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  1. Scrying
  2. Energy body pulse
  3. strange personal incident with an entity
  4. Desperately Need An Answer
  5. Protections against Kundalini
  6. Is there a reliable way to travel instantaneously in the RTZ
  7. Your outlook.
  8. Getting rid of mental chatter and garbage
  9. medicine place / personal spiritual realm
  10. Dream acces
  11. in need of help
  12. Multiple negs posession case, help needed
  13. Entity vs thoughtform
  14. Your Hemi-Sync recommendations on radio program?
  15. brow chakra blockage?
  16. rob pleas tell us about the atmic plane again it was lovely
  17. Did I experience kundalini...
  18. Astral Dimensions - shared or private?
  19. Psychic attack awareness
  20. castaneda's scouts
  21. Are Negs Relative or Absolute, or...?
  22. Human Nature
  23. Vibrations
  24. My experience with negative entities
  25. My experience with negative entities
  26. Deja vu - Recollection of faces
  27. Do you know anything about the Ancient Ones
  28. interpreting vision screen images
  29. Strong sensations when doin energy work
  30. Kundalini site
  31. OBE attempts turning into Lucid Dreams
  32. Succubus and Astral Projection
  33. contacting your higher self
  34. Reality Fluctuations
  35. Bridges
  36. Dear Robert
  37. Headaches after sensations
  38. Strabge feeling during energy work.
  39. Paralysis, Neg and Ecstasy
  40. Religion and OBE's
  41. Seeking permission to create yahoo group
  42. The Extent of Open Eye Clairvoyance and Trance Indication
  43. Kundalini
  45. Cant Leave out
  46. strobe again?
  47. Fears and Evolution of the Self
  48. Do you have info about "Phasing"? Also, a metal pr
  49. When is your Book "MASTERING KUNDALINI" Coming out
  50. Stuck Down Here
  51. subnavel energy storage wierd
  52. Are you interested in getting confirmed?
  53. Truth / Knowledge / Belief
  54. Is it possible for humans to teleport objects?
  55. Will you share your physical Alien abduction experiences?
  56. Will you share your experience of meeting Jesus?
  57. spontaneous OBE - uncomfortable from a dream
  58. Can a soul die?
  59. astral bleeding
  60. OBE while your are awake?
  61. Perpetual Energy Rasing
  62. possible to bring matter from astral to physical plane?
  63. Did you had any experience with phasing?
  64. URGENT!!!! cant move forward for MAP 90 days until answers
  65. Any planned Australian workshops?
  66. Here is where to look.
  67. Negatively charged trance states
  68. Spirit communication device?
  69. Light-headed while removing neg
  70. About the astral hands
  71. scubus
  72. Trouble Projecting
  73. Different types of energy
  74. Teaching NEW to people
  75. Root/Base Center = Sub-Navel?
  76. About a more reliable memory retrieval procedure...
  77. Future WorkShops in latin america
  78. Effects of Long Term Diligent NEW Practice on Exit Ability
  79. Hi Cousin!
  80. Trance Positions
  81. Possible psychic attack through guise of the 'Holy Spirit'?
  82. My name is Julian Bruce and My family is under a curse
  83. Neg or Kundalini?
  84. Explane how birth mark rmain .....
  85. OOB Chalenge
  86. Animal Heaven???
  87. Robert's proposed NEW and Waldo Vieira's proposed VS
  88. Human Abortion
  89. About Hollow Earth
  90. Some thoughts seeded by astraldude's thread
  91. About Hollow Earth
  92. Energy body in missing limbs.
  93. MAP question
  94. Project awareness not conciousness
  95. Condemn them?
  96. Effects of LSD on the Energy Body
  97. Your views on EM fields and Pulsers against Negs
  98. Deep Abdominal Breathing
  99. So what does one do with kundalini energy after full...?
  100. Trapped in my apartment
  101. Is this trance?
  102. QUestion about what to read first
  103. Question on OBE
  104. the spirit plane (specific little query)
  105. About "Spirit - Human Life Form" interaction
  106. About Masturbation
  107. different positions
  108. OBE and Thiroid
  109. Any thoughts on this entry?
  110. please clarify OUT of body, as opposed to INN body.
  111. Daily affirmations
  112. In trance my leg twiches and kicks me out, how can I stop it
  113. Your Warnings on Raising Kundalini
  114. Archeoastronomical Sites...
  115. Incoming Earth Changes...
  116. Conscious exit VS lucid dreams
  117. Robert... Do you know...?
  118. mr. Bruce i d translate the Simplified NEW Energy to chinese
  119. Pros and Cons of These Activities
  120. Astral Dynamics
  121. Mental Disease Symptoms vs. Kundalini Rising/Awakening
  122. Can I do energy/chakra work if I am pregnant?
  123. Can I continue my normal meditation while Practicing MAP?
  124. Need Advise
  125. Any Robert Bruce books available in hard cover?
  126. On the Need of a Reliable Meditation Tutorial
  127. Thankyou
  128. AP into real world
  129. Times of Day for sleep and projections.
  130. Throwing from a distance
  131. Projection attempts in the early morning easier?
  132. Relaxation Problems
  133. Can cigarette smoking prevent wake induced Obes?
  134. Question on mother's energy work's effect on child under 4
  135. Auric color not as it should be
  136. About our "Astral Double"
  137. Overwhelming Fear
  138. Spider (Astral) /`Arache
  139. Unwanted Movement
  140. Q's on dream interpetation regarding MAP's dream journal
  141. Is it Possible to Project Astral Limbs into Physical Form
  142. What is your opinion about Deja Vu's
  143. Can I skip a day
  144. I was attacked
  145. On astral parasites
  146. Do you know what this is?
  147. Consciously articulable energy since childhood, what is it?
  148. How do you Know?
  149. Astral Vision/Third Eye
  150. Monroe's Gateway Experience CD - questions on Focus 10 (CD1)
  151. Psychokinesis
  152. My Spine
  153. Experienced Projector having difficulty
  154. A strange issue in dire need
  155. Teleportation?
  156. Foundations of energy work?
  157. Differentiations
  158. my friend showed my psionic stuff now weird stuff happening
  159. Was it really you Bruce I met 'on' the bus?
  160. Projecting from dreams
  161. violent burning sensation when using the NEW method
  162. Possession???????
  163. Demon Copy? Or Super Neg
  164. ***My Guides Telling me I look tired?***
  165. Have you Visited Interesting Landmarks Like Pyramids etc?
  166. Was it a neg, something else or me?
  167. Kundalini energy or Adrenalin Rushes
  168. regarding your education...
  169. Energy body and the Nervous System.
  170. About your Workshops.
  171. whole body jerking many times a night after practicing rope
  172. (Remote?) Astral Sight
  173. Spiritual development in this life
  174. Travelling to the Past
  175. psy vamp attack how can i overcome this
  176. Dealing with Neg ET's
  177. is it possible...?
  178. advice will be apreciated
  179. A Question On The Mechanics Of Energy Storage
  180. Kundalini pain
  181. Western Mystery Schools
  182. death
  183. 10 min in astral is 1 min in physical(possible?)
  184. the little possessed boy
  185. Trouble exiting
  186. question about earth changes
  187. Educational Systems?
  188. In reference to astral bleeding and closing the chakras
  189. Your ideas and Spiritism (The Spiritist Doctrine)
  190. Energy raising and laptops
  191. Will the kundalina balance the chakras out indirectly?
  192. Just a Question
  193. Book Title Request
  194. Chakras
  195. Real Time THINGS or Visual obstructions
  196. burning off astral body
  197. NEGS learn to be BETTER
  198. proof of AP planned for '07 (?)
  199. Psychic attack or not?
  200. I'm possessed, is it ok for me to attempt OBE?
  201. consciousness fragmentation
  202. From Moogle
  203. Is Joriki descending Kundalini?
  204. weird noises when raising energy
  205. Moved: Astral Dude - your question to Down Under
  207. Standard (but psychic sustained) Self-Defense
  208. Dream Invasion Access
  209. Does OBE work make your more vulnerable to attacks?
  210. More detailed energy body map
  211. problems working on the root chakra
  212. mind reading
  213. What's etheric matter?
  214. Is death a lucid dream?
  215. Where is Robert Bruce?
  216. visions?
  217. Second question by Ewok
  218. Question from escogido
  219. Crystal Skulls
  220. Tattoo Protection
  221. Negs and Shields
  222. Tatoo Protection
  223. Negs and Shields
  224. attracting negs into your life
  225. can a whack on the head produce an OBE?
  226. Okay, Mr. Bruce read:
  227. memory in astral projection
  228. Keys to Raising Kundalini
  229. Lower energy attack or black magic?
  230. Under the Influence
  231. talismans
  232. Avoiding undesired physical attack
  233. Talking to Spirit Guides
  234. Asalantu's answer to Jonathan
  235. Causes of Astral Noise
  236. A Very Odd and Different Fear by Jaysonlee:
  237. How real is Astral Projection?
  238. weed smoking (serious)
  239. Spiritual healing in the UK?
  240. The Secret and the Power of Intention
  241. Healing Eyes
  242. Do you know if...
  243. Lucia's answer to the angels question in the RB forum
  244. Robert mentioning of a goal to form a school..
  245. Hey Robert.. could you give me your thoughts on this?
  246. Questions regarding energy work, healing and NEGS
  247. Strange pumping
  248. On The Use Of Static Electricity For The Removal Of "Ne
  249. safe or not
  250. Brushing, Sponging and Stirring