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26th July 2010, 04:22 PM
This concept isn't new. You can see echos of it in many teachings.

It has been extremely helpful in clearing out some of my personal issues so I thought I would do a quick share.

For me and the path I chose, the world acts like a mirror reflecting back issues I came here to work through. A great example is trust. I had a very tough time trusting folks, always in threat detection mode anticipating attacks and even imagining attacks where none existed - so entrenched were these beliefs. If you use the World as a Mirror theory, this simply shows me that in fact, I did not trust myself. I didn't trust myself to make appropriate decisions, to be able to protect myself, to handle situations as they presented. The thoughts, feelings, judgments I have about how others behave is in fact a reflection of the thoughts, feelings, judgments I have of myself. Some of these issues were created in this life, most were carried in with me on the soul level.

This sounds a lot like those ideas where the fluffies let the 'bad guys' off the hook. I very much used to subscribe to that idea. The thing that changed my perspective is when I chose to view the world in this new way and work on the issues that were shown to me, guess what? Those folks who bothered me? They didn't bother me anymore, in fact, I realized that there was never anything to worry about at all. I began to feel love and compassion for those folks and judgment disappeared. WTF? For me, this is a very powerful shift in perspective and lifts me out of the victim identity and into an empowered state where I see I am the creator of my experiences here.

The "bad guys" have their own gig to worry about, they too chose their experience. I would rather vibrate in compassion and love than anger and revenge. I would rather focus on what I want to create rather than what another has created.

Now, I use the mirror to show me where I am stopping myself from creating the experiences I want to have here. This may not be for everyone, lord knows I fought tooth and nail to flip to this viewpoint.

How do we heal the issues that we are able to identify through this technique? That's up to you. If you focus on it, a solution will present. Watch your life as a movie, what is the running theme? Who are the main characters? Do certain scenarios repeat, over and over and over again? Self sabbotage? Wound of abandonment? Betrayal?

The first step to overcoming anything is identifying what needs to be addressed. :)

Thanks for sharing your time and much love to you.