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27th June 2010, 01:18 AM

I'm taking this really great memory course on http://www.pmemory.com. It really trains your attention and visual thinking, definitely not easy though, really pushes your mental muscles.

I'd love to know your opinions on the founder's other website http://www.magicpillnow.com . It seems Ines has developed his skills to the point where he can instantly remove people's depression, procrastination, etc. Also seems to be able to download things like bliss, motivation and etc. On the website there are testimonials and demonstration videos. It costs a chunk of change and I'd love to have a thing or two removed and downloaded. I'd love to know the opinion of anyone who cares to visit and check it out.

I put this topic under Distance Healing because during the session, Ines hooks up with you via webcam and has instant results. Amazing!


27th June 2010, 12:54 PM
Any time you see "Life transformation with no effort!" you should be cautious. That's a favorite snake oil marketing line.

You don't need a magic pill to change your life. You just need to be willing to change your life.