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  1. David Sereda Differentials
  2. Quantum Physics - A beginning.
  3. A very good documentary
  4. Quantum Physics, the Cosmos, and the Soul Part One
  5. Quantum Physics, the Cosmos, and the Soul Part Two
  6. Can't get into it!
  7. Indigo children?
  8. What is alchemy and what does it involve?
  9. Zero Point Energy
  10. New theory about black holes and dark energy
  11. Schrodinger's Cat is dead
  12. proposed solution to grandfather paradox
  13. 13 moon calendar anyone?
  14. Relationship Pain Body Constructs (Draft)
  15. Quantum Physics: The Tenth Dimension
  16. The Holographic Universe
  17. Entanglement in Macroscopic Objects
  18. Levitate Me!
  19. String Theory Vid
  20. Universal Forces (String Theory stuff)
  21. Electric Universe
  22. Water on Mars
  23. A claim of limitless energy
  24. Causeless effects
  25. Richard Dawkins
  26. Interesting Article
  27. Spiritual Realities
  28. A dialogue on science and spirituality
  30. Cool Stuff
  31. "GogleEarth" - the Space version!
  32. For all you Star Treky & Harry Potter fans
  33. Sidereal Time
  34. M Theory and Parallel Universes
  35. Where is thought?
  36. 'We have broken speed of light'
  37. Ascension through Quantum particles
  38. Time
  39. Human race will 'split into two different species'
  40. More mind candy
  41. Small, interesting study on placebo effect
  42. Colours of Infinity
  43. record what you see
  44. Jill Bolte Taylor: "My stroke of insight" (video)
  45. An epidemic in auto-immune diseases
  46. Would an EM pulse neutralise the RT body?
  47. Thermal Dynamics Disproves Afterlife
  48. OooOooeXiStEnCeOoOoO
  49. My Six Dimensional Theory Of Reality
  50. How to understand quantum physics
  51. Great Pyramid Research Articles
  52. Standing on the Shoulders of Pseudoscientists
  53. Quantum mechanics made even easier
  54. Hydrogen energy extraction breakthrough?
  55. A Bitter Placebo to Swallow
  56. A Dot Gov Site Posting About Other Dimensions
  57. Confirmation on Holographic Theory?
  58. particles in spirituality
  59. Spiritual Science - Fields of Life
  60. Chi-Gong alters DNA
  61. "Science and the Taboo of Psi" with Dean Radin
  62. Scofticism
  63. The mysteries of Quantum Mechanics
  64. Science Cannot Fully Describe Reality
  65. Lolcat Science: Be Ye Warned.
  66. Our world may be a giant hologram
  67. Disappearing Walls
  68. An Unexpected Surprise
  69. Heims theory-or theories
  70. Time Flows both backwards and forward
  71. First Ever Black Hole Created on Earth
  72. Interesting
  73. A Great Mystery Is Solved! What’s shaking up the scientists?
  74. Dark Matter
  75. Persinger Discovers Telepathy Link in Lab Experiment
  76. A Consideration
  77. What Dark Matter IS
  78. Double Slit Explained Simply
  79. Spooky action and beyond
  80. Unrelated? Don't know, but...
  81. Article: "When the Trust Hormone is Out of Balance"
  82. What if we're holograms?
  83. What is intelligence?
  84. For Yamabushi
  85. Supposed sounds of the universe
  86. 7000 asteroids in collision course with Earth planet
  87. David Wilcock
  88. Astral projection
  89. VS Ramachandran on your mind
  90. Dean Radin: Compassion for Skeptics
  91. Does the Past Exist Yet? Evidence Suggests Otherwise
  92. AntiMatter
  93. Well, it's 'sort of' science. Or history. Or something.
  94. New planetary systems discovered
  95. The Law of Relaxation... or Attraction
  96. Ghost detector and auto reader app, do they work?
  97. A Beginner's Guide to Skeptical D**kery
  98. Lucy the Diamond Star
  99. Slow Light
  100. It's good to think -- but not too much
  101. Fred Alan Wolf, PhD: Popping the Quiff
  102. Big Bang Theory's interesting implication...
  103. The Quantum Theory and Reality
  104. possible astral structure mentioned in Pliny
  105. What is the Universe Made of?
  106. Freaky Physics Proves Parallel Universes Exist
  107. One brain, two personalities?
  108. Quadrantid Meteor Showers
  109. The Death of Skepticism
  110. What is Reality?
  111. Facebook Science
  112. Consciousness Reality
  113. Deja Vu or Deja Reve?
  114. Physics Without Causality
  115. Precognition observed in hippocampus of mice
  116. Plant or Animal?
  117. Why are today's philosophers so uninformed?
  118. Please do not read this
  119. Geoid
  120. Oh, by the way....
  121. Space Time
  122. Your turn, my turn.
  123. The latest rumor
  124. Neuroplasticity and Meditation
  125. New?
  126. New discovery-
  127. Mirrors and Quantum Weirdness
  128. insects can see ultraviolet light
  129. Needed Science for the Times
  130. BrainPaint... Scam or Legit?
  131. Holographic Reality
  132. The doppler effect in molecules
  133. Pdf on Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation.
  134. Do you Experience Synćsthesia?
  135. Debunking God and should we bother?
  136. The infinity symbol: More than abstraction.
  137. Exotic planet very dense
  138. Bose Einstein Condensates
  139. Quantum no-hiding theorem experimentally confirmed for first time
  140. Interesting post in the ITLAD forum
  141. Repository of Papers on Consciousness in Philosophy and in Science
  142. Science Controls for Placebo Effect
  143. Graphene
  144. translating dolphin language
  145. Several mind blowing scientific developments
  146. Transhumanist Utopia
  147. New Life Supporting Planet?
  148. Consciousness / Awareness / Intent
  149. videos reconstructed brain activity
  150. Particles found to break speed of light
  151. Tomorrow on the Dr. Oz show
  152. How Drug Companies test meds and other interesting things
  153. How Science Convinces Skeptics
  154. What is Space?
  155. I think it's a joke, but....
  156. The Divided Brain
  157. Video on the brain
  158. Rats Feel Each Other's Pain
  159. The Source Field Investigations
  160. Ontological Cosmology and a Philosophers Universe
  161. Isnt travelling to another galaxy against the laws of physics?
  162. Discussion about consciousness research - read or listen.
  163. Energetic Aspects of Spiritual Transformation (Webinar)
  164. Susan Joy Rennison and possibilities for our immediate future on earth.
  165. H. Oldfield: Energy Fields, Chakras, Ghosts etc. made 'visible' (MUST SEE !!!)
  166. Water Planet Discovered
  167. Scientist creates lifelike cells out of metal
  168. Cats and Dogs
  169. Jade
  170. Auras and synesthesia
  171. Interesting thing about the latest solar flare
  172. Tom Campbell
  173. How did humans come about?
  174. Magnetic portals around the earth
  175. How to get a little 'wiggle room'
  176. The Force
  177. This is absolutely amazing!
  178. Chinese Psychic Teleportation Experiments
  179. Mycelia: The earth's internet (Article)
  180. Octopuses Gain Consciousness
  181. Interesting article about electronic tissue.
  182. Nasa's new toy
  183. Cold Fusion makes a comeback.
  184. Interesting stuff about photons.
  185. Holographic Archetypes
  186. More on the Hologram Paradigm
  187. Physics and the NDE- Article
  188. Still bored
  189. I could just as easily have put this in "reality creation"...
  190. Bashar - Darryl Anka on brain waves
  191. Article abut space
  192. Does your mind know what's going to happen?
  193. Tour of Int'l Space Station
  194. Information Passed through Electrical fields
  195. NDE Study "Peak in Darien" experiences
  196. Comet Headed Towards Mars
  197. Beam me up Scottie.
  198. The most awesome thing I've seen
  199. NDE Video
  200. Universe=Brain?
  201. Fine quotes by the father of quantum mechanics !
  202. Epic Video
  203. Particles
  204. Physicists Create Quantum Link Between Photons That Don't Exist at the Same Time
  205. Temporal cloak erases data from history
  206. I KNEW there was something to the idea of "genetic memory"
  207. The Particle at the End of the Universe
  208. The Latest Hoax in Physics
  209. The physics of time travel
  210. Pandora virus: Martian virus?
  211. Human DNA stuff.
  212. Solid Creation of Matter
  213. Levitation with Sound
  214. 5 Dumb Mythis that people believe about Prehistory
  215. 9 Shades of Gray
  216. The nature of light?
  217. Strange sound
  218. Strange Science: Black Hole Analogue Discovered in South Atlantic Ocean
  219. NASA TV
  220. Consiousness - good article I think
  221. Your ancestors didn't sleep like you
  222. Birth of New Star
  223. Schizophrenia LD, AP and OBE
  224. Cool- Stars and stuff.
  225. Theory of Time doubling (or dis-doubling) by JP Malet.
  226. What we already knew
  227. Hehehe
  228. Entangled photon patterns can be stored and retrieved at a later time....
  229. Contradictory results from scientific inquiry
  230. Wibbly-wobbly Timey-wimey
  231. Scientists Discover One Of The Greatest Contributing Factors To Happiness
  232. Something new they do with light
  233. Gravity Manipulation
  234. Article: Seeing through closed eyelids (not actual title).
  235. Dark Flow- Evidence of Multiversal structure?
  236. Quantum Mechanics proves After Life is possible
  237. Study reveals gene expression changes with meditation
  238. Is "Reality" a Simulation?
  239. Much ado about nothing
  240. Prescient Knowledge on the Twittersphere?
  241. On Bias in Wikipedia- Audio file
  242. The web that connects us....
  243. Natural hullcinations
  244. Beam me up Scotty..... or not?
  245. The Mind Body Project
  246. A drop in the ocean
  247. The Illusion of Reality ~ consciousness & quantum theory
  248. New perspective on quantum mechanics
  249. Study: most people prefer pain by electroshocks to meditation (seriously)!
  250. The Big Bounce?