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  1. what are the real success stories...
  2. Essence Transmutation and Negs
  3. i have been livin in a apartment for 4 years
  4. You can kill these things...
  5. A neg teaching that one counter measure doesn't work
  6. When love turns sour...PSD Version
  7. Might find this an interesting read
  8. Sickening
  9. A quick strategy for victims
  10. Rituals/Prayers In The Astral
  11. T&D has now been Developed
  12. A hole in my defenses
  13. Succubus encounter in OBE? PLEASE REPLY!
  14. The clouding of the Brain
  15. Protection Stone, Possibly the Best one Available
  16. Goood Camping Spots for Extreme Neg Cases
  17. demons
  18. dealing with negs and a split personality
  19. Mega Positive Ionic Disposal
  20. a drug that removes core images?
  21. Feeling of nausea and suffocation..
  22. The Fan and White Sage, success story
  23. A warning for excessive garlic consumption
  24. daydreams-a doorway for psychic attack?
  25. improving psychic defenses of small children
  26. First one in history
  27. not sure if this has been posted here before ,but here goes
  28. Exorcism Technique/Ritual "Compte De Gabalis"
  29. My earliest memory: Shadow person.
  30. AD-pedia in Alpha order
  31. *First experience with a neg a contract
  32. Scary experience in Michigan...
  33. straight away help needed
  34. black and white magick
  35. post removed
  36. Idea of this sign signification ?
  37. Psychic attack?
  38. kundalini, psychic attack, or do I need a shrink???
  39. More countermeasures
  40. Great post by p0minator
  41. Negs are actually YOU
  42. Protective Mantra
  43. Removing a Psychic Vampire
  44. How to build an astral shield
  45. n.e., ghost, or something else?
  46. The Return of the Light
  47. Possibility of a Neg
  48. I need some help or advice
  49. Good link about the "bubbling well point" under th
  50. Astral Protection
  51. Angels and Demons
  52. NEW + Water crossing.
  53. Close Encounters of the Possession Kind
  54. negs causing scratches?
  55. Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars
  56. Out of this world, Water Pump, For watercrossing installers
  57. More to read...
  58. Help,Entity climbing in bed right next to me !
  59. Creating a safe mental room/using creative visualization
  60. QUERY???
  61. real excorcism footage by Imam
  62. The Archangels
  63. I think I had my first obvious attack...
  64. Core Images
  65. Binding Negs
  66. Core images
  67. Rope Technique is a good form physic self defense
  68. Finally, no free magnet
  69. Neg Attacks and the Deceased
  70. Nutty Meteroite Garlic Lumps, Countermeasure
  71. Garlic Juice Pellow
  72. A "guide" told me I had received or got a WD...wha
  73. Voices smarter then the hearer
  74. Maybe Negs? Maybe not?
  75. Top 10 Most Powerfullest Countermeasures. You select
  76. Astral Combat Auto Pilot Mode
  77. Entities
  78. Weirdness! lol
  79. Join the Masons or Eastern Star (women) to change your fate?
  80. cannabis induced psychotic disorder vs. NEG involvement
  81. (Running Essential Oils) The Biggest Brake Threw Yet
  82. Please Read
  83. For PTSD
  84. How do neg attachments function?
  85. Must Reads
  86. Destroying an Astral Thoughtform
  87. wearing a baseball caps reduces my neg symptoms
  88. .
  89. You might find this useful
  90. .
  91. .
  92. .
  93. Nightmares
  94. Menthol Ciggerates, Proposed Experiement
  95. Neg attack last night.
  96. My conversation with a hired "psychic"
  97. Echos/Imprints of Old Neg Appearing in Aura
  98. Spitting out Negs into the sinbin
  99. Removing dark spirit attachments:
  100. More on psy sd
  101. OBE Harassment
  102. Why are negs "neggy?" I had an idea
  103. Red Hooded Entity + Negs + I'm a newbie
  104. Problems in odd years, by chance or not?
  105. Difference between Bipolar and Neg Abuse
  106. Bumping energy
  107. Nephillium
  108. Getting your head around shields.
  109. Emily Rose Possession
  110. another neg attack?
  111. Sleep paralysis and depression question
  112. An Intro to Dream Combat
  113. Halloween
  114. Hermetic Elements in Self-Defense
  115. negs and internet
  116. Evil eye jewellery
  117. Dinning Against Negs
  118. I have an insect-looking neg near my tailbone
  119. Dweller on the threshold
  120. Directory For Forum Physics*,* Depossessers.
  121. I think I'm under attack
  122. Visitor
  123. Anythoughts on Seeing Thoughtform weapons?
  124. A few new shields..
  125. How do you see Neg's? I can only sense them.
  126. Countering or Overwriting Obsessive thoughts.
  127. Having a nice look here.
  128. From saving the world to being saved
  129. Going to bed, this head appears in the center of my mind.
  130. Help needed, please read
  131. Some attacks on a friend and I, please offer any advice
  132. Eletromagnetic Device they are better then I thought
  133. This is a bit messed up...
  134. Is Astral Travel worth it?
  135. Disease Causing Negs/Entities
  136. Another way to use salt
  137. Felt screaming 8 ft head outside door
  138. The power of your voice can beat negs. Countermeasure
  139. Stopping Email Neg Attachments(countermeasure)
  140. Fear, feelings and imagination
  141. Modern Music––Plagued By Negs?
  142. Jinxed? negs?
  143. Tie cutting for a slightly skeptical beginner
  144. are they testing me?
  145. Continuing The Challenge of Facing Fear
  146. strange markings carved onto my right arm
  147. A spell to remove physic vampires
  148. "Devil's Marks"
  149. lesser banishing ritual of the pentegram
  150. Neg Problems
  151. Know Yourself
  152. Practical Shielding
  153. Protect from negs?
  154. Massive Brake threw in PSD or is it crazy???
  155. Does Anyone Else Get This?
  156. Mega Tatoo Protection
  157. Dangerous?
  158. What is negs? here is my thoughts.
  159. The One and Only Absolute Psychic Defence...
  160. Rage attack
  161. Are Negs a Source of Destruction?
  162. help needed, please
  163. Orgonite
  164. Squeaking (I need help)
  165. Psychic parasite removal
  166. Negative Ion Generator. Here it is!
  167. The Truth About Negs Volume I
  168. need help with learning about Greek methods of neg-fighting
  169. Comprehending the power of a electromagnet
  170. Negs/Archons and purpose
  171. Something in Garage
  172. negs and sexuality
  173. Fighting neg influences after being neg free
  174. dog headed dwarf
  175. Bulk Countermeasures, Share yours Here!
  176. Hand made snake
  177. Echo's?
  178. Foreign Energy Interference
  179. Troublesome Dark Entities
  180. Eating the Right Food to stop feeding negs
  181. Simplified Version of the Waterbed...
  182. spirit attachment?
  183. Posession/Schizophrenia
  184. Ask me about demons
  185. The BEST Book on Negs, and Eliminating Them
  186. Sleep Paralysis or something more?
  187. Neil's question about mental illness and negs
  188. Mommy Issues
  189. A Discovery for enhancing orgonite
  190. Afraid to Astral Travel...need advice please!
  191. Not really sure if it was a negative...
  192. Philip Goddard's site
  193. I've Enhanced Watercrossing a New Update
  194. The Better Orgonite Improvement
  195. Is there a method to stop forced telepathy?
  196. Clearing Clogged Chakras Countermeasure...
  197. The Flyers and the End of Fear
  198. Protecting myself from a negative family member
  199. How to avoid pyrokenises by negs
  200. LBRP
  201. Spinning Flame Board Visualization
  202. dreams and psychic attacks
  203. Cord Cutting
  204. Moved: how do you know if u have a neg?
  205. How would this be dealt with? (soft, heavy darkness)
  206. weird stuff while tryin to project
  207. Moved: Practical Psychic Self-Defence
  208. Negative astral entity trials
  209. Sex With Spirits
  210. Energetic attachments
  211. Anxiety
  212. friend with dark spirit attachment?
  213. in need of help
  214. had some success, mixed with failure...need to vent
  215. i need your help .
  216. Newbie here-I need help
  217. ASSISTANCE please
  218. New Technique! stop neg self-talk
  219. Strange dream: neg-related??
  220. negs and melanoma
  221. Your Ultimate orgonite experiment
  222. friend with dark spirit attachment?
  223. Need Help
  224. What just happened?
  225. Psychic Self Defence, Jesus and evil ETs...
  226. Books on Spiritual Warriorship
  227. worked on by my brother and felling sick
  228. Personal Experience - advice
  229. astral protection
  230. Cooling your water system!
  231. Evidence for physiological damage
  232. Never Give heart felt energies to negs
  233. Heart Chakra Attack
  234. Astral Spider
  235. The earths magnetic feild.
  236. Really weird energetic issue.
  237. Protective Sulpher Bedsheets
  238. Recognising "Negatives"
  239. How to remove a real demon (boss)
  240. Latest Countermeasures and Advice from RB
  241. Psychic Self Defence required for pendulum dowsing??
  242. how can you determine if a neg is attached to you
  243. lifetime neg attachments
  244. A List of illnesses possibly caused by entity attachments
  245. How to tell?
  246. Prayers needed for a benovolent future
  247. an over active imagination or something else?
  248. Night Terrors
  249. Hearing noises when going into trance