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  1. concentration
  2. Question about the third eye
  3. A question for someone who knows their Chi Kung
  4. Termite killing or insect control
  5. Peripheral Vision and Third Eye Stimulation
  6. Crown chakra strobing
  7. Sponging Action ???
  8. How do we breath in Relaxation Session?
  9. Games you can play with your Q-Link
  10. Energy Work for Mental Health??
  11. Qlink Users
  12. Weird vibrations.
  13. NEW history - did anybody notice?
  14. NEW Tiredness
  15. Electro Magnetic Radiation questions/observations
  16. John Chang and Mo Pai (really amazing videos) Neigong/Qigong
  17. Our Cells have Electric Fields as Strong as Lightning Bolts
  18. Matrix Energetics
  19. Combining NEW & Deep Trance Methods Incompatible?
  20. Energy work before sleep
  21. Am I Doing It Wrong?
  22. Helping Crohn's and other inflammatory diseases with NEW
  23. Using new changes my personality,but
  24. Mudras for activating specific chakras?
  25. Differences between "NEW" and "Energy Work".
  26. Physical fitness affect energy sensations?
  27. NEW progress
  28. can energy work help you get to sleep / sleep deeper?
  29. Feeling energy like electricity in my left part of the brain
  30. Matrix energetics?
  31. Where do I go from here?
  32. Daoist "chakra diagram"
  33. The Q-Link
  34. Powers from Chakra Work
  35. Energy and Weight Lifting
  36. Some Taijiquan impressions
  37. "NEW"
  38. The meaning of the pentagon simbol, need opinions
  39. Chi Kung
  40. How to develop the moonstone etc?
  41. Another symbol, a triangle (isosceles)
  42. Question about sensations of energy
  43. Plugging the Leak in my Subnavel Storage Center
  44. The Golden Rule of Energy Work
  45. need help
  46. Where do I go to learn Qigong?
  47. something interesting from energy work
  48. Altered methods of energy work
  49. The effects of beer and wine on a spiritual practice
  50. do I need to re-activate toes etc after break
  51. Some new techniques
  52. Technique to alleviate constipation
  53. Eyesight
  54. Energy work and physical effects
  55. Eric Pearl's Reconnection.
  56. I sneezed!
  57. Exercize for Root Chakra?
  58. Single Most Effective Energy Body Exercise
  59. Lower back injury energy work
  60. Q-Link question
  61. orgonite generators (and a thank-you to Tom)
  62. Interesting Energy Work Session
  63. Your experience with energy work?
  64. Heart Chakra Block Clearing
  65. Directly targetting the center channel (sushumna)
  66. Is it possible to project into the heart charka?
  67. alternate tactile imaging?
  68. pain...
  69. Increasing energy sensitivity.
  70. Question from a newbie
  71. Usefulness of sensing the elements?
  72. Michael Flatley dances again thanks to energy healer
  73. Advice on Energy Work
  74. Massive Blockage
  75. I know you're listening...
  76. Astral Dynamics and Awareness
  77. Chakra Questions?
  78. "feeling" and mobile body awareness/tactile imaging
  79. Deja Vu
  80. Third eye rash and brow pressure.
  81. NEW, spinning and ejaculation
  82. Random Energy Tingling
  83. Dahn Yoga
  84. Physical effects from energy sensations
  85. How do you see your chakras?
  86. Energy Stimulation Causing Pops in wall.
  87. Confusion about NEW during trance
  88. Lower Chakra Scare
  89. Mantak Chia "Healing Light of the Tao" question
  90. Proton blasters?
  91. Energy blockages
  92. Pulsing/Bulging energy in my third chakra area
  93. Headache and Blood pressure
  94. NEW techniques for healing teeth?
  95. Is it possible to grow taller using Meditation?
  96. Energy work once a week?
  97. Starting again
  98. Tai Chi and "Qi"
  99. NEW feet exercises before bed.
  100. Uncomfortable sensations in third eye
  101. splitting paths of the energy ways
  102. Does the springs in a mattress affect energy work?
  103. A healing experience through energy.
  104. a few questions on NEW
  105. energy work
  106. No Idea Where to Go.
  107. gemstone
  108. angel in the crown
  109. Need help with circular motions and my progress
  110. Has anyone here tried a raw food diet?
  111. Some questions about energy work
  112. enery from environment vs point concentration
  113. I am desperate
  114. How to open vishudhi chakra?
  115. Blowing Out Light Bulbs
  116. My SLOW progress -- finally a little breakthrough
  117. how often should i do energy work?
  118. how simple can I make it?
  119. Brow Chakra incident
  120. Odd little vision thing
  121. Energy Constructs
  122. Shifting your state. A Crystal Boat?
  123. About chakra working: your experiences
  124. Advice for working w/heart chakra?
  125. Throat Chakra blockage and developing vibrational awareness
  126. Chi Gung warm up question
  127. The Human Body Glows
  128. Feeling really sleepy and tired
  129. masturbation
  130. Full Body Circuit variation
  131. Ideas for Group Work
  132. Full-Body Rush Induction
  133. Energy drawn via hands vs. feet
  134. What kind of energy sensations are these?
  135. Nadis - Have You Seen Them?
  136. What does energy work mean for me ?
  137. The Advantages of Energy work?
  138. Energy and intelligence
  139. yawning problem
  140. chakra query
  141. Sea Salt energy self-attunement
  142. Atlantean ring
  143. Crown chakra sensations
  144. Energy body bent
  145. "Ray of Hope" self-attunement
  146. My Solar Plexus and Me
  147. Can energy work interrupt xrays?
  148. Issues with tactile body awareness
  149. Q about Hatha Yoga
  150. (self-attunement) Pain Management Empowerment
  151. This self-attunement system is for your teeth
  152. Questions about curious results from NEW sessions
  153. Any thoughts on this?
  154. NEW, blocked by a cold
  155. Opening Your Psychic Centers
  156. One more time: NEW and tiredness
  157. What type of energy is NEW using, in Bardon's terms
  158. Ajna chakra and paranoia
  159. Feels like I am going to pass out...
  160. Natural path of energy flow?
  161. energy work for swine flu?
  162. Orgonite and the N.E.W. energy exercises
  163. My ears feel funny
  164. man this was really cool, I want to share.
  165. Energetic movement
  166. Ever notice a person that 'isn't there'?
  167. Asking for new energy.
  168. energy raising question..
  169. Male/Femal polarities
  170. Hangover effects, expanding body
  171. question about vibrations
  172. Since NEW, has unrelated areas of your life improved?
  173. Reiki and feet
  174. NEW energy work
  175. Solar plexus
  176. Help with energy flow... or something else.
  177. novice experience
  178. chakras confusion
  179. what exactly is an attunement?
  180. When pain appears and more...
  181. Help on energy flow
  182. Exercise and qigong.
  183. using healing energy efficiently / not being wasteful
  184. Most effective energy exercise I can do for my health?
  185. Solar Plexus and Heart chakras
  186. suspected energy manipulation/psi-vampirism
  187. NEW and photophobia
  188. Which of the two show near exact location of chakras?
  189. energetic sensations
  190. People healing themselves on Penn & Teller
  191. Sexual stimulation :(
  192. STOP masturbating NOW.
  193. Brow Chakra pressure?
  194. awareness or something else?
  195. top lip area
  196. break up work into blocks
  197. menstral cramps
  198. Youtube videos
  199. I may have caused a terrible energy body imbalance, HELP!
  200. Creating side by side with Nature
  201. 2.,3.,4. Chakra / Energy Center Confusion
  202. a question about sponging action
  203. where can i get Robert bruce latest blue energy ball tech?
  204. Strong heart strobing ... but why 4 years ago?
  205. Drink only WATER
  206. does brushing and stirring actions has to be super vivid
  207. what is grounding?
  208. Drink ONLY Alkaline water!
  209. Not sure how to fix this / Energy Grounding?
  210. discussing not always good
  211. What do the 7 chakras represent
  212. what's exactly the sponging action in NEW?
  213. Does too much thinking activates Ajna chakra?
  214. third eye
  215. Is there anything I should do before my operation?
  216. check this out
  217. Help me to cure acute strain with NEW
  218. Energy and magick
  219. raw RAW FOOD DIET
  220. Energy stuckness
  221. Playing with Energy
  222. imagination and consciousness
  223. Base and Sacral Chakra Clearing
  224. strange energy body orientation ...
  225. Injury
  226. help permanent energy body damage due to NEW overuse
  227. Pendulum
  228. The origin of occult knowledge
  229. Sinuses
  230. Third eye complex
  231. rush of cold through the body
  232. Playing with groups
  233. a question
  234. Breathing During Exercises
  235. Distance Energy Work and Distance Attunements
  236. Missing the "window"
  237. Real-time chats
  238. My theory
  239. Is this a blockage removal?
  240. Automatic body movement?
  241. wings
  242. Chaos and a Higher Order of being
  243. Plank Exercise breakthrough
  244. Body repair
  245. how to do the shielding energy practice
  246. Putting a stop to the energy flow
  247. New Technique
  248. White Rain falling in Peripheral Vision
  249. Premature greying - Energy body link?
  250. Your energy development now