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  1. Guidelines for Kundalini Questions
  2. Reason for activating kundalini.
  3. Keep Raising Kundalini?
  4. A couple of questions
  5. If one is not interested in being a genius or manual reincarnation, what benefit does triggering Kundalini have?
  6. Raising Kundalini
  7. Kundalini Blissful and Terrifying: Entity Attachment
  8. Why did Astral Bob detach?
  9. Removing Beliefs
  10. RK user - Length of Time to Practice Energy Work?
  11. RK Brow Chakra
  12. RK User - finding the balance between stillness/relaxation and high-energy
  13. The Consequences of Unintentional Shaktipat?
  14. RK User - Differences between stimulating and gathering energy from universe.
  15. Kundalini as a kid
  16. Moved Lucid Dreaming Devices
  17. started program, how fast to move?
  18. Kundalini energy patterns
  19. Diet in the program
  20. Intense Energy Moving through body- Feeling of "hands of light"
  21. Energy Surges
  22. Progress in proportion to session length
  23. Black Bubbles
  24. Question
  25. questions from a kundalini beginner
  26. The Kundalini Questions Subforum
  27. Deep Altered States - The Key to More Effective Energy Work?
  28. wondering if I over did it
  29. Fasting Advice - water is key
  30. robert- is this kundalini? i really need your help.
  31. Blockages? How to Proceed
  32. Need Advice on Fasting
  33. made my first attempt, need some feedback though
  34. pre mature awakening - few questions
  35. Triggering Kundalini in vibrational state
  36. brain freezes, audio dyslexia and kundalini
  37. Evocation
  38. Kundalini Activation vs Life challenges
  39. do kundalini spikes end after kundalini awakening?
  40. Why am I seeing white light?
  41. superhuman weight loss. kundalini energy?
  42. Kundalini and Physical Immortality
  43. Cumulative Chakra Energy
  44. Mind eye flash
  45. About raising kundalini ?
  46. Purchased Kundalini Rising program, having download problem ? PLEASE HELP
  47. Feeling kundalini energy constantly 24/7 since spontaneous awakening 4 years ago
  48. RK user - a question about base chakra and coccyx activity
  49. Dental implants and kundalini?
  50. Kundalini Development Work
  51. chackras closing
  52. RK user - a question about cramping spots
  53. stroing into the Base or navel
  54. RK user - question about "spinal sweeps"
  55. Help with understanding Kundalini
  56. Is it Kundalini or something else?
  57. Question about an interesting pattern
  58. Coolness in Crown
  59. RK user: RK and Sexual Energy
  60. lightning flash in the crown
  61. question about age and kundalini?
  62. mantra
  63. Involuntary head movements
  64. Kundalini/Samadhi
  65. Can kundalini rise without meditation
  66. How fast can kundalini rise?
  67. Kundalini/ spirit attacking me!
  68. Kundalini/Spirit
  69. medication/kundalini
  70. Kundalini / breatharian
  71. kundalini in ida
  72. fusion of astral and physical bodies
  73. dancing kundalini
  74. kundalini and swami ramalingam's deathless golden light body
  75. Fasting and deep trance state
  76. How many electrical spikes will be felt before the snake is released?
  77. What level of trance is necessary for the snake?
  78. Kundalini experience: twin energies
  79. Kundalini after we die
  80. Signs that one is ready to safely to Raise Kundalini
  81. Should I be strongly earthed when raising Kundalini
  82. a question about your kundalini program
  83. Why is it easier to make the 3rd eye strobe than the perineum strobe?
  84. The source of kundalini
  85. Kundalini's power source
  86. Soliloquy
  87. "New Energy Way" v. the kundalini video course
  88. Any progress on physical immortality?
  89. ┐Chakras strobes in cascade sequence after Kundalini strobes?
  90. How is it walking in public having raised Kundalini?
  91. Obe+Kundalini?
  92. Energy Work Time Management
  93. Kundalini Educational Video by Bill Donahue
  94. Kundalini & Astral Projection
  95. Can hats and hair interfere with crown chakra activity and Kundalini
  96. Tensing the Perineum
  97. Seeing purple sphere for months now
  98. Anyone else experience seeing body tactile imaging with their eyes open?
  99. been trying to reach robert