunking the Pseudo-Skeptics
  99. how can one go back?
  100. meds and astral projection
  101. Hangover best time for obe
  102. can you AP with eyes open?
  103. Pineal gland calcification
  104. Negative Entities
  105. Mind split
  106. Physical exercise and energy work... Can it be balanced?
  107. Solar Plexus Chakra OBE Induction Techniques?
  108. Heart beats
  109. Projection before energy work is complete.
  110. personal gain?
  111. A question for Infrared Sauna users
  112. Application of Set Theory in OBE and Parallel Realities...
  113. Swedenborg: The Father of Astral Projection
  114. Two weird astraling questions
  115. Death?
  116. drugs to induce obe?
  117. fractal charge define and measure what is projected astrally
  118. Good movie on meditation and astral travel
  119. Do people get bored of obe's?
  120. An advanced item construct for serious projectors? Work?
  121. The jumpstart reflex and spontaneous OBEs
  122. Poll: OBEs as Spiritual Practice
  123. Human Races in the Astral
  124. OBE sites/forums/related subjects ect.
  125. so what is out there
  126. Leave or go back?
  127. EFT to Help Induce OBE and Lucid Dreaming
  128. Has anyone else travelled to the "Earth Core"?
  129. AD-pedia
  130. Your First Conscious Projection
  131. I DID IT!!!
  132. Some interesting questions
  133. Questions about Mind-Split theory
  134. Ive read and researched OBE for years no success
  135. A silly question... (Please, forgive me, I'm a newbie!)
  136. Physical pain when attempting OBE
  137. paralysis?
  138. Astral projection without OBE? Really need help, is long but
  139. Need some help with the last hurdle to full projection.
  140. I need a little help
  141. Assisted OBE...
  142. How do you know it is real?
  143. The Department of Positive Out of Body Possibilities
  144. projection method new to me..
  145. Best place to start.
  146. AP and OBE. Differences?
  147. Exit Techniques
  148. Astral Projection in history
  149. AP length
  150. My First Conscious Projection
  151. What are your reasons?
  152. The Eye of Horus - Anyone ever Seen This in OBE?
  153. Green Fluorescent Orbs
  154. Physical Body Mass While Astral Travelling
  155. What OOBE is, and what isn't
  156. How to experience OOBE in simple way
  157. OBE uses for intelligence and espionage
  158. Witnessing death from your astral body
  159. Using OBE to explore the nature of reality
  160. Helping hand in the Astral plane
  161. The importance of Astral Projection
  162. What books to learn OBE's ?
  163. Opium?
  164. pkemp's question in the RB forum
  165. How does everyone know what level/zone they are in?
  166. Was this a OBE or wishfull thinking ?
  167. I'm pretty scared
  168. Lucid Dreaming vs. Astral Projection
  169. Beginning to see skin colour in my projection
  170. Cheese Grater Projections
  171. Am i inducing out of body experiences??
  172. Do the astral planes include fictional realms?
  173. Mental Plane
  174. Vibrations
  175. How to guide: From RTZ to 3D blackness
  176. OBE by rocking...or Lucid Dream? Who cares it was FUN!
  177. Transferring OBE and LD skills to waking life (advanced)
  178. Time for some reading!
  179. fastest easiest meditation for improving energy/frequency...
  180. 15 Months of Training... now what?
  181. Projection angle and geographical layout.
  182. The Deaf and The Blind.
  183. Are we in real world time?
  184. Did i have an OOBE??
  185. Jesus...
  186. OOBE and NDE how are they different??
  187. aunt clair can you help me?
  188. If i project during the day will it be day in the astral?
  189. The Third Eye
  190. Muscles tightening during energy absorption
  191. perfectionist Do they try to hard?
  192. Split from "Your First Conscious Projection"
  193. XPERTS pls help
  194. is OBE addictive?
  195. "Out-of-Body Experiences Simulated" - with link in
  196. how did OBE change your life?
  197. OBE mantras?
  198. OBE natural ability
  199. mind-split and subconscious projections
  200. How would yo feel if...
  201. Astral Plane = Collective Unconscious ?
  202. i snap back in my physical body.......
  203. becoming an animal
  204. Empirical tests, hard facts and unquestionable proofs?
  205. very lucid dream?!
  206. Out of Body Experience
  207. a retoricle what if question
  208. Problems entering the trance state
  209. Entering a trance with eyes open?
  210. How much easier can it get to have OBEs?
  211. Can the blind see in the Astral Plane?
  212. New Personal Best!
  213. Tattoos on the Astral
  214. Ringing Sound In Your Ears
  215. Projecting to a different time?
  216. Happened this morning...
  217. the science of the astral plain
  218. did someone here also have this exact experience?
  219. Short OBE?
  220. Meeting people in the Astral plane
  222. The 2D Stereo Universe
  223. HOW EFFECTIVE ???
  224. OBE Cluster Activity...
  225. Dropping the term "Astral Plane"
  226. This Morning
  227. Awake+Aware 24/7?
  228. Phasing to 27 bypasses negs?
  229. Phazing... problems getting to distant places...
  230. Your Mission is...
  231. Sleepwalking ???
  232. Raising Negs and Spirit Vibrations?
  233. Definition of Universe
  234. A New & EasY method for OBE
  235. Astral Projection Ability
  236. A
  237. Astral Projection vs Lucid Dreaming
  238. Head Pressure!
  239. High Vibration Entity
  240. Theory: Online Games / Astral Realms?
  241. Galaxy travel
  242. F27 Ashram Colour Breathing Ceremonie
  243. Texturing
  244. Life Plan
  245. Reaction on OBE survey #1, 40% has not projected
  246. Energy work during OBE
  247. million dollar challenge
  248. "SPACE" travel
  249. Kuthumi and King Arthur
  250. Project at will?