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24th July 2010, 07:59 PM
4:00 pm: July 18
I'm staying at but just visiting my mother's home in the astral. It's a large two-story of new construction (remember her last home I visited was an old mansion in disrepair and barren of possessions). As far as furniture and the like she still seems to be moving in as some items haven't landed in their proper place yet. She has my old heavily carved cabinet radio. I think to remind her later she can't have that. (Come to think of it, I suppose she can. How can you stop an astral entity from taking an astral representation of a physical possession?)

This dream was very linear, as events occurred rationally, one thing to another, as we expect IRW and must have lasted quite awhile, still my recollection is not so even.

There were four children in the house, one a toddler I relate to as my own child (although I don't think it's my RL daughter as I think it was a boy). The children are playing together and I don't pay much attention to them until I realize I hadn't seen mine all day. I ask a young girl of about 10-12 where he is and she says he's in the bedroom not feeling well. I go upstairs and find him on a mattress on the floor. I lay down with him to cuddle him and see if he's running a temperature. I sense that he's fine, not in danger but the dogs have followed me. There are probably five dogs in the house and they play a significant part in the dream. Soon the mattress is full of dogs - two of them very large golden retrievers (or yellow labs) who, of course, are very sweet, but very big as well.

Mother is upstairs off in a secluded area/bedroom with an older lady friend. Dad is up there too and I think the older lady is there to help care for him as he is very heavy and not at all alive. He's on the bed. Mother, though I don't recall the features of her face at all, is probably in her 30s/40s and has dark brown hair just past her shoulders. (The hair was a prominent feature in the last dream where I scolded her. I remarked to myself critically that she was dying her hair - a fact of the dream. But in fact Mother's hair was naturally brown until her 40s when she started having it 'frosted' and bleached and stuff at the salon.)

The dogs are swarming all around me and it is clear, though it is fairly late at night, they hadn't eaten yet and were hungry. I ask Mother if she fed them and she says, a little, but there were bugs in the sack and she threw the food away. This pisses me off a little and I inform her I'll go to the store and buy them some food. I go downstairs to the kitchen which is large, almost empty and dark. I fumble for light switches, find some but they don't work, finally I find one that turns on a mercury-vapor security light outside the window which hardly provides any light at all.

Mother's old Chihuahua is on a pillow making godawful sounds from her throat. The poor animal shouldn’t be alive in such a cruel condition. I stumble around some obstacles, just a collection of junk in the room, and make it to my car. I drive dark streets to the grocery store, a garish dirty place, and buy a large sack of dog food. Jump here back to the kitchen and the sack is where Mother kept the food, which is in the middle of that pile of junk.

Walking now has become difficult. I am unsteady like I just woke up and working around the junk to the sack is tricky. My feet are getting farther away and hard to direct. I finally manage to open the food and put some in bowls, but there are other sacks of an orange powder I suppose could be added to the food, but I don’t know why.

At this point, I know I’m dreaming - the scene with the Chihuahua tipped my off, I think, and I hear a thump in the living room and Mother laughing. I go to investigate and Dad is prone on his back behind a couch with Mother and the other lady bent over him. Like I said, he is dead. (Dad died some 10 years before Mother). Mother had dragged him downstairs and the two of them were trying to drag him back up and having a merry time doing it.

I woke up.

July 20
9:30 a.m.

This was very long and involved. I started trying to remember it as soon as I woke up, but early elements are slipping away.

The setting is a sky-rise downtown. I'm with daughter Liz. She is having her car washed in this building which looks like a parking garage with a winding road that rises higher and higher to the top level. She wants to run up the road to where the car is being washed and running ahead she slips in the soapy water flowing down from the level where cars washed. She gets up and runs on, laughing and having a great time. She scampers up some steel structure like the bins at work to the top of a little inner building runs out to the edge pauses only a second and jumps off. She's done this jumping off heights before, been practicing it which I think is nonsense but this time she hurts herself and falls back on the concrete moaning.

She's quite young at this point and I'm still her Father/Protector. I check her shins ankles and feet but nothing seems to be broken so I get her up and she starts to fall back down but I hold her up and she is able to start putting a little pressure on her legs and feet again and quickly starts walking as usual. I tell her we ought to just let them wash the car and bring it back to us, but she insists the fun is running up to where it's being washed. So we continue up the road.

We decide to take a freight elevator and get on with a few other people. I have a tail hanging out of my shirt or jacket. I assume it's a mouse's tail as it is soft and gray. Somehow it gets stuck up in the corner of the ceiling as the elevator rises. The elevator stops and we get off. We walk into a large banquette hall, preparations are being made for some gathering. We are told that this floor is closed for now and we have to leave so we get back on the service elevator but when the elevator starts rising this tail seems to be anchored so that being pulled through the crack in the ceiling it is being slowly but inexorably skinned. We notice it's not a tail but a snake and it's being skinned down to its bloody pink white meat.

I look in my jacket and see a claw hammer with, as I suspected, a mouse in the claw his tail coming through the split in the head of the hammer. I look back up and the snake is totally skinned now and broken free. I grab it and it bites me. I keep trying to catch it behind the head but I keep missing and it bites my fingers repeatedly. I drop it. The elevator stops and we get out on the roof of the building where the cars are washed. It's a nice sunny day.

Liz goes to see about her car and I think I'd better go clean up the mess in the elevator before somebody gets freaked out about it. I walk back in and there's this skinless white snake in a smear of blood and its vacant skin lying there. I bend over to pick it up but it streaks out the door, amazingly fast. I run after it and it dashes off again and I lose it altogether down a crack or crevice in the building.

I decide to forget about the snake and when I go back to the elevator there are a few people on it. The elevator descends a floor and opens on the hall where the function or gathering was being organized. I get off with the other people. I walk into the large room. People are milling about, refreshments being served at a table with a punch bowl. An attractive lady walks up to me. She has an administrative air, primly dressed in a pale yellow 'silk' shirt and a black velvet skirt with heels. I ask her what the gathering is about and she tells me this is a conference, she teaches (a word I've never heard) which is memory skills; how to remember. I think to myself I memorize well, but is that what she means? and she walks off.

Now my mission is to reconnect with Liz, she's my transportation, but instead of going back to the service elevator I leave the room through the public entrance. The building on this side is really quite elegant. I take some stairs paneled in oak that descend into a court room where a judge is at the bench giving instructions. I think I recognize the voice but when I've made my way down this sort of amphitheater court room I see it isn't who I expected, whoever that was.

I start losing the sense of gravity the more I descend and realize I can slip along the chair backs. I leave the court room having not been noticed and take up the stairs again, this time gliding easily and quickly down them until I emerge on the street. There are a number of pedestrians on the sidewalk and I make my way through them quickly as I can, but I'm starting to feel a little panicked about finding my daughter again. I think certainly if I keep circling the court house she'll eventually drive by looking for me. I take out my cell phone, but the screen is cracked and the buttons are just painted on. It's no good. I don't like the idea of asking a stranger to borrow his.

I start running and quickly realize that with a quick run and a hop I can cover a city block all at once. But I miss my landing and slip off a ledge to another street below. No big deal, I just float down. Somehow I realize if I throw my feet up over my head (do a somersault of sorts in the air) I gain a good deal in height and distance.

I see below me the neighborhood I am 'skipping' through is dilapidated inner-city - not a good neighborhood for a stroll. I'm losing the effects of gravity altogether and with the next hop and roll I'm gliding high above it all. I see off and below two men walking, one wearing a baggy black suit and crumpled broad-brimmed hat, also black and decide to go in for a look. I buzz him a little closer than I intended and he turns his head and looks at me, but without any interest. (I often wonder that people don't wonder at a flying guy.) I get a good look at his face and it's burnt-orange with the texture of an iguana - even his mouth is iguana-like.

I veer off and come upon some young punks, Latinos I think, talking violence of some sort. There is a young pregnant girl with them. I think what a tragic thing it might be if gravity pulled me down here, and wake up in a sweat.

6:00 pm July 21,

I'm trying to find to find the barcode on a chicken or pork roast. I'm looking at a label with something unintelligible where I think the UPC should be. The customer points it out to me on the flip side. The total is $83.74 - change is $11 something.

Later I think it is hieroglyphic.

24th July 2010, 08:35 PM
The July 20 does not sound like it's a regular dream. Too many levels, dropping down, elevators, etc.


24th July 2010, 09:57 PM
I thought so too, Oliver.

What was the colour you thought significant, Richard - the burnt orange face?

25th July 2010, 01:11 AM
The color? Yes, burnt orange, also the color of the 'additive' to the dog food. :?

25th July 2010, 01:52 AM
Alas, there is a colour involved but it wasn't orange. I got a little excited when you mentioned a colour.