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18th May 2010, 06:19 AM
My name is Anthony and I am new to actually practicing astral projection. I come from a christian abck round and lately have been feeling like something is missing in the whole message. I have always felt that all religions try to guide you to the same placebut something was getting lost in the translation. My first experience with astral travel was when I was a teenager my bestfriends girlfriend commited suicide and he met someone who said he could take him somewhere she was asking about him. Long story short he said he met with her and in the middle of the conversation he passed out and was attacked by something invisible he had blood coming out of scratches that appesred on his arm and many under his shirtt on his chest. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive going into this but before my first projection I had my last nightmare I think where I. Confronted what ever fear I had in the dream woke so happy and not. Soon after had my first projection I'm six weeks into mastering astral projection and have had four sucessful sleep induced projections and on wake induced near miss all five times I had the heavy vibrations heart chakra activity grinding sounds in my ears with exception to the wake induced one but all had that wonderful rollercoaster feeling. I'm five weeks into mastering astral projection and have never felt so free every experience I've had so far left me in awe.by the way if anyone knows what happened to friend would like to hear feed back. C u on the otherside

18th May 2010, 02:38 PM
Hi bonedaddy, and welcome to the forums.
It's very difficult to guess as to what happened to your friend- it could have been a few things, not excluding self-infliction- he may not have been paralyzed when he was having the experiences and could have scratched himself (or against something). If this was an isolated incident, I wouldn't worry too much about it- if it's happened more than once he'd be best off if he videotaped himself while he sleeps- and the go from there.

18th May 2010, 07:01 PM
What was odd to me was it happened in front of me while I was talking to him his eyes rolled into the back of hi head I thought he fainted I saw him flinch blood started coming out of his arm from what were very superficial scratches there is no way he could have done it himself because I saw it as it happenedi was sitting three feet from eachother face to face it was just a weird. He said when he was out the thing was a bi pedal black silhoutte with yellow eyes and he said the head resembeled a cat I appreciate the feedback