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28th April 2010, 06:39 PM
• King and Queen Pose—Lie in the Egyptian death pose with arms crossed over chest and meditate directing ones eyeballs and mind’s eye into the brainstem. Since it is Betawave consciousness that usurps our energy and creates dissonance in the autonomic nervous system, putting our energy and attention into the brain stem calms this area down, allowing a coherence of systems needed to draw on higher levels of consciousness, thereby increasing steadiness, centeredness and nobility. Brainstem mediation is good for centering, soul recovery, boundary formation and general healing and wholing. Perhaps it focuses consciousness in the occipital lobes which are serotonin based, contributing to integration and harmony. The King and Queen state of our innate nobility, is the source of our confidence, swagger and agency.

• The Royal Helm—Along with the King and Queen Pose this practice will help to grow you into your center and generate the cohesion needed to occupy one’s noble seat. While lying on ones back (in bed) press the thumbs together facing upwards over the sternum with the hands crossed over and cupped like the wings of a dove over the ribs under the breasts. This provides loving, warm emotional support to the diaphragm muscle. Now focus the mind’s eye at the top of the forehead to establish the royal Uraeus. While drawing energy to the point at the top of the forehead silently repeat such phrases as: “I am the executor, I am the decider, I am the ruler of my life.”

28th April 2010, 07:29 PM
Question about the first one...how does one direct their eyeballs into the brainstem? Mind's eye I can understand, but I'm not sure about the actual eyeballs. How long would you recommend one practice these meditations?

29th April 2010, 04:48 PM
Establishing The Mind’s Eye—The mind’s eye is used to gain conscious purchase on any area that you focus it on...that is to palpate it and bring it into conscious awareness. By the mind's eye I mean the kinesthetic felt-sense and directional focus of the brain. This feels like a connection between the third eye region and the brainstem. When directing the mind's eye, the closed eyes are pointed in the direction you are focusing on. Thus you can even direct energy (look) out through the back of the eyeballs and down into the brainstem, or in any other direction of focused intent. You can get the sense that you are flipping your eyeballs over and down into your cerebellum…I used to do this every night as a child to go into bliss while putting myself to sleep.

Getting a Grip on the Brainstem—The brainstem is one of the hardest regions of the body to get a grip on because unless we are cultivating consciousness our "mind" tends to move away from the brainstem as a means to avoid the felt responses of emotion. Thus in this contracted society we are often cut off at the neck and operating with an unconscious body, barely conscious mind and suppressed feeling and psi. The brainstem is at the bottom of the kinesthetic interoceptive sense of the mind's eye and you can enter it with conscious intent by turning the eye socket muscles back and down into the brainstem. You need to do continuous breath to maintain your grip and it may help to press a hand lightly into this area in order to focus attention.

If any fear arises during Inner Arts practice focus the mind's eye on the brainstem while doing attitudinal breathing for peace. That is peace into the heart on the in-breath, then down into the solar plexus with the out-breath; this turns off recriminations-defense mind that is associated with flight-fight chemistry. Doing the inner smile with the mind's eye focused on the back of the skull at the notch where the spine enters will unblock and organize the energy. The knot in the solar plexus (Void of non-being) is dissolved by focusing the mind's-eye on the brainstem.

As for duration...from minutes to hours...When I first found my first inner art Cardio Muscular Release I did it for 2 hours a night. It is the one that I still do the most, at least 15 minutes a day in bed in the morning or evening.

29th April 2010, 05:30 PM
Dealing With Subversive Humor—Monkeys love to throw ♥♥♥♥ at each other. The general default mode of behavior in this stressed society is to try and get one over on others through subversive humor. To deal with this common problem we can take the stance of pre-emptive social cleansing—to un♥♥♥♥ the bathwater for the poor fellows through magnanimous humor. One of the greatest challenges for the sovereign is to first not take such slights personally, or be put out and disappointed…and then to give the gift of love by boosting the attackers self-esteem without diminishing ourself or acting in self-righteous one-upmanship. That is we return the badwill joke with a goodwill joke without sarcasm or flattery.

This social aikido can be called “Turning ♥♥♥♥ into Roses.” We cannot get very far with our development in sovereignty until we master this transmuting social alchemy. For the prefrontal lobes will not open and stabilize if we are being pulled down into nerve shattering reflexes to daily insults. I found out about this “play angle” when I accidentally didn’t register the nasty dig that someone gave me, and I came back immediately with a huge magnanimous response. This cut the predator/prey dynamic short and the aggressor didn’t get his demonic glee, but was raised to befuddled heights by my sparkling comeback. Practice turning ♥♥♥♥ into roses with your friends first, so that you can build up your capacity to stay in the Good Parent mode while under fire. Remember the subversive predator will always try and catch you off-guard and so you must build your artful response as the automatic default reflex mode of the new sovereign you.

This is perhaps one of the most important skills for the emerging sovereign to develop, because we are dealing with that split second in which the anaesthetizing and stress chemicals flood the brain and illicit either a knee jerk reaction in kind or a passive systems shutdown. If we can remain conscious through breath, circulating the energy charge, taking the tension off of the heart and a potently alive commanding Uraeus then we can instantly come from the place of dominion and elicit the most beneficent response, unique to each situation. As we deepen our sovereignty practice we become more centered in the kinesthetic interoceptive sense of the prefrontal cortex and emerge triumphant from that awesome connected power. Turning ♥♥♥♥ into roses helps others realize that they too do not have to ♥♥♥♥ in their own bathwater and to suffer the cruel sense of separation that results from their displays of false power and belligerence. They know not what they do, but we can lead the way.