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  1. Is time disappearing from the universe? Mind candy.
  2. weather weirdness - has anyone else been feeling this?
  3. Article- Parallel Worlds?
  4. People conscious after 'death', study says
  5. Multiverse
  6. Zodiac Sign in relation to Cerebral Hemispheres' maturation
  7. The Scientific Explanation As To Why Matter Is Simply An Illusion
  8. Scientific Study Shows Meditators Collapsing Quantum Systems At A Distance
  9. Possiby why matter won
  10. Quantum entanglement- not only a spacey-wacey thing, also a timey-wimey thing.
  11. More goodies: Regarding time.
  12. Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists
  13. The first photographed dual wave phenomenon
  14. New Research Yields Insight Into The Origins Of Consciousness
  15. Brian Greene talk
  16. odd quantum site
  17. CERN -- what are your thoughts, impressions, and insights?
  18. Thoughts about Energy
  19. Seeking greater understanding of the Big Picture
  20. Metaphysics on channelling and telepathy
  21. Confirmed: Reality doesn’t exist until we measure it
  22. Mirror Touch Synesthesis (Empath)
  23. qstn regarding time phenomenon
  24. recent article which describes how advances in the study of consciousness indicate humankind's current scientific understanding of it may be flawed
  25. What does Dejavu really mean? I feel like i'm in the twilight zone.
  26. Brain is not storage site of memories
  27. LIGO discovers gravitational wave (from 2 merging black holes)
  28. You are the World
  29. Space-time and Time-space
  30. What is the Universe made of? What is real?
  31. Trial Participation Opportunity.
  32. Seeing Without Eyes
  33. Fire breathing