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  1. Meditation Research
  2. Enlightening quotes. Post here.
  3. Childhood Imagination
  4. Expanding individual conciousness in a group experience
  5. An EXTREMELY Scary Experiment With Mental Projection
  6. through the eyelids!
  7. Robert Monroe and Rotes
  8. Energy shift
  9. This site actually gives free readings
  10. An Idea is bulletproof
  11. Human Angels
  12. ORMUS
  13. Marks/Symbols - Got Any?
  14. Plato's riddle of Non-being
  15. Beyond Enlightenment. Warning...Not for Sissies.
  16. What will you do after physical death?
  17. Take an empathy quizz
  18. Australian medium Anthony Grzelka
  19. Hearing creeks in the wall while meditating.
  20. John Selby's "De-beliefing Process" for Anger
  21. How do I erase a negative thought-form?
  22. The illusion of Separation... Does it persist after death?
  23. Fear...a gift?
  24. Using the Law of Attraction, your experiences
  25. FARIES
  26. Expectation
  27. Didn't God have Oneness "In the Beginning"?
  28. Companionship on the Path (was Beyond Enlightenment)
  29. Are Vegetarians...NonViolent?
  30. Interview with Extraordinary Healer
  31. who is the "I"? (warning: long)
  32. How much choice is involved in the process of reincarnation?
  33. my brain is melting
  34. everything turned upside down today
  35. barriers to expanding consciousness
  36. Aspect Retrievals - Energy Werewolf & Deformed Man
  37. What happens in the private lives of mediums.
  38. Nanci Danison's vivid NDE memories and info about the nature of existence
  39. Linda Moulton Howe on angelic interventions
  40. Faerys
  41. Enlightenment (copied from Ask Robert)
  42. Life and Balance
  43. PUL - Retrievals - Guides
  44. Am I getting younger????
  45. increased ability?
  46. warnng of roundabout.
  47. I am purchasing my first crystal
  48. Video about global events
  49. Vision this morning
  50. Weird 'omen'? This morning
  51. Relevance of "knowledge"
  52. Learning to become self-aware
  53. Blue light last night
  54. how to open my third eye
  55. what's the stance of drug users regarding practicing spirituality
  56. Bashar "Video"
  57. Past Life Regression results
  58. remote influence Vs manifestation
  59. tv series Heroes inspiration
  60. A neurosurgeon's account of NDE
  61. strange affairs that led me to develop my intuition
  62. Retrievals: Two old frail persons
  63. Remote Viewing Targets?
  64. Focus 26 and "Aliens"
  65. RV Target - UK Lotto on 2004-04-28
  66. My abilities are rapidly developing.
  67. does this make sense??
  68. Conflict between personal growth and acceptance
  69. Reverse Empathy?!
  70. Retrieval with PUL teaching (?)
  71. Limited Mana?
  72. Retrieval - Bike Man hit by Train
  73. Free Will - does it exist?
  74. Going Within
  75. What is death? What is our consciousness connection to this physical
  76. Seeking Spiritual Guidance through My experiences & balancing Chakras??
  77. Richard Martini talks about reincarnation and related topics.
  78. When your path is revealed in a dream
  79. Higher self awareness at something I had written beforehand
  80. Shaman Portal
  81. One of those profound experiences
  82. Energy colour around a cigarette smoking person's mouth
  83. Extreme sports: Awakening
  84. Child's arm.
  85. Collective Unconscious
  86. Life After Birth
  87. Boosting signal, reducing noise
  88. Water creatures.
  89. Can someone see my aura/energy body?
  90. Hieu Doan and Life Mastery Guilds
  91. Following the signs...
  92. Pulsations from my hands??
  93. Black House-Flys as Spiritual guides
  94. Woman remembers what happened during coma.
  95. A question that I seriously need an answer to
  96. Tom Campbell's view of the afterlife
  97. Reflection.
  98. strange childhood experience.
  99. Synchronicity
  100. Subliminal reprogramming
  101. Astral Projection and Psychic Abilities Drastically Changing Views on Life. Anxiety?
  102. A nice little program for manifestation or other things...
  103. Finding lost stuff
  104. Dialogue between Mediums and OBE practitioners
  105. Weird experiences lately, I'm glad that one can expect anything "weird" out of spirituality :P
  106. Employing psychic powers for political purpose
  107. Copy:following a specific mystical path while "clearing" belief system
  108. Premonition to stop disaster
  109. what just happened to me?
  110. The Doctrine of the Soul
  111. Telapathy / Being Pushed
  112. anxiety/ adrenaline feeling while going deep in trance
  113. saw something that was nothing
  114. Gaining some sort of clairvoyance, any ideas to improve it further?(probably astral sight)
  115. Massage Chairs - your opinions please?
  116. Psychic sketch
  117. When I close my eyes Im seeing a series of rectangles
  118. Past Life Karma and Psychic Energy
  119. What if everything you know is wrong?
  120. Shilding....
  121. Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening Quiz
  122. Third Eye Opening?
  123. What do you gain from enlightment
  124. Daisy is starting to bloom!
  125. A weird-ish thing
  126. Random Musings...
  127. working to get my third eye open like some some advise please
  128. Altered perspective, psychosis?
  129. How to connect to higher self
  130. Levitation while meditating!?
  131. Empath or projecting my feelings onto others?
  132. the power of affirmations
  133. Affirmations
  134. I need mentoring/coaching in practising deep trance, by chat or PM
  135. A Mystery: Who Tried To Sexually Assault Me (A Spirit Or A Projector)?
  136. Warning: Extremely controversial topic
  137. why does raw food raise your vibration
  138. Meditation Research
  139. Personal experiences
  140. Clairvoyant, Empath?
  141. Getting pulled back in.
  142. Transforming yourself.
  143. How to become fully completely vegatarian or vegan
  144. Passing the staff
  145. Question about Sleep Paralysis
  146. 1.4 The Ego Mind Body (20 years of "SCIENTIFIC" investigations ) PART V
  147. Enhancement of NEW.. Extension for RB website
  148. The Ego Mind Body (20 years of "SCIENTIFIC" investigations ) PART I
  149. The Ego Mind Body (20 years of "SCIENTIFIC" investigations ) PART II
  150. Aura experience
  151. Most recent experience in Psychic Development and Mediumship
  152. Happy Thoughts: Here Are the Things Proven To Make You Happier
  153. Time Shifting
  154. Clairvoyance - How to put a succesfull blockage?
  155. 1.4 The Ego Mind Body (20 years of "SCIENTIFIC" investigations ) PART VI
  156. Seeing White Circle with Designs
  157. Today I saw a lady...
  158. kind of important - issue regarding shared living
  159. Recent expansion of reality perception and other effects...
  160. About spiritual evolution
  161. Where did my zest go?
  162. Contacting Spirit Guides
  163. Flashes of 'something'
  164. Astral Projection a psychic ability?
  165. Your opinions about Spirituality (OPEN DISCUSSION)
  166. Five Ways You Can Become a Better God
  167. The Great White Secret, aka astral practitioner
  168. 1.4 The Ego Mind Body, my opinion about physic defense
  169. A Sexual Visitation
  170. Full blown Higher Self
  171. Mind's Eye Screen - Clairvoyance?
  172. Beyond Heaven in the lower realms
  173. Hearing a name in my head
  174. Meditation induced OBE, visuals of others lives and daily events, often profectic
  175. Reality Fluctuations.
  176. top down opening
  177. Who has SKILLS, give me to know please :)
  178. Robert Bruce Kundalini and ascension, thankyou
  179. ZENER cards experiment
  180. Lucid Waking
  181. Hello and few questions
  182. ♥destined♥to be a psychic/medium?
  183. people looking like skeletons when viewed clairvoyantly
  184. What is your label?
  185. I could use some advice when it comes to intuition.
  186. Mudras
  187. What do you know about apathy?
  188. being fitted for a bit and bridle
  189. Connecting .
  190. Has anyone tried cord-cutting meditation?
  191. Magic and Science....etc
  192. Erratic Abilities
  193. Not sure what to do with this...
  194. Help with finding lost passport
  195. I think I received my first symbol from my guides, now what
  196. Seeing auras, there's an app for that
  198. The BEST Technique for Spiritual Growth
  199. Positive hypnosis threw angels
  200. The Secret Rule of Relevancy
  201. quick question i got on my mind
  202. "The Willpower Instinct" - a talk by Kelly McGonigal
  203. The Rule of Balance
  204. qstn Regarding the ability to feel presence
  205. the actualisation of sanity
  206. psychics hallucinate
  207. Saw an energetic being
  208. The Cycle of Reincarnation
  209. What does the higher self manifest itself as
  210. Oneness Blessing and the out of body world
  211. Healthy / Unhealthy Energetic Connections
  212. Blood crystals / silica supplements
  213. Intense energy spike came into my lower back this morning!
  214. Silly intuitive thought.
  215. Controlling the Astral Imagination
  216. Metaphysical Possessions that help connect to nature (creates practical profound raising vibration results)
  217. being your gatekeeper of your positive emotions(emotion management)
  218. A Belief changing method?
  219. Made great progress and didn't even know it.
  220. The after-life as explained by Robert Bruce?
  221. Do strip clubs probably have succubi and incubi hanging around?
  222. angel at destiny
  223. Do you get any vibes/opinions on the Erik Medhus phenomenon?
  224. multi-dimensional spirituality
  225. White Robed Figure
  226. Very Important Pleiadian Channeling
  227. Orgasm and Spirituality
  228. How does one connect these symbols
  229. over coming tobacco control
  230. overcoming food addiction
  231. Karmic imprint
  232. the most intense lucid dream experience ever possible(ever recorded)
  233. getting supreme god or creator to make kundalnin level 10 or beyond
  234. Jumping Timelines
  235. Self reliance question
  236. getting help from christianity to empower eckhart tolle enlightenment (in the moment path)
  237. Detaching Spiritually From Someone
  238. Question regarding a Vision
  239. Mastering art at toddler difficulty ability
  240. the other way of being psychic
  241. Safe passage
  242. Healing ???
  243. Spiritual infromation i got from a past life download
  244. New Thinking Allowed
  245. Developing Psychic Abilities
  246. Agartha (Inner Earth Prophecy)
  247. Extra NEW channeled by Pleiadians
  248. Looking for renowned psychic for past life reading
  249. On a journey
  250. I want to know more about this technique