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  1. Ajna Chakra Blocked
  2. Share your most powerfull exercices
  3. relatively me
  4. Energy Body work, exercise, diet, and healing...
  5. Long term effects
  6. NEW, the throat chakra and some problems
  7. Q-link being investigated?
  8. I've come across these techniques
  9. Making Your Own Sleeping Earthed Sheet
  10. Imbalance?
  11. crystal clear
  12. Tell me your energy work experiences please
  13. Energy work while walking
  14. Bad dreams and energy
  15. is the moving awareness equal the moving energy ?
  16. Energy used for obe?
  17. i can feel it but can't move it
  18. Body Development
  19. Energy rising directly to the navel
  20. energetic physiology
  21. new to energy work
  22. Not feeling up to par
  23. Primary chakra maybe blocked
  24. extreme heaviness feeling
  25. Another NEW success
  26. question about the higher centers
  27. needing some information please
  28. increased tiredness due to energy work.
  29. How Often to Practice
  30. energy work for psychometabolism?
  31. flashing coloured lights
  32. Orgasm
  33. 5 years of practice - questions/stuck?
  34. Primary Center Question
  35. Using finger to "direct" energy stimulation
  36. Body Width Locations of Chakras
  37. Third eye structure?
  38. leading from one point to the next
  39. Amount of time on primary energy centers
  40. crystal dreaming
  41. Restore energy?
  42. some questions
  43. VELO technique creates instant vibrations
  44. Crown chakra closed?
  45. noob energy work
  46. Eye and body movement
  47. Energy body issues - looking for help, where to turn?
  48. upper chakras
  49. world TaiChi day healing the world .....
  50. Energy Surges
  51. Purple Space
  52. energy tools
  53. Is NEW necessary?
  54. negs and blockages now.. my crazy story
  55. Helping others with Spiritual Evolution
  56. Sleeping less since energy work?
  57. Is this what I should be feeling?
  58. Energy work: Effort vs Development
  59. Flash
  60. Energy work while sick?
  61. Pulled Away
  62. Using your energy tongue
  63. question: chakra opening techniques (mudras & chanting)
  64. Clearing Blocked Areas
  65. sponging question
  66. NEW, reversed
  67. Diminished energy (from time to time)
  68. Strange crown sensation
  69. Recommended Books
  70. Blocked chakras and intuiton
  71. The Pallette of Hermetic Elements imho and ime
  72. Qigong, NEW and a Health Problem - Advice Would Be Much Appreciated
  73. Perspective
  74. Bubbling Water
  75. Energy exchange at the traffic lights
  76. Are there any difference??
  77. Please Help
  78. energy work question, intensity?
  79. Chakra model
  80. Question
  81. converting sexual energy
  82. Energy ball pulsation
  83. "Feeling" energy from outside things
  84. churning energy
  85. 13.5
  86. looking for advanced energy work practice
  87. How does the third eye feel?
  88. Quick Question about Affirmations
  89. Energy prestimulation and rasing... (Also in response to Soulsail.)
  90. Interesting thing happens to me.
  91. Effect of energy work on relationships?
  92. Effects of energy work on relationships.
  93. Auras and afterimages
  94. Don't really like to "tear" at my energy centers...
  95. Using a mirror to aid visualization in combination with NEW
  96. Third eye strobe, and then snap!
  97. Strobing: how much energy?
  98. My chakras
  99. Yoga
  100. Question about energy and phones
  101. Strange Energy After Base Chakra Meditation
  102. The Mysterious Nature of Energy.
  103. Clairvoyance?
  104. is this normal?
  105. Is it okay to stick with this routine?
  106. astral tube???
  107. Extreme white light
  108. Informal Poll
  109. How do you see/visualise your chakras?
  110. How does NEW work?
  111. Third Eye Energy Observations
  112. Novice Energy Worker Healing Questions
  113. truth
  114. Having a lot of difficulty doing energy work (n.e.w.) in unresponsive areas
  115. AMAZING n.e.w. results regarding negative emotions handling in just a few days!!
  116. My Orgonite Pendant Experience.
  117. Distracting Head Energy
  118. Cataracts and Myopia
  119. Transfer of energy from another body?
  120. looking for lessons in Iron Body Kung Fu
  121. Heat in the coccyx
  122. Annoying Pressure on the Crown Chakra
  123. Cotton Candy machine.
  124. NEW, kabalah and clairvoyance
  125. The Sun and Chakras
  126. Relation between negative masturbation and anger projected at me
  127. Overactive energy in head, adrenaline pulses, disconnection with reality:
  128. NEW and eye pain?
  129. energy work and magnets?
  130. Aura, Negative Color or Magnetic Field?
  131. Any Guided Energy Work mp3?
  132. Primary energy center work...how long, how often?
  133. Piriformis Syndrome and Trapped Energy
  134. Can I do this while doing NEW?
  135. Weak reaction of a energy body or too many energy blokades?
  136. Wonder what you thought of my magnetic necklace.
  137. The feeling on the whole area?!?
  138. Other ways of energy work besides NEW?
  139. The Flow(generally it's called vibrations here) and what does it do to the energy body.
  140. Creating etheric energy work devices
  141. 2 questions about primary energy center
  142. Energy Cloud
  143. Energy maneuvers, so far
  144. Rocking motion?
  145. How long does big blockages take to clear?
  146. Some quick stimulation?
  147. Anyone experiencing energy changes?
  148. SoulSail's Aura Images
  149. Aura picture?
  150. Can you help me please
  151. Nofap - 6 month no masturbation video review
  152. How to work with the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th chakras?
  153. How to work with the 3 stones?
  154. sources of negative ions
  155. Eliminating chakras
  156. Adding physical actions
  157. Accupunture question
  158. How does Muladara feel when activated?
  159. doing NEW for the sake of NEW
  160. Magic???
  161. What do you think about this technique to levitate?
  162. Feeling ecstatic energy sensations in my brain and spine?
  163. Meridans Provable By Simultaneous (Nerve/Muscle) Excitations?
  164. I want to be and live at one with god
  165. Grounding exercises please
  166. energy raising into the brow storage center.
  167. Starting to get sensations while meditating
  168. Energy work and sigils
  169. This energy
  170. Extreme energy loss
  171. some insight and help please.
  172. Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus
  173. Does condition of chakras affect luck?
  174. chakra work, illness
  175. Energy work and sleep.
  176. energy work and adverse weather
  177. Straight back chair alternative
  178. Microcosmic orbit combined with 3 day water fast
  179. energy work, alcohol consumption
  180. hip chakras
  181. Tried NEW today by Robert. Whoa...
  182. Awareness naturally rests in the eyes.
  183. My energy centers respond on many things
  184. whats the best way to get energy to heart chakra?
  185. "Psychic Screaming" - a look at alternative energy workouts.
  186. Dukun open my friends third eye...
  187. Somewhat unfulfilled Third Eye opening experience to now seeing images?
  188. Working with Higher Chakras
  189. what does it mean to make pressure?
  190. nervousness around people
  191. Gotta do Yoga!
  192. Moving energy up and down the legs.
  193. Heart Coherence Technique (by HeartMath Institute)
  194. So who works with elemental spirits?
  195. The Silent Knowledge
  196. Help stimulating chakras
  197. Energy levels
  198. Solar Plexus energy and gambling... and communication
  199. Energy flow wiping out my tools
  200. More on grounding
  201. My heightened sensitivity to energy
  202. Tactile Imaging on others?
  203. Energy waves or something?
  204. blockage?
  205. Does my Energy Body really need this much work?
  206. Grounding Sheets Controversy
  207. The importance of balance and staying grounded
  208. Major Chakra Stimulation Technique(They work greatly on me, hope they do so on you)
  209. Strobing the brow chakra?
  210. lighting flash?
  211. clearing out negative energy, experiencing something unexpected
  212. Energy Classifications
  213. Astral Jump
  214. This was cool
  215. Can someone explain what is this?
  216. How much energy work is enough?
  217. Chakra Color
  218. Observe
  219. Beginning a new regimen
  220. Copy of Blockages? How to Proceed
  221. Solar Plexus Chakra
  222. Secondary/minor chakras and question about kundalini
  223. mudras
  224. Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel
  225. Energize your Chakras
  226. Third Eye Question
  227. Chakra and Kundalini REMOVAL?!?
  228. [Tutorial - Video] Out of body Travel - Plane / StateOfCons - Now & Being
  229. Chakra overstimulation
  230. using energy to create heat or cold...?
  231. Stuck Karmic energies
  232. Magnetic head sensation (3rd eye?)
  233. Is this clairvoyance?
  234. Low energy after energy work practice
  235. Sublimation of sexual energy and abstention
  236. Please confirm if this is real
  237. I think I overloaded. Please advice.
  238. I feel drained..I need energy
  239. Freezing Wind During Energy Work
  240. NEW based 3 theory principles
  241. Energy questions and discussion related to Kundalini practice.
  242. Energy raising time
  243. Energy raising - hands vs. feet
  244. Confusion on Chakra (Color & location)
  245. To MooSaysTheCat
  246. Prostitution and energy body
  247. Advice on Blockages
  248. Locating chakras using tactile imaging.
  249. wonderful story about chakras :)
  250. Kundalini Syndrome: Head Pressure