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  1. Questions on Bardon (Meditation)
  2. Incense Types & Their Uses
  3. Symbolic Animals Within
  4. Angels and Archangels
  5. Additional Hermetic Resource
  6. Auric Exercises to Develop the Human Energy Aura
  7. Michael Evocation - SUCCESS
  8. The Sephiroth and Kandas
  9. The Pista Sophia and "Ascension"
  10. Crystal Buddha at Heart of the Moon stone
  11. Elemental Energy Work
  12. Is enochain safe?
  13. Places to Go ~ Core Image Library & Mystic Projection Me
  14. One series of steps to begin Metaphysical Pathworking
  15. .
  16. Creating Your Sacred Space
  17. Astrology and Hermetic Elements
  18. Animal Totems
  19. What's your totem?
  20. Your Experiences of Heaven/Mystical Experiences
  21. Why would God do that? (from: The truth behind the psiwheel)
  22. An important thought that occured to me
  23. Shamballah
  24. Earliest reference describes Christ as 'magician'
  25. Elementals and Elementaries
  26. Anyone knowledgeable about red phase of alchemy's Great Work
  27. Qabbalistic Cross - I want to try it but am afraid.
  28. My Numerology Report
  29. Playing with spirits
  30. universal consciousness v.s. soul v.s. spirit
  31. western high magick is extraordinarily complex
  32. what to read to learn magic(k)?
  33. questions about awakening and the twin ray
  34. Homosexuality- Gift or 'Spiritual Handicap?'
  35. Weird 'memories'? Realization or random thoughts?
  36. :)
  37. shapeshifting
  38. Emotions..
  39. Enlightenment is "Growing Up"
  40. Stones/Crystals - Do you use them?
  41. Alchemical thing...
  42. Pendulums, and wondering if it is just the higher self
  43. what is the sacred flame?
  44. Christian Mystics
  45. What are we?
  46. the annual guardian, keeper of heaven
  47. My personal guardians
  48. Q regarding attraction
  49. Angelic Consciousness
  50. angels and demons
  51. altering birth chart
  52. Do extraterrestrials have chakras and kundalini?
  53. What's YOUR Number?
  54. essence fragmentation
  55. Moved: Trusting astrology
  56. A somewhat philosophical question.
  57. How to make 'Physical Contact With God'
  58. The Tibetan Book of the Dead
  59. Cool chakra visualization
  60. I Ching Online
  61. Seeking a Genuine Spellcaster
  62. Anybody know how to dissolve time?
  63. Reincarnation
  64. Not Sure...
  65. Interesting Take on Astrology
  66. emerald tablets of thoth?
  67. Tulpa creation
  68. Visualization disintegrating
  69. Prophecy Fail
  70. wanting to learn about Javanese Mysticism
  71. Mayan Calendar
  72. Building an Ashram
  73. harmony through union of opposites
  74. our world changing power
  75. Buddhist view of equanimity
  76. Archangel Michael or higher self experience?
  77. Interesting site
  78. Hank Wesselman's Encounter with a Jinn (genie) in Egypt
  79. Mercury in Pisces
  80. macro's request
  81. Word of the Week
  82. What lies beyond Consciousness?
  83. Dispelling the Loosh myth
  84. Mantic, Sophic, and Sophistic and The Divine Right to Rule
  85. Human Design
  86. 'mysticly' dealing with malicious government
  87. is there 12 astrolgical enities
  88. astral injection? Copied from 'Ask RB'
  89. Palehorse: Do you think the zodiac is bunch of thought form
  90. rosicrucian order
  91. Achieving Gnosis
  92. Energy Feeding
  93. Giving back to Gaia
  94. Solar Astral Bodies
  95. God Has a Wife
  96. The Tarot and the Energy Body
  97. Crystal Pendant for AP
  98. Moldavite
  99. influence of the zodiak
  100. Creative Transformation
  101. A Sermon on the Couch
  102. Anatomy of Channeling?
  103. Friend on a higher plane
  104. All we see & seem is but a dream within a dream
  105. alchemical origins of modern science
  106. Tarot
  107. Hermetic Practice and Astrology
  108. Astral McDonalds ~ a Lost Kids Place
  109. Healing Technique before Opening to Spirit
  110. numerology
  111. decided to put this ...here.
  112. The Elements
  113. Kali
  114. Do you believe in God?
  115. The Experience of No-Self
  116. The Rite of Sealing
  117. Help needed for Step II in IIH
  118. what is the meaning of mysticism and toward what purpose?
  119. Book from 1927 which supports Mr. Bruce books
  120. Why Buddhism is dying in Japan
  121. Little girl's letter to God answered by Archbishop
  122. Power of Now
  123. I endure everything
  124. Magic or foresight...
  125. The Language of the Birds
  126. Source for the 'akashic records'
  127. The sphinx
  128. Asstrology (or Arsestrology for the brits here)
  129. The Solar Plexus- Controversy?
  130. Seen gautama buddha
  131. Hypnopompic Images
  132. re: The "angels" of Enoch
  133. Jesus
  134. 13.5 sidereal time
  135. Looking for other hemetics practioners
  136. The World Tree
  137. Mandala Tarot
  138. Looking to start a group of Bardonian Hermetic Practicioners
  139. What the moon looks like now
  140. Hermetic Sphinx & Red Eye & Blue Eye
  141. Nous
  142. Initiatic Magick with the Mahatma through the Pyramids & Temples of Shamballah
  143. Initiatic Magick with the Mahatma through the Pyramids & Temples of Shamballah
  144. 2. Bailey & Stone's 6th Initiation in the Golden Chamber of Melchiezedek
  145. Excerpted from Alice Bailey's many works on Initiation of the Magician through Mystic Projection
  146. More color associations
  147. Scrying by Defectron
  148. Thread about "demons" from another forum
  149. Questions about Ishta Devata
  150. logical justification for walking on water, pk, telekinesis, etc...
  151. Esoteric Rainbow Bridge
  152. Talisman magic recommendations
  153. Wizard sticks
  154. Geo-Kinesis
  155. Crafting your own Talisman
  156. Spiritual Guides / Angels - are those made up?
  157. Adopting a conducive ASANA
  158. Misconceptions in Magick
  159. 333 or 33 (or 0.3333 as from 6 divided by 18)
  160. Beautiful visions
  161. Jesus Christ is ‘creative transformation’
  162. Free University Course: Modern European Mysticism and Psychological Thought
  163. Download Bardon's Initiation Into Hermetics
  164. how to get rid of negative influence
  165. Nine Breaths
  166. Where did majick come from?
  167. The Wanderling
  168. Buddhist Tarot Cards
  169. Difficulties learning LBRP and visualizing the pentagrams in the air
  170. Visions as soon as I close my eyes FAO Korpo!
  171. My Five Minute Awakening
  172. First Pentacle Of The Moon
  173. About Magick and Dogma
  174. Problems of modern society.
  175. The reason good and evil exist...
  176. Oath Breaker: Priesthood
  177. The Truth: Open your eyes!
  178. The reason behind divine religions...
  179. TOHO announcement (sorry for spamming)
  180. Partial Exegesis of 1623 Hermetic Arcanum by Jean d'Espagnet
  181. Some Notes on Paul Foster Case's Hermetic Alchemy
  182. Spirit attacks
  183. flasing colors
  184. Michael Tsarion videos
  185. Reality Shifts
  186. When the Universe blows you away
  187. Dream lesson on healing crystals
  188. Ley Lines
  189. 3 pyramids
  190. Thinking about the Higher Self
  191. My Element
  192. A little mythology
  193. Initiation Into Hermetics
  194. Defining the High Self
  195. IIH Step four
  196. The next Level
  197. Angels??
  198. Is Rawn's TMO blasphemy and can a Christian practice Hermetics?
  199. On mageia and pharmakeia in the NT‏‏
  200. keris magic
  201. Yet another question--Does Rom 14 agree with or contradict "do what thou wilt"
  202. Anther thing
  203. Last request for advice and then I will leave everyone alone
  204. Creating a rapport with Marbas
  205. Single eye
  206. The Sekhmet Hypothesis- aka the Hare Hypothesis
  207. Potions
  208. 11:11 phenomenon
  209. What is 'Source'?
  210. Ceremonial Evocation Magick as Exorcism
  211. What does my friend do? Claims to be a mystic!
  212. a personal thing
  213. Few fundamental mistakes in Magick
  214. This is how a Christian can practice magic
  215. Ancient book on magic depics kundalini
  216. Time by PleaseJustListen
  217. Strange Curse Involving Reptiles
  218. Should I Trust "Masters?"
  219. how can a mystic function in this world?
  220. A Fortunate, but Inconvenient Discovery
  221. Question about Satan.
  222. Strange Farewell
  223. Not my mind, not my body, not my emotions
  224. The formula for progress
  225. Is time moving faster?
  226. On Jesus
  227. Meaning of "Things"
  228. Still looking for info on the white sphinx
  229. The Voice
  230. Question about faith and archangels and guardian angels
  231. Perception or plane ?
  232. Guide to Symbols
  233. Doubling money. - Controlling outside enivourment
  234. Tarot: The Celtic Cross spread
  235. About empathy and its use in the occult
  236. About suicide
  237. Evocation By Physical Ritual Vs Astral Projection
  238. Help me get the love of my life back
  239. Quareia (Online School of Magic)
  240. Is it possible to sustain yourself with magic?
  241. AMORC and other organizations
  242. Kabbalah for the Rest of Us
  243. using dark energy for good cause
  244. Is it possible to contact goetic beings in the astral?
  245. Kurt Leland on Theosophy
  246. Servitors for the purpose of aiding in out of body experiences...
  247. Trauma and mysticism
  248. Pendulum experiment
  249. Archangels
  250. Downfall of the psychology paradigm