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19th June 2005, 08:07 PM
I'm having a fun obe flying around talking to people. And I see this HUGE mansion I couldn't help staring at it. So I asked a man whose house this was.. It turns out it was mine! I asked a few more people and they all said the same thing. I walk to the front gate which and fly over it (only way to get in). So let me describe my house for ya:

It was very wide and tall with kinda like a two tone of pale orange and white. It had lots of windows showing inside of the house. It was pretty far away from the main gate with a concrete winding pathway to its front door. It had a wide open grassy front yard. And all around my house was a white wall about 7ft tall and 1ft across surrounding my house like a fortress.

So I walk over to the edge of my front yard and hop over the wall and I see a huge selection of vehicles. Don't know why but it they were kewl. I walk jump back down to the yard and walk to the other edge of the yard and peered over the top of the wall and see why my house was built with a wall surrounding it. I see all these evil looking people with shops of their own set-up. Since I wanted to check this out I jump over to the other side meet the shady lookin folk. They were mostly fortune tellers and such. But I wanted to meet one of them, so I talk to a fortune teller and she starts rambling off.. Then she starts to talk about 3 women in my life. My PHYSICAL life, she describe what they look like and starts to talk about them. It was soo weird that this fortune teller knew about the people I know in the physical world. After that weird encounter I decided I should wake up and write this obe down.

I actually visit this town quite often when I first begin to AP I will say "Take me to my house" and I will be dragged to it. The townsfolk are really nice and many people in the astral know me.

The Projector

Aunt Clair
20th June 2005, 02:33 PM
I actually visit this town quite often when I first begin to AP I will say "Take me to my house" and I will be dragged to it. The townsfolk are really nice and many people in the astral know me.The Projector

well i agree with you that is cool
i cannot say where your home is in spirit
but there is a place over the rainbow bridge
that has spirit homes it is connected to the gates of death
and i have visited the homes of some of my rellies there and helped them to manifest a home for my recently departed father
so many of them did not have driveways or cars
i thought that was strange
and the perimeters are skewed
so that the back yard of one neighbour is the ocean
and the other has a garden
and another right next door lives in the mountains
it is like a hologram deck
but so real
and going inside the homes
you realise the spirit look alive and the visitors that are alive look like ghosts and they cannot always see us
in fact i was disappointed to have my grandmother show me
that my great grandmother was asleep
so yes some rest in peace
but grandma was sad and told them to wake up and see me
but they sat up and went back into slumber deeply
and the floor seemed to melt away in corners of their home
and when they have no interest in earth
and we on earth have forgotten them
i feel their spirits may be recycled too
i am not sure
but i am beginning to feel
that there are many ends
and many deaths
and many different sorts of afterlifes
i have been taught
and have accepted
by seeing for myself
that the soul is reincarnated as another entity
but that the spirit is unique and remains eternally
attached to the identity it had
so it can be accessed as grandma still
but the part that recalls all the many past lives
comes into the body again
with a new spirit
but is it
when the spirit is no longer known
or recalled
it recycles too
i cannot say
but have you noticed anyone else living in your home ?
are there rellies there deceased from this life
or perhaps from previous lives
and why do you suppose you have already made your home if not
i wonder
i met a woman in a reading
and that sitter had also constructed her home in spirit
a wonderful dream home
so real that i saw it in her aura
and i saw an old lady living there
and it turned out to be a grandmother of hers
even the fricking horses and cats were there
it was uncanny
it was a compilation of her dearest memories
and fondest aspirations
and was a wonderful home
when my dad died
my papa did not want my dad to live with them
so he asked if i would help him to make a home for dad where a neighbours house was already
we did not go to a spirit real estate
we just asked them if they would move over please
which they kindly did
and we made my dad 's home face the mountains
and my grandma and papa's home was just like the one he died in
but had the ocean behind it
fascinating stuff
i could go every night
but i get caught up in sleep
and nighttime lessons
and i try to go and i get taken somewhere else
so i find to go there i must state it as you do
and go in meditation
so i can control and recall clearly

thanks for your post
sorry to waffle on
it is great to see confirmation that other live ones
have a home in spirit
i dont actually but i visit the ones of rellies there
and have seen others that plan already where they will reside after death
life is good
afterlife is good too
but i dont plan on checking out any time soon
i like the physical too much

the spirit

20th June 2005, 11:04 PM
I see you have much wisdom..

Thats good to hear.

"I cannot say where your home is in spirit
but there is a place over the rainbow bridge"
So you have explored the spirit quite often have you?

I was told my house was custom made by God I have become very close to the Father. Thats why my house has a lil' of my preferences like cars.

Yes there are a few wonders around my house. I just let them chill out there for a while but most of the time I allow them they are not connected to me in any way.

I have yet to explore my 'other houses' for me this is a 'public house' where any entity can see but the ones you speak of in the spiritual are only for the select.