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9th March 2006, 01:47 AM

As I've put in another thread, I've been receiving the long distance kundalini reiki attunements online, there are nine of them and last night I was scheduled to receive KR6.

So far, KR1 and KR6 have been the most interesting energetically; KR1 as I said in the other thread caused a tree like energetic structure to sprout from my brow chakra. KR2-5 were milder, or I fell asleep during them and missed out on anything stronger.

Anyways last night was KR6, and I started out with prickly feet and toe sensations, followed by the typical tree sensations in the brow, growing up towards my crown and then down towards my throat. (At one point, one of the growing branches on the right side of my head was a touch painful as it forced its way down but I take it that's a price of development!)

There was not the same pulse growing happening with the KR1 tree, it was just happily wending its way down like always, though there was definitely something kind of fun and weird going on with the brow chakra, it felt sort of like it was opening / flexing, but flexing in on itself like one of those folded paper things you'd play with as a kid, to find out what your job would end up being etc.. (You'd fit it over your fingers and count as you opened and closed it, and then open up a flap! Voila! You have a crush on Chris!) At this point I saw behind closed eyes something that pops up quite often lately, in meditation etc... a sort of eye-shape with dark purple and bright green.

Then, about every minute or so, I started getting those body rushes... the tingly rush sensations up through my back that RB has described as lower chakras rushing energy up towards the higher; a common sensation while doing developmental work. I fell into a light, pleasant trance-like nap, feeling body rushes every five minutes or so, and woke up a half hour later to get up out of my armchair and go to bed.

Well, I was in a light state of sleep off in the land of Hypnagogia, apparently explaining to somebody the difference between visualizing and Envisioning. It was based on something I'd read earlier in the day in a Tom Brown book, about using Envisioning (which is perhaps to say, the difference between clairvoyantly viewing a vision, and Envisioning which is putting yourself 3D into the vision and experiencing it, and using it as a gateway to astral) I was showing them pictures of a location, and then I was apparently Envisioning the location and trying to put myself in it.

At this point, I felt myself sort of being flipped over so that I was floating above the location, and that is when something uncomfortable happened. There's no good way to describe it, but it's like I was 2D and someone tore the page very close to me, shearing off my hair. And I jokingly said to whoever I was apparently narrating to, that it was part of the danger of putting yourself into the scenario. I really don't put much stock in my experience at this point.. it was dream nonsense and I don't have a strong intuitive sense that this was very reflective of anything but my mind's attempt to grasp what was going on. Because at the same time that I was experiencing this "sheared close" effect, I was also looking at pieces of audio as if at a scene change, and there was an audio drop out that caused a snap. (I'm a sound editor by trade, so it was leftover dream fragments of my day)

Anyways, I pulled back a bit from the dream scenario as if to be careful, and was shocked when the effect intensified and got more uncomfortable, rather than alleviated. I was really worried that I was dying, I was very uncomfortable and a little bit scared. This served to shock me awake, at which point I discovered what my energy had been up to while I was off in Hypnagogia.

I awoke to incredible energetic sensations; like I had been thrown into the belly of an engine room going at full steam. I felt like I had expanded, or that is, my energy had expanded, to three times its normal size. If I am an atom, I was in a highly excited state. I was extremely hot. I felt like I was a massive, roiling bushy cloud of energy and I was going full steam. A timpani was pounding loudly all throughout my body, BUM BUM BUM BUM. And underneath that (if anything could be HEARD underneath that damn timpani), my cat was apparently lying against my back and purring at full steam. But she wasn't really, she was lying down by my feet and not making any noise. The purring/thrumming was all me.

Experiencing exit sensations from the dream side of things was not very fun, lol, and if I had calm enough I could have recognized the sensations for what they were and not stopped them cold because I was terrified that I was dying, LOL. Now, later in the day, I'm able to truly appreciate what was going on and shake a tsk tsk finger at my sneaky little energetic self for stirring and roiling away while I was trying to drift off to sleep.

9th March 2006, 08:33 AM
Cool. I really enjoy your posts!

9th March 2006, 08:09 PM
wow, thats a lot to happen from the attunement. I JUSt had my k-9 attunement two nights ago and aside from k-1 it was the only one where I felt something during the time of the attunement. I was meditating on nothingness and it sounded like a truck was driving off into the distance, a low rumbling sound but it was right in my head. When it was staying at the same frequency and not getting farther away I knew it wasn't anything outside of my body. It wasn't until the next day when I looked at my calendar and it clicked that I had signed up for those atunements!

I hadn't been apying close attention to the nights when they were happening before but I can now see the changes that were happening in my life as a result of them on those days when I look back on notes! I have begun having kundalini stirrings and risings which have created some not so pleasant things in my lfie. I am going to see a therapist for this sort of thign soon! She is a shaman/healer and works with people going through kundalini awakenings!

I wish yo uluck on your reiki journey!

9th March 2006, 09:46 PM
Then, about every minute or so, I started getting those body rushes... the tingly rush sensations up through my back that RB has described as lower chakras rushing energy up towards the higher; a common sensation while doing developmental work. So that's what those are called! There's a whole thread about them in this forum.

Found it: http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewto ... t=shudders (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1438&highlight=shudders)

10th March 2006, 01:13 AM
Thanks so much for reading, beekeeper!

Zak M-K, Yeah I think everyone's experience will differ, some people feel nothing at all and that's totally normal... I've been doing some pretty intense NEW work in the past few months and wanted to see if my new sensitivity to energy movement would affect receiving the attunement. When I did Usui reiki, I hardly felt anything for Reiki 1, but Reiki II was pretty different and I felt a lot more, but kundalini reiki has been the most dynamic. I've also been doing a lot of meditation, trying to learn trance meditation etc. so I think with the attunement it was enough to tip me over into something a lot more wild. Mostly I think a lot of this stuff just goes hand in hand and I love what RB says about, wanting certain conditions and creating the necessary energy requirements for those conditions to occur. I think the combination of everything I've been up to lately contributed to the experience.

CFTraveler: I was perusing AD the other day (either that or the online NEW book) and came across the section about those body rushes and a lightbulb went off (Ding!) and I said OH THAT'S WHAT THAT IS! For me, the feeling starts sort of deep and down low in my spine but becomes very wide, across my hips, and it sort of brushes up acros the width of my back towards the middle of my back. It's a very surge-ey chills/tingling kind of sensation... not to be mistaken with the "goose walked across my grave" tingling that's more central to the spine. It's an extremely wide feeling, it encompasses the whole width of my back.

And speaking of, gosh, today while driving to work I started to get some intense full body rushes .. if anybody saw somebody weaving on the 405, that was probably me, trying to keep it together. LOL.

5th February 2007, 08:28 AM
Hello... I just found this subject/post after my first session in MAP that consists of the spine bounce. I got a major rush up my back like you all are talking about... it was wild. I also however felt fear and anxiety too, not sure why. anywho I hope it happens more.

:shock: :P