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  1. Robert Bruce Questions & Answers -- Protocol
  2. Hearing Tones, Ears Ringing & related matters.
  3. Teaching NEW
  4. Castaneda, Toltec, "Tensegrity" and NEW/Kundalini
  5. Question regarding OBE and Kundalini..
  6. Just a couple questions
  7. False euphoria attacks
  8. Maximum Protection
  10. Have memory of AFRICAN MAN that you've seen in your OBE
  11. Mental Wandering in the RTZ?
  12. contentment knowing the world beyond the senses
  13. From asalantu
  14. Spirit Domains and energy work
  15. Blood vessels and the energy body
  16. What is the Mental plane...
  17. Overcoming an OBE "flinch" reflex
  18. Alien activity related to spiritual development?
  19. On Talisman production and related shield techniques
  20. where is this going?
  21. Hiya Robert!
  22. I started "running" before I could "walk"
  23. Development with emotional + physical shock
  24. Working with Throat Chakra
  25. messed up energy
  26. awake, under attack, and no one believes...
  27. IDing the neg
  28. A negitive spirit that needs to find a new home fast.
  29. This was very very very wierd
  30. Could you give me some tips on Astral Projection?
  31. Akashic records
  33. astral animal
  34. Origin of the Energy Body
  35. An evil neg/demon attached to my brother
  36. Israel Regardie's Middle Pillar technique and projection
  37. how to stop flinching?
  38. Karma and Universal Law
  39. When I try to project my hands, my physical hands start lif.
  40. Angels, Demons, and Visions
  41. Very Odd and Different Fear
  42. Accessing the Energy Body during waking hours
  43. Relating Monroe's Lingo
  44. Problem with Eyesight During OOBE's
  45. crop circles?
  46. Neg attacks at young age
  47. The dweller at the gate?
  48. global talisman project in "expanding consciousness&quo
  49. burning legs ???
  50. How do I differentiate?
  51. Interesting Reading
  52. Problem with imagination and Tactile Imaging
  53. Exorcism advice
  54. hypnagogic slaps?
  55. Eye healing
  56. Ghosts
  57. Unexplained effects with my wife
  58. Mother in-law needs help despratly
  59. 12 chakras?
  60. Mansifestation
  61. Twisting Feet
  62. Intuition Training
  63. The Judges
  64. Visualizing too well
  65. Negs working together from various bodies attacking people
  66. Negs in relation to addiction
  67. Effect of certain chemicals on the energy body
  68. energetic inbalance (white fire up left channel,blocked on
  69. What do angels look like?
  70. THANK YOU!
  71. ? for robert, healing kundalini
  72. The Thiaoouba Prophecy
  73. A lower astral domain
  74. Found some new chakras
  76. Direction of chakra spin damaging?
  77. Thank you!
  78. Karma and secret knowedge
  79. Traveling faster than light
  80. RE: Negs and attachment
  81. Two questions
  82. Are there any useful foods for energetic development?
  83. East vs. West
  84. Have you ever tried invoking angels for healing sessions?
  85. Sub-Navel or Sub-heart Robert?
  86. Crazy Arms?
  87. A Question about your Book
  88. Another question in your book
  89. what i see?
  90. Tarot
  91. Taking someone for an astral trip
  92. am i seing aura?
  93. Psychic and Physical Self- Defense against Sexual Attacks
  94. I spoke another language
  95. How often can it work?
  96. URGENT message for Mr Robert Bruce
  97. Creating reality.
  98. V. Quick Question: Can you...
  99. past lifes?
  100. questions regarding a constant neg problem
  101. TWO new books?
  102. Higher Selves
  103. Question about Statement Re: Etheric Copy in Interview
  104. what if the negs. are us?
  105. URGENT message for Mr Robert Bruce DETAILS
  106. Rudolph Steiner and astral projection
  107. Disembodied hand(s) and Neg Activity.
  108. G'Day Robert
  109. Occult Anatomy: Cheeks Fluid Direction
  110. Mr Robert Bruce, i don't understand your answer.
  111. a quick question
  112. open chakra
  113. A question about False Awakenings
  114. Post from mikeh Robert might be interested in
  115. Developing clairvoyance
  116. Kundalini awakening as a result of trying the NEW system
  117. working with people with locked in syndrome
  118. AP into Chakra question asked at 1rst ohio workshop
  119. Brow center strobe side effect
  120. Kundalini and age!?
  121. Please offer advise, Thank you
  122. Sexual Energy
  123. Chakra Strobes
  124. Am I experiencing Kundalini???
  125. heart sensations
  126. Hypnosis combined with 90 day astral projection program
  128. 2007
  130. Not a question, just a thank you.
  131. strobe
  132. weird experience with energy work
  133. Guided?
  134. Precognitive Dreams
  135. Rob, are you familiar with this Astral Plane I was in???
  136. Question for Robert regarding Practical Pysic Self Defence
  137. I'm being stalked and I need help
  138. Twisting sensation under right shoulder blade
  139. Astral Avatars
  140. Another question about digs and excavations
  141. What does it mean to be a 'master'?
  142. Question Regarding Projection Research
  143. downwards moving energy
  144. Measuring reality...
  145. 2 inches away.
  147. Confusion of Real Time and Astral Bodies
  148. Energy question in light of 2012 and vibrational changes
  149. How to dissolve thought forms?
  150. orbs in photos
  151. Manifestation of an "Insectoid" Entity
  152. Experiences that occur solely in the brain
  153. Overload problem
  154. Very Interesting Book on Kundalini!!
  155. A rare symptom from Meditation or Concentration...
  156. RB please post what you have experienced
  157. Spirit guide help in OBE?
  158. How do you know this stuff?
  159. Necessity of deep physical relaxation,and other questions
  160. HELP!!!!!!
  161. Franz Bardon astral travel vs. Astral Dynamics
  162. Trance meditiation questions
  163. Crossing the Atlantic
  164. [Corrected Version]: Nature of Good and Evil
  165. Ongoing issue
  166. why is energy work so important?.
  167. Overcoming Navigation Problems when OBEing
  168. otherkin
  169. Urgent need help
  170. The Akasha
  171. please help, im going nuts
  172. Wierd Sensation
  173. Kundalini and blockages
  174. Why exactly water is the superconductor of love and heals?
  175. Where am l going?
  176. How can I get the energy flowing?
  177. Those who die while under attack...
  178. On AIDS/HIV
  179. Messing up my Astral Doublelife?
  180. Paperdoll people
  181. Visiting the future
  182. Victoria wants Robert Bruce :D
  183. Magnets Vs Negs
  184. projected double effect on real people
  185. Possible Kundalini Awakening and Age
  186. red astral chords?
  187. vegetarian diet?
  188. Money and Spirituality
  189. Question on book and more radio broadcasts.
  190. Soul mates / twin flames
  191. Your new Energy book
  192. stuck in 2 dimensions, need help
  193. Hyperhydrosis and the Energy Body
  194. A dedication from you???
  195. Bardon's astral travel <---> your explanation and tech
  196. Completely Lost Libido - Tactile Imaging and Marijuana......
  197. Which Course First, your MAP or Bardon's IIH
  198. Emotional question
  199. RE: John Lear/Moonbases
  200. Energy body growing outside the pysical body?
  201. Attacking Entities: PLEASE HELP!
  202. Hearing things mentaly
  203. New Stage
  204. Weighting the body
  205. I am actively trying to raise kundalini
  206. Why Drug Talk is Discouraged On Astraldynamics.com
  207. Astral Map(s)
  208. Kundalini and Astral Projection
  209. dying process under specific conditions
  210. Negs - internal or external - are they the same as selves
  211. Kundalini and physical representation
  212. Split Personalities
  213. beyond death
  214. Crossed the Atlantic and heard voices
  215. I believe I'm experiencing the staggered realization process
  216. I ate some honey from a picture - now I can't stop laughing
  217. Keeping negs out of my life
  218. Quick Questions
  219. Physical contact and astral projection?
  220. Primary center sensations reduced
  221. communication between real time zone and real world?
  222. need help!!
  223. strange new sensations
  224. Kundalini activation
  225. Psychotic Break - 20 years old - Stop trying to achieve OBE?
  226. Serious situation
  227. New
  228. Link for RB
  229. For a translation in french : without a publishing company ?
  230. free will for all?
  232. Replacing sleep with meditation/energy work
  233. Hypnotics + Biofield Theraputics + Hollistics = Power?
  234. astral being
  235. Time Travel? Possible Or Not???????????
  236. Removing entities
  237. Finding my Astral Spirit Guides
  239. Thank you
  240. I'm I dreaming
  241. EVP
  242. Help with Monroe methods
  243. MAP: By what mechanism does a water fast work?
  244. Astral Double or Demon Spawn?
  245. Questions re: The Popular Model Conundrum
  246. Is drawing circle clockwise in southern hemisphere wrong ???
  247. Is there anything to gain,do, or otherwise benefit from OBE?
  248. soulmates
  249. Beginning BOTH OBE attempts and new exercise program.
  250. Auto-immune Conditions vs. NEW / Energy Work