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  1. "You *are* my child" - really cool experience
  2. Is this chakra?
  3. My Beautiful Mental Block
  4. My Son has and his symptoms
  5. inconsistency in NEW work
  6. Chakra Petals
  7. Bubbling well point
  8. Removing Energy Blockages
  9. energy blockage
  10. itching wont go away
  11. Why r u people doing this please?
  12. post removed
  13. Question about NEW
  14. Chakra and the wavelenght of light.
  15. Question About the Five Tibetan Rites
  16. Strange sensation
  17. Emotional Energy
  18. NEW and emotion
  19. Trouble sleeping
  20. Hair standing on end
  21. Took a couple days off...
  22. post removed
  23. Tired after pratice new
  25. Creating energy balls.
  26. To brush or to sponge?
  27. Energy Work book
  28. Success!
  29. NEW, the tingling sensation.
  30. Imagery Fluctuations
  31. Applying RB Energy Work Book
  32. Dealing with blockages in energetic bodies (split from b.)
  33. Sore Back Healed Using NEW?
  34. Major chakras
  35. Energy storage center
  36. Cool Minor Abilities (NEW) Skills to be learnt
  37. energy surges at forum
  38. energy body expanded in reaction to awareness hands
  39. Thirst
  40. Secondary and tertiary center work.
  41. NEW and rapid heart beat or chakra.
  42. How can you feel for the base chakra?
  43. pushing out energy
  44. Energy Body Development and Atrophy
  45. Breathing in energy work ?
  46. Question.
  47. Micro-Cosmic Orbit/Small Circulation/Lesser Heavenly Cycle
  48. Overflowing Energy Storage Area
  49. Energy Grounding Practices- question
  50. Foot burning
  51. Energy Work and Chi Practice
  52. Temple Energy Centers
  53. throat chakra
  54. Burning energy work
  55. .
  56. Sexuality And Energy Work? MBA
  57. Raising energy through emotional stimulation?
  58. Face vibrations
  59. How does Hypnosis relate to Energy Work and AP?
  60. I seem to be losing touch with my spiritual self. help
  61. Pressure in the nose!
  62. Pulsing Heart Chakra
  63. Internal martial arts and energy work
  64. What's happening to me?
  65. Energy conversion?
  66. What Place Does Mantras Have in Energy Work
  67. Chakra Petal Chants
  68. Astral parasites
  69. Pain from nervous breakdown
  70. Sub-Navel Storage Center Sensations
  71. Using up energy?
  72. Maya?
  73. How much work is needed?
  74. Healing Etheric Fibers
  75. Ki
  76. Omega power or energy?
  77. Noctilucent's post: Alternating directions
  78. serious problems with crown
  79. Did it again, without trying.
  80. toes
  81. Minor report
  82. The Secret
  83. Automatic energy raising/gathering?
  84. questions about expelling extra energy
  85. EFT, your thoughts?
  86. Started with NEW, to pulse meditation.
  87. NEW ruins my sleep
  88. How to heal a minor tinnitus
  89. Some kind of energy event
  90. NEW System beginners help..
  91. Need Help on Beginner NEW System...
  92. NEW worked a little bit too well on me - help!!!!
  93. HELP WITH NEW!!!
  94. Interesting Example of energy work
  95. Twitchy!!!
  96. Varying sensations to be expected in Energy Work
  97. Mood swings after Energy Work Pls help
  98. Activating the Feet
  99. Focussing with the Third Eye
  100. Pulse wave heart chakra
  101. Reiki Tummo
  102. Increasing awareness sensitivity
  103. Yoga stretches - stretched but not relaxed?
  104. Carl Schmidt the Kriya Yoga teacher has a free song online
  105. Strange eye
  106. Spine pulse
  107. Third eye ((Moving))...
  108. Kunlun, ancient daoist practice
  109. Yoga stuff
  110. Awakening technique
  111. Bent keys.
  112. answer to astral practitioner's post
  113. head expansion and shaking
  114. Higher Self Cards
  115. How does NEW work scientifically?
  116. Energy over Matter ?? !!
  117. Real dreams by NEW
  118. Physical exercise with NEW work
  119. Pain with every energy center
  120. new, powerful method to start energy flow between two areas
  121. Awful smell and taste
  122. Tension headaches, any suggestions?
  123. Feeling of getting big
  124. Awarness point
  125. Effects of Colds/Flu On The Energy Body?
  126. I want to get back into energy work.
  127. Strange tooth energy
  128. tantric sex
  129. the quest for the spiritual orgasm
  130. Negative Thoughtforms/Possible Curse
  131. absorb energy from the Earth...?
  132. Question on strange feeling...
  133. Energy drinks
  134. Passing Repressed Emotional Energy
  135. Energy Raising Question
  136. A few energy work questions
  137. Evil Chakra Meditations?
  138. I found this really interesting!
  139. Using breath to move energy
  140. Can't get grounded-
  141. impressing someone
  142. Health balls
  143. Leg stimulation technique
  144. Raised too much energy, dream warned me
  145. Healing a plant?
  146. Chakra questions
  147. Energy Bounce Question
  148. Daily Changes?
  149. Energy work and infections
  150. Pets and Energy Work?
  151. Gold Sparkle energy - Need Input
  152. Anyone know of videos of waving form Tai Chi?
  153. Exit Sensations In Relation To Energy Body Development
  154. "Head tapping"
  155. Genital Chakra work
  156. Strobing solar plexus chakra
  157. Chakra splitting
  158. [Help] How can I open a Chakra?
  159. Energy work loss
  160. Scar tissue. The Big Duh.
  161. Solar Plexus
  162. Third eye
  163. My teeth are sensitive
  164. Solarplexus chakra help
  165. Exuding positive energy
  166. Blockage or Development?
  167. Hmm...fillling subnavel seems to stimulate primary centers?
  168. Increasing MBA sensitivity...
  169. SOUTHPARK made me wonder..
  170. Charged music
  171. Where is the Subnavel storage center?
  172. Sometimes energy awareness just feels plain weird...
  173. Anyone ever dealt with/removed a plate shaped blockage?
  174. Question about energy work
  175. NEW Videos by Robert Bruce
  176. Surviving in the winter time with no sunlight
  177. Energy work is 100 times more effective in trance
  178. Is there a guide on doing kriya yoga anywhere on the net?
  179. Storing energy in the Tan Dien
  180. third eye strobe, FLASH OF LIGHT! in trance
  181. Humming stimulating chakras
  182. Heart beat
  183. Numerous questions from an energy newbie
  184. The ebb and tide of energy work
  185. Energy Power Mad by astral practitioner
  186. Lines on palms turn red while sleeping?
  187. Cold showers to improve energy flow?
  188. Energy work and mental illness
  189. Big toe energy awarness
  190. Which side of your body is more responsive?
  191. Is the new Energy Work book more like old or new style NEW?
  192. Ear pain from energy work?
  193. Can your energetic (etheric) body impact your computer?
  194. Energy raising a result of insomina
  195. Chakra locations
  196. heart chakra stimulation bringing up buried sadness?
  197. what part of me am I the "author" of? musings + questions
  198. a
  199. Tantra, Taoist Sexual Practices, etc?
  200. Moving energy with the hands
  201. what is prana in the NEW system?
  202. Rashes from energy work ?
  203. The pace of energy work
  204. Energy raising/circuit question
  205. taking energy practice to the next level.....kechari
  206. Chakra Balancing, Esoteric Healing, Reiki, and NEW
  207. Energy work in the water?
  208. Novice asking for help with meditation/energy problem
  209. does anyone have experience with the "white drop" or amitra?
  210. How many here practice qigong?
  211. Light rain
  212. Diffculties with raising energy/body awareness in the arms
  213. advanced energy raising techniques
  214. My ass' on fire
  215. Energy work while icing: just don't do it
  216. Your stance
  217. Taking in energy via the heart chakra
  218. What effects has energy work had on your life in general?
  219. Throat blocking, heart expansion and NEW
  220. Ear rushing - Thanks for the sticky
  221. Questions from a newb
  222. main tan tien, sub naval energy storage center, earth stone
  223. Best place to raise energy?
  224. discharging massive amounts of sexual frustration energy
  225. Question about FEET experiences
  226. Does attempting OOB lose your energy?
  227. NEW and pakuas
  228. Cold the Pharoah's Crown
  229. Help. I made a noob mistake
  230. Difference between sub-naval and naval chakra
  231. Difference between hand and feet energy qualities
  232. Super intense ball of energy from crown
  233. Is this stuff dangerous? My mind feels fried...
  234. Any one reconize this?
  235. Lost my ability to trance
  236. Tingly Toe
  237. Stimulating chakras for blockages. Bad idea?
  238. Just a Miscellaneous Question...
  239. What is this energy?
  240. Levels of relaxation for Primary Work
  241. 8 chakra, is there information about it?
  242. I open cakras from the distance no requirements needed
  243. energy work to fly?
  244. Feet Acupuncture Points
  245. 30min for NEW session, tips for making it shorter?
  246. Energy Work Feeling
  247. Spontaneous Energy Draw
  248. Some explainations and questions
  249. I'm top-heavy (need heart-chakra help)
  250. The Q Link- Theory