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20th June 2005, 12:34 PM
I want to know about resonant tuning technique (Monroe Institute).
Could you explain in details this technique? I know is a powerfull technique.
It is a must the vocalization? Humming is like in soham mantra? And what about singing on exhalation (a, o, m)? They must be done only on exhalation? How can I setup my breathing pace in order to overcome getting ,,out-of-breath"?

There is the description of resonant tuning in the Gateway Manual (Monroe Institute):

,,Resonant Tuning is a breathing exercise to help you vitalize and charge your entire system. It promotes an accelÂ♥Â♥erated gathering of your vibrational energy while reducing your internal dialogue. In addition to preparing you for these exercises, you may use Resonant Tuning for meditation or quieting your thoughts.
What is referred to in this Guidance Manual as nonÂ♥physical energy, Robert Monroe calls second-state energy. This vital energy flows along lines of force, operating on the principle that our bodies, as well as the universe, function bilaterally, and like batteries, have a positive pole, and a negative pole. Breathing exercises are a universal method of vitalizing and recharging your „battery,” moving this energy through its natural channels in and around the body, loosening knots and blockages, and correcting imbalances. Within the tape exercises, this process can manifest as sudden jerks and twitches, or even as a sensation resembling pain. Odd as it may sound, resistance increases this phenomenon. But by confronting the experience and allowing it to work itself out, you will move beyond it.
During the breathing exercises, follow the pacing on the tape to the extent that it is comfortable for you. As the Resonant Tuning chant begins on the tape, continue the same breathing pattern, vocalizing with the „aaah,” „oooh,” and „uuum” sounds as you exhale. Set your own rhythm, your own pace. Use the sounds on the tape only as a guide. It is important that you actually make the sounds with your physical vocal cords. You will soon grow comfortable with this process and you may notice kinesthetic responses as your body becomes aligned with resonant energy. As you inhale, imagine an infinity of sparkling, vibrant, vital energy around you. Pull it into all parts of your body and up into your head. Since energy continues to flow, allow the energy to move and swirl gently around in your head as you hold your breath. Exhale through your lips as if you were softly blowing out a candle, releasing any tired, stale energy out through your body and the bottoms of your feet. Breathing slightly deeper than you normally would is just as effective as explosive, championship breaths. Open your eyes as you inhale, and close them as you exhale. CoordiÂ♥nating your eye movement with your breathing is one way to become aware of your ability to control autonomic (automatic) behavior. Typically, eye blinking and breathing are accomplished without the slightest thought on your part. Now, however, you will plant a seed that may grow into a full realization that you can assume voluntary control over these processes. In other words, you can recognize, change, and direct habitual behavior and reflexes. Should you relax to the extent you seem to have lost contact with everything physical, simply breathe normally and open your eyes, or move the fingers of your right hand, and your entire body will respond and return to waking, physical consciousness."

Thank you.

21st June 2005, 05:18 PM
I can remember the first time i tried it, it was hard for me not to laugh, i felt kinda silly.

but when i did it and it worked, it felt really good. When I was exhaling I could feel my face relaxing, and the old energy and such leaving....

it was similar to when I used to practice falun dafa, and after doing the exercises my face felt lighter. Like i was wearing a large heavy mask and I had taken it off.

I will say though take your time and relax. If i have a problem with it, it's pacing. somtimes i just want to keep exhaling and humming, but past the point where i have emptied my lungs. So from my perspective, I would say relax and take your time with it.

7th July 2005, 03:32 AM

Resonant Tuning is the first technique learned at Wave I: Discovery. Allegedly leads practitioner (student of TMI techniques) to Focus 3, state characterized by mind-brain synchronization and balancing and a charge-up of body energy.

For mine, prima facie, is only a sort of breathing meditation... and no more, though; the required concentration level is compatible with it.

The phrase that TMI-guidance encourages to store at memory:

I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world. Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience; to Know, to Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me. Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development and experience are equal or greater than my own. I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires.

Previously quoted phrase acts like a mantra, whose purpose is reprogramming of the practitioner belief system.

Resonant Tuning is introductory stage to Concioussness 10 (Mind Awake - Body Asleep).

Natalia Parker