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  1. Why
  2. Which one do you believe?
  3. The Bible?
  4. Why are advertisements louder?
  5. Why is life longer for some?
  6. Why do sceptics never see stuff
  7. What happens if
  8. Seen on a hire van today
  9. Why do we have abundance and need coexist in our world?
  10. Why does mind hacking work?
  11. Why am I the only one posting questions?
  12. Question
  13. Guru says...
  14. Vehicles
  15. Why is this seemingly acceptable?
  16. debating one wether to get involved or not
  17. What's your point of non-credibility?
  18. Moment when born
  19. Forced to Kill
  20. Puberty
  21. Evil!
  22. Guru?
  23. Software for conversion of english speech to english text
  24. Double shadow?
  25. Babies and Abortion
  26. Hypnosis
  27. Sleep deprived to master something?
  28. New Epidemics?
  29. What difference is between??
  30. Sigils to forget?
  31. Karma Yoga
  32. Plane crashes now train crashes?
  33. Strange experience
  34. Admitting we can talk to people in our "Mind's Eye"
  35. Help with Persistent Death-related Depression
  36. Weird things
  37. Heavy lump of energy at the back of my head
  38. it's my solar plexus....
  39. my energy centers feel hot and my body cool
  40. Free Will Paradox
  41. Can I visit my "fictional" lover in OBE?
  42. Personality Types of AD's Members!!! (Myers-Briggs)
  43. Question about symbolism...
  44. obe beginner
  45. Met a person with a very strong aura/vibe
  46. Strange Experience
  47. My question to the AD community: What are your past lives? :)
  48. Loving self vs. too much ego
  49. Do you tell friends when they're acting irrationally?
  50. What Are Your Principles For A Happy Life?
  51. What was flying towards me....
  52. For Michal from Polen....
  53. feel let down by tarot cards
  54. feel a bit hopeless
  55. Which one word describes you the best? POP QUIZ!
  57. What is belief??
  58. Need help to figure out what's happening to me....
  59. Triangles and cross in forehead - meaning?
  60. Awakening consiousness...
  61. Beyond Good and Evil??
  62. Timothy....
  63. does raising vibration disolve the ego
  64. Does Robert Bruce talk about raising vibration in the book PSSD?
  65. Do anybody know how it is with Timothy??
  66. Do anybody know how it is with CFT??
  67. need technique support (moderators)
  68. Deleting account?
  69. Instruction on NEW (new energy ways)
  70. To Timothy...
  71. Smell of sulphur?
  72. What do you think of Aleister Crowley?
  73. Alchemy
  74. Easy Psychic Quest rewarded 60dollers credited to your bank account straight away
  75. Awarness...
  76. What does it mean??
  77. "Visual Snow" - what is it exactly?
  78. does grounding help with protection??
  79. Does anyone know any material of psychic self defense against voices?? on the internet
  80. To Antares...
  81. Almost there, need advice
  82. what are the benefits of the double helix DNA?
  83. Day of the dead