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  1. My experience with negative entities
  2. Hyperhidrosis and Energy Body...
  3. Intense Discomfort located in/around Brow Chakra
  4. IMPORTANT: I need a Robert Bruce answer here
  5. Definition of energy
  6. optimal brainwave state for astral projection
  7. Flying blind
  8. Reaching higher planes
  9. Deamons and such.
  10. The 'empty physical body mind' ...
  11. NEW, revised
  12. About Shedt's question in the ask Robert
  13. is enlightenment a staggered process or one shot deal?
  14. Question about Energy work
  15. Do I need to worry?
  16. Cal's spine-coiling question
  17. NEW - Skin Rash
  18. Is negative ions a countermeasure?
  19. deven_knerr's trancing question
  20. Psychic activity jump after lack of sleep
  21. The Red Beam and the Blue Ray?
  22. Classic OBE vs. phasing
  23. Is previous Energy Work required to see Auras?
  24. Talking Head's Remembering your projections
  25. Contact with aliens/ETs out-of-body...
  26. Astral Domain
  27. Manifesting Embedded Capabilities
  28. OBE and Epilepsy- My Reply to Donnie's Q.
  29. Psi Night's question to Robert Bruce
  30. A Peculiar Case
  31. Sabran's Astral Bodies
  32. About boris' question
  33. Hello
  34. Robert Bruce - teleseminar
  35. Healing other persons and about "direct energy raising" vs "
  37. Moved: Automatic energy flow!?
  38. Seeing with the eyes closed.
  39. problem doing tactile imaging
  40. The monkey in my room
  41. Natural Clairvoyance
  42. Physical body was invisible
  43. Mike Dooley's 'Question...?' in the Ask Robert forum
  44. Over active throat chakra?
  45. hitchhiker- from the 'Ask Robert' section.
  46. About Steve Irwins Spirit
  47. Aries' Bubble question in the 'Ask RB' forum
  48. Q-Link
  49. Awwww Robert!
  50. Was this an OOBE
  51. Give me a good reason
  52. aura-colour of colors
  53. opening the third eye
  54. strange experiences during sleep in Ask RB
  55. visit from an evil monk
  56. Black Void
  57. Can astral travel help find a cure for ALS in 'ask RB'
  58. Controlling Elements through Energy
  59. down side in leaving our body behind frequently
  60. Staring Eye
  61. Understanding foreign languages
  62. Sense of Vision
  63. trance healing
  64. For sono
  65. Projecting directly into a High level realm before death
  66. Real time
  67. pain body vs. energy body
  68. energy work
  69. Copy: screaming upon obe exit
  70. Copy of "A Few questions for Robert"
  71. My friend has the question.
  72. Copy of Meditative darkness
  73. Clearing oneself - being self empowered
  74. Faceplate Screw and Grounding
  75. Arguments against Monism / Source
  76. Copy: Mobile Body Awareness - trouble shifting awareness
  77. Effects of Dark Retreat
  78. Moved: Psychic Readings. Higher Self - Spirit Guides?
  79. Copy: Problem with Heart Center Healing practice
  80. Copy: What Is the nature of Reality?
  81. Copy: The effect of strong imagination on the energy body?
  82. Reincarnation, afterlife, and so forth
  83. Moved: Sathya Sai Baba in the Afterlife?
  84. Copy: Shamanic journeys
  85. Copy:Affirmations to accelerate Spiritual Evolution
  86. [COPY] Dream alternative timelines
  87. Copy: 90 Day Guide Question
  88. Questions on: Secondary Centres, N.E.W. Training, Trance tips & Higher Self
  89. Copy: Energy Body Transformation
  90. I get close but end up failing
  91. Copy: Vibrations in Body (Not during projection or meditation)
  92. Facebook deleted?
  93. Copy: the static rain phenomenon
  94. Copy: Two Questions
  95. Any legitimacy to holding breath (yoga technique)?
  96. Copy: full LBRP
  97. Copy: Sudden energy bursts while meditating or sleeping?
  98. Copy: Tactile imagery
  99. Copy:How come angels/masters/deities look human, as opposed to like grey aliens?
  100. Deliberate Reincarnation (COPY)
  101. Question about experience of yours (COPY)
  102. Copy of Careers and Spirituality in ask RB
  103. Copy of YOUR thought on reincarnation
  104. Copy of An unsettling experience.
  105. Red Orbs (COPY)
  106. Need your help.
  107. Copy: series of questions about elementals energies
  108. Muscle Tension before OBE
  109. Question
  110. please help
  111. Robert i am confused
  112. COPY: the pain in my soul?
  113. Copy: Advice in which hobbies i have to ditch/avoid to not attract negs
  114. Reincarnation?
  115. Copy: How natural is kundalini?
  116. Something Saved My life? (COPY)
  117. Questioning the need of beliefs in manifestation (COPY)
  118. Copy: Moses' shining face
  119. Bring back the old site man!!!!
  120. [COPY] Future human evolution
  121. [COPY] Mantrical sigil question
  122. Copy: Length of the Afterlife
  123. Rough Affirmation schedule
  124. COPY: Is there an angel or deity of death?
  125. COPY: Problem with ADHD
  126. Copy:Quick intro and a question about past experience
  127. COPY: Strange Noise
  128. Copy: Path of The Masters
  129. Can one enter astral realm before leaving body?
  130. Adrenaline surge starting from the stomach while meditating
  131. (COPY) Your Support of E.A. Koetting
  132. COPY: How does one go to the Heavens from a regular Lucid Dream?
  133. COPY: Are Past life attachments for real?
  134. Copy of: The internet.
  135. COPY: Question about New Dawn article
  136. Copy: Vibrations
  137. Past life regression
  138. Copy of Questions regarding qualities of the higher planes
  139. Copy: Energy Healing gone wrong please help!
  140. COPY: "we are all one" question
  141. Copy: About Suicide
  142. COPY: Your opinion regarding Extremely Negative Spirits/Souls and Reincarnation
  143. Copy: NEW on arms and anxiety
  144. COPY: Truth regarding Buddhist concepts of No-Self and God?
  145. Copy: The relationship between level of trance and recall...
  146. Copy: Frozen Shoulder (Pain Relief)
  147. Can someone else open my third eye?
  148. Copy: Computer screens draining energy body
  149. DNA Activation
  150. Copy of: What just happened? in the 'ask RB' thread
  151. COPY: G'day Mate, no hope here.
  152. Copy: Help in identifying a strange experience
  153. COPY: Astral Police?
  154. COPY: Chronic Headaches
  155. COPY: Can you tell me what these images mean?
  156. Does NEW raise your vibration?
  157. ┬┐For what purpose is intended vibration raise?
  158. Copy: Struggling to Seperate Mind and Body after Bad first Experience
  159. Copy: Reaching out
  160. COPY: Astral Time Travel and Possession/Qualia Imprinting
  161. Can I use energy work to improve my eyesight?If so , how?
  162. Copy: Virus and bacteria
  163. rainbow body of djogchen and kundalini
  164. Astral Visitors that Feel Like Giant Bugs
  165. Robert, you need to know what's going on.
  166. Copy ofType of chair to project in / position for trance work
  167. a question
  168. Copy: Shadows
  169. COPY: Siddhis resulting from changing one element into another
  170. Astral Projection and Scientific Descoveries
  171. Nothing in the Navel Center--Should I Continue?
  172. is it possible to project from the lotus position?
  173. Copy: Question about thought forms
  174. Is this possible when astral projecting
  175. Copy: Healing from the Heart and Sub-Navel energy storage centre depletion
  176. Astral Projection Symptoms and its Reliability as Concentration driving "Hooks"
  177. Moved: you should of made a book psychic defence against voices
  178. Timeline Events Control
  179. Copy: 3rd Eye Blocked by NEGs to Prevent Pentagram Banishment?
  180. Request
  181. Copy: About Reality Shift phenomena
  182. need advice on being heavily grounded
  183. Copy: Breaking News
  184. Copy: Black Magic
  185. What is the yogic path to enlightenment?
  186. Copy: Dream Recall Improving
  187. Copy: Difficulty after first OOB
  188. Copy: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?
  189. Copy: Is there a way to do magick in meditation without spoken affirmations?
  190. Moved: Evoking Robert Bruce
  191. Copy: Energy work for a broken heart
  192. Copy: Theosophy
  193. Copy: Energy work and Lucid Dreams
  194. Moved: Retrievals
  195. Moved: About Changing The Past
  196. Rotating earth and astral projection(Confusion need help understand)
  197. Copy: Astral Projection or Lucid Dream
  198. Some opinion about inhibitory trance and expander trance
  199. Moved: Depersonalization induced by meditation ?!
  200. Moved: Backlash after using countermeasures?