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  1. Kundalini?
  2. Kundalini question
  3. Signs of Kundalini
  4. ida and pingala
  5. I'm looking to raise some Kundalini
  6. Meditation - Raising Kundalini
  7. Kundalini rising when unprepared.
  8. Kundalini Article
  9. Is this kundalini
  10. How can I awaken my Kundalini?
  11. Kundalini Related Phenomena
  12. An Article by Robert Bruce
  13. How to raise kundalini?
  14. I. Raising Kundalini
  15. ...
  16. why raise it?
  17. Back muscles are stiff and head is bending back meditating
  18. Kundalini and God-realization
  19. Your Kundalini
  20. Kundalini Energy or NEGS
  21. kundalini and sex?
  22. Sparking...
  23. Castaneda, Toltec, "Tensegrity" and NEW/Kundalini
  24. Something with my energy during meditations
  25. Guided to Kundalini.
  26. Toxic Mind Theroy
  27. Has anyone besides Robert on here raised Kundalini?
  28. Raising Kundalini + Rope Technique of Robert Bruce
  29. Descending Kundalini
  30. Orgasmic feelings?
  31. Need help with kundalini exercises
  32. opening kundalini
  33. Inducing Kundalini threw sex
  34. Cold kundalini
  35. Need a speedy reply for personal reasons.
  36. Water Kundalini ~*~ Akashic Rain ~*~
  37. How to awaken, but not raise kundalini
  38. am i experiencing a spiritual awakening?
  39. kundalini and the root chakra
  40. Bible ?
  41. Fractured coccyx - how can I help my sister?
  42. Isn't all this Kundalini stuff overvalued?
  43. HELP!
  44. Amazing possible Kundalini experience
  45. Kundalini, or something else?
  46. Is what i'm experiencing related to Kundalini?
  47. Did I awaken kundalini? Im scared!!!
  48. What is this?
  49. *Kundalini and the Blue Dragon*
  50. Can I stop/shed light on this crown sensation?
  51. kundalini or hatha-yoga?
  52. Something is Happening To Me!
  53. Signs of Kundalini?
  54. Your Kundalini Experiences
  55. Why is age discriminated?
  56. Possible Kundalini Awakening??
  57. Spikes
  58. Am I experiencing Kundalini?
  59. Ancient Esoteric Source Material on Kundalini
  60. pranayama for awakening Kundalini
  61. Yoga Nidra
  62. Edgar Cayce, Christianity and Kundalini
  63. Please clear this mess up for me
  64. Who here has raised Kundalini in its ultimate form?
  65. Something moved in my root chakra!
  66. Excellent Kundalini site
  67. UG Krishnamurti
  68. light flashes
  69. Kundalini and Sex Drive
  70. hermetics library
  71. A practical Guide to Kundalini Activation
  72. Stumped!
  73. Is this Kundalini related?
  74. reiki treatment
  75. What does it feel like? raising the kundalini
  76. I think I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. New kind of movement in the spine
  78. kundalini side effect treatment
  80. Is this advancement?
  81. Kundalini experience as a pre-teen early teen
  83. Kundalini nad physical representation
  84. Fiery X Image
  85. FINALLY!!!
  86. My magnetic skull: has it to do with Kundalini?
  87. I'm tryng NOT to reise my Kundalini
  88. Kundalini Experience with 7th Chakra
  89. Advanced bigginer's puzzles
  90. Kundalini awakening
  91. post removed
  92. .
  93. Consequences of a Kundalini Awakening
  94. Kundalini Books
  95. Kundalini rising
  96. can anyone relate to this?
  97. just blasted my k out!(or, we love our kitties.^_^)
  98. is it possible to rise kundalini multiple times a day?
  99. i feel bigger than my body kinda spaced out all the time
  100. Was This a Spike? Partial Raising?
  101. Crown to Toes & Toes to Crown cleansing Kundalini Chann
  102. K help?
  103. About Siddhis and ajna chakra
  104. can Kundalini give automatic control of Bardon's elements?
  105. Kundalini and Reincarnation
  106. energy balls
  107. K one sided ?
  108. Kundalini Healing
  109. Opening gateways of stones & untying knots of chakras
  110. who has experienced the serpent?
  111. Kundalini at my 7th chackra for a loooong time!
  112. Is this normal ?please help !!!!!
  113. KI, Chi Practisioners @ All
  114. Kundalini Ups and Downs
  115. Energy Body Methods of Raising Kundalini
  116. Dual cobras swallow hanged man below and the lady above
  117. The Biology of Kundalini
  118. Has anyone else noticed this?
  119. Story in the Mahabharata
  120. Kundalini raising again but freezing this time !
  121. Kundalini snake falls from above to the navel remains erect
  122. The meaning of pain?
  123. How do I raise Kundalini?
  124. A Kundalini Experience
  125. Can I please have your opinion on this ?
  126. Kundalini rising
  127. What do you guys think?
  128. Does This Sound Like Kundalini?
  129. Father Kundalini
  130. Terrified
  131. Kundalini rising during Obe or what?
  133. Sleep is getting harder to get!Help!
  134. global kundalini awakening?
  135. Tingles and numbness !
  136. RB's book on Kundalini
  137. Kundalini and adrenal fatigue?
  138. [help] Kundalini experience
  139. Kundalini around the world
  140. First true feeling of the Kundalini energy. Very Cool!
  141. The Human Body Energy Centers Video
  142. 1st experience - now what?
  143. Video Demonstrating Kundalini Awakening
  144. Kundalini.
  145. A cool wind up the body
  146. Kundalini - Manifesting - Spontaneous Human Combustion
  147. Kundalini in my near future?
  148. Spontanious Awakening on Good Friday
  149. Hi, I'm new here
  150. Kundalini and Age
  151. Kundalini and Persistent tingle/humming in left foot
  152. Kundalini and Astral Projection...
  153. Chain OBE and SP while raising Kundalini
  154. Kundalini and sensitivity to my PC?
  155. Ida is the moon ,she cools , Pingala the sun,he warms
  156. Question about Thunder and Energy
  157. Is this Kundalini??? Help needed
  158. Blue Fog
  159. Kundalini Vibes & Such
  160. Alexander Technique: does it help Kundalini raising
  161. Energy Work or Did My Kundalini Awake?????
  162. Psychosis or Enlightenment?
  163. Kundalini = Leviathan ??
  164. Finally I felt the real kundalini, but is this possible?
  165. Robert on realistic expectations about Kundalini-Warning
  166. Weeping during chakra work
  167. Is Kundalini related to sexual sensetions and brain sensatio
  168. which is harder to come by--kundalini activation or OBE?
  169. Kundalini questions.
  170. my kundalini raise ,back to sleep
  171. The Golden Rule of Energy Work
  172. Chi Consumption - Biological Process
  173. May I introduce the highest Buddist practice?
  174. severe kundalini problem.
  175. Energetic Research into Chakras and Kundalini
  176. Possible Awakening?
  177. Higher self- Pre-kundalini question
  178. The Fire of Water ~ Burning Water
  179. Where to move Kundalini Energy from skull?
  180. Kundalini & Baptism by Spirit
  181. Split from "Robert on realistic expectations on Kundalini"
  182. Weird Events and Symptoms
  183. Kundalini Problem
  184. i think it was kundalini rising
  185. Activating Kundalini
  186. Spontaneous kundalini awakening at age 15.
  187. Sahaja Yoga and the Mother
  188. I've come across this technique
  189. shaktipat initiation
  190. expanding cloud of drops,is that a safe kundalini awakening?
  191. Exercises, Meditations, And ACTUAL Practice
  192. Bad effects of kundilini
  193. Training for Safe Arousal
  194. Where exactly is Kundalini located?
  195. Have I been awakened
  196. Kundalini and the/a etheric state
  197. Hot hands and strange happenings.
  198. I am new to this. Need input on experience.
  199. Well this is it
  200. Free e-copy of my book, "Kundalini and the Art of Being"
  201. Kundalini, What Is It?
  202. Beyond words for help with K awakening
  203. For AuntClair and all the experts
  204. anyone willing to give shaktipat?
  205. Knots = Dwellers?
  206. Chakra burn
  207. a few questions about my experience.
  208. K and food ?
  209. Been having troubles, wondering if it's kundalini.
  211. Palehorse's Kundalini Experiences and Musings
  212. For the younger folk
  213. Kundalini in Shamanic Awakening
  214. INTERESTING......yet scaryy!
  215. some symptoms
  216. Can my Kundalini Experience cause traumatic events?
  217. Earth & Air Kundalini rise up legs & joints
  218. Meditation through the Moon Centre of the Chin
  219. GURMUKH Kundalini Yoga Returning to the Heart
  220. Kundalini Yoga Breath of Fire w/ GURMUKH
  221. Significance of Kundalini Awakening
  222. Burning up ,anger and fire coming out of my nose !?
  223. Is Kundalini a sentient being?
  224. Intense flames and energy spreading along the spine
  225. kundalini strobe in lucid dream?
  226. From uakaris to uraeus
  227. Lucid dream or OBE triggers kundalini
  228. Problems sleeping due to excess energy
  229. Spontaneous Erruption Vs. Assidous Hardwork
  230. Feeling fire in the body and a surge of love in the heart
  231. Wow! I think it just happened to me!
  232. Reading suggestions? K and sexuality
  233. Kundalini and the field of intimacy.
  235. Livid Rage and Blood Seethe.
  236. LOVE, pH and PHI
  237. Channeling the Kundalini Force
  238. Awareness
  239. Not sure...
  240. Dream question
  241. Raising the Serpent?
  242. Difficult Spiritual Awakenings, Perceptions, Related Topics
  243. Kundalini or Blockage?
  244. Shaktipat request thread?
  245. I need help understanding Kundalini
  246. Fire coming out of the mouth
  247. Kundalini and healing with plant
  248. Integration of Awakening Support/Help
  249. Need Help (Urgent)
  250. Invisible now I think