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  1. Crystal Healing is alignment of biophotons
  2. Is there a cure for mania ?
  3. Removing the Astral Cord
  4. What is Karma?
  5. Laying on of Hands
  6. about chakras
  7. Magnetic devices, neckware, insoles etc.
  8. How to program the citrine crystal for it's general function
  9. Flouride Intake Reduction: A few questions.
  10. Chelation with Cilantro
  11. Different take on grounding
  12. H3O2- Healing Water
  13. Diet, Detox, Heavy Metals, Minerals and healing.
  14. Earthing/grounding and earthing products
  15. Healing Question
  16. What would you do if you had cancer?
  17. Home or Hospital Healing .... ?
  18. Phototherapy
  19. One story of my life...
  20. Healing: Hearing loss, deafness, sensorineural hearing loss.
  21. Still have a lot to learn...
  22. Ross Rosenburge talks about Co-dependancy, Joseph Burgo talks about Bi-Polar, Shame
  23. DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.
  24. Charging a battery
  25. Kundalini Reiki - Kundalini energy flow during/ after unusual healing session
  26. best friend
  27. Question about the state of ones' heart.
  28. Question about healing by third eye?
  29. Somatic Exercises (Effortless physical development for NEW and all spiritual practices).
  30. Resurrecting an insect?
  31. Essiac - for Healing
  32. The Miraculous Healing power of Body Electronics - Dr. John Whitman Ray
  33. Should family therapy include your great-great grandmother?
  34. Cannabis And Christianity/Judaism
  35. healing schizophrenia permanently, how to get of the pills
  36. Robert Shapiro - A Date with Optimism (video)
  37. Vitic/Carbon Force Phenomenon (Effortless Energy Raising or Grounding, and Balancing).
  38. Healing Meditation- psychic surgery
  39. Feeling weak
  40. Healing physical brain
  41. A question regarding Energy Healing (&Robert's NEW System) and its related theories and concepts (Quantum Mechanics)
  42. Prayer and addiction healing
  43. Who is the author of this...
  44. Heart-Energy healing?...
  45. Self healing...
  46. please consider (reiki 2)
  47. Healing
  48. Teachings from a past life
  49. Pure CBD and schizophrenia
  50. Real healing - what is it