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  1. Confused as to what you actually do with energy.
  2. Been doing yoga and now have tickling spine.
  3. Low Energy Days
  4. My first attempt at energy work
  5. Medication
  6. Energy work and music
  7. Is it right or wrong to do energy work on someone without permission?
  8. The meaning of cycles and altered states (ASC) experiences
  9. the inner eye blink...
  10. anyone else feel this way?
  11. Seeing energy and seeing eyes
  12. Astral Vision
  13. Fully Charged
  14. Telane (Atlantean Priest) & The 12 Chakras / Rays (Aunt Clair?)
  15. Base-to-crown-energy-tunnel
  16. Question about energy storage
  17. What is the reason for pain in the anus?
  18. How long are your sessions?
  19. Tai Chi/Chi Gong for removing negative energy
  20. How to Open & Activate Your Third Eye
  21. question to those who have already raised their kundalini
  22. The more I do, the less I feel
  23. Is it normal to be exhausted?
  24. How can I be certain of progress
  25. Can your energy be stolen?
  26. Third eye issues
  27. Strong cramping in energy centres
  28. Full body boxing bouncing before sleep
  29. Breathing Storage and Healing Circuit vs Full Body Circuit
  30. classifications of moving energy
  31. How I healed my feet by NEW
  32. Energy sensations in legs
  33. Q: Subnavel Dan T'ian?
  34. I've had a bit of a spiritual down turn
  35. What was that sound?
  36. Weird cravings after very high vibrational work
  37. intense sensations in the sub-navel area
  38. Waking Energy: The Five Tibetans
  39. Distressful Energy 24/7
  40. Why I am waking up in vibration?
  41. Having problems doing NEW energy work with upper body / chest
  42. Heat in chakras?
  43. pictures and colors...third eye activity?
  44. Really really really good results practicing NEW energy work
  45. help with: tactile imagining, energy awareness/raising etc., where to start
  46. Ended Up In A Psych Ward
  47. Energy Bouncing
  48. Spine or Core
  49. Energy work and alergy
  50. What on earth is going on here?
  51. Questions about NEW
  52. NEW in bathtub!
  53. how to clear genital chakra
  54. Wow! 4-5 days of energy work - it's HUGE!
  55. what the hell was that???
  56. pressure on the back of the head
  57. tingly sensations in the coccyx
  58. MAP: Body Awareness on day 1 and 2!
  59. Tingling sensation when part of the body 'goes to sleep', is that the energy body at work?
  60. extended energy work sessions
  61. Sacred Body. Kundalini, Subtle bodies, Chi, Yoga, and the brain.
  62. NEW vs Qi Gong
  63. Anyone attempted energy work while swimming
  64. Evidence for raising our vibration?
  65. Hand to hand rainbows
  66. Raising energy causing me to have unpleasant, negative dreams and thoughts
  67. Using Energy Work to improve eyesight? Could it be possible?
  68. Question about using Charkra
  69. Level 1 Energy Storing Meditation (Guided)
  70. feel heat in the palms
  71. Understanding Energy Manipulation
  72. Chakras - balancing or unconditional opening?
  73. Energy work - any audio guided practices?
  74. Visible light sparks
  75. Energy Work/Chi
  76. Comparative Benefits - Energy vs Trance
  77. I think I'm learning I have more power than I think
  78. What's the difference between Ki/Chi/Chakra?
  79. MASSIVE energy block release - Body damaged
  80. Energy work under LED = easier
  81. Not feeling a lot of sensations in knees and hips
  82. NEW and Health
  84. Throbbing upper lip?
  85. wierd thing about NEW
  86. Re-NEW-ed efforts
  87. Orgasms and Energy Raising ( energy work )
  88. Remote Influence/seduction
  89. strange sensations of energy in spinal column
  90. Revising Energy Ways Methods
  91. Copy: is it normal to not feel energy sensations? long time
  92. How can I remove unclean spirits from me?
  93. Is the Central Channel the same as the spine or 'Sushumna" in yogic practices?
  94. What is this?
  95. Copy: A problem with NEW
  96. Body Image Work Issues & Question
  97. Crown dripping energy and the dealing with side effects
  98. Which RB book is best for energy work?
  99. Earth's Energy Shift And Physical Symtpoms
  100. Questions on the "Energy Work" book
  101. About logical organization of "Energy Work" book.
  102. heat