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19th June 2010, 03:17 PM
I remember reading people drinking coffee might increase the risk of heart disease. A long-term study suggests otherwise: http://atvb.ahajournals.org/cgi/content ... 9.201939v1 (http://atvb.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/ATVBAHA.109.201939v1) (I'm posting a link to the study even though I haven't read it - I've read a newspaper article about it which I can't post because it's in German...).

It seems also if those coffee drinkers would eat better and more wisely, smoke less and live more healthily in general like their tea-consuming counterparts, they might even live as long... ;)


20th June 2010, 01:39 PM
i drink no less than 10 cups of coffee a day, and I smoke 2+ packs a day. but, i am shooting for no less than 120 years in and of this life.

of course, doesnt mean i will get what i am shootin for when considering such bad health behaviors.

but, if the lord is willing and the creek dont rise, maybe it will be so. :wink:

how to even the odds against life, putting it 'fully' in god's hands, for every splintered crutch is god given in and through man to be, and of being to do by.


when i become 80 years of age then i will know what now i may only reach for in understanding of that which preceded 40 years of age.

this is the human paradigm indicative between age 40 and 80, the reaping years of that which had been sown prior to as 0-40 years of age.

therefore, respect your elders, seek them out and listen to them, they 80 years of age or more. this world would have one imagine that humans this old have no productive value and should therefore be housed in great thought constructs of awaiting timely death.

what have they done to deserve such a sentence? they who built our world, handing it off two fold generations.

woe are we who cannot see this truth invisibly living among us.

for what dwells as 80 years or more is very living truth, representative of having both sown and reaped, to from full digestion speak wisely.

between 40-80 is where we realize that youth was wasted on the young, they being those prior to 40. for only in the reaping is youth realized, that following 80 years of age what is youth may also be taught.

youth is understanding, and is therefore the only agency which ever eternally is. youth is what is threefold as: given in vain, learned from vanity, and taught without vanity in it.

ergo, it falls to us to resurrect the important elderly with much all due respect.

they alone remember how to live without all 'this' that has become our mutual undoing, and of them is our future hope hinged. though, we have always imagined that any future has ever been hinged on the new generation born into it.

we in the reaping years of life clearly see that those young following will not possess the vain fruits which brought us nigh, for the world can no longer supply such a vain demand.

herein those reaping years twain 40 and 80, both ends as beginning and end have been torn asunder, they are completely exhausted of all import and rightful livelihood.

between a rock and a hard place we woefully are.

consider the undeniable folly and respectfully abide in and of it.

it is the end of the world as we know it, but i feel fine; in that understanding it, I also see our surviving step from it. the elderly put back in their rightful place, the young put back in their rightfully guarded place, in the true sense of what 'progress' as a purpose means.

in god's hands alone, and on a few god given crutches I understand-ably awaken to true life,

tim - 50 years old

Palehorse Redivivus
20th June 2010, 09:07 PM
The way these research studies go back 'n forth all the time, I think I'm just gonna conclude that whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and most stuff is somehow managing to do both.

Mmm, Schrodinger's coffee... *chug*

21st June 2010, 07:52 AM
So, you take your coffee sealed in a box with a radioactive element randomly releasing poison?

Hey, whatever gets you up and going in the morning... :P :lol: