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  1. The Watchers.
  2. Neg greys and Psychic Attack
  3. A defence technique I have used in the past
  4. My first MEGA SALT BATH!!!
  5. Using hypnosis to get rid of entities
  6. Key patterns in attacks
  7. Neg attachments..... can they start this way?
  8. Some light into the mental battle field
  9. Understanding this is very real
  10. Help with voices in head
  11. Clearing Method survey
  12. My own experiences
  13. Kaballah and names of God
  14. Energy body brushing
  15. Psychic Attack Countermeasures I have used
  16. Anyone Experience Hearing Tones?
  17. Self defense between the layers
  18. Protection against dream attacks
  19. Symptoms of neg attachment
  20. Robert Bruce's Possession
  21. A question of procedure
  22. Can a psychic attack happen without realisation?
  23. Mole markings and pain
  24. EM Pulsers, Negs and Possession 2
  25. negs and astral spiders
  26. Are negs always negs, or are they sometimes alter-states ?
  27. Has anybody defeated a neg?
  28. Happy holidays.. the power of music
  29. your considerations.....a log from this morning
  30. Long Term Neg Management
  31. The Dark Night of the Soul
  32. Anyone Try Music?
  33. Breakthrough?
  34. Fascination Principle
  35. Core Images
  36. Why do demons attack?
  37. Is there any protection against strong negs?
  38. Thought Control against demons?
  39. Confusion with possession
  40. Problematic apartment
  41. Imposters
  42. new core image last night
  43. Influences of music - strange experince
  44. Object cleansing
  45. Psychic Attack
  46. some recent orb photos I took
  47. Hour of the wolf...
  48. My experiences with shadow people
  49. Mega salt bath warning
  50. Something to ponder.. Part two:
  51. Bright orbs appearing in 'real life'
  52. The Eeevil Old Wiccan Lady
  53. Something better than music
  54. Falun Dafa
  55. Shielding
  56. The shower hose trick
  57. Possession and Serious Neg Abuse
  58. itchy scratchy
  59. Sorry this was about garlick but....
  60. Has anyone tried...
  61. very odd experiences
  62. Seeing lights and dark circular shadows!!!
  63. A friend resurfaced, I think PPSD is in order
  64. By Invitation Only
  65. negs and countermeasures
  66. I live with my psychic attacker…
  67. Astral Spiders by Eagle Owl
  68. More orbs
  69. Interesting Article
  70. Caring / Mercy / Joy / Equanimity
  71. Can Fear be a Problem?
  72. Core removal with knock
  73. Prey on Negs
  74. Let me re-iterate what I want to do
  75. Strange energy in metaphysical places
  76. swimming?
  77. the affect of RAIN?
  78. Defense Against Black Magick??
  79. Psychic attack or not?
  80. Odd occurance at the coffee shop
  81. More on Rain/Water energy... does this make sense?
  82. How do you know what is a neg and what isn't?
  83. A Primer on Negs - How to Recognize a Negative Entity
  84. help!
  85. Perspectives on negs and personal power + development
  86. Ending Voices technique
  87. negs, who? how?
  88. The deinitive key to abord attacks
  89. Maximum Protection
  90. here ya go (psychic self defense)
  91. Why destroy them?
  92. Neg Victim Escapes
  93. Split from: How to Recognize a Negative Entity
  94. Black magic, access points, and dream invasion...
  95. Something stuck on your head
  96. It seems like...
  97. Simple question
  98. Thankful
  99. possible tattoos?
  100. Where do you get coarse salt for the Mega Salt Bath?
  101. Sleep paralysis last night
  102. Surrounded by enemies
  103. A point of interest for review.
  104. Best way to expel negs?
  105. MRIs
  106. Online source for sea salt
  107. going on the offensive?
  108. Black Magic being used against you ? try this
  109. Neg Attached yet or not?
  110. Dealing with Succubi / Incubbi
  111. Spite's ideas on protection
  112. Psychic Attack vs Self Attack
  113. Large flying insects, spiders and other such creepies
  114. Losing Energy at Night
  115. Countermeasures and pain
  116. Negs on cruise ships?
  117. Pineal Gland...
  118. PTSD & Neg Attack : A Connection??
  119. freezing cold showers 4 breaking/loosening entity attachment
  120. what should i do?
  121. Question on the mega super salt bath.
  122. Survival
  123. i dont feel well
  124. (Help) Desperately need to be neg free!
  125. Old damage
  126. Sudden awakenings and a feeling of hostile presence.
  127. Good News... Ascension and Negs
  128. Signs of something wrong? Please advise...
  129. some musings on ghosts damaging one's energy field
  130. Negs working together from various bodies attacking people
  131. "Shadow person"
  132. do you think there are personal demons and such?
  133. Dreams About a Cheating Spouse
  134. The Ongoing Debate About Negs
  135. Interesting Neg-related Experience
  136. Core Image entities-the strongest Neg i ever encountered....
  137. do ALL Neg attachments happen for a "reason" if so
  138. Is this a neg attack? Advice needed
  139. Negative Entity Creation
  140. Getting there!
  141. psychic vampire
  142. When?
  143. an idea - would this cleanse negs while you sleep?
  144. my spirit guide's important message about tuning into th....
  145. Pandora's box
  146. Having a Bad Time - Advice Needed
  147. Anorexia caused by negs?
  148. This needs to end.
  149. My cousin's experience
  150. Werewolf
  151. Stuck to my head?
  152. something that happened to me-an example of poltergeist
  153. Wow
  154. scary experience
  155. Gout
  156. New here.. Negs/addiction/recurring dream?
  157. prayer
  158. Some Helpful Advice about Negs (mental effects)
  159. Areas of interest
  160. Magnets
  161. need help with core image work
  162. Characters
  163. A protection question
  164. posessed?
  165. Energy drain scenario
  166. Advice on how to remove psychic hook
  167. Insanity test
  168. Astal Spiders
  169. An Encaunter.. What was THAT?
  170. reiki helped my attacks
  171. OBE attempt: Wrong place, wrong time?
  172. Pins & Needles
  173. feeding our imagination
  174. Sharp needle going threw one of my spine bones
  175. Pyramid Shielding
  176. destruction of the soul
  177. URGENT
  178. Do you think there is demonic network/hierarchy?
  179. Another one
  180. Understanding the Conflict Between Negs and Hosts
  181. Hope this helps somebody...
  182. my technique of banishing negs, or, at least weakening them
  183. A demon problem
  184. Understanding Reality
  185. when negs attach to someone, do they gain their personality?
  186. Presidents being overshadowed by negs?
  187. Aloha!
  188. Sulfur Powder, I need some advice before I take the plunge..
  189. Question about recognising negs..
  190. The Usage Of Black Salt
  191. im taking the plunge and am quitting my job in psyc care
  192. core image work - Poke the taffy
  193. strange attachments lastnight while sleeping
  194. pressure on chest
  195. Brain washing neg
  196. Core Image Removal without images
  197. Victims can now DIY the situation... A anti neg hobbie
  198. Matches - good and quick
  199. Succubus attack
  200. Types of negs that exist.
  201. The Invisble War on Humanity
  202. Resist Not Evil
  203. Do Negs attach themselves while we're OOB?
  204. can mega salt baths be dangerous
  205. Robbie Williams have a neg problem?
  206. Is the colour of red evil?
  207. What happens...
  208. "signs" from above? or something else?
  209. Does Anyone Know What jobs are More NEG FREE than Others?
  210. Some recent Orb photos I took
  211. Shielding, and dirt clumps
  212. I've just OBE'd in my Dads house and the following happened
  213. Readers Digest a better description on the void neg.
  214. How potent are chill's against negs?
  215. Nightmare about a possessed book
  216. Bony lump
  217. Two Paranormal Exorcisms Performed by My Family
  218. Just a post...
  219. Soulless people? montalk.net?
  220. Non-lethal negs & surveillance
  221. for your own safety
  222. my visualization technique to heighten your psychic defenses
  223. Identified Description stamp. Put this one into the vault.
  224. Spiritual Fever
  225. Just a question to discuss
  226. Spirits targeting me, can anyone help or explain this...?
  227. please help, im going nuts
  228. Ongoing Issue
  229. deleted original post, and put new one more to the point
  230. Caught in the act
  231. Battling mommy's demon
  232. Amazin Magnet Website, works against negs
  233. Morgellons caused by negs or aliens?
  234. A little something for protecting your home
  235. A little something for battling ill-minded psivamps
  236. Last night
  237. My Stephen King like experience...
  240. Good deal on sea salt!
  241. Religion and Neg invasion
  242. Channeling
  243. A personal view on negs, trauma, shadow selves and karma
  244. Vampire marks come in twos?
  245. Encounter with a hitchhiker neg physically
  246. Magnets & Dreams
  247. Sleep Deprivation = Parallel Universe?
  248. The Soul
  249. Detecting problems from other dimensions
  250. Something is surrounding me