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  1. The Watchers.
  2. EM Pulsers, Negs and Possession 2
  3. My experiences with shadow people
  4. Falun Dafa
  5. Sulfur Powder, I need some advice before I take the plunge..
  6. Vampire marks come in twos?
  7. Sleep Deprivation = Parallel Universe?
  8. demons
  9. kundalini, psychic attack, or do I need a shrink???
  10. Practical Shielding
  11. Psychic parasite removal
  12. Posession/Schizophrenia
  13. Philip Goddard's site
  14. Satanist Bruise?
  15. bad OBE'r
  16. Ok...
  17. Reiki - House/Room Cleansing
  18. A real Electromagnet how beatiful
  19. can a Q-Link be reprogrammed by negs?
  20. Psychic Vampires, etc. (was: Casting Love)
  21. psychic surgery aftermath
  22. Some sort of emotional feedback loop?
  23. A Catholic Exorcist
  24. Quality Tourmaline Sleeping Pellow
  25. warrior technique: Taking control of their will's
  26. hands reaching for me
  27. dealing with energy loss
  28. Energy Incineration and the Solar Plexus
  29. Have you seen this?
  30. A Wolf at my Bedside
  31. Fresh experience with Negs
  32. Has anyone tried mantra?
  33. Tibetan lamas may be worth a try
  34. Q-Link and Passion
  35. banishing ritual before and after OBE
  36. Emerald Crystal Shield
  37. Hypnotherapist who finds entity attachments
  38. i see into the spirit world,
  39. A question
  40. Exposure Or Reinforcement?
  41. Negs on film
  42. Snorting
  43. Solar Plexus Pain and Imagination
  44. Impersonaters?
  45. Psychic Vampires in positions of trust/power
  46. How to Break Psychic Ties
  47. Greetings, I am writing a book about Ouija experiences.
  48. Implants: Location- Problems- Solutions
  49. Connected to Humans?
  50. Can an astral have s*x with someone who is in the physical
  51. manifesting phenomena
  52. attraction level assaults
  53. a quote from a Monroe recording regarding affirmations
  54. Meditation music to reprogram the mind
  55. Rest for the Warrior
  56. negating words ("not," "no," etc) may lack effectiveness
  57. Possession disease?
  58. An astral spider bit me twice!
  59. Why and how you can handle Negs
  60. Someone asks for psychic bond
  61. Demonic experience
  62. incense offerings
  63. My new theory on attacks
  64. Negs and Health
  65. Neg attack
  66. Grinning Apparition....
  67. Psychic attack and the works
  68. Help needed to remove thoughtform
  69. I killed a succubus last night
  70. Celebrities
  71. Why entities use fear
  72. Bigger/stronger Negs - bigger attachments!
  73. Do affirmations work for negative spirits and thought forms?
  74. Advice needed to defeat entities during core image removal
  75. a real ring-pass-not
  76. Negative alien exorcism here
  77. spirits and how the id themselves
  78. Are we assigned dark forces?
  79. psy attack! x.O
  80. Incense and Candle
  81. is this effective programming for my mirror shield?
  82. From waking up to fits of tears
  83. From the future
  84. Reality Sandwich
  85. Another hypnotherapist doing neg work
  86. Personal Experience
  87. Questions about Negative Thought Forms and Em grounding
  88. aftermath questions
  89. Core Image Clensing Question
  90. Looking for more info: dwellers, succubus...?
  91. In the now training Gives you REAL jesus powers...
  92. Banishing Ritual
  93. a contract
  94. Misuse as well as plain bad..
  95. Is this something I should worry about?
  96. Question about throat chakra and higher self
  97. I've been sick since moving into this new apartment!
  98. question about pure negative energy
  99. Ear-ringings - telepathy
  100. neg attack?
  101. Help needed to stop yelling
  102. Getting Involved
  103. How to deal with annoying humans in astral?
  104. being a receiver
  105. How can I stop them from talking to people?
  106. shadow figure sleep paralysis
  107. radio turns on and wakes me up at night
  108. can someone please scan me for negs?
  109. Sleeping Problem
  110. Being hit in the face
  111. need help wit possible neg attacks
  112. Negative emotions
  113. Getting higher information while afflicted?
  114. Negs?
  115. H there I know this is a horrible thing to be taklking about
  116. Possession is nine-tenths of the law
  117. Leland Negs and Chewing out Mother
  118. how to block undesirable astral visitors???
  119. What Repels, What Allows, What Attracts
  120. How complex can thoughtforms become?
  121. Negative Thoughts (revisited)
  122. Pain in chest while watching Rihanna and Lady Gaga
  123. Kinds of Emotional Vampires
  124. Banging from within my body
  125. Advice or a scan from someone with experience? Thanks!
  126. um, some quick tips, if you please
  127. gal psychically cording / draining me
  128. Has anyone tried projecting here?
  129. Dealing with Energy/Emotional Vampires
  130. Negative Entities
  131. Please can someone shed some light on my aunt's neg.
  132. Trapped in a void.
  133. It seems some spirits are attacking me how can I stopp them
  134. WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?
  135. Reducing neg activity
  136. How to cut an undesired silver cord? (psi vamp trouble)
  137. Psychic/Energetic Protection and Entities
  138. When is Practical Psychic Self-Defense book coming
  139. Something wicked this way came
  140. Was it a neg?
  141. Underfloor heating: A solution to neg attack/possession?
  142. Stolen astral apparel, need help
  143. I could use some clairvoyance.
  144. drink water.
  145. My dog has me wondering....
  146. Negs their relation to schizophrenia/psychosis and amnesia
  147. Qabalistic classification of troublesome negs
  148. Avoiding Bad Vibes
  149. My neg attachment problem
  150. Kitty Negs (?) / table water fountain
  151. New Edition of Practical Psychic Self Defense out Today
  152. psychic/mental implants
  153. How to shield your business ideas and figures during negotia
  154. Are Prayers enough?
  155. Spirit or what?
  156. Do i suffer from negs?
  157. Entity? appearing in the physical releasing sulphur smell
  158. Interesting Spiritual Problem
  159. Metatron and Satan
  160. A beautiful lady with tons of curses
  161. Wish it was so easy
  162. Best ways to Fight Back!
  163. Psychic Vampire Protection -- How to Charge Amulets or Protective Stones -- Magic?
  164. Question about permission
  165. Is this a good sign?
  166. Astral beating. Possessing NEGS show themselves.
  167. This last night...
  168. New guy with feedback and question.
  169. Defence for negative people
  170. Something about the crucifix.
  171. Possession.
  172. Psychic Hygeine for the home
  173. Silencing telepathic voices
  174. To sweat can this be body┬┤s self-defence strategy??
  175. Skin rash??
  176. Split and Moved from Close the Throat Chakra
  177. Astral Entities Attaching Themselves to Me
  178. Attention, Aunt Clair. Entity attachment
  179. Curse removing vs. stopping attack
  180. Sensation of negativity
  181. Countermeasures & Neg attack
  182. Thoughts on existence of Occult Police?
  183. I was so skeptic... but I've finally checked out their existence
  184. Inspired by Diablo II Expansion, Protection against waking psychic attacks
  185. Shaitans
  186. An unusual issue
  187. looking for exped people in the art of defense
  188. Attacks by living mortals?
  189. Ongoing issues with Astral Hitch hikers, Please help!
  190. Long lasting sleeping issue
  191. myoclonic jerks are attacks?!
  192. Salt baths, how?
  193. Cysts
  194. orgonite product
  195. Astral Practitioner(me) is neg free on a etheric chakra body level(sucess story)
  196. Scratches
  197. Mind Parasites
  198. mind reading and telepathy
  199. Ritual Abuse by Evil Lucid Dreaming Cult
  200. orgone crystal contact email
  201. orgonecrystals.com products and neg entities
  202. Long-standing torture by astral (insectoid) parasites.
  203. something was emanating cold
  204. hypnosis the end of clairaudient voices(theory)
  205. hypnosis induced positivity mind virus(theory)
  206. chiastolite cross
  207. Do I have a neg problem?
  208. orgonium
  209. Geoclense
  210. Can someone explain this for me?
  211. Infernal demons
  212. Looking to take this for a test run
  213. Negative attack whilst awake.
  214. "sometimes, you gotta hit 'em with your umbrella."
  215. astral squids
  216. Hitchhikers and higher planes
  217. What a Stronghold Is
  218. nightly attack
  219. Why is self defense nessicary?
  220. Need Help With Entities
  221. Copy: Neg entities removal
  222. Large, Heavy Metal Objects
  223. Possiblity of human interference
  224. Question about smudging and fumigation
  225. www.spiritentityremoval.com
  226. Enjoying obe astral sex is this wrong ???
  227. I have found a device that seems to help with chronic negative spirit problems.
  228. high pressure sales and neg attack
  229. Is this path worth the risk?
  230. very tiring
  231. I found the entity
  232. Neg integrating into personality
  233. Can anyone reccomend someone?
  234. Webinar on Psychic Self Defense April 11th 2013
  235. issue regarding giga salt bath
  236. Moved from a stickied thread in Possession and SNA
  237. Necromancers
  238. Mental Banishing?
  239. Astral methods in purifying the energy body
  240. A entity told me 'You reap tomorrow,what you plant today'while pushing me,what it means?
  241. Avoiding personal negativity while troubled?
  242. I did a salt bath today
  243. Question about espom salt
  244. Archangel Michael
  245. Demonic Attack?
  246. don't excactly know how it is possible that happens to me what is happening
  247. Question about thought forms being sent to me
  248. binding evil spirits/ demon entity
  249. Succubus Defense
  250. Psychic attacks during sleep?