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  1. I have found a device that seems to help with chronic negative spirit problems.
  2. high pressure sales and neg attack
  3. Is this path worth the risk?
  4. very tiring
  5. I found the entity
  6. Neg integrating into personality
  7. Can anyone reccomend someone?
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  9. issue regarding giga salt bath
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  11. Necromancers
  12. Mental Banishing?
  13. Astral methods in purifying the energy body
  14. A entity told me 'You reap tomorrow,what you plant today'while pushing me,what it means?
  15. Avoiding personal negativity while troubled?
  16. I did a salt bath today
  17. Question about espom salt
  18. Archangel Michael
  19. Demonic Attack?
  20. don't excactly know how it is possible that happens to me what is happening
  21. Question about thought forms being sent to me
  22. binding evil spirits/ demon entity
  23. Succubus Defense
  24. Psychic attacks during sleep?
  25. question about spells and curses
  26. Dealing with a high level demon
  27. Psychic Leech
  28. Qestion
  29. Is there a salt bath tutorial?
  30. Raising Vibration
  31. video that may help a bit with voices
  32. protective attunements search on this website
  33. negs and intuition
  34. deliverance/removing neg attachment
  35. intrusive bad thoughts, 90% of people have this!!!
  36. Healing Experience, Astral Sludge
  37. question about shame/guilt
  38. Everyday Curses
  39. spontaneous noise
  40. New to the Group . Hi to everyone!
  41. Creating Protective Shield with Crystal Stone & Energy
  42. Need some advice...
  43. Polaris Interview an Islamic Exorcist
  44. Clarification of Neg research in Practical Psychic Self Defense.
  45. Can Electrotherapy and tesla coils be used to counter act neg influence?
  46. Demons question
  47. Entity Attachments, many years. Please help.
  48. The egg thing
  49. Psychic Connections
  50. General Question
  51. Help
  52. Best place to buy the book?
  53. Stones Pendants, bracelets & Security
  54. Can you help me understand this .....
  55. Practical SELF DEFENSE [Rate my karate]
  56. water fasting question
  57. Manually Alter Your Own Energy Field (With Scientific Explanation)
  58. Need some help
  59. Hi
  60. Question
  61. entity issue
  62. life threatening black magic & possession
  63. Flutter
  64. Something prevents me from doing sport
  65. Voiding contracts
  66. traveling homes or room of mirrors
  67. A Book I Recommend: Magickal Protection by Damon Brand
  68. Wow, the Power of Energy Work!
  69. Strange experiences in friend's house
  70. 1.4 The Ego Mind Body, my opinion about physic defense part II
  71. I am possessed with alive human
  72. The Ego Mind Body, developing the practical technique to structure the ego mind body
  73. Does this sound familiar to anyone here?
  74. Getting out of sleep paralysis using hypnosis
  75. Transforming a demon house into a divine house(3 easy steps)
  76. NEG or Demon attack?
  77. The mental protection of the "robot", how I see the mental and spiritula defense
  78. The techniue to understand the mental body
  79. When Your Boss is a Negative Entity
  80. Question
  81. Astral Spider
  82. Stubborn Negs
  83. Ball point technique on the scalp
  84. Effect of magnetic pull on health
  85. very urgent and divine protection needed
  86. I have a concern
  87. psychic self defense from a spirit
  89. Please help
  90. Help... Astral hijack has taken place! Unable to become soveriegn again
  91. magnetic mattress - recommendations?
  92. electrical cord coiled?
  93. The mental body: to be good or bad is not a choice is simple the startup we have, in a mental attack you can wake up as a bad person
  94. Violent Possession by Negative Entity - Pleading for Assistance (Victoria, Canada)
  95. The mental body: the proceses to structure the mind
  96. Dunno what the heck just happened...advice..raped in dream
  97. Black Light
  98. cutting 6 corners off a bar of soap for protection
  99. Fog and Fibro
  100. Stuff
  101. Moved: marine psychic self defence sticky thread wanted
  102. one important simple question
  103. Voices talk about them here
  104. Pyramids against negs?
  105. Real-time projection
  106. Neg Attached to Gift?
  107. Evil entity in me?
  108. Low energy - How to recharge?
  109. Singing Bowls
  110. Exorcising spirits
  111. We Are Self-Developing Artificial Intelligence
  112. how to repair psychic injuries?
  113. tobbaco the crop of desension into hell
  114. The essence of self defense and the structuring of the mental min
  115. Mental self defense and programming in one's subconsciousness as a god
  116. Some improved concepts about the structuring of the trinity in the mind and mental body functioning
  117. I don't know
  118. The home of attunements or initiations(psychic protection)
  119. Need of help-due to neg telepathy
  120. My fail at using "etheric hugging" as an alternative to white light shielding and how I awkwardly discovered faeries
  121. Using a psychic shield and crystals/stones to protect my house from negs and bad people
  122. Inexpensive Earthing / Grounding setups - Tried and true solutions
  123. Creating a positive thought form in the form of an angel to protect from negative spiritual entities as well as negative people and black magick in general
  124. putting physical protection to the test(raising vibration phenomena)
  125. Things I did to get free of a serious neg invasion.
  126. Preventing psychic attacks caused by ruminating
  127. Using a hose indoors with salt water
  128. "I am me" technique It works
  129. Parasites
  130. prayer echo effect phenomena,, the ideal new countermeasure
  131. Ultrasonic Neg Repeller
  132. Question about akashic records
  134. Bay Leaves
  135. Experiences with nature and trees
  136. How to protect yourself while asleep from astral entities?
  137. Psychic Self Defence closing the door on voices
  138. Are ALL negetive entities 2 dimensional?
  139. Negetive entities, electricity, and grouding devices
  140. qi gong the progressive neg freedom a few years later (permanent lasting neg free protection)
  141. Astral Bugs
  142. My journey with 'The Reptilian'
  143. How would an ultrasonic humidifier have any effect on a spirit?
  144. 3rd Eye Blocked by NEGs to Prevent Pentagram Banishment?
  145. this maybe really helpful for neg victims
  146. airplane protection(running air)
  147. Large Water Blobs
  148. How do yo know if you are under attack?