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14th June 2010, 12:50 AM
Hello everyone,
I feel strange to post this in the forum, but I have this Obsessive compulsive disorder for about 7-8 months till now. I have always been more anxious than normal, but last few years I got into these depressive states of mind, and I was too anxious about my education, future, etc., so my nervous system basically broke down. My anxiety is specific and of the religious/scrupulosity kind, though I would specify if it is needed what exactly bothers me. I didn't know till the last 4 months or so that I have a medical condition, because I thought it is caused by energy/meditation work, I used to do 3-4 years ago. I even believed I am attacked by negative beings
sent by people that hate me. Even now, this idea exists and makes me even more anxious and uncomfortable. I did a lot of reading bout this condition, so far I got the impression that the standard methods ( that is, intake of antidepressants) are the most ineffective and have only temporal effect, and a person can get used to the drugs. Since I am aware of energy work to the point I believe there is an alternative healing for me, I don't want to take drugs. Suggestions
are deeply appreciated.
Best Regards.

14th June 2010, 02:26 AM
Have you considered you may be bipolar? OCD sometimes strikes at the manic phase. Another possibility is, are you female? Severe PMS (aka PMDD) can mimic the symptoms of BPD. Anyway, I would consider some talk therapy, and supplement with some clearing work, if you do think you have negative entities.
Of course, we can also send you some positive energy and maybe a clairvoyant healer/practitioner can take a look and tell you what they see.

14th June 2010, 08:37 AM
If you're looking to explore alternative techniques, Holosync might be worth a try. Here's a link, remember though that this is promoting their product: http://chetday.com/ocd-obsessivecompulsivedisorder.htm This link also has other suggestions. I'd delve a bit deeper into the low carb, high protein diet before moving that way as I believe it's perhaps not as black and white as this article would suggest.

This link http://www.latitudes.org/articles/natural_treatments_anxiety_ocd.html suggests specific supplements, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Biofeedback.

You could try Past Life Regression.

14th June 2010, 01:28 PM
Thank you both,
my biggest concern is what is the chance I have negs, and how serious/strong are they if they are around. I find it hard to evaluate it by myself. The anxiety itself is the fear of "selling" my soul to negs, and it was triggered (don't laugh hard, please) by a tv series in which ppl did that, ofcourse it was far different but the thought sticked to my mind and started bothering me. I counteract with a logical loop ( if I am selling it, I am doing it in order NOT to do it), but it gets way intensive, because I think it like 5-10 times per second sometimes, and interacts with my life seriously. I had compulsions 3-4 months ago, like touching a door 100 times before closing it, and etc. but when I looked up for information, It seemed that they are very standard for the condition, and this helped me to overcome them (mostly), but still, the obsessions are here. I have even read for people with the same exact fear, of course suffering also from OCD.
It may be interesting that when I am sleeping, and even having an accidental OBE, there are no such thoughts. The obsessions start shortly after I wake up.
However, I would not like to bother you to heal me or send positive energy (unless its absolutely crucial) rather than help me define the problem more accurately.
Beekeeper, could you give me more information on past life regression? I think It will be beneficial for me to try.
For example of a cleansing ritual, what do you guys think of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram? ( I am not sure if I can insert YouTube link)
Sorry I didn't give information about myself - I am a 22 old male living in Eastern Europe.
Kind Regards

14th June 2010, 02:22 PM
I find the logical approach working for me. Basically I approach such by thinking through the possibilities/worst case scenarios. And also think about how to stay safe. (Of course there is no 100% safe in life, but we do take safety precautions when dealing with possible dangers - like traffic - on a every day basis and it does work in most cases)

I wonder, how do you think it might occur, that you could "accidentally", that is unintentionally sell your soul to "Negs"? What do you think would be the consequence of someone having sold his soul to a "Neg"?

In any case I would like to mention, that if someone has actually "sold his soul", there is always a way to undo the contract or get help - one such way is with the already mentioned regression therapy.

14th June 2010, 02:24 PM
perhaps that without an actual professional diagnosis these observations stem from an overactive assuming imagination.

no intent there to offend, but i have myself, as have we all at some time or another, found ourselves delivered from overactive imaginations.

of course, it is in having been delivered that one realizes such folly. until then anything seems as real.

then again, real is however real any one presently is real. a mind bender i reckon so.


14th June 2010, 02:31 PM
Thank you both,
my biggest concern is what is the chance I have negs, and how serious/strong are they if they are around. I find it hard to evaluate it by myself. The anxiety itself is the fear of "selling" my soul to negs, Let's just assume this is possible- which it isn't.
*A neg is a parasitic entity that feeds from your fear energy. They will tell you anything to make you fear. So, this fear, although not based on possiblity, is based on thinking this has happened to another. The more energy in this fear, the tastier you are. That's all they are after, your fear and nothing more.
*The only being strong enough to make a covenant with you is a demon and they are not interested in us regular human beings- their focus is in other realms, with other higher entities.
If you are indeed plagued by negs, they are reaffirming the idea that this can happen. However, think of it this way:
* A soul is not a thing you can sell or give away. A soul is *you* and you can choose to live your life one way or another- however, how you live your life is a covenant you have with your Higher Self.
*The only way to enter into a covenant with someone is to be offered something, to take it, and then to do as the covenant says- it's not something that you can compulsively do. If you promise something unreasonable or enter into some agreement (let's say, to let someone in) you can always end the agreement- with this intention. All contracts are revocable- and a contract that is not made with free will is not a contract. Anyone can tell you anything, but it is not binding without free will.

Yes, the LBRP is recommended for protection and we actually have a copy of it in the PSD forums in one of the stickied threads- by all means make use of it if you feel you need it- there are also many prayers (of many denominations) in the PSNA forum- which may help you.

If you have obsessive thoughts I believe talk therapy should be beneficial for you, and cognitive therapy especially. But please read through and absorb the points I have made earlier- they can be used to counteract the negative thoughts that you are having.

Kind Regards The Same to You.

14th June 2010, 02:41 PM
I wonder, how do you think it might occur, that you could "accidentally", that is unintentionally sell your soul to "Negs"? What do you think would be the consequence of someone having sold his soul to a "Neg"?
How could I know? :)
Besides, the thought that "I am selling it" constantly pops into my mind without my will,(like it is not mine thought) and the only thing I can do is to logically close it (with "in order to not sell it") and that happens like 10000 times a day, with a little rest when i get distracted for a while. I read that one of the symptoms of the OCD is that I can remain completely rational, and still cannot use logic to overcome obsessions, and I know this is exactly the case. I maybe sound relaxed and logical when I type, but believe me I am anxious as f--k as I am typing this.

edit: ok, CFT i didn't read your post because I was typing mine in that moment:
by "negs" I meant exactly demons but I didnt want to oblige ppl with belief systems (or anything like that) so I reffered to them as strong negs. I have a personal reason that I am attacked by another human, who invoked it, but I am not sure. My opinion basically oscillates between your post ( about the fear energy) and the anxiety that I am indeed attacked, which was partly confirmed by the person who I suspected, because we met few weeks ago, drank a few drinks and we settled our differences. (which was very hard for me ofcourse). However, if he did something, he did it very foolishly and without the proper rituals, and basically doesnt have control over the thing.(If he did invoke something).
Basically that's it.
Kind Regards

14th June 2010, 02:57 PM
I believe it's possible for a magician to invoke anything- but for a magician to bind a demon to do it's bidding - that is, to scare you silly - it has to be a very strong magician. Usually when a magician messes with a Demon they get messed up themselves. So I'd tell you, I"m not sure this is what is going on there.
You said you settled your differences over a drink- do you think that your 'I sold it' thought may mean something else? Like in the settling you didn't actually get what you wanted, and still feel you 'sold out' to get peace?
Think about this- your obsessive thought pattern might be another way that your subconscious is telling you you didn't deal with the situation properly, whatever that is, and that's what the demon is.