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27th July 2010, 06:52 PM
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Learning to Pass through Walls


Swimming Pool / flying Dream



I am going to use this 'Topic Thread' to record, write about any lucid dreams i have or any dreams that seem important or stand out for myself. Any comments are welcome xx

Dream History.
In total I have had approx. 10 lucid dreams, most have been within the last year or so.

Swimming Pool / flying Dream

Date: 27/July(07)/10
Time: approx 4am - 5am

Becoming lucid
There was music loudly playing somewhere, i noticed that the scenery to the side of me was familiar, i looked at it closely to remember where i recognised it from, as i did this the scenery had now changed and i suddenly realised i was dreaming. I was thrilled and went off to explore.

I followed a pathway that led to a road, in front was hedge and trees, i decided to try and fly, like superman style and with the intention to glide up into the air, i did. [i seem to be getting better at being able to be airborn and glide along in the air, it's great fun]

Also later in the dream [after the guy had left and before i decided to 'ask to be taken'] i saw two people, some distance in front of me, in upright positions flying/gliding through the air and landing in some trees. I had never seen anything like that before.

Later on in the dream, [after i tried to get back to my body] i was flying /gliding and having some difficulty getting much speed or height, i was passing over what looked like our town market place and every now and then, i would get a burst of energy which would lift me higher and speed me up. I realised this was coming from others, some of the people who were working 'normally' at their market stalls who noticed me, were sending me 'energy' ? to help me continue to move. I was able mostly to see who were doing this for me and acknowledge and thank them for it, as i passed by them.
Then i met up with a 'female friend' [i don't know who she was, i just found her suddenly with me, it seemed she knew it was a dream-enviroment] who accompanied me for a bit, before i decided to go off and do some more flying - practice. I was able to acheive alot of height and became quite good at reaching the target i wanted to fly too. Others were flying around in the air with me, they all seemed to 'know' about me and seemed helpful and supportive. [it was at this point i lost lucidity]

Speaking / connecting with others
As i flew over the trees, i found myself above a small swimming pool with a guy swimming in it, i shouted 'Hi' and to my suprise he responded and said 'Hi' [i rarely find other people that seem aware or interested in engaging with me during lucid dreams] There were a few other people around that i could see. This guy asked me if i was meditating and i told him i wasn't and that i had arrived there from lucid dreaming or what some people call, i was about to say OOBE, but before i could, he said 'astral projection' and so i agreed. At this point we were both hovering up in the air and i decided to check what my reality looked like, the colours were abnormally vivid, almost cartoon-like and so i decided it was definately a dream enviroment.

I don't remember playing in the swimming pool, but i'm sure i did, i have a 'feeling sense' of having been swooping down into the pool and back into the air and having fun experimenting with this.

Experiences Noticed
Sound - I remember hearing the tone of the guys voice and also my own voice [which i do not like] as we chatted.

Passing through Solid Objects - This guy flew around with me for a while and i remember passing through some objects and trying to really be aware of what it felt like passing through them. I actually don't know now what we passed through, but it felt confined, damp, wet, it was also dark, i think it was wooden. [i have never passed through a seemingly solid substance before in this way, although i have tried many times, usually i just can't push through things]

Later after this guy had left i tried to walk through a window / wall to get out of a building i was in, but i failed as usual, i was unable to pass through the window and my lower body got half way through the wall below and got stuck, not allowing me to go any further. So i had to un- stick myself and use the door. . .Haha.

Asking to be taken . . . - I asked to be taken to where i needed to go and i started to glide forward, i was about 50m off the ground, seemingly following a road. [in past dreams i have not had much success asking to be taken to certain places or people, i move / glide in the air fairly slowly and never reach my choosen destination] i realised i was going further away from where i had began lucid dreaming, so decided to stop and go back, as i really wanted to get back to my body to wake myself up, before i lost lucidity. I did lose some lucidity at this stage, but i was aware of more flying experinces before i lost totally lucidy and it became a totally normal dream. [see last paragraph in Flying section]

13th August 2010, 06:13 PM
Learning to Pass through Walls

Date: 13/08/10 Time: On waking 8am approx.

Location: I recognised the location as being the fields i used to play in as a child, later most of the land was build on, houses. In the dream the place looked different than it had ever looked in physical reality.

Dream contained: A recognised location[but looking different], Other people, talking with others, passing through walls etc., shifting scenery, Other beings.

Becoming Lucid
As i was dreaming I decided i wanted to become very aware of my experience, it was at this point i realised i was dreaming and my dream scenery changed and instead of being strapped to the passengers-side bonnet of my sister's car which was travelling at high speed { ?? i guess there was no room in the car ??} i found myself standing at a familiar location and knowing i was dreaming.

I stood and 'took in' the view in front of me, but couldn't clearly recall this image on waking. There were buildings and fences and gates and there appeared no way through. I decided to practice going through barriers like walls and fences etc. I tried to go through a wire mesh fence, i put my right arm through first and found suddenly there was a huge hole in the wire, so i climbed through. {It seems my mind could not allow me to just pass through the mesh} Inside the fencing were some wooden shed / chalet-like structures, i put my right arm forward again and it went through . . . and the next instant i was inside the shed, WOW - first time i walked through something.
I looked around the room, it was mostly empty and dusty, but did have a crate and a rocking horse in there. I wanted to remember this, so i looked very closely again, but the scenery changed {this often happens to me if i make a point of trying to really look or really remember what i see and take a second look at something}, the rocking horse was no longer there and instead there was a small tall corner table with some plastic flowers in a vase on it. The door of the shed was open, i had not known this as i had passed through the back of the shed. A lady entered the shed using the door, she was looking around like me. I told her i could pass through the shed and said 'watch this' as i passed through it. She said she could too and did the same.

I think i passed through another shed wall and into another shed, {there was a row of them} which was locked and looked around inside, dusty and empty and then came out again, but this is not very clear in my memory.

As i came out of the shed, another lady appeared, it seemed the sheds were for sale and she wanted to know if i wanted one, i said i was just looking.

At this point a line of huge giants walked into view, they were all human, except one that had a rabbit for a head, they seemed jolly and friendly and not menacing at all. I asked the sales lady where they were from, she answered they were from 2 meditations away, i took this to mean 2 dimensions away. It seemed the giants didn't hold any more interest for me and i decided to investigate the brick building to the side of me.

I easily walked through the brick wall just like i had with the wooden sheds. Inside were 3 men, two were busy discussing and writing things, the other guy seemed like he was just hanging around. There wasn't much to see inside mostly dusty unused, with some pieces of wooden funiture. The men knew i was there but took no notice of me, they seemed to be wearing clothes that looked like they were from the past, brown / dark leather type stuff, but at the time this didn't strike me as odd or interest me. I decided to pass through the wall again to arrive back outside, it was mostly fields now infront of me. I know i had some interactions with others at this point and was intent on continuing my explorations and did for a little while {memory is hazy here} but suddenly i realised i should stop and get myself back to my body or i'd fall completely into dreaming and forget my experiences.

I decided that travelling to my body was unecessary and not usual possible for me to do, so i willed myself back to my body and to wake up, which i did.

Some thoughts
I always find it amazing how 'present' and 'really there' i feel during lucid dreams they feel so 'real', in comparison i have only rarely ever felt that way within my waking real-life reality.

I must try to remember to 'look at my hands' next time, i have never done this yet in any of my lucid dreams or previous OOBE - type experiences.

Any comments or thoughts are welcome x

5th September 2010, 01:23 PM
Window Vision

Date: 5/09/10 Time: approx. 8am

Dream Contained: Very Brief Lucid moment, affirmation connections, no sight, sense of body asleep in bed

Becoming Lucid
I suddenly recognised the view i was seeing through the window was not my normal view.

I had woken up and fallen back off to sleep quite a few times. For a couple of days before this time, i had been practising some affirmations to help me become more psychic, spiritually aware. {i've not used affirmations much in the past, as i never felt that they really did anything} Part of this affirmation said ' i have visions, i love my visions'

So anyway, i became aware that the scene i was seeing through the window was not the real view from my bedroom window, and i suddenly realised and said ' this is a vision', i was able to see this vision for only a few seconds before i became unable to see. Realising it was a vision seemed to block the ability to see and then everything became black and i could not see anything any more.

The view through the window showed trees blowing in the wind, the leaves were sparkly orange and the whole picture was much more animated, vivid and colourful than how i see normal reality. The window was a square shape with a white frame, i didn't recognise it, nor could i see anything other than the window. I also had the feeling sense that the way i was facing was opposite to where my real window in my bedroom was. Once the vision had gone i could also sense myself lying in the bed, i think the realisation of the vision, woke me up a bit and so i was only semi - asleep. Unfortunately, i was unable to see anything else and must of fallen back to sleep, had some nomal not lucid dreams afterwards.

24th October 2010, 02:03 PM
I seem to have become less enthusiastic about having lucid dreams and not lately felt like writing any of them up on here. I have recently had more lucid dream experiences than the usual too and so should be 'thrilled', but it has taken me this long and this mornings 'new-ish' and very exciting experience before i felt i could be bothered. So here goes . . .

My Childhood Garden / Black Cats / Beach visit

Date: 11/09/10 Time: approx. 8.30am

Starting Location: My childhood back garden as it had been when i was about 10 yrs old, it was daytime to begin with.

Dream Contained: a real past enviroment, other people, animals, walking through doors, flying, attempts to visit akashic records, beach, an unseen being /presence

Becoming Lucid
I just suddenly found myself awake and in the back garden of my childhood home, i knew my physical body was sleeping and this was OBE or Dream enviroment.

I decided to see if i could 'walk through' our old shed door, i then found myself just inside the shed, but now the previously closed door was open.

I found myself strangely inhibited within this enviroment, feeling like not breeching what would be considered 'normal' reality laws. For instance, i quite fancied continuing practicing walking through walls and boundaries, but because i could see and hear neighbours in their gardens, it didn't feel appropriate to walk through these boundary hedges or walls into their gardens.

I tried to fly, but couldn't get much height and when i did get off the ground, i would begin to slowly sink back down again. I tried to flap my arms at one point, but this method worked no better than if i'd tried it while fully awake in my body. I decided to look for some horses to ride, i loved horse riding. Where there should of been neighbours gardens, there was now conveniently open fields instead and 2 ponies as well. But it seemed that the owners of these horses, a couple, were near by, so i decided it was best not to ask to ride their horses. There was a neighbour two doors away, who was outside with a black cat, who had several black kittens. I engaged with this lady and her cats for a short while.

Next i found myself shooting rapidly high into the sky, using my intention to do so, when i stopped intending, i began falling very fast and spinning too as i fell, i had a brief view of city lights far below me and all around me was darkness. There was a VERY familiar feel high up there in the darkness and i felt i had been there many times before. {it was now apparently night time and dark}

I then asked to go to the akashic records, i found myself in a light, bright space sitting on a type of seat or wall, there was light all around but nothing else could be seen, someone was sitting next to me, whom felt familiar, but i did not see who they were {i don't think i tried to look} I asked the question and they spoke the answer, the 'one-word' answers given were too general and could of applied to anyone, so i gave-up.

Next i found myself at an unfamiliar beach, it was daytime, bright, sunny, windy and they were other people about on the beach. I was on part of a sand dune, that was quite high up, i ran and took off, gliding and soaring in the wind currents, it was awesome. I felt i was not alone and that someone familiar was with me as i flew, though i could not see anyone. . . . . i woke up.

24th October 2010, 03:34 PM
Being told it's a Dream
I did not write this experience down, so what i write here is from memory

Date: 17/09/10 Time: morning

Dream Contained: Old middle age setting, other people, a fixed story-line, weird / non rational parts

Becoming Lucid
I found myself amongst a group of people, there was some sort of meeting, discussion going on. The place felt, seemed damp and dark, made of wood, some sort of old room, and i had the sense that we were dressed in clothes from the middle ages. I asked 'where am i ?' and was told i was dreaming, so i then realised i was 'awake' in my dream.

This dream was unusual in that it seemed to have a 'built-in' story-line that i was caught up in and even though i was aware i was dreaming, i still seemed to follow this story-line. So the choice to do what I wanted was not available like it normally seemed to be. Also the dream had quite alot of 'weird', non rational, un-explainable parts to it that were more mixed up and dream-like.

Once i realised i was awake, i suddenly 'knew' i had to become a traitor to the group of people i was with and go join the enermy. {forgotten bits here} I got on to some sort of catapult that 'shot' me over some seawater, i knew i had to get to this certain place out there to the others before i would be safe. A sort of spirit demon/lion like creature whizzed with me through the air ready to 'get me' should i fall short of the target i was aiming to land at, as i got closer to this safe point the spirit demon/lion changed to a white flowing horse. I landed at my target, which was on something within the seawater and bounced up into the air and whizzed on a bit further, to some sort of holding space /landing area /room. I can remember at this part, really 'looking' at the other people there with me and recognising many of them as mums from the school my children had attended when younger. { forgotton parts here before i woke up}

24th October 2010, 04:10 PM
Looking at my Hands
I had been and was re- reading the book 'The Art of Dreaming' - Carlos Castaneda, it had been many years since i had read this last, about 10yrs ago.

Date: 20/09/10 Time: On waking 1am ish

Becoming Lucid
I was in a nightmare {can't remember this now} and i was looking for ways to 'get out' of my nightmare and suddenly in desperation thought to 'look for my hands'

And to my delight i found them AND succeeded in bringing my nightmare to a halt too.
They did 'melt' as i looked at them, they sort of reminded me of wavering flames, i was really excited to see this. Also i then became aware of a second pair of arms, as if someone were standing behind me, with their arms coming around me, at a guess i would say they were male. Strangely, i kind of ignored these extra arms, because i didn't want to spoil my first success in seeing my own hands. I felt i was close to my body and i should wake myself up immediately so i could write-down and record my success . . . on thinking this i was back in my body and awake.

Some thoughts
On waking, i did wonder if my perception of my hands was coloured by my expectation of what i would see. Also I have read recently in the Astral Dynamics book, that Robert says that in dreams hands are more 'stable' and donot have such a 'melting' fluctuating effect to them as they do in OBE's . . . . . so it will be interesting to see what my hands 'look like' in any future experiences, should i remember to look for them.

24th October 2010, 07:06 PM
Two Lucid Dreams in the same morning

Date: 24/09/10

Dream 1.

Time: approx. 4am

Dream Contained: seeing a deceased relative, breathing under water, seeing other non - human others

Becoming Lucid
I was in the process of trying to get some party 'gate-crashers' out of my current house and suddenly realised it was a dream, then my house seemed to change and i found myself walking through unknown corridors and rooms.

{NOTE: i had ended this lucid dream, so i could record it before i lost awareness into normal dreaming, this lucid dream at this time felt like one of the most lucid dreams i had ever had and also felt incredibly long, i was able to 'look' in detail at everything around me and 'took a lot of it in', unfortunately although i did wake up, so was able to recall the dream well at that time in my memory, i fell back to sleep before writing anything of it down and then had two more normal dreams and then another lucid dream. So i donot have very many clear details of what i saw or how i felt, which is a little disappointing}

I seemed to come into a room, an area that seemed like a pub, i remember seeing a young man who looked like a young version of my deceased father, as i comtemplated this, so he gradually changed / morphed in front of my eyes, becoming older until he looked like my father just before he died. He beamed a 'knowing' smile and then got up and walked away, it WAS my dad, but despite seeing and feeling this, it felt ok to let him walk away.
There were other non-human beings around, {unfortunately this is written just from the morning notes and i can't 'pull' these images back to really recall these others, only they did not have human features.} There was technology in this place, and as i walked futher, it seemed like this place was some sort of amusement type of establishment, with also sorts of weird and wonderful fun things to do. Beings around me continued to morph into different beings and people, if i looked at them directly. There was a technology / machine that i spoke to, that spoke back with my voice. . .

At some point, i became aware of my ex-partner following me and keen to escape from him, i left the building / complex to find myself out side. It was daytime and infront of the concrete pathway i came out on, was what appeared to be the sea, {a type of habour place}i decided to dive in and hide underwater. i found to my delight i could actually breathe underwater, there seemed to be dolphin like creatures also in the water with me swimming around {no memories after this} I think i decided to end the dream there so i wouldn't forget it all.

Dream 2.

Time: approx. 8am

Location: Previous house i lived in 10 yrs ago

Dream Contained: drinking experience, short loss of vision, changed version of reality, children

Becoming Lucid
I became aware of sitting in my old rocking chair, i had no vision, something was blocking the chair from rocking and i realised it was the dog's tail, foot . . . i then realised i was dreaming, because this rocking chair is in bits {fallen apart} in our 'now' garage

I waited excitedly for my vision to become clear to see where i was, i found myself back in my old house, a place i lived in 10 yrs ago now. i was in the kitchen, the first thing i did {to reality check ???} was go up to the cold water tap, turn it on and with my hand scoop some water into my mouth to drink . . . and Yep, it was 'real' cold water - WOW. I opened the back door and looked outside, the boundary line on the right was now a breeze-block wall and not a wooden fence like it had been in real - life before i had left the property. The boundary line on the left - side, was interestingly how i remembered it last, a high wooden fence. {it feels that here my expectation of what i expected to see, ensured that's exactly what i did see}

I went down the entry between the terraced houses and for a moment {excitement, subconscious block maybe ??}i lost all my vision and i could see nothing, it didn't last long, only seconds and then my 'normal' vision came back. I came across a young boy of about 10 yrs old and i asked him 'where he lived ?' i asked him 3 times, but he didn't answer, there were also 2 other children close by. I thought he might be wary of me, so to reassure him of who i was i told him that i had once lived in that house. I looked at the house and realised from the front it had now been changed, it was two flatlets instead of one house, no. 4 and 10 {10 was the no. it used to be} I looked across the road to see if they had converted the other terraced houses over there, but no they were as i had remembered them.

I decided to go around to the back of the houses, using the path around to get to the back {garden} i was curious to see if a big fir tree i had left behind, when i moved was still there, still alive and 'growing'. To my delight it was, the top had been cut and it was being kept managable but it was still there {i actually don't know if this is true or not, i should go and 'really' look one day, though i might be disappointed and upset if in reality it's been cut down} When i looked towards the back garden, where the hedge should of been, this part was now different and was showing a long deep slope down into the back garden, that is not really how it is . . . . . . i woke up.


I decided to go around to the back of the houses, using the path around to get to the back {garden} i was curious to see if a big fir tree i had left behind, when i moved was still there, still alive and 'growing'. To my delight it was, the top had been cut and it was being kept managable but it was still there {i actually don't know if this is true or not, i should go and 'really' look one day, though i might be disappointed and upset if in reality it's been cut down}

Around April 2011 i did walk around the outside of my old back garden but unfortunately could no longer see the fir tree from behind the hedge, so either it was being kept very short or it had gone :-(..

24th October 2010, 07:57 PM
Hello, newfreedom.

I went down the entry between the terraced houses and for a moment {excitement, subconscious block maybe ??}i lost all my vision and i could see nothing

Did you step down somewhere, down a flight of stairs maybe? It's not quite clear from your description.


25th October 2010, 08:03 AM
Hi Korpo,

Did you step down somewhere, down a flight of stairs maybe? It's not quite clear from your description.

Lol . . . sorry my english skills are not brilliant :)

No . . . . . 'i walked through the entry' {would of been a better way of saying this}

The 'entry' is the outside passage way between the terraced houses, that runs underneath the the top floor of the 2 houses, so it's a bit like going through a little tunnel, if you get what i mean, it doesn't actually go 'down' at all.

I should/could of explained the 'subconscious block' idea
For a moment i think i felt 'doubt' about my ability to perceive what was around the corner,{ through the entry} it was like i knew i wasn't really there and was struggling with my expectation of what i thought i should see and my ability to just see what was there. And also 'worrying', wondering how i could see at all, so i think i had an instant there where i felt, what i was doing was impossible and this is what caused me to suddenly lose all vision.

Hope that explains it a little better, thanks for your interest and your question

25th October 2010, 08:55 AM
High up on a Mountain Side

Date: 3/10/10 Time: approx. 9am

Dream Contained: being airborne, fears and insecurities, children, town

Becoming Lucid
My car was parked on a very steep slope on a mountainside, i was worried that it might start to roll down and was also wondering how it was up there to begin with . . . suddenly i realised that this strange situation was because i was dreaming. Delighted at this knowledge i left the side of the mountain i was standing on to rise siftly up into the air

I stayed high up in the air and remained stationary there for a short while, i could feel the wind blowing strongly against me, but it didn't cause me to move, it was awesome, i love the feeling of the wind. I scanned the valley below me and looked all around, i was so high up i could almost see the horizan going all the way around. It was very beautiful to experience, but slowly as i realised i didn't know this land i began to feel slightly insecure. In the valley below was some sort of town, different somehow than normal, buildings of brick etc , but seemingly very basic. I had at this time a feeling of worry for others that had no luxury home and the struggles involved with having to live a physical life with physical needs.

I turned my attention away from this now, to see a group of children approx. 8 to 10yrs old below me on the mountainside. I glided down and stayed floating just above their heads. I then asked them if they could float like i was doing, only one boy seem interested and asked me how to do this. I told him to just 'will' himself up, he managed to get off the ground for a short while. I told him i would help him to fly/ float by holding his hand and taking him up in the air with me. I asked him where he would like to go and he said 'to the town', i asked him which way this was and he pointed to the right. i tried to rise up into the air, but found that holding this young boy's hand and trying to take him along too, made it almost impossible. I could lift up and just about get off the ground, but it felt as if there was just too much weight pulling me back to the ground all the time . . . . . i woke up

25th October 2010, 07:25 PM
My Closest Experience to Sleep Paralysis Symptoms

Date: 24/10/10 Time: woke at 1.30 am

Starting Location: From my Body in my bed

Experience Contained: sleep paralysis, 3rd eye projection, transition sensations, airborne, fears{electrical wires/cables} other people

Becoming Lucid
I woke up {so i thought} from a slightly disturbing dream, that had started to become nightmarish, but then seemed to be still dreaming, {i later remembered scuffles around my bed and being dragged out of my bed} i was in my bed and there were monsters {like the aliens from the film Alien} coming through my door into my bedroom. At this point i seemed to gain more awareness {probably from my desperation to avoid the approaching aliens} and realised i was asleep in bed, this got rid of the aliens AND although i was awake i couldn't move. WOW i thought to myself, this must be similar to the famous sleep paralysis i've heard about. I was not aware of seeing or being able to 'look', but felt completely aware on some level of my visual surroundings, maybe this came from knowing i was in my body and just 'knowing' where i was.

Then i felt { and heard and saw in my mind's eye} a 'tazar-like-buzz' crackle through me causing a strong vibration / tremor. {this appeared to go across my body, approx. level with my chest area} Although i often feel alsorts of different energy sensations, this was VERY different than i had ever experienced before and i think that this was so, because of being in this 'type of' sleep paralysis awareness that i had also never experienced {so lucidly as this ?} before.

I thought WOW {again :lol: } this must be a Pre- OBE vibration, then i heard loud roaring, ripping, twisting noises, mixed in with normal earth type noises all mixed together, i recognised this type of sound { i had heard this once before - see notes at end} i find this sound to be different to 'normal' reality sound, it's almost as if there is a buffer between me and the sound. Also i think that is the reason the energy vibration felt completely different, it also, felt like something was absorbing the impact even though i was very aware of how strong the vibration felt.

I wonder if my point of awareness at this time was in my projected double {is that the name ?} already and that is why these experiences felt soo different to me.

Another vibration crackled through me the same as the first, i was then aware of travelling forwards at a very high speed {i think this might be phasing {in some form ? } or projection from the 3rd eye charkra ? } and for a split moment there was a point of light i could see in front of me, still moving rapidly forwards, i became closer and closer to this point of light, as at the same time i found myself running {in my body} down a road - I WAS OUT - YIPEEEEEEEE :P

Because of the way i was conscious going 'out' i did expect to pop out by the bed, in my room {but never mind} i was out and thrilled and felt very, very lucid at this point. Super :D

I seem to have mixed memories about the road i was runnning along, i have a memory of it being an unknown 'non real' road while i also feel it was two other roads {in real reality} too. Hmmmm . . . . . i think i have older dream, OBE ? memories from running along these roads that are getting mixed up with where i actually was.

I knew the location i was at, a real place in my old neighbourhood, i had stopped running and was standing still. Two lads in there late teens {my son's old school friends had lived in this area} were buzzing and whizzing around in the air having fun, i didn't recognise either of them. They also seemed elated to be out of their bodies, i tried to share my own delight about being out of my body too and whizzed into the air to show them, but they seemed not to notice me. I was aware at this point, {without actually directly looking at or for this} that the scenery around was / had morphed and no longer fully showed 'real-time' scenery. Although i still had a feeling sense of where i was in 'real' reality and was in the same area.

I can remember soaring up into the dark sky with delight and looking down at the town lights sparkling below all around, beautiful - sooo freeing. {this reminds me now, that although i had not thought about it at the time, the enviroment was dark and dusky but light enough to see, the normal brightness that streets lights provide i guess}

The lads were now also high in the sky and there were wires {electrical} around { i do have fear issues with these 'dam' wires and have got completely freaked out by them at times in past lucid dreams, OBE's to the point of where i can't remain airbourne or travel and also that they seem to suddenly appear in there 100's because of my fear}

One lad hit the wire, it sparked i saw flames and he looked charcoaled as he fell, { on T.V recently i saw a fireman trying to get a cat out of a tree, hit an electrical caple and get 'electric shocked' {he survived luckily and the cat too} so i now feel that this event was connected to this real memory of mine} I became worried by the cables / wires and for a while lost some lucidity while i found myself surrounded by wires. I realised i was loosing the lucid experience and tried to get back to my body so i could remember and record all the really 'exciting' bits.

All willing and asking to get back to my body failed, i found myself spinning in the air with my arms stretched out ?? So i felt the only way to get back was to travel there. {Sometimes i just do not seem to have the awareness, ability or 'knowing' to 'be' back in my body, yet other times i can just will it and i am awake}

Un- expectedly i did manage to remain awake / lucid until i woke up, at that point i was still trying to 'travel' back to my body. The rest of my experience was more dream like, in that i was interacting with others, but not really being in control of the 'storyline', so i'll finish writing it very briefly.

Travelling back to body, airbourne, met and chatted to my two nieces, jumped in a truck to catch a lift home, truck stopped off, i carried on airbourne following 'real' road, scenery changed {DAM it} in a building of sorts with rooms, someone - a woman coming i felt like hiding so as to not get caught up in any interactions, left building, asked my spirit teams to get me back to my body, found my self airbourne again this time flying with a whole kingdom ? of other people, being told i was the clothes maker of the king ?? i said 'i don't think so, i am rubbish at sewing', was then told that before this duty i had been the jester {that's more like it} Anyway the king wanted to go to the loo and so we stopped, i was just helping the king undo his lower garment outside the toilet cubicle . . . when i FINALLY woke up and was back in my body {3 cheers for the kings toilet needs. . . :lol: }

Some thoughts / notes
Although i don't think i have experienced sleep paralysis type symptoms much before, at least not this lucid anyway. I have had many experiences of being pulled out of bed and scuffles and fights around the bed often with seemingly unseen beings, which i now know are related to this experience. So these experiences around the bed, that feel very physical and real are probably connected to me being out of my body but too close to it and me not being lucid or aware enough to realise 'what's going on properly' at that time, and so, seem often to take on a nightmarish feel.

i had heard loud roaring, ripping, twisting noises, mixed in with normal earth type noises all mixed together once before, back over 10 yrs ago, whilst i was reading Roberts Astral Dynamics book for the first time and also reading 'The Psychic Explorer' - V Van Dam. i was aware of being 'awake' but body asleep and i tried the 'Spiral' technique {which is basically just spinning yourself free} to get out of my body, i heard the astral - type sounds at that time. I did also get out of body at that time and found myself in a dream / astral - type enviroment.

26th October 2010, 12:34 AM
Hi newfreedom. I have a few thoughts. Take them or leave them, as usual.

My Closest Experience to Sleep Paralysis Symptoms

Becoming Lucid
I woke up {so i thought} from a slightly disturbing dream, that had started to become nightmarish, but then seemed to be still dreaming, {i later remembered scuffles around my bed and being dragged out of my bed} i was in my bed and there were monsters {like the aliens from the film Alien} coming through my door into my bedroom. At this point i seemed to gain more awareness {probably from my desperation to avoid the approaching aliens} and realised i was asleep in bed, this got rid of the aliens AND although i was awake i couldn't move. WOW i thought to myself, this must be similar to the famous sleep paralysis i've heard about. I was not aware of seeing or being able to 'look', but felt completely aware on some level of my visual surroundings, maybe this came from knowing i was in my body and just 'knowing' where i was.

Then i felt { and heard and saw in my mind's eye} a 'tazar-like-buzz' crackle through me causing a strong vibration / tremor. Although i often feel alsorts of different energy sensations, this was VERY different than i had ever experienced before and i think that this was so, because of being in this 'type of' sleep paralysis awareness that i had also never experienced {so lucidly as this ?} before. I would say that you were already projected, and became lucid upon reentry.

I though WOW {again :lol: } this must be a Pre- OBE vibration, then i heard loud roaring, ripping, twisting noises, mixed in with normal earth type noises all mixed together, i recognised this type of sound { i had heard this once before - see notes at end} i find this sound to be different to 'normal' reality sound, it's almost as if there is a buffer between me and the sound. Also i think that is the reason the energy vibration felt completely different, it also, felt like something was absorbing the impact even though i was very aware of how strong the vibration felt. I believe these are reentry vibrations, and that you had momentary sleep paralysis upon reentry. It didn't last long, because you were ready to go again as soon as you got back.

I wonder if my point of awareness at this time was in my projected double {is that the name ?} already and that is why these experiences felt soo different to me. I think you were bilocating, and the paralysis is the awareness of your body, while the figures were the point of view of the projected double, happening at the same time.

Another vibration crackled through me the same as the first, i was then aware of travelling forwards at a very high speed {i think this might be phasing {in some form ? } or projection from the 3rd eye charkra ? } and for a split moment there was a point of light i could see in front of me, still moving rapidly forwards, i became closer and closer to this point of light, as at the same time i found myself running {in my body} down a road - I WAS OUT - YIPEEEEEEEE :P Yeah, you got out again. It was a third eye projection (phasing doesn't always have such a fast feeling of movement. This is my most favorite exit sensation, by the way. I love 'going' with it.

I seem to have mixed memories about the road i was runnning along, i have a memory of it being an unknown 'non real' road while i also feel it was two other roads {in real reality} too. Hmmmm . . . . . i think i have older dream, OBE ? memories from running along these roads that are getting mixed up with where i actually was. I believe these were transitional sensations, which triggered memories of previous times you have done this mostly unconscious.

i had heard loud roaring, ripping, twisting noises, mixed in with normal earth type noises all mixed together once before, back over 10 yrs ago. Whilst i was reading Roberts Astral Dynamics book for the first time, i was aware of being 'awake' but body asleep and i tried the twisting tornado technique to get out of my body, i heard the astral - type sounds at that time. I did also get out of body at that time and found myself in a dream / astral - type enviroment. These and all other types of transitional sensations are usually more dramatic when you begin to have conscious projections, and usually 'smooth out' or go away altogether except for reentry. (For most people, anyway). For some reason, at least for me, reentry sensations maintain their strength.

26th October 2010, 09:50 AM
Hi newfreedom. I have a few thoughts. Take them or leave them, as usual.

Hi CFTraveler,

I'll take them all, Thankyou . . . very helpful and very much appreciated :)

Yeah, you got out again. It was a third eye projection (phasing doesn't always have such a fast feeling of movement. This is my most favorite exit sensation, by the way. I love 'going' with it.

Yes, i thought it was pretty awesome too, So, CFTraveler do you always find you are still moving forwards rapidly when you arrive 'out' ? {with the 3rd eye type of projection} like i found myself running forwards. Or can you also just arrive 'out' standing still / stationary with this type of exit too ?
I was wondering if i will ever find myself 'out' close to my sleeping body {eg. my bedroom} with this type of exit.

Prompted by your helpful thoughts, I think i will read up on transitional sensations and different types of exit experiences

It's really great to experience new experiences, as I find it really helps me in being able to 'take in', understand and appreciate 'old information' {eg. info. i've already read in the past} on new, deeper and more meaningful levels :D

Joining this forum and 'writing -up' my experiences here, has been really beneficial for my progress, i had been only able to recal approx. 10 lucid dreams {during my whole 41 yrs of life} before i started writing them up on here. Within the last 3 months i have already experienced and written up 10 Lucid dream {or OoBE} events :D The last experience being very profound and exciting for me.

So a BIG THANKYOU to Robert and ALL here who make this wonderful forum possible xxx

26th October 2010, 04:09 PM
So, CFTraveler do you always find you are still moving forwards rapidly when you arrive 'out' ? {with the 3rd eye type of projection} like i found myself running forwards. Or can you also just arrive 'out' standing still / stationary with this type of exit too ? Mostly moving- I usually end up in a tunnel and then go from there, sometimes merge into a landscape and I'm stationary.

26th October 2010, 07:46 PM
Mostly moving- I usually end up in a tunnel and then go from there, sometimes merge into a landscape and I'm stationary.

Ok, right that's interesting.
I have only ever experienced the dark tunnel phenomena once, over 20yrs ago, a few weeks after giving birth to my first child {a son}. At that time i had 'moved' into very high energy {post-natal high?} and had my very first profound spiritual experiences, which included some OoBE's amonst other things.

One night i found myself floating down a dark tunnel and i just 'knew' it was the 'death tunnel' and i thought i was dying, i screamed with all my might 'NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo' and thankfully at that time, this stopped the experince and i suddenly found myself back in my body, awake.
i felt the most forfilled in life i had ever experienced after giving birth to my son and definately didn't want to die at that time and leave my newborn son without his mother.

The other out of body experiences i had at this time were not frightening and were exhilarating, freeing and comforting.

I have wondered since, if i hadn't of been afraid of the tunnel and thought that i was dying and hadn't stopped the process, it might just of been a 'normal' OoBE, but back then i had no knowledge of OoBE's or anything spiritual at all.

My instinct at that time yelled out at me to get out of there and not go down the tunnel.

31st October 2010, 07:57 PM
Non-Lucid Dream connected with sleep paralysis and transitional type sensations

Date: 29/10/10 Time: On waking 3am {fell asleep approx. 12 midnight}

Location: My bed, in my bedroom

Experience Contained: transitional sensations, entity or presence, paralysis, false awakening, feeling of physical pain, floating

Becoming lucid
I did not become lucid through the whole of this experience

I was aware of a sharp pain in my left side, 'someone' was pushing down strongly on the lower part of my left ribcage, using their hand or so it felt like. I tried to move to get away, but i couldn't and this seemed to prompt the 'being' / 'presence' to push down harder and thus increasing the pain. {some memory loss at this point}

{NB. the pain could of been real sensations of pain, i do sometimes suffer from lower backache and indigestion, also i realise i could of been lying awkward too}

Next i find myself lying on my back, but i am floating about meter high off the bed i am in the midst of a wild raging storm, the wind is roaring, howling and battering me, but my body does not move despite the winds force blasting me, it seems to come from the direction of my bed headboard. i am aware of a presence or an entity by the side of my head on my left hand side and i see this in my mind's eye as a spiky black cloud with spots and streaks of light mingled in too. I feel this entity is trying to hurt me and it feels like i am fighting for my life. I tell this entity to 'Be gone' {i had watched a film recently where a man had used these words} I also ask my spirit teams over and over again to 'clear this entity away'

My ex-partner who sleeps in the next room, came in to see what all the commotion was about, waking me up and 'pulling' me out of the nightmarish experience. He then leaves the room {more dreaming, but i don't recall any of it} . . . . . and then i REALLY woke up.

Some thoughts / notes
In 'real' physical life it was a very windy night that night, however i am unable to hear the wind from inside the house and i can only see the tree shadows dancing in the wind.

I feel perhaps the experience was connected to sleep paralysis symptoms {unable to move} and also that maybe i was either in the process of leaving my body or returning to it and the wild storm was transitional sounds and sensations.

Not sure about the entity / or presence, could of been due to the mind-split effect and astral feedback ?

If i had of been more aware or lucid i might of had more understanding of what was really taking place at this time and the whole experience might of been less nightmarish and more enjoyable.

5th November 2010, 04:46 PM
Hypnogogic Voices

Date:30/10/10 Time:9pm

Although i find i am able to see hypnagogic images more frequently these days just before falling asleep, it's not often i hear sounds or voices.
I was lying in my bed, with the intention of going to sleep quite soon, just thinking things over, when i heard someone, a male voice, say my name 3 times, this brought me back to 'full' waking awakeness. The way the 'voice' was saying my name was like 'he' was trying to get my attention / to 'reach me' / get through to me.

Sometimes i have also heard my dad's voice call my name with the same kind of tone, like he is trying to get my attention. {My dad 'passed on' 12 yrs ago now}
What always amazes me about these hypnagogic voices, is the fact that they always sound so real, with just the same 'realness' as any sound i would hear with my 'normal' 3D reality hearing.

5th November 2010, 06:01 PM
Non-Lucid Dream - Fir tree

I decided to record here, this part of my dream because it connects to one of my previous lucid dreams
{See: Two Lucid Dreams in the same morning - Dream 2.}
I decided to go around to the back of the houses, using the path around to get to the back {garden} i was curious to see if a big fir tree i had left behind, when i moved was still there, still alive and 'growing'. To my delight it was, the top had been cut and it was being kept managable but it was still there {i actually don't know if this is true or not, i should go and 'really' look one day, though i might be disappointed and upset if in reality it's been cut down}


Location: The previous house i lived in.

{NB. In dreams i often find myself living back in the previous house that i used to live in.}

In this dream i didn't know why i had moved back into the house {and usually i don't know the reason} and i was not happy about being back there either. The garden had been changed since the last time i had lived there, i looked to see if the old fir tree i had left behind when we moved was still there, but it wasn't it had completely gone.

The interesting thing here is, that during the dream {thinking it was 'real'} i remember thinking to myself that the lucid dream experience i'd previously had, where i had checked up on the tree and had seen the tree still standing was obviously incorrect

So i was dreaming, and in this dream was remembering a recent lucid dream experience too.

Around April 2011 i did walk around the outside of my old back garden but unfortunately could no longer see the fir tree from behind the hedge, so either it was being kept very short or it had gone :-(..

6th November 2010, 09:35 AM
Using Arms to get airbourne
{only partial memory of dream}

Date:6/11/10 Time:On waking 4am

Location: The road where i used to live as a child.

Becoming Lucid
i can't remember when it happened

Unfortunately i was not able to remember alot of/all of the lucid dream, but decided to record it here anyway, as it was a lucid dream experience.

I felt very 'present' and was very excited as i usually am on being awake in a dream. This time i was able to use my arms in a 'type of' slow flapping motion to get myself into the air. {it felt like being under water, doing full breaststroke arms} Each time i moved my arms in this fashion i gained more height off the ground. There were also telephone wires around which normally 'freak me out' but i was able to manoeuvre around these this time without any problems and I rose very high into the sky.

At one point i deliberately looked at my surroundings so i would remember when i woke up what it had been like, everything was so very colourful and vivid, {almost cartoon-like} but the scene i was now viewing was unfamiliar to me and not the road i had started the experience in.

The only other thing i remember is thinking to myself, i must get back to my body to wake myself up, or i'll lose all of this wonderful experience.

Some Thoughts / Notes - Reasons for the very poor dream recall ?
I think i must of falied to get back to my body/wake up when i decided that i should, as when i did wake up i had been busily dreaming other non-lucid dreams.
Or maybe i did wake up partially straight after the lucid dream, managing to recall some dream memory before falling back off to sleep again, but i don't remember doing this.

13th November 2010, 02:17 PM
Looking at Hands / Spinning to move to different Location

Date:13/11/10 Time: on waking 9.30am

Starting Location: My old High School

Dream Contained: looking at hands, changing location, speaking with others, sea, beach, lake, canals, children, vision difficulties, merging / moving into outside window scene.

Becoming Lucid
I found myself walking along a corridor in my old High school, i turned right and went through the double doors into the hall and then it 'hit' me, i was 'dreaming'. There were some school children sitting in the room to my left and walking towards us was my old Primary School headmaster, i decided to turn around and go back out of the hall, which i did. The headmaster was saying something about my behaviour and was implying that perhaps i was drunk. {Haha, no not drunk, just lucid and off to explore}

I walked back along the corridor, but now i had two small children holding each of my hands, a girl on my right and a boy on my left. I asked the little boy his name, he replied, the name he told me was the name of my daughter's boyfriend and so i assumed it to be him. I also then 'knew' that the little girl on my right was my daughter, i asked her how old she was and she replied she was 7yrs old. This confused me somewhat as i had seen these children as being around 4 yrs old, when my daughter had said 7yrs, for a moment she became a 7yr old and briefly i could see her as this older child. We came to some double glass doors to our right and we went through, {mixed memories here} we went outside i think, but at the same time we were still indoors too?

I decided to think about what i could do and I remembered i could / should look for my hands. I crouched down to be at the same height as the children and said 'let's look at our hands'. This time my hands did not melt, i spent some considerable time looking at them, trying to remember how they looked so i could compare what i had seen in my dream with my 'real' hands when i awoke. I looked at one finger nail and then felt this nail with my other hand to see if it really was as it looked . . . and it was, {during this time i had no vision just physical feeling sense} i got myself confused here as i thought i had really done this with my physical body, but i hadn't. The look of one of my finger nails changed as i studied them, my hands seemed to have quite a few scratches and 'nicks' on them i made an effort to remember where these were to see if they were like that in 'real' life. {they are not}

Next, i remembered to try and get back to my physical body and had recalled reading something about spinning to change the dream scene. So with this thought i started 'spinning' {strange here, as not only did i not consider the children who had been with me, but being in a crouching position was no barrier at all to 'spinning'}
Spinning caused me to lose vision and everything became blurred, colours twisted until it became dark, at this point i thought my experience was over, but slowly shapes started to form in my vision and i could see something that resembled a door handle. The image became more and more coherent and clear until i could see a wardrope and then a whole room.

I was in a bedroom, but not one i recognised, the wardrope i recognised from my childhood, also a dressing table, there was a large white wicker box in the bedroom too. I can remember looking very carefully around the room, taking it all in so i would remember it all later on waking. Unfortunately although the 'feel' of the room and the experience of being there is still VERY clear to me, i can't recall many visual details of the room and it's content.

The bed was against the far wall and above the bottom end of the bed was a window, i climbed onto the bed and looked through the window. It seemed this room was 2 or 3 storeys high as the ground was a little way below me. i saw a sheep farm, lot's of sheep, a few people and tractors.
At this point i began having difficulty in seeing, i think i was connecting back with my real body, i felt like if i opened my eyes i would be opening my real eyes, but in the end i had to do this because i couldn't see. I opened my eyes and kept trying to open them wider and look and also i had to brush something away from infront of my eyes / face. I was very surprised because all this seemed to be happening to my dream eyes / vision and i found that i still reamined within the dream and it was my dream eyes i was closing and needing to open and not my physical body's eyes at all.
I continued looking and could now see a lake with ducks in it, as i continued to look i could constantly see more and different things all the time. There was a river coming from the lake and water channels, like strange canals everywhere between buildings etc. Then to the side i spotted a beach, sand and sea, my favourite place, the 'draw' of the beach was so powerful that i found myself automatically outside {at the time i didn't notice this had happened}

I was now in the seaside town, it was a bright sunny day, lots of people around, at this point i decided to try to find out where i was.
i stopped a passing lady and asked, if she knew where we were, she seemed not to really know and gave me an attempt at guessing. I didn't think she was right as the place she seemed to be implying i knew was not by the ocean, i thanked her and told her i could see some signs infront of me and would look there. I remember reading one sign, but it was intructions and not a place name, at this point all the other signs that i had thought i had seen seemed to have nothing written on them. I spotted another sign which appeared to be a name, i read it {can't remember now, about 5 letters in it, not a name i recognised} but realised this was just a dinosaur amusement park that the sign was pointing towards.

I walked back along the road i had taken and tried asking someone again, but as i did this, a group of people also came towards me and the person /group of people i was talking to, they were advertising some sort of insurance and pointing out possible dangers. The lady i asked seemed to recommend the sales group, but also could not tell me where i was.

I left these people behind and followed the road down to the beach, at this point i seemed to gain more awareness and realised i was losing my awareness through this desire to know where i was and that i better end the lucid dream now, or i might lose the whole experience. As soon as i decided to wake up, i was instantly awake.

Some thoughts
I seemed to be in a very light sleep, it was very easy to choose to be awake

15th November 2010, 09:16 AM
Hi, very interesting to read your amazing clear experiences and i like the way you record it.

and one of the impressionable things i find is the picture/symbolic of the male&female kids,
my first association was something like thats your-own-inner-yin&yang-aspect,
which seems equilibrated and naturally rising.

15th November 2010, 01:32 PM
Hi, very interesting to read your amazing clear experiences and i like the way you record it.

Hi Istia, Thankyou for your kind comments. I had a little 'look' at how others were recording their own dreams and that's where i got my ideas from, although i have also been meaning to have another look at Robert's advice on how and what to record {i have the first astral dynamics book}.
I am very pleased with the increase in the amount of lucid dreams that i am now experiencing since i started writing them up on the forum here. I get lots {usually at least 2, often times as many as 4 or 5} normal dreams most nights that i remember, but although i try to 'hold onto them' by remembering and running through them when i wake, which i do, it never feels comfortable to explore these or write them up, only the 'lucid' dreams.

and one of the impressionable things i find is the picture/symbolic of the male&female kids,
my first association was something like thats your-own-inner-yin&yang-aspect,
which seems equilibrated and naturally rising.

Haha, balance, now that is something i could do with, never really had much balance in myself, always extremes. Reading my 'write-up' again, i have realised i put the boy and girl on the wrong sides, my daughter was on my left and her boyfriend on the right, funny how i wrote that the wrong way around. Strangely i can still feel the energy presence of my daughter on my left side.
Children were always a big part of my life, my own two, looking after my sister's two children and then working in a children's nursery for some years. I haven't had 'little un's' in my life for about 4 years now and have been noticing that many of my normal non-lucid dreams are back in the 'good ol days' where my children are young again. Sometimes after having these dreams i can also still feel the energy presence of my young children around for days afterwards, it brings the memories and feelings of days 'gone-by' very close indeed, i do miss those connections i had when my children were younger, but it seems in reality they are obviously still there and within reach too.

Thanks again for sharing your impressions / thoughts, it's not often i see symbolism in things, my thinking abilities rarely function in that type of way, so it's nice to get another's different viewpoint :)

18th November 2010, 12:57 PM
Lucid Dream Memory / Checking details in houses

Date: 18/11/10 Time on waking: 2.30am

Starting Location: Road i used to live in as a child /teenager

Lucid Dream
i found myself in the road of where i grew-up as a child, i was going into others houses, to check if they looked the same as they were in 'real' physical life, the reason for doing this was, as some sort of reality check, to see if i was in 'real time', astral or dreamscape. I also talked to others whilst in the dream about going into houses as a means of checking things out.

Some thoughts / notes
What i have written below is a little difficult to convey in my own words that will or could make any sense to others, so you'll have to forgive me if what i say is not 'correct' with the terms or words i have used to describe what i mean :)

The above experience has opened up new understandings for me, bridging lucid dreams, clear vivid dreams and non-sensical dreams pieces. I get a feeling sense now of 'how i am' in each of these, it's almost like there needs to be two parts of my 'awareness self' in the dream scenario before i can be aware that the lucid dream being experienced is 'just that' a lucid dream.
I feel that all my dreams are experienced as a lucid dream to the part of me that is dreaming at the time, but if i cannot pull that extra awareness in, {would this extra awareness be the part of me i experience as being me ?} to acknowledge it's a dream and i have the ability to think and choose separately from the 'original lucid dream part of myself' and to be able to then think about my choice, then it seems i cannot bring the dream back with the feeling that it was a 'lucid' dream.
I guess this is really all about 'lucidity' levels.

Although this was a lucid dream experience, it felt like it was only a memory of one. When i normally have lucid dreams, they feel more like moving from one reality {dream space}to another reality {real physical life space}

When i woke at 2.30 this morning i remembered i had been {out} / lucid, but because i had not been able to save the whole experience as a lucid dream, i did not have much memory of my experiences. It was like i held two parts, the first part being that i had been lucid during my dream {i had known i was dreaming} and the second part being the pieces of the memory of what happened which is held very much like a vivid dream, but not the with the lucid side of it intact.

I feel i lost lucidity during the dream as i got carried away with checking out the details of the houses i entered and forgot that i had a choice to do something else.

Ok, i have just realised after reading my above attempt to explain my understandings that this IS what Robert conveys with the mind split phenomena that he explains and writes about in his book {i have the first copy}
So this is probably about the mind-split effect and which part of myself i am 'with' and also about the mechanism of the downloading of memories.

:D Gosh, there's nothing better than experience to gain understandings is there ?

6th December 2010, 06:50 PM
Vivid, Non-lucid Dream / viewing the Sea

Date: 24/11/10 Time: morning

I was on a type of balcony that belonged to the people who i was staying with, i was quite high up and had a good clear view all around. Mostly the roof tops of houses but to my left i could see the sea, i could see this so clearly, as clear as when i am lucid.

Some thoughts / notes

I did not realise i was dreaming until i woke up, yet i was so very 'present' and able to 'look' and 'take in' deeply the sea view.

I wonder if this was 'just' better memory recall or whether i was in some way more 'aware' within the dream than i normally am ?

6th December 2010, 07:08 PM
Trying to become more Lucid / church building

Date: 26/11/10 Time: morning

Staring Location: Corridor of some building

Becoming Lucid
I was in the corridor of some building that i was trying to get out of, i had looked through some windows and was aware of it being sunny outside. I finally found a door to the outside and pushed it open and went through, once outside i realised i was dreaming.

At this point, i think i started to wake up, as i had some difficulty in staying in the 'scene', it was like i could see myself, more than actually being there as myself. I desperatly tried to get myself back into the 'dream scene' and was looking around to see what i could focus on that would pull me into the dream more fully. I was scanning the row of houses infront of me to see if this would trigger an idea of what i could do, to enable myself to stay in the dream. I spotted among the roof tops, what looked like a church roof etc. Using this as my reference point i starting walking rapidly towards this, walking along the road infront of me towards the church.
i woke up.

Some thoughts / notes
Although i realised i was dreaming once out of the building, it seemed i lacked the ability to really be there, to be present and to even think about what i wanted to do.

6th December 2010, 07:22 PM
Dreaming or Real ? / Back garden

Date: 29/11/10 Time: morning

Starting Location: My back garden as it looks now in 'present' time

I found myself outside in my back garden, it was quite dark and warm, i was wearing a T- Shirt, trousers and nothing on my feet. I don't know where i was going or why, but i found myself opening the back garden wooden gate and walking through this. Then i realised i was testing the weather to see what it was like, this then jolted me to realise i must be dreaming, since it was very cold, icy and snowy in reality, i thought to myself this must be a dream. I came back into the garden and closed the gate behind me, i decided a 'good way' to test if i was dreaming or not was to throw myself onto the floor ????? not sure where that brilliant idea came from :lol:
I threw myself down onto the grass and yep, it all felt real, so i decided that obviously i was awake and not dreaming...... everything then went dark and i woke up.

6th December 2010, 08:21 PM
Paddling in the sea

Date: 5/12/10 Time: 9 am approx. on waking

Starting Location: A unknown town

Dreamed Contained: Town, my son, other people, sea, doubts about dreaming / 'frozen' time, breaking glass panels

Becoming Lucid
I was trying to find my way home {i often am in dreams} i had just stopped to ask for directions from a man, he seemed not to know where we were { my son and I} and seemed to be trying to delay us, keep us chatting, this made me un-easy {insecurities came up for me here, from memories of being a young teen} and so i politely brought the conversation to an end and moved swiftly away from the man. We came to a bend in the road and there was a shop on the left that had cards on display outside, i knew i needed to buy some cards, but somehow i also knew it was inappropriate to try and buy any here. Then we were out in a type of square in the middle of some town, i now realised i was dreaming.

I saw my son walk off in a different direction and enter a shop, i wasn't worried, i thought we might meet up again later.
Having realised this was a dream, i had doubts that i could be doing and seeing as i was, this seemed to bring the whole scene to a halt, everything became still, the people that had been walking earlier became motionless and 'frozen' in time.
I knew i was losing my ability to stay in the dream and decided to focus on getting to the sea, the sea front was infront of me. Once i decided to focus on doing this, the dream scene became normal and i found myself running barefoot on the sand towards the foamy waves.

At first, there was not much sensation of the water on my feet or legs and this seemed to disturb me greatly, so i concentrted on feeling the icy sea and my legs becoming freezing and numb. i was saying over and over in my head, 'it's freezing, it's freezing' and so in the end it was and i was satisfied that this was a real experience of paddling in the cold sea.

The next part of the lucid dream seemed quite as if it was happening to me, rather than me 'running the show'.
Next i entered a building, it seemed to be some type of restuarant, people sitting at tables etc. I saw a glass show panel and decided i could try and go through it, at this thought the panel fell to the floor and smashed { my subconscious? as i know i feel i cannot even try to walk through glass} I then decided to look for a suitable picture that i could enter, i looked at a scene in a glass cabinet, it was two white coloured mummy cases that were animals ?? rather like some sort of rhino, nope i wasn't going into them, they too fell out of the glass cabinet as the glass panel broke and fell to the floor. I looked at several other pictures, panitings etc. mostly weird faces, nothing suitable to enter into.

I continued looking for a little while longer, before i thought it best to wake up, before i forgot all i had done.
i woke up.

Some thoughts / notes
Earlier on in the same dream, i had been walking along a mud lane and to my right i past some trees, i made a real effort to 'look' and 'take in' what i was seeing, not knowing i was dreaming at this point. Since starting to lucid dream more regularly i do sometimes in 'real life' 'look' and try to 'take in' what i see in the same way as i do when i dream. It often brings in a very strong sense of 'dreaming', and that being awake in my body is not so far removed from being awake in a dream. The boundary lines can feel very blurry at these times

6th December 2010, 10:04 PM
My most aware Lucid dream /Mrs Lotter

I think this lucid dream has been my most 'real' / clear one so far. Although i have now forgotten some things that happened, at the time, i experienced the 'realness' 'clearness' as more than other times it would seem. I am not sure why this experience felt the 'most clear' I think my interactions with others was more engaged perhaps than i've experienced before. But what makes one dream, more 'real' feeling than the next ?? Anyone know ?? i was more aware perhaps, but why would that be ? More energy in someway or something ?

Date: 6/12/10 Time: approx. 10am on waking

Starting Location: An unknown house

Dream Contained: house, shopping mall, new experiences for me, a closeness to others, conversations, what i'm wearing, seeing my hands, getting back to the same dream scene, telepathy

Becoming Lucid
I was in a room, which seemed to be my room, a new house perhaps? and i was thinking that the funiture would fit / work better another way {this is another common dream i have in new houses, arranging the funiture etc.} My family were there with me, i had looked through a couple of windows and through one i could see a small pathway before land with gravestones on it, next to a graveyard and church ? i was suprised by this and called my daughter over to coma and look. Eventually it dawned on me that this was not my house or my circumstances {new house} and so i must be dreaming, on realising this i left the room i was in to go explore.

The door lead into a square hallway and infront of me were some stairs up towards the bedrooms ? I decided to go up the stairs and was about to climb them, when an elderly lady started to decend down the stairs, on seeing me she went back up and gestured for me to go up.
I felt a little awkward being in her house and decided to be very truthful with her, I asked her if she knew who i was and where i was, she proceeded to tell me what she knew. Unfortunately i can't remember all that she said, but i feel this is the most engaged conversation i ever had in a lucid dream. I can remember having eye contact with her and feeling a real rapport with her too.
She told me she was called Mrs Lotter, she said she didn't think i was there to cause her harm as i was still in my bed clothes, to which i looked down and saw i was wearing my long vest top and nickers only {eh hem - embrassing :oops: thankgoodness i do wear something to sleep in at night} This is the first time i have ever really 'looked' and seen my body and what i was wearing, i must try to remember to 'look' at what i am wearing more often. She also said something about the fact that i was physical and that my feet were real to surfaces etc. and so i was obviously not a ghost. i can't quite remember all that she said though, which is a shame. I was apparently in my home village.

I told her i was 'dreaming' and my family were here with me too, but that we would now leave her house and go home. She came downstairs with me { missing memory} she then went back upstairs and we left her house. {i forgot all about the clothes i was wearing or wasNOT wearing...???} As we were leaving, a few people were calling at the house asking if the 'lady' was there / in ? i answered she had gone back upstairs and i didn't know if she was going to bed or not, the young woman left the others she was with and a dog outside and went in the house, we left.

We made our way past the house and i remember looking at the glass double doors with gold fancy handles and thinking i have never seen this house before. My family and i began walking towards a brightly lit shopping mall, as we entered the mall, i said to my daughter, this is so real, this is like that film, 'inception' she said, 'yes, inception' i said. I also remember trying to get my son to make notes of things so he too would remember the experience.

The dream goes on and remains lucid for some time, until i wake up.

Part of what i remember is lying next to someone and being able to see there face close to mine and talking to them with my mind, i was doing this for some time and was amazed i remained still very lucid, i had never experienced doing this before whilst being so lucid. Then i started to lose lucidity and there was a time i could see my hands, i must of being trying to stabilize the dream.

I was awake or so i thought, in the bed with my ex-partner, then i realised this was not 'how it was' anymore and with this knowledge was able to go back to the place i had left, the mall, but my friend had gone, the lucid dream goes on for some time after this.

Some thoughts / notes
So this is the first time i 'look' at my body / clothes, first time talking telepathically to someone and the first time to get back to the same dream scene whilst being lucid in a dream and also a much deeper more engaged conversation with another {Mrs Lotter}

8th December 2010, 01:21 PM
Blue Haze Real Time Garden / lots more lucid scenes

Date: 8/12/10 Time: 8.30am to 9.30am

Lucid Dream 1. - Blue Haze Real Time Garden
Starting Location: Back door of my present house

Dream Contained: Talking with others, blue haze atmosphere, loss of vision, an awareness of what i was wearing, broken washing machines /dyers

Symbols: a row of radiators drying bedding in the street, a bed being used outside
Symbolic modifiers: bedding was white duvets and also sleeping bags {the ones my dogs use for bedtime}, the bed covers were pulled back and the bed was empty.

Becoming Lucid
I walked out of the back door of my house, as this happened i knew i was dreaming, the atmosphere was blue and hazy / misty and everything else could be seen as a black silhouette. I was thrilled thinking i must be in real-time, as soon this excitement came rushing in, i lost my vision. I felt at this time, that i must have gone back to my body as all i could see was a deep blackness with blobs of colour, similar to what i have observed behind closed eyelids. I felt very much still alert and stated 'clear sight' / 'i want to see now' these commands have so far never worked for me, so I then decided that my 'best hope' would be to focus on continuing to walk along the path of my garden to the gate, this 'worked' and i opned the gate and went through.

A lady delivering papers or other to people's homes passed me by, i tried to duck out of the way, so she wouldn't see me. I think she did see me, but chose to ignore me and continued to walk on. At this time, i became worried as to what i was wearing and looked down to see i had on an old favourite blue baggy jumper from 10 yrs ago. This was long enough to cover half of my upper legs and so i felt comfortable enough to venture out in this.

As i turned left to go down the road, there was a row of radiators drying bedding sitting in the middle of the road, for some reason i brushed these drying items onto the floor as i went past. When i reached the end of the road {it's a no-through road}
i saw the delivery lady walking up past the houses to my left. I decided to look over a neighbours wall, in their back yard there were 3 washing/ drying machine type items {broken i presumed} {can't remember what else i saw} I decided to take another look, this time there was also a bed in the left hand corner and it looked like it was in use too ??

I have memory loss and confused bits at this point, but the elderly lady whose bed it was, was angry at me for snooping. Another younger lady arrived and i tried to get explainations from her as to why this lady was sleeping outside and how did she know this lady. The younger lady was quite abrupt with me, basically it was non- of my business and go away.

Next there were 2 men, one was apparently the owner of the house, which he said was a hotel, whose back garden i had been peering into, at some point i remember feeling the need to check what i was wearing, i was wearing a night shirt and matching dressing gown, ones i had bought and used in hospital during the time when my son was born, i obviously thought this was perhaps not enough, so i checked again, this time i saw myself wearing a pair of red silky shorts and a khaki leopard print vest top, {clothes i used to wear over 20 yrs ago} I understood that i was wearing all of these clothes, the shorts and vest top were under the nightshirt etc.

I did think at the time i should probably wake myself up so i wouldn't lose lucidity but i was having too much fun and wanted to stay longer. I continued to chat with the hotel owner for some time, after this i decided i would try and fly, get airbourne, but i could just not get off the ground, my intentions to get airbourne all failed......... i don't remember anything else after this.

When i did wake up, i woke up blank, but about 30 secs later the memories of this experience came back {thankgoodness}
Without writing anything down i went back to sleep.

Lucid Dream 2. - Cartoon House
I found myself out on the road of my childhood home, i looked up the road {scenery change} and there was a long driveway, leading to a huge white house, with an orange door. The colours were very bright and vivid and the scene resembled the simple bright, colourful look of a cartoon image. I turned around and looked the other way, the scene this way looked more real and so i decided to go that way instead. There was a building that resembled a garage with a window the other end of it, the garage door was wide open and so i went inside, the window had no glass in it. I thought if i went through the window it would take me to another place, so i went through, nothing happened, i was just the other side in the same scenery, a neighbourhood of houses.

I think i woke up and went back into dreams in a lucid way some more times, either that or i had more scene changes, as i know there was more but i can't bring anything else back at the moment.

I woke here, before going into the next scene.

Added Note
this dream cartoon house i found 3mths later in real life - a bank money box shaped like a house (although it was not identical in colour, when i saw the house money box, there was a definate & strong 'clicking-in' sensation/feeling associated with the dream image that flashed up in my mind)

Lucid Dream 3. - Being Reckless
I was in the center of my town, i was dreaming AGAIN and i knew it, well by this point of successfully going back into dream visions again and again, i was getting a little 'carried away'. It wasn't real and i knew it, non of it was real, no-one was real, it was all my imagination, my dream. There was a lady wearing big sunglasses with red rims, i went to snatch these from her face, i failed, but she took them off anyway. There was a pink open topped mini car parked in the middle of the town square, i asked the lady if it was hers, she said 'no'. So i tried the door it was open, keys in ignition, so i started the car up and drove off. I was intent on causing mayhem in this dream because it wasn't real, i decide to crash into other cars and even run over the 'pretend people' :twisted: {My son has a video game where you drive a car madly around in this way.}

So off i go........ then i remember Robert saying to treat everyone in a dream with respect and as if they were 'real' ........ OOPppsiee :roll:
I stopped crashing and running people over and joined the queue of cars in front of me in an orderly manner, i wonder how long it will take for the queue to clear......... i don't remember any more.
I did have other dream bits after this, put i don't remember being lucid again

Some thoughts / Notes
I have never before experienced going into so many dream scenes in a lucid way, so often and so quickly. It seemed almost like i would close my eyes to sleep and then be 'there' awake in the dream scene, i think this must be a bit like 'phasing', the scene imagery formed and then i was in it. But it was very quick and i was not aware of the 'process' of phasing really happening.

9th December 2010, 02:34 PM
Hi, again really great for me to read your dream-experiences and congrats on the special strong lucidity you`ve gained lately.
There do occur quite often ladies in your LDs and at least in one of them I had the impression the lady - especially Mrs. Lotter! could be a kind of Guide.. ?.. and when I look at the name, it could be a hint and translated to something as *Gain* for you... anyway, just somehow got the feeling... and also have heard that guides are often appearing in differently disguised forms... (as I said somewhere a guidelady once appeared for me in a funny space-ship-commander-form, and im truly convinced she IS one of my guides)
This your following question i find extremely interesting... this is also so much what Im wondering about... in my case maybe even a bit more complicated as although i have had some lucid dreams as well, i usually am not lucid at all, but all the same it feels that in my *dream-i* im in my most real and natural identity.

But what makes one dream, more 'real' feeling than the next ?? Anyone know ?? i was more aware perhaps, but why would that be ? More energy in someway or something ?

27th December 2010, 04:58 PM
Hi Istia
thanks for your comments, much appreciated
Yes, the reason i was able to remember Mrs Lotter's name was because it reminded me of the 'lottery' although i never 'play it'

She could of been a 'guide' it was a very close 'chatting experience'

I haven't had many lucid dreams since this time, only 2 and one of these i didn't bother to remember

5th February 2011, 07:36 AM
Disturbed non lucid dream with a man and a woman


In a disturbed sleep phase again now for approx. 10 days

After only a couple of hours sleep, i woke up trembly and disturbed, the dream / nightmare i had been experiencing had turned more 'off', because it became 'too much' and so i woke up, cannot share that part here

I tried to pull back the memory of the dream as it was playing out earlier, but all i could get was a man and a woman(his wife perhaps) and me ( in the middle maybe) and alot of mess ( physically messy like sh*te everywhere perhaps) but also something wrong / not right.

I can remember turning to the man and trying to get him to feel differently towards me, but he had no interest or concern for me and was only interested in what i had to offer in terms of resolving the mess.

I felt my dogs were with me too, but then i had all 3 of them in the bedroom with me, two in bed (haha) they like to sleep under the covers (my buddies)

As i tried to recall the dream i slipped back into hypnagogics and some unconscious sleep only to awaken about 40 mins. later to a large crashing of glass sound....

Had very strong gales of wind last two days... another pain of glass blown out of the greenhouse..

Yesterday i was in the garden, gardening (in gale force winds ??? :lol: ) and past the greenhouse to have two glass panels blown out of the back of it 'just' missing me.... i was a little stunned / shocked and paranoid for a while afterwards..... that was a bit too close for comfort..... Yiiikeeeeseeees !!

Anyway i have a wsw procedure to clear anything that might be responsible for my near miss.. .. i must get and do it,,

And i remember one of my lucid dreams here where all the glass panels in my dream that i looked at, all shattered......................................... ........ :shock:

This dreaming lark aint nothing to be scoffed at - Wow wow woW :mrgreen:

14th March 2011, 06:55 AM
Nightmare-ish Non-lucid Dream - Ferrets on a Bus

Date 14th Mar. 11

Time: 12.15 midnight
After only sleeping for just under 2hrs.

General Notes
I was aware this dream part had progressed into what it became from earlier on-going dreaming, but i am unable to pull this memory part back yet, although it has come very close to my surface mind twice already

S. my 'grown-up' daughter's ferret (male) was about the size of a dog, he was rolling from side to side in the bus aisle, incapable it seemed of getting to it's feet, this large size ferret did not look like a ferret, more like a pig that was half-cooked or burnt
It was the ferret only because his persona was overlayed over this being / animal

Then my daughter's 2 ferrets as they are at the present time, run towards the figure and instead of 'greeting' the animal, as the animal is expecting, they just tore skin and flesh off the animal and ran off to eat it. One ferret was on one side (female polecat) and the other ferret on the other side (Black-eyed white). they did this repeatedly ran in and grabbed the body of the animal and went off each time hidden under the bus seats to eat. The horriffic thing was this animal was still alive, and was enthusiacally greeting or trying to make contact with the ferrets each time they came in.......... the animal seemed naive to the fact that it was getting eaten alive. It also seemed to have the happiness of a youngish dog (2 yrs ish)

The horror for me was - To ENJOY being Eaten

i found this notion very disturbing and quite stomach sickening

Unfortunately i know it ties into my real life experiences here and also things i've seen / taken in from the T.V
This i feel is about MEAT EATING and my true feelings on it, i have been a vegetarian in the past in this life , yet this didn't help me much since MEAT-eating still went -on my abstinance had miniscule affect on the situation
i still have this 'horror' / issue although i have processed alot already on this subject.

I have been buying human edible meat for my ill dog, since he is refusing tinned dog meat, he sort of went off his dried dog food a few months ago, he's 14 yrs now, but had always been given and eaten James Wellbeloved dried dog food before this time.

I have been buying / cooking and feeding / trying to feed my dog the meat products and he is being choosy and only choosing to eat that which is in accordance with what he's doing, which seems to be 'teaching' me to 'talk' with my dogs more on a real interactive thought / seeing and knowing / understanding level.

Some of the meat , i have eaten (Blar!!!) because i just know i am meant too - facing my horrors, distress, repulsion, 'hells' whilst eating this stuff,
It feels like i really need / want the meat on 'some level' (errh, vomit, how vile!) my physical body's needs perhaps ?
And it can be 'just right' and taste so good/right at times (again i feel complete neausea towards it even now as i write )

in the dream the skin was being 'ripped' / dragged off and it looked like crispy chicken skin, which i've been eating with relish (vile) and my dog seems at times to enjoy the skin very much so too.

I did read many years ago about sometimes people going through ascension (though ascension is not really a word i use) and that eating meat might be necessary for a period to deal with what needed to be dealt with, so i sort of know this is going on, plus the emotions/ emotional charge i'm releasing is very deep / strong and all consuming sometimes... So i know my spirit teams are working with me to turn this situation around for me / with me

Here is what i wrote to Robbie / grandfather on the explorer Race site recently , to give you all some idea of how i felt and what advice was given for me....


I am under the name DoodleSea, check the comments

Also the next video Robert does feels like it's also addressing 'my issues' or similar ones that others too might still have

14th March 2011, 08:04 AM
Hypnogogics and colours/shapes behind Closed eyeLids

colours/shapes behind Closed eyeLids

A butterfly with top wings of Purple and bottom wings of bright pink
bottom 2 wings were not normal shaped but square


Xmas tree being put away into it's box

i must ave become the box, because then i experience the Xmas Tree being put inside of me.... Wow ! Crimbo time come early this year for me - Yippeee!!!!

Also this morning while listening to Alice Walker's talk, i was jolted back into wakeness by my spirit teams to hear :--

Colour Purple, just remembering...... Wow life is getting Fun xX Life CAN BE fun,

Keep Safe, Have Fun & MAGIC too xxx

15th March 2011, 07:43 PM
Lucid Dream items found in realife

All items were found while clearing out the children's play-shed

Dream item

a cartoon house - represented a bank money box shaped like a house
rocking horse - my son's old rocking horse
plastic flowers - plastic flowers that used to belong to my nanna

16th March 2011, 01:57 AM

AND can't GET NO SLEEP............. Either ! :lol:

i slept approx. 45 mins.
and woke up VERY disturbed feeling, just a total unfamiliarity that hits me
(some part of me ?)when i wake , it's really horrifyingly terrible, until it passes and this can takes seconds to the WORST 20 mins. (that was after getting to sleep using conventional drugs BUT using THEM WRONGLY.......i personally DONOT RECCOMEND Doing that)

xXXX - Take CARE !!!!
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I looked at the giraffe picture on the front cover of Animal Souls Speak (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008L2V52G)and i asked my spirit teams to work with me

29th March 2011, 03:48 AM
Leg Cramp on waking

After sleeping 'normally' for approx 2 hrs, ish, i woke and suddenly my left calf muscles went into a powerful cramp.
At first, i tried to relax my way through the pain, but then remembered how i was taught as a competitive swimmer to 'push into' cramp pain as a means to relieve /clear / ease it

and the 'thought-form'
if the shoe fits, wear it' came into my mind

In a this life, i can see that this is referring to something i feel i want to do / feel the need to prove, to 'reality' / others that i can manage and do safely and if that is all that is ALLOWED, then i will do it ......Just watch me
HMMMMM, but do i get the bull by the horns and 'DO IT NOW' is it the right thing to do.....

Reality is VERY POWERFULLY influencing me at the moment, and this could just be a 'ploy' to mess me up AGAIN! ...... ? hmmm .... pondering and considering,,,, not sure , we'll see

NB: It wasn't necessary to carry out the physical doing of this, so i didn't

22nd April 2011, 10:30 AM
Flying and singing, no clothes?!

Date: 22/04/11
Time: 8 am ish

Becoming Lucid
I was floating along above buildings in the air and suddenly i realised i was dreaming, i was outside in some sort of town

I was so thrilled at my discovery, i then started singing, though i don't remember hearing my voice or what song i was singing (thank goodness) So i think my singing may have been on an internal level. I remember being naked, but this must of been a different kind of 'nakedness' as normal physical nakedness would of had me instantly diving for cover. So although it never occured to me at the time, i think i must of experienced 'myself' without clothes, but also without physicality too, a body sense, but without 'flesh'

I remember thinking i should end the experience soon, before i forgot it, but i didn't want too and thought i'd make the most of it while i could. I remember taking notice of the 'light' that my surroundings were bathed in, i think it should of been night time, but it was not dark and the blue-ish light that lit everything was very familiar to me.

The next thing i remember was floating high-ish in the air in the road where i used to live. I decided to go into the neighbours house to see who was there. So i just flew straight in, straight in through the walls with a bit of a 'wham' feeling and i was inside. i opened a bedroom door and peaked inside and there was an elderly gentleman sleeping , whom stirred a little, i did not recognise him. i was going to peak in the other bedroom, where i expected to find the elderly lady ? After this i intended to go into my old home next door and see what it was like and who was there......... but i woke up

Some thoughts
I haven't remembered having many lucid dreams for a while now, so this was a nice surprise, even though it was very uneventful

Before going off to sleep last night, i kept getting images of 'bright light' manifesting, like i was experiencing this bright light appearing, it was almost like shimmering sunshine happening, but was more silvery, white. i have no idea what it represented or why i was experiencing this, but it didn't feel at all unpleasant and was rather beautiful to see
I have been really 'unaware' and shutdown just recently and so i really appreciated these visions last night, making a 'nice' change for me to be experiencing and aware of something at least!

12th June 2011, 11:46 AM
Introductory notes

I have had many, many dreams in which i have met my deceased parents, one or two of these have been very special and much more than dreams, more like a re-union of sorts, where both my parent and I would be aware that we were meeting in the 'spritual'.

Alot of the other dreams involve me realising that my parents are dead, but have me thinking the thoughts 'they don't know they're dead' and in these dreams i am careful not to let my parents or other relatives know that they are in fact 'dead'.

Date: 12/06/11
Time: 9 am ish

Location of dream: Living room / lounge of my parents home

Becoming Lucid: In my dreaming reality, some days had past, i went into the living room to talk to my mum about my older sister who i had just seen and been talking to, to say how strange her behaviour was and my mother agreed with me, it was at this point that it dawned on me, i was dreaming.

As soon as i became aware i was dreaming, i realised my parents were 'dead'
they seemed to be unaware of this fact and living normally like they always had, i decided this time as i was more lucid than usual in this situation i would actually tell them this.

First i asked them what the year was, my mum answered that it was 1984, i didn't feel this was right and so i looked at her magazine to obtain this knowledge, all i found was a page saying 184.
So i went over to my dad to take a look at his newspaper date and it said 1985

I was standing -up and i said to them 'Do you know you are both dead? It's not 1985 anymore, it's 2011'

My dad didn't react at all, motionless, my mum's face started to morph into other things and here i lost lucidity and fell back into normal dreaming.

Within the dreaming that followed, I do remember seeing my son at about 2yrs old 'looking into his nanna's eyes' full of love for her, it was at this point i felt my 'loss' and grief towards losing my mum and cried deeply for some time ....

On waking i could still feel my physical body's response to the 'crying' and the feeling of 'loss'


I don't think these notes are connected to my lucid dream at all, i just wanted to record it.

In dusk light i enjoy watching the 'chi' dance around the room, this i do often, but last night i thought i heard a fly buzzing, so not wanting to spend the night with my companion i switched my fan off to listen..... i did hear an occasional buzz and then i started listening to 'ear hiss' after a little while of trying to listen out for the fly, i realised i could hear 'noise' but just from my right ear, the buzzing seemed to becoming from this source of noise too.

I have heard noise / music in this way before, it sort of sounds like it comes from a 'space' and seems to be 'the noises of living' i listened to it for a while, but couldn't pick-up anything specific and so i just seemed to not hear it anymore, i gave up listening for the fly, i didn't find one...
(though he may of being hiding, keeping quiet when i listened and looked ... :-))

19th July 2011, 03:49 PM
Brief Lucid Dream of deceased Relatives

Date: 19/07/11

Time:afternoon 3pm ish

I have not been having many lucid dreams for quite a few months now, so i thought i should record this episode although it was only brief

All the people in the dream except myself (obviously) and my sister are now all deceased and have been for over 10yrs.

I was standing in the lounge of my childhood home, and my dad, sister and grandparents were there. My nanna was asleep splayed out in the armchair that my dad would normally be sitting in, this i never saw happen at any time in real life.

I found myself in this dream-scene and knew i was dreaming.

My dad was sitting next to my grandad and he said the two of them were going to go off 'somewhere' (can't remember where he said,) but i understood it was to do with the cars or DIY or something similiar. This they both would of done and did that sort of thing, but this would of been when they were both much younger and healthier. My dad seemed very happy and my grandad too, both very animated.

Anyway i decided not to engage any more with my dad and went through the lounge door, to search through the rest of the house.
My mum and dad's bedroom is one of the first rooms one comes across and so i went in there. My mum was just getting up out of bed and hurrying as she got dressed, she was saying she didn't want to miss my nanna (her mum) and wanted to see her before she left.

I put my arms around my mum gave her a big hug and a kiss....

Then i woke up

20th July 2011, 08:57 AM
Nice, Newfreedom, I'm glad you got to hug her this time.:D

20th July 2011, 10:45 AM
Nice, Newfreedom, I'm glad you got to hug her this time.:D

Thanks, yes, it was really nice, just like the real thing :-)

The 'passing-on' of my dog companion recently, seems to have brought up/back, issues of loss and grief, especially with regards my mum, whom i was very close too.
Been having lot's of non-lucid dreams just lately about loss, upset and grief, not particularly pleasant, but necessary i guess

20th July 2011, 11:53 AM
I'm sorry to hear that your dog passed on. Sending love your way. xx

20th July 2011, 04:47 PM
Thankyou Beekeeper, xx

It's over 2 months ago now since he 'passed-on', but i'm still missing him.
He was my 'huggable' dog, he's the one snoozing on my chest in my profile picture xx

21st July 2011, 09:34 AM
He's beautiful! I bet he's around you a lot.

23rd July 2011, 09:53 AM
He's beautiful! I bet he's around you a lot.

Thankyou xx

I'm not sure if he's around me alot, although i can be sensitive at times with certain things, i am blocked / or am not able to access him if he is around. Unfortunately all my dreams with him in have been either upsetting or distressing with nightmarish feelings and elements to them

BUT i had a lucid dream this morning in which he was in and it was rather a pleasant one...

Spinning with my dog to change location

Date: 23/07/11

Time: 8am ish

Place: Previous house (first home i lived in as an adult, lived there for approx. 10 yrs, about 10 yrs ago)

Dreamed contained: hamsters, doors, my dog, spinning, another, road, on a car journey

Becoming Lucid: I was in the hallway gathering up hamsters, that were running around. I was wondering if they were pets or wild mice that just looked liked hamsters, i got them all into the lounge and shut the door to keep them in, until i could get a cage or something to put them into. As i was in the hallway doing this i recognised that i no longer lived here and that if i was here then i was 'dreaming'.

My dog was barking quite feriously behind the kitchen door, so i opened the door and let him into the hall, at first he continued his aggressive charge at me, until he realised it was me and then he went on past me to find the intruder. When i turned around the front door was wide open and it was dark outside, now the lounge door was open too.

(NB: i often have dreams where i turn around and the back or front door will suddenly be open, when earlier it was closed, quite scary and disturbing - too many horror films!)

I don't remember closing the frontdoor, but i'm sure i must of...

I decided to go out the backdoor and off to somewhere else to continue my lucid dreaming. I thought it would be nice if i could take my dog with me, but thought i would not be able to fly up with him in my arms (too heavy)

just then my ex-partner came through the back gate, home from work it seemed.

(My memory is hazy here, i can't remember if i was holding my dog at this time already, or if Tod ran up to my ex-partner, to growl and then greet him. I have played both scenario's over and over in my mind, but i'm still not sure... I am rather thinking that perhaps i was engrossed in working out how or what to do with the situation and with this in mind, was already 'imagining' holding my dog ready to 'go-off'.... and that my ex-partner coming un-expectedly through the gate, startled me and perhaps caused me to lose my concentration and changed the scene aswell)

So i am holding / carrying my dog (he's medium sized - sheepdog-cross) in my arms and decide to 'spin' to change location, i do spin around some times, but am not able to get up much speed, when i stop 'spinning' my dog starts making coughing sounds like he's going to be sick !

Ah, yes, not a good idea to spin your dog around !!!

Anyway, it suddenly works and we are now in bright sunlight, there is a straight main road infront of us and all the rest is mixtures of green fields. I am standing and Tod is still in my arms, i do not recognise where we are

Next moment i have no vision (eyes closed and sleeping ?)but am well aware of where i am, i am travelling in the car with my family. I can hear my dads voice talking, it is familiar, comfortable and safe, i feel so content and everything feels 'right'

I wake up....


Notes: At the end, when in the car with the family, i am not sure whether this is my own perspective, or rather this is the perspective of my dog...

Either way, it was a perspective i had never know consciously before and really do appreciate receiving this
Looking back on the experience now, it felt like my mum was driving the car, my dad at her side, me, my son, my daughter and our dog or dogs (my parents had a dog too) all in the backseats

I suppose it could have been the mutual perspective / feeling sense of us all, that i was feeling and not just my own or the dogs

Anyway, it was a really lovely 'time, energy, space'...

23rd July 2011, 10:50 PM
Hello, newfreedom.

That your vision was off during the end might signify a change to a not fully developed energy body - signified by the car. You have the mobility sense on (3rd chakra in Kurt's scheme) and are able to sense who is with you (4th chakra). This does not mean it's necessarily your family. Whenever dreaming of care it can be the case of exploring within an energy body, and it's also interesting in those cases who's driving. When somebody else is driving, the experience might be for exposure to this new body and you are "taken along for the ride." The feeling of safety and familiarity might denote you have some connection to whoever is with you - as close as family, and hence appearing as family.

Note how the lack of vision occurred shortly after spinning into a new location, and without continuity of memory between standing and riding in the car. This is similar for example to how people may wake up in their astral body, standing in the vicinity of their bed. They don't know how they got there, not having had exit or transition sensations, but the result is the same if you can recognise it - a transfer of consciousness. Such transits are sometimes experienced as blackouts or lack of continuity.

The thing with the doors suddenly being open might be less sinister than it seems. In nonphysical reality the environment changes in response to you. This might have even been an invitation for going outside and explore there. Similar to the portals other people report. You could also use it as visual feedback. When the door is closed, maybe something inside the house is of interest or worth exploring. Especially if the door won't budge or cannot be walked/flown through. Then there's a likelihood the situation you find yourself in could be a simulation.

If the door is open it could be an invitation to go exploring, which you promptly did. Your efforts were rewarded by finding yourself in a new location.


23rd July 2011, 11:55 PM
Just adding a little to ample Oliver's suggestions:

Becoming Lucid: I was in the hallway gathering up hamsters, that were running around. I was wondering if they were pets or wild mice that just looked liked hamsters, i got them all into the lounge and shut the door to keep them in, until i could get a cage or something to put them into. As i was in the hallway doing this i recognised that i no longer lived here and that if i was here then i was 'dreaming'.

My dog was barking quite feriously behind the kitchen door, so i opened the door and let him into the hall, at first he continued his aggressive charge at me, until he realised it was me and then he went on past me to find the intruder.

Gathering the hamsters may represent pulling together the unfocussed aspects of your psyche that was necessary before you attained lucidity.

The kitchen is a place for cooking something up, an expression meaning where ideas and adventures begin, and a hall is a liminal place, again suggesting you were on the threshold of an adventure (or you could have lost lucidity). The intruder was the new element that entered your awareness and your dog running off seeking it in the darkness suggests a willingness to embrace the unknown.

A great experience!:clap:

27th July 2011, 09:22 AM
Thanks Oliver and Beekeeper for your thoughts and understandings - very interesting and illuminating !! :D
Very much appreciated xx

Recently (last year or so) i have had a few dreams / nightmare-ish type dreams, where i am trying to escape nasty beings / monsters and shutting the outside doors to keep them out, then suddenly finding the doors open again, so i think when the outside front door was suddenly open in my recent lucid dream, i was connecting with the 'horror, dread' feelings from these other previous dreams, least that's how it feels to me now.

Hopefully after your recent info. / comment on doors being open, Oliver, i will be able to hold this info. to help me experience the 'open doors' as less threatening next time.

27th July 2011, 09:41 AM
That could be fear of losing privacy too, Newfreedom.

27th July 2011, 12:07 PM
Hi Newfreedom, Im very happy for you to have met Tod and have been able to hold him in your arms again. Whenever my beloved-cat-friend-Ati appears in my dreams, even not-lucid, I know it is something special. I see him as my otherworlds-power-animal and so I see your dog is for you :)
And agree, very illuminating replies of the others here.

30th July 2011, 05:17 PM
That could be fear of losing privacy too, Newfreedom.

Ok, thanks Beekeeper, that would make alot of sense too, i do have issues to do with privacy

30th July 2011, 05:31 PM
Hi Newfreedom, Im very happy for you to have met Tod and have been able to hold him in your arms again. Whenever my beloved-cat-friend-Ati appears in my dreams, even not-lucid, I know it is something special. I see him as my otherworlds-power-animal and so I see your dog is for you :)
And agree, very illuminating replies of the others here.

Hi Istia, thankyou for your comment,

i was wondering after reading your comment 'Why wasn't i more 'appreciative' of meeting Tod and holding him whilst being 'lucid', i don't think he has ever been in any of my lucid dreams before.

The only way i can understand this is, that i knew it was a 'dream' and that holding Tod in my arms felt 'no different' than when it did in 'normal life' and so in that sense it wasn't extrodinary in anyway.

Also i have been spending alot of time in dreams with Tod, only they haven't been particularly pleasant ones, so maybe the dream me is not familiar withnot having Tod around and therefore being with Tod in this lucid dream was not unusual for me in a feeling sense.....

Still my lack of reaction was strange though !

Perhaps he is with me more than i know, maybe i should feel and look for him more within my mind..
i just did this and got a lovely funny image of him, seems i just need to 'wonder where he's at' to get experience of his presence with me ....:heart:

30th July 2011, 06:00 PM
Brief Lucid experience, - driveway


It was an afternoon nap

I was in my 'old home' trying to find a pen that worked, i picked up a second pen and this too had hardly any ink, at this point i knew i was dreaming,

i decided to go back outside onto the front driveway and 'fly high' into the sky, when i got outside there was a black posh - looking car parked outside the driveway, that hadn't been parked there earlier. It was a very bright sunny day, but i began to loose vision, i shouted 'clear sight' and 'i want to see now' but realised i had lost my vision due to the fact that i was waking up.... and wake up i did

Shame... it would of been awesome to fly up into the sky on such a beautiful day

31st July 2011, 12:37 AM
The pen running out of ink was probably your indicator it wouldn't go long.

8th August 2011, 04:15 PM
Afternoon nap (today)

Hypnogogics - stroking my deceased dog
I was stroking my (now deceased) dog's head, everytime i stroked his head, his eyes would focus forwards as if he was trying to get my attention and show me something

Backward roll energybody experience
i must of fallen asleep, i became aware of waves of strong energy going up through my body, this happened a couple of times before i found myself tumble towards my head (rather like doing a backward roll)
i had no vision but now felt upsidedown in a curled up position at the top of my bed, just then i felt like i was holding my arms up in the air, as i let my arms drop, one of them hit the desktop next to my bed and so now, i assumed i really had physically moved into this position and it had not just been my energy body.

With this understanding in mind i struggled to get fully conscious so i could get out of this 'rolled up position', only to awake properly to find my arms by my side and lying down flat on my bed.


After realising this, i went back into sleep,

i then had a long lucid deam, but i wasn't really very happy or impressed about this, i'm not sure why, i think perhaps i wasn't feeling emotionally great and this spilled over into how i experienced the lucid dream, basically with 'little delight' or enthusiasm
So i am going to write it very briefly...

Lucid Park dream (with low enthusiasm)

i was walking down the hallway of my now home and one of the rooms was a different shape, this brought me into lucidity.

Next i was in unfamilar extra part to my now house
Went through a door to outside, bright and colourful park -like land, people too, two ladies who looked liked twins and other people were around
i came to a ledge high above the sea, i took off with the intention to fly, but it felt like i was falling instead, i decided to land safely on land and did so by landing on my feet on a path back at the park.
i looked around for a suitable horse to ride, i found one and i did ride it for a while, but it wouldn't go any faster than walking pace and so i got bored and got off.
i chatted to a guy that was sitting down for a while, he had had some accident and had presently lost the use of his legs

The lucid dream did continue for some while longer, i went down and out of some building, passing a black snake (someone was telling me i had done that wrong and now i was at risk from the snake) i didn't really take any notice, i continued on and past going through what seemed like someone's back yard,......

i know there was more, but i have no more memory

i think i was feeling that the dreamscape was limited and i was limited in what i could do and that it was nothing very special. i had a strong connection to my body asleep on the bed, so maybe the input of this was making me feel this as a limitation and a 'holdback' within my experience....... i'm not sure

9th August 2011, 10:00 AM
Well, exhaustion or even just feeling a little down will do that to dreaming. I wonder if the man you spoke to was actually a spirit.

9th August 2011, 11:05 AM
Well, exhaustion or even just feeling a little down will do that to dreaming. I wonder if the man you spoke to was actually a spirit.

Hmmm, well i was feeling a little down, but no more than usual really,

I don't think the man was a spirit, all the people in the dream seemed like 'normal' people and i did also briefly talk to a woman too, she had offered to lead the horse for me so as to get him trotting, instead of just walking.

i think i need to 'step it up' a little now and start doing or asking things that are more spiritually important, i usually only have enough awareness to do physical type activities and interact in normal ways and if i ever remember to ask of 'bigger' things, in the past nothing has happened or i lose the dream.

Hmmm, i'll have to take a look at things to do / ask when in OoBE and practice the thoughts in my head untill i remember them enough to do them once i'm dreaming.

See if i can get some more interesting things happening

9th August 2011, 03:09 PM
>Also i have been spending alot of time in dreams with Tod, only they haven't been particularly pleasant ones, so maybe the dream me is not familiar withnot having Tod around and therefore being with Tod in this lucid dream was not unusual for me in a feeling sense.....

yes, though i rather would name it a bit different in that i think our dream-I`s do very well know that we as whole-soul-beings are never sperated from each other in last truth, so when we dream-meet a beloved being who has gone to the other-side our true-selfs just feel this natural as our true-selves never ever have lost this connection on an energetic/soul-level and so will not be surprised or perceive anything as "unusual".

>Perhaps he is with me more than i know, maybe i should feel and look for him more within my mind..

for sure I think so, not neccessarily but naturally as you both have become energetically such a close union. And anyway it takes time, i think somehow on both sides. Now after 5 years I only dream-meet my Aticat very rarely, cause I did/could let go, but in the first years I did regularily focus-exercises to connect me to him in the other world. Best way for me was this *gazing/peering*-technique, also described by Don Juan in Carlos Castanedas books, just looking without focus into the dark, being silent/meditative inside and without wanting to "see" anything. Our other animals in the house (who were missing Ati as well) did very often kind accompanie me sitting in the backyard, even sometimes somehow "showing" me that now is a good time and energy to go gazing+connecting, that was very mystical and comforting for me as well.

> ... i assumed i really had physically moved into this position and it had not just been my energy body.
With this understanding in mind i struggled to get fully conscious so i could get out of this 'rolled up position', only to awake properly to find my arms by my side and lying down flat on my bed.

so in my eyes that in fact was an exit of an OBE but which was not conscious and the whole exit-process then was interrupted by your doubts about that you`ve already seperated from your body. Would you see/say the same?

You are having so many fantastic experiences, always great to read for me, thanks for sharing!

20th August 2011, 06:51 AM
for sure I think so, not neccessarily but naturally as you both have become energetically such a close union. And anyway it takes time, i think somehow on both sides. Now after 5 years I only dream-meet my Aticat very rarely, cause I did/could let go, but in the first years I did regularily focus-exercises to connect me to him in the other world. Best way for me was this *gazing/peering*-technique, also described by Don Juan in Carlos Castanedas books, just looking without focus into the dark, being silent/meditative inside and without wanting to "see" anything. Our other animals in the house (who were missing Ati as well) did very often kind accompanie me sitting in the backyard, even sometimes somehow "showing" me that now is a good time and energy to go gazing+connecting, that was very mystical and comforting for me as well.

Thanks Ista, for this wonderful practical advice and help, i think i can do that 'staring thing' you mention too
Yesterday was fun, i was having fun with the dogs, being active (for once!) in the house / garden and as a little grey clothes moth came flying out of somewhere within my room , my voice sang. said peapoose

This is just one of the many, many different names Tod, our dog was given by me and the kids..

Later that day i saw another exact same moth in the garden and my voice 'blurted out' PEAPOOSE.... ahahaha !

so i don't know what connection Tod has to 'clothes moths'...... but i do know as children our house would often get clothes moths living, nesting and eating our clothes, carpets and curtains...

This was well before Tod was born, 20 yrs or so.....

Anyway i was delighted to hear myself call out one of Tod's 'nicknames' and it allowed me to find slightly more peace with the situation of losing Tod.....

XX thanks Istia :toast:xx

20th August 2011, 07:46 AM
1am -3am - non lucid dream

Disturbing dream,

physical enviroment of dream has so farc been unable to be brought back fully enough in my memory to write anything that could/ would be accurate or understandable..

Seemed to be about broken agreements, back-stabbing behaviour, let-downs, deceptiveness and sneaky selfish behaviours from others towards myself, i woke up very disturbed and it was such a relief to be awake and back here...

20th August 2011, 08:02 AM

8.20 am
the scene was one i have seen from a film..there was a soldier who came to do his job of assasinating this man..... stabbing hm through shoulder into heart,

..... but then in my scene,
there suddenly becomes a discussion / disagreement between the soldier supervisor and his employee

'who will do this?, who should do it ? and whose job it should be...... the supervisor or the one being supervised

i woke up

24th August 2011, 12:43 AM
Hypnogogics :wacky1:

1am -ish

Having a weak soultion (run out of) salt bath.......

I heard "that's my son" then "no it's not"

this appeared to be me speaking, there were also visuals, but these are vague in my memory, seemed to be someone passing or people moving around


NB: In a this life situation i have been noticing similarities with how people look physically and also noticing facial expressions and innuendo's with the expression in others eyes.

The moving around people could be memories of shopping in Town, something i have been needing to do to maintain balance in my present state. I have been going nearly everyday for about a week, normally (over past 5yrs.) i would avoid leaving the house at all and absolutely hated having to shop for any reason.

28th August 2011, 06:06 PM
Hi Newfreedom, peapose sounds like a very sweet name! :)
and a funny synchronicity is that i recently the first time have seen moths in our house, though after investigating for a while i now think they come from outside, cause the weather has changed and has got weird, its much more wet and humidity in the air and no more summer at all, strange.
Btw: absolutely agree about shopping, especially in crowds raaa ;) in past years I hated it so much, though since a while i go more often, which is a good exercise for me to stay relaxt in crowds, avoid too much sensitivity and also it strengthenes grounding i find.

greetings from istia

24th December 2011, 07:37 PM

It's been quite a while since i have been lucid enough to choose what to do and make decisions in my dream. For a while i didn't have recall or memory of my dreams, then recently again i started remembering them and this morning i was lucid in one dream
I had some very vivid dreams before the lucid event and had woken up several times. One of the dreams involved someone giving birth, but they were in a fluid enviroment and the baby was colourful lights and energy first before it became physical..... very strange..... it's not often i remember strange dreams. Most of the dreams i remember seem to be mudane, normal stuff.

Lucid Dream - can't get out

Time: approx 10 am

I dozed back into sleep and became lucid standing in the bedroom of my previous house. Everything was black & white (i had recently watched i film depicting this) to begin with, but became normal almost immediately. I knew i was dreaming and so decided to try and fly through the window. It did cross my mind that if i wasn't dreaming then i could be in trouble as it was upstairs, but i was certain i was dreaming and so lauched myself towards the window. I only managed to smash the glass with my hand and that was as far as i got. I thought about going through the ceiling instead, doing a superman style exit, but i couldn't fly it seemed and I only managed to pull some of the ceiling material down.
Next thing i remember was being downstairs with my children and niece, they were young again, it was Xmas Eve (as it is today) and we needed to find out if the children were meant to be in school or not. I decided to use the internet and google it, i had great difficulty doing this as the words i typed in would not come out right........... it was at this stage i lost lucidity and fell back into normal dreaming

I realised on waking that the window i was trying to fly through in the bedroom, was not meant to have been there, in real life that wall had no windows. Interestingly during the dream, i had not realised this as everything seemed to be as it should have been. Also children do not go to school on Xmas eve, this is something else i should have known.

25th December 2011, 09:01 PM
There are degrees of lucidity, of course. Might have been a simulation - you did have problems to solve within the dream.

28th December 2011, 12:03 PM
How many children and how old? Could have been yourself trying to figure out if you wanted to do some development on your energy bodies that night or not. Children can act in this capacity especially if there are different age groups and three of them. Your own children and a niece could depict that you have a different relationship to one of them than to the others.

Maybe you weren't just up to it that time.

29th December 2011, 02:39 PM
Thanks for both comments, interesting and thought provoking as always :-)

Well they seemed very young, but if they were in school, the little girls must of been at least 4 yrs, that would make my son about 7 yrs.

So 3 children:-
boy of 7 yrs ish (son)
girl of 4 yrs ish (daughter)
girl of 4 yrs ish (neice)

29th December 2011, 03:00 PM
Lucid Dream event brings back a forgotten memory - Old orange sofa

Had this lucid dream a few months back.

My sister drove her car up my parents drive, she had a friend with her, next thing her car was in the living room.

i became lucid standing in the living room of my parents house (they are now both deceased and their house has been sold) My sister was sitting down now on the sofa, as was an auntie of mine and there was another person there sitting too (this could of been the friend out of my sister's car)

I told my auntie that what we were experiencing wasn't real, that we weren't really in my mums house as it had been sold. Then looking at the sofa, i said 'look even the sofa is not the right one' and instead of my parents most recent sofa being there in it's right place, the previous old orange sofa was there instead. At this point i started to become lost in upset and grief.... and so deliberately woke myself up as i did not want to go through the discomfort of 'greiving' yet again


On waking i was amazed i had seen the old orange sofa, i hadn't thought of it for years and had even forgotten all about it...

29th December 2011, 03:14 PM
Hypnogogics / brief OBE

27/12/11 3pm ish

During the hypnogogic stage of an afternoon nap, i suddenly found myself standing on the pathway in front of my house facing the park, there were 2 bushes to my right without leaves on them - this is what caught my attention as 'not true to reality' (there are no bushes there) and instantly i was back, awake in my body again

6th January 2012, 06:58 PM
Brief dream images / micro dreams

6/01/12 - 12.30 am ish

As i was falling asleep, i would immediately start to dream, but would then manage to wake up again and have some recall of what i had briefly been dreaming, experiencing, but much of my memory was faint and alot of what i had been experienced was also not retained on waking.

Here are the bits of dream memory i was able to bring back during the process of going to sleep

There was an image of 2 men, sitting down and i think one of them was not being treated 'right' I heard the words 'the truth can come out for everybody'

I was in a discussion with others about 'Sound'

There was an image of what looked like part of an enlarged car number plate, which then seemed to become more like a T- shirt that a man was wearing, i was visually very close to this image, (like in my face) but at the same time i also experienced this man as a presence sitting beside me

7th January 2012, 07:00 PM
Bit's of Lucid dream memory.

7/01/12 time: 10 am ish

I had a really long and clear lucid dream this morning, but unfortunately i didn't stay awake when i woke up immediately after it, so i didn't recall the details in my mind and have now lost much of the memory of the experience. But i do know that i really enjoyed myself while i was lucid and had a great time exploring and trying things out.
I can remember thinking about ending the experience, but decided to make the most of it and continued on with it.
I do recall waking up and the experience coming to an end, but i fell back asleep going back into another lucid dream, before waking-up and going back into another non-lucid dream

I have recently downloaded Micheal Raduga's free ebook about OBE's and have been reading a bit from it

During my lucid dream i was able to try out some of his recommended techniques:-

Touching things around me to deepen the experience, increase lucidity
closing my eyes to change my experience, location and when also passing through objects
Becoming Lucid
i was standing in the lounge of my previous house when i became lucid.

I excitedly opened the door of the lounge that leads into the hallway, wondering what i would see there, it was similar in shape as it should have been, but was not it's expected colour, but all white. I inspected the room very thoroughly and as i was doing this, some coats then appeared hanging up.
i also practiced touching my surroundings, so as to deeper my experience and at the time i do think it helped to increase the realness and clearness of my experience. ( i also remember doing the 'touching objects' again, a bit later in the dream experience too)

After i had looked around the hall, i went through the only door that there was available, into another white room, i explored this room too, but my memory fails me here...

So the rest are just pieces of memory from my overall experience...

I wanted to try closing my eyes whilst passing through a wall / closed door, to see if this could be done...... i closed my eyes while intenting to pass through the wall to the other side, i rushed through and whizzed out the otherside and when i turned around, opened my eyes and looked, i had indeed passed through the object i had intended to and was now outside this building.... cool!

I decided to try and fly, i didn't feel like i would be able to do this at first, but it seems as if i got past this doubt and realised/ remembered how to become airbourne. I got caught up in the telephone wires to begin with (i always seem too), but i landed and then tried to become airbourne again with the intention that the wires would not affect me and this time they didn't. I rose up until i was quite high in the air, it was dark and i felt the wind blowing against my face and heard the air 'whooshing' past my ears..... exhilerating and freeing and i think my most favourite experience during lucid dreaming

I decided to close my eyes and intend for 'a person i wanted to meet' to be there when i opened my eyes...... this didn't happen, but 4 people i didn't know were there now instead...

I closed my eyes again and this time I asked to be taken to see 'this person', i was thinking about spinning too (i am unsure whether i spun or not).... i do remember it didn't work, but i cannot remember if my location changed or not
It's a shame i was too lazy to wake up properly, so that i was unable to remember my lucid dream clearly and coherently, but even so, i was still able to bring back the most impactful parts of the experience, which i am still pleased about...

7th January 2012, 10:54 PM
And you fulfilled a number of goals too, which is great progress.

8th January 2012, 02:51 PM
And you fulfilled a number of goals too, which is great progress.

xx :D

8th January 2012, 03:29 PM
Semi-Lucid Dream - Blue Book

8/01/12 Time: 10 am ish

I had woken up and got up for a drink, sorted the dogs out and went on the computer for a little while, before i decided to lie back down and drift into thoughts / sleep.

I read the post on the forum here about David Joshua Stone and in doing so, recalled i own 3 of his books, a bright blue, a grey colour and a pink one - ascension, beyond ascension and relationships...

I had a sense that i was in bed drifting in and out of sleep, so i was aware on some level of this fact, so during the dream scene i sort of knew i was dreaming, but without actually thinking 'Oh, i'm dreaming...' (which is what usually happens when i realise i am dreaming)

Dream Scene
I see a dressing table i don't recognise infront of me, on it is a blue book (the same blue colour of the ascension book i have by David Joshua Stone) I go over to the book to read it's title, there are words on the front cover of the book, but i can't make sense of them. I focus harder on reading the writing and as i do this, the words start to re-write themselves in front of my eyes -- Cool !

It's title said ' Buddha Up'
and underneath this the words 'Buddha starter kit'

There was quite alot of writing below what i had already read and i was about to start reading that also.... but other family members in the house were stirring and getting up, so the dogs that were now with me in my room, woke up too and started moving around, waking me up..

3rd February 2012, 08:23 AM
Brief Lucid Dream - Visiting my deceased parents house

I found myself on the road where i used to live as a child, this brought me to lucidity..

I decided to visit my old family home, knowing that my parents were no longer alive. As i was about to open the door, i let go of my expectation of seeing my mum... this obviously had a very strong impact on the reality that then met me.

I opened the back door and went inside and instead of seeing my mum, who seconds previously i had realised i was expecting to see at the kitchen sink, there was a young girl of about 8 yrs.

I told her i was just visiting and that i used to live in the home she was now occupying, other family members came into the dinning room, which now appeared structurally different than how it had once been.

The girl's father was friendly and pleasant and offered to show me around the now changed place, he did so and i remained lucid for some time, before falling back into a non-lucid dream awareness.

In reality there were structural alterations done to the home after it was sold, but not like the ones i was shown and experienced within the dream scene.

3rd February 2012, 08:33 AM
Hypna images & presence of my deceased dog

As i closed my eyes and rested, ready for moving into sleep i had feeling sense and visual motion of rippling waves of the sea coming up the seashore.... then suddenly i had the image of my deceased dog and his energy presence to the right side of me.

Tod loved the sea when he was alive and we had many, many magical moments as a family at seasides, walking, swimming and playing....:heart:x

3rd February 2012, 08:35 AM
Green Cockroach

Date: 3/02/12 Time: approx 6 am

This was a very impactful non-lucid dream with amazing clear memory recall…

The last few days i have been experiencing being able to be more self & life aware and more able to be ‘present’ & engaged & to have more of a choice of where to put my attention, which is a really nice change, again..

The dream seemed to mirror this in that it was very impactful, clear and deeply engaging, with the result that on waking it took a good half an hour before the influence & feeling of the dream died down to only being impactful when memorising & thinking about it, instead of continuously

A couple of things stood out within the dream story:

I had left my children with their father’s side of the family, to go away to work or something, i had been away for some weeks, but strangely when i returned it felt like years, or that there was missing time or something… children were about 6 & 9 yrs, so 15yrs. of life had suddenly disappeared from within my dream life experience
At one point, during a day out, the children had run off to play & i didn’t know where they were & i had a huge panic that they might be in trouble or danger & went racing off to find them.
During this day out, i kept meeting many of my relatives alive & deceased ones & they all looked younger and so radiant… this part was heart-warming xx

Towards the end of the dream, i was experiencing myself as i do when i become confused with memory loss after too many sleepness nights, i was quite distressed and relying on others help. Just before the dream ends, i realise i have dropped, lost something i had bought earlier at a stall, i cannot remember what this is, but i know it is gone, then i see the words ‘green cockroach’ written on the end of a wooden handle i am carrying, seems like the plastic bug has become unstuck & fallen off..

On reading the words ‘green cockroach’ i woke up..

When i came on my computer an hr later to write this dream experience up, what met my eyes on my yahoo news home page was the words – Giant Sea Cockroach !!!

Geez….. these cockroaches get everywhere! :mrgreen:x:wacky1:

Green Cockroach - Dreamoods Dream Dictionary

To see a cockroach in your dream symbolizes uncleanness. It also signifies longevity, tenacity and renewal. You need to reevaluate major aspects of your life. Alternatively, the dream represents an undesirable aspect of yourself in which you need to confront. A roach may also be a pun on smoking marijuana.

Colors in dreams represent energy, emotions, and vibes. First consider what that single color in your dream means to you and your own personal associations and relationship with that color. In general, pale pastel colors indicate weakness or subtlety. Dark colors represent passion and intensity. Bright colors mean awareness.

(green for me represents healing)

6th February 2012, 08:23 PM
Lost Documents & Pretending to not notice

Date: 6/02/12 Time: 7 am ish


For the past few weeks, as part of my effort to become more aware with myself & life, i have been recording my non lucid dreams. Sometimes just a line or two.

I also have been making more effort to remember my non-lucid dreams, so as to be able to make notes about them.

The dreams i write of here were barely remembered by me, i had to put quite a bit of effort to store & remember them to begin with and then didn't manage to write them down until late afternoon, by which time, i had to once again struggle to try and retrieve them

Lost Documents - dream

Someone it seemed had been stuffing letters, documents of mine into the hedges around my home, i was searching and finding them..

When i later came to retrieve this dream memory to write it down, it suddenly 'hit' me that earlier in the day, i had indeed being looking for paper documents that i had mis-laid...but now needed..

...but not in the garden!! i was searching the house for them and i did find them...:-)...

Pretending not to notice - dream

I was in a room with other people, i was interestingly watching this one male person, in a non- obvious way (if there is one) having an awareness of him and knowing he had an awareness of me, but us both acting 'normal' and pretending not to have this awareness of each other.

I have been forced to 'deal' with this type of awareness around others alot in different ways over the last years. Before i began to regain awareness, i had blocked out this sense and also had blocked out the realisation that i had even blocked it.

For some time as a younger adult, i had no idea, i was completely disconnected and oblivious to any of it..... hahaha..... easy times, easy times.... :rolleyes:x

7th February 2012, 09:19 PM
supervised doing it wrong toilets

Date: 7/02/12 Time: 7 am ish

I do not usually write up my non-lucid dreams, because they usually make no sense and trying to 'make sense' out of them to write up would make me feel uncomfortable, so i would never bother.
Today it seems a bit easier to think about the dreams, let them be as they are and still manage to find some understanding, value or meaning within them.

So the place where the dream scene took place was overlapped by three places, the quarry where i walk the dogs, the local supermarket and some deep water...
i was constanty going into places i shouldn't haven't been and was being supervised and encouraged to go back to the 'right' places
i was given a bowl of cereal to eat and i went into and under the deep water and lost all the food, my thoughts were 'oh no, i shouldn't have done that'..... i'd made a mistake, done it wrong
i needed to have a 'pee' and i am trying to find somewhere to go, there seems nowhere private.... there are 2 doors, i can't tell which is male or which is female..... a man advises me to use the toilets on the right as these are the children's and are nicer. It seemed there were male toliets and children's toilets, but no female toilets


I hope to add some notes later after i have looked up the meanings to some dream symbols and also give any understandings between my dream memories and my current now life experiences

the dream scene places:

the quarry is a special place for me & my dogs - safe and supportive...
last year during intense panic attacks i found myself needing to escape from my family home during the night and would often find a safe and balancing refudge in our local 'open all night' supermarket.
As a competitive swimmer during my youth, i spent hours of my life in and under water, going under the water was a very familiar and enjoyable experience for me, though i'm not really familiar with really deep depths of water and am not sure i would find that comfortable either.

So these 3 places are supportive and comfortable energy 'spaces' within my physical life

Dream symbols -(Dream Moods Dictionary - i've only listed the revelent parts that could relate to these dreams of mine here)

There was 'nothing' for supermarket (and advice was to see 'market)

To dream that you are in a market represents some emotional or physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. You may be in need of nurturance and some fulfillment. Alternatively, the market signifies frugality. (the advice was also to 'see' store)

To see or be in a grocery or convenience store in your dream suggests that you are emotionally and mentally strained. Alternatively, the dream means that you are brainstorming for some new ideas or looking at the various choices out there for you. The dream may be a pun on something that is in "store" for you. It could signify the inevitable.


To dream that you are underwater suggests that you are being overcome with emotions and are in over your head regarding some situation. You need to gain greater control of your life.

To see a quarry in your dream indicates that you have dug yourself into an emotional hole.

To see food in your dream represents physical and emotional nourishment and energies.

To dream that you make a mistake indicates that you are doubting yourself in the choices and decisions you are making.

Pee (unrination)
To dream that you are urinating in public symbolizes a lack of privacy in some personal matter. Alternatively, the dream means that you are trying to establish your boundary and "mark your territory."

To see a toilet in your dream symbolizes a release of emotions. You need to get rid of something in your life that is useless.
To see a clogged toilet in your dream suggests that you are holding and keeping your feelings to yourself. Your emotions have been pent up too long and you need to let go of the negative feelings.
To see an overflowing or flooded toilet in your dream denotes your desires to fully express your emotions.

To dream that you have no privacy suggests that you are feeling exposed and unprotected. Perhaps there is something that are you trying to hide.

10th February 2012, 10:10 AM
Date: 9/02 Time: 1am ish

Pushing someone into another room

I saw an image of someone being pushed into a room wall and the wall being
pushed out, so that the room wall and this person then both ended up in the room next door.

I had the distinct impression that i was the one who had done the 'pushing'

At the same time as i saw the image, i also heard the thought - 'you've gone through to next door'

Dream moods Dictionary

To dream that you are pushing something symbolizes energy, effort, encouragement and motivation. You have a new drive to succeed in life. Consider also how you or someone in your life may be a "pushover".

Unknown person
To see an unknown person in your dream signifies a part of yourself that is repressed and hidden.

To dream that you are in a room represents a particular aspect of yourself or a specific relationship. Dreams about various rooms often relate to hidden areas of the conscious mind and different aspects of your personality.
To dream that you find or discover a new room suggests that you are developing new strengths and taking on new roles. You may be growing emotionally.
To dream that you are in an empty white room indicates a fresh start. It is like a blank canvas where you want to start life anew. Alternatively, the dream means that you are trying to isolate yourself. You do not want any outside influences.

When i woke in the morning the only dream memory i had during the night of sleep was something about having dreams and recording them/writing them up.

10th February 2012, 11:01 AM
Date: 10/02 Time: 7 am ish

I heard the following thoughts:

i can't hear you (this was in relation to a subject i had just been consciously thinking over, before i dipped more into unconsciousness, so i understand the context of this thought)

'power to the people' (have no idea about this thought)

'don't wait for a lottery win' - then i heard Michael Jackson's song- Man in the Mirror (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUrqFkR7QlI)(this 'heard' thought is connected to seeing a couple on T.V winning millions in the lottery, i feel i had this topic going on in a semi - unconscious way in my mind, before i then heard the thought and song)

'bit late, bit late for Easter now' (again don't know the context of this)

11th February 2012, 04:25 PM
Date 11/02

Cats & hotel room

We were in a hotel, we had 2 pet cats with us. During the night on 2 occasions, we left one in the hotel room and took the other one with us, to wherever it was we went. On the second night, the people at the hotel took our cat from the hotel room as they apparently thought we had left and abandoned our cat. (which we hadn't)

Dream moods dream Dictionary

To see a hotel in your dream signifies a new state of mind or a shift in personal identity. You are undergoing some sort of transition and need to move away from your old habits and old way of thinking. You need to temporarily escape from your daily life. Alternatively, the dream may imply a loss in your personal identity.

To see a cat in your dream symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. It also represents misfortune and bad luck. The dream symbol has different significance depending on whether you are a cat lover or not. The cat could indicate that someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you.

Two stands for balance, diversity, partnership, marriage cooperation, soul, or receptivity. It can also symbolize double weakness or double strength. The world is seen as being made up of dualities and opposites, as in the male and female, mother and father, light and dark, heaven and hell, yin and yang, etc.

To dream that someone is stealing something from you indicates that you are experiencing an identity crisis or are suffering from some sort of loss in your life. Alternatively, the dream means that someone has stolen your success or has taken credit for something you did. Perhaps you feel that you have been treated unfairly.

Flying dream

lot's of us flying, bit like a day out and we all adventured by flying...

(Dream Dictionary)
"I'm Flying"
Flying dreams fall under a category of dreams known as lucid dreams. Many dreamers describe the ability to fly in their dreams as an exhilarating, joyful, and liberating experience.
If you are flying with ease and are enjoying the scene and landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. You have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a new and different perspective on things. Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is representative of your own personal sense of power.

In reality, we cannot really fly, of course. Thus, such dreams can be representative of things that are beyond your physical limitations. In your mind, you can be anybody and do anything.
Another way of interpreting flying dreams is that these dreams symbolize your strong mind and will. You feel undefeatable and that nobody can tell you what you cannot do and accomplish.
Such dreams are sure to leave you with a great sense of freedom.

Competing in a type of atheletic Gameshow

(to be written up)

11th February 2012, 04:33 PM
Date:11/02 time: 10 am ish

Hypnopompic voice
Just as i was waking up, i heard my grown-up daughter call me.... 'mum'...
...it came from my own head space, so i felt sure she hadn't really called me in physical reality. (she hadn't, she was still sleeping)

Added Note: 24/02
i heard my daughters voice in this same manner twice more after this... and both times it was not her really calling me in physical reality. I was in various stages of sleep & sleepiness though both times.

24th February 2012, 09:11 PM
Broken Ankles

I had 2 broken ankles, so was unable to compete in the upcoming swimming competitions. But i did have an awareness and sense, that i was no longer as fit as i once was and would not be able to do as well as i once had.

I did brake my right ankle when i was 11 yrs old...
Although in the dream i was obviously back in my younger days, there was a part of me that realised i was no longer this age or this fit anymore.

Dream moods Dictionary

To dream about your ankles indicates that you are seeking support and direction in your life. Ask yourself where you want to be headed.
To sprain your ankle in your dream suggests that you are experiencing some obstacles or difficulties in your progress.

I am wanting to make big changes in my 3D life circumstances and i am experiencing my usual obstacles and difficulties in attempting to do this...

Taking Exams

There were exams coming up and i was worried, panicking because i hadn't done any studying

Dream moods Dictionary

Test Dreams
To dream that you are taking an exam, indicates that you are being put to the test or being scrutinized in some way. These dreams highlight some anxiety or agitation that you are experiencing in your waking life.
Test dreams also suggest that you are feeling unprepared for a challenge. Rarely, these dreams are about the actual content of the test, but rather it is more about the process and how you feel during the exam taking process. These feelings often parallel how you are actually feeling in a particular challenge or situation in your waking like.

26th February 2012, 07:56 PM
Bus fall and carrying my young daughter

Date: 26/02 Time: approx 11 am ish

I was with the family on what appeared to be an open-top double-decker bus, we were going into town (we never did this in real life i had a car when the children were little and we never used the bus, now i have to use the bus - no car)
I was looking at pictures and reading a children's book with my daughter, whose age was about 2 to 3 yrs (i remember thinking, i had forgotten what it was like to do this, as i hadn't done it in ages)

Becoming Lucid
after a little while my daughter jumped up and as she did so, my instinct was to grap her, we both began to fall from the bus (no barriers?) she started to become distressed as we plumeted towards the ground......this caused me to become lucid

...as i now realised this was a dream, i said to my daughter, "it's ok, it's a dream we don't need to fall" and with that i stopped the falling sensation and we glided down slowly and safely to the ground.

The bus carried on off towards town with my son and his dad still on board.
For some reason i walked away from town and back towards home, i was carrying my daughter in my arms.
I told her that we were dreaming and that in real life she was now 21 yrs old. The surroundings were identical to how they are in 'real-time', it was a bright sunny and beautiful day and i enjoyed the experience of walking and carrying my young daughter once again in my arms.

We approached the corner shops and i realised i had no money to buy anything for ourselves. Feeling very much 'real' i doubted my ability to be able to suddenly manifest money and so decided against trying or engaging with the shops or people in a 'non-normal' way.

I asked my daughter if she wanted to visit her nanna, as we were at a road which would lead to where she used to live (i knew full well that my mother had passed-on and her home was now sold) i thought we could visit the childrens play park on the way there at least and it was a very, very long walk home for us otherwise.

i woke up...

When i was reading the book, i was really reading the words on the page, the book was probably more for a child of 6 to 8 yrs. (on waking i cannot remember much about the pictures or what words i actually read)

What was strange was that my son was on the bus with myself and his father, we were all sitting together, but he wasn't paying any attention to the book, normally i would have expected him to have been there and interested too

The other thing i find strange and interesting is i did not take a look at what myself or my daughter were wearing. i saw and felt my daughter as 2 or 3yrs and saw her beautiful curly hair, recognised her young face and remembered the feel of her little body against me, but nothing else.

I felt myself carrying my daughter and feel my 'body presence' was as i was when my daughter was of that young age, but again i didnot look at myself. My mind was definately in a now perspective, so i guess i was experiencing myself and my daughter , as we both were 18 yrs ago.

Partial info. from Dream Moods Dictionary

Falling dreams are another theme that is quite common in the world of dreams. Contrary to a popular myth, you will not actually die if you do not wake up before you hit the ground during a fall.
As with most common dream themes, falling is an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. You are feeling overwhelmed and out of control in some situation in your waking life.
You have lost your foothold and keep up with the hustle and bustle of daily life. When you fall, there is nothing that you can hold on to. You more or less are forced toward this downward motion without any control. This lost of control may parallel a waking situation in your life.
Falling dreams also often reflect a sense of failure or inferiority in some circumstance or situation. You feel shameful and a lost sense of self-esteem You are unable to keep up with the status quo and feel that you don't measure up.

To see your own family in your dream represents security, warmth and love. It could also symbolize bitterness, jealousy, or rivalry, depending on your relationship with your family.
Alternatively, it could mean that you are overly dependent on your family, especially if the family members are in your recurring dreams .
Consider also the significance of a particular family member or the relationship you have with them.

To save a child in your dream signifies your attempts to save a part of yourself from being destroyed.

To see your offspring in your dream symbolizes an aspect of yourself that you are trying to nurture. The dream is telling you to take some time off so you can cater to the inner child within.

To dream that you are riding a bus implies that you are going along with the crowd. You are lacking originality and control over where your life is taking.

To see books in your dream indicate calmness. You are moving toward your goals at a slow and steady pace. Books also symbolize knowledge, intellect, information and wisdom.
In particular, to see an open book in your dream means that you are able to grasp new ideas with ease.
Consider the type of book for additional clues. The dream may represent your calling into a specific field of work or an area that you need to devote more study to.
To see children's books in your dream symbolize memories from your own childhood. It may also suggest your desire to escape from reality and retreat into some fantasy world.

To dream that you are reading indicates that you need to obtain more information and knowledge before making a decision. You need to think things through and consider all you options.

To dream that you are walking with ease signifies a slow, but steady progress toward your goals. You are moving through life in a confident manner. Consider your destination.

To dream that you have no money indicates a fear of losing your place in the world. You are lacking the abilities needed to achieve some desired goal.

5th March 2012, 02:02 AM
Date: 4/03 Time: 10pm ish

I saw an image of a dog holding a small dead cat in it's mouth

Not nice!

I have no idea of the meaning of this, if there is one...

Dream moods dictionary (the useful bits)


To see a dog in your dream symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity.
The dream suggests that your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success.
The dream dog may also represent someone in your life who exhibits these qualities.
Alternatively, to see a dog in your dream indicates a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten.
Also consider common notions associated with the word dog, such as loyalty ("man's best friend") and to be "treated like a dog".


To see a cat in your dream symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power.
It also represents misfortune and bad luck.
The dream symbol has different significance depending on whether you are a cat lover or not.
The cat could indicate that someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you.

5th March 2012, 03:19 AM
From the symbols above, I'd say you have an internal conflict between your logical and intuitive side, and the logical is winning.

18th March 2012, 07:06 PM
From the symbols above, I'd say you have an internal conflict between your logical and intuitive side, and the logical is winning.

That makes alot of sense ~ Thankyou :-)x

24th March 2012, 01:33 PM
Date: 24/03 Time: 7am ish

Hypnagogic no. 1
i found myself standing in the hall of our present home, i went into my now bedroom (of a few months, it used to be my daughters room, we swapped) and opened a window

....then i became aware again of physically lying in my bed as i came back to my waking self

It felt as though i had just come in through the front door after being away on holiday. In real life we rarely use the front door for any other reason.

From DM dictionary:

To see shut windows in your dream signify desertion and abandonment.

To dream that you are opening something suggests that you are unleashing your potential. It represents new opportunities, insight, and self-discovery.

Hypnagogic no. 2
The price of something, a package was £3.66

DM Dictionary interpretations

To see a package in your dream represents hidden creative energy, skills, and/or feelings.

To see a price of something in your dream represents the value you are placing on yourself, your time and your abilities. If the price is high, then it indicates that you value yourself highly. If the price is low, then you are undervaluing yourself or taking somebody else for granted. The dream also relates to your self esteem.

Three signifies life, vitality, inner strength, completion, imagination, creativity, energy, self-exploration and experience. Three stands for a trilogy, as in the past, present, and future or father, mother, and child or body, mind, and soul, etc. Dream of the number three may be telling you that the third time is the charm.

Six is indicative of cooperation, balance, tranquility, perfection, warmth, union, marriage, family, and love. Your mental, emotional, and spiritual states are in harmony. It is also indicative of domestic bliss.

27th March 2012, 03:50 PM
Date: 27/03 Time 6am ish

End of present Earth life Cycle
This is an interesting non-lucid dream segment i remember from last night's sleep time

i was watching someone being resuscitated back to life, i was watching from outside of the scene, but also able to experience what it was like being inside the body of the person being worked on.

It was like they were aware of their body and physical reality around them, but residing just out of their body and slowly loosing connection and association with their body and 3D surroundings as they were dying, it felt like a 'moving away, slowly sinking deeper' into somewhere else, that was something other than 'being alive in a physical body'

this person was asked if they still wanted to live,

they decided that they did and were then told to pull themselves back into their body by using the 'will to live', they did this and in this way i do believe they survived

27th March 2012, 03:55 PM
That is very interesting, newfreedom.

1st April 2012, 06:14 PM
Getting back into a more normal sleep pattern last night, i woke up after a few hrs. of heavy sleep because of nightmare type dreams.

I often get nasty,nightmares that cause me fear and terror when getting back into normal sleeping.

Though this time i HAVE been sleeping, but just not as many hrs. as i would if i was in a shutdown phase. So the 'non'-sleeping issue i have had does this last year, seem to have eased immensly (and hopefully cleared)

Date: 1/04 Time: 1 am ish

Nightmare type dreams - Crashing aircraft

There was a loud, roaring scary 'Voom' noise and i looked through the kitchen window, to see what it was. It was a low flying plane and it looked like it was going to crash, but it had passed over and was heading in the opposite direction. My ex-partner was outside.

Next moment, the sky is filled with crashing out of control aircraft and this time they are heading for us, for our home, some miss us,..... JUST !, others seem like they are headed right for us...

(i think i may have woken up then, but have no memory of doing so)

Re-experiencing my dog dying

i suddenly realise i don't know where Tod (my dying dog) is or how he is, i find him, he is in a terrible condition, worse than i ever saw him in, even than when in his last days of life, he is suffering terribly and i feel i will have to put him out of this misery and get the vet to euthanase him.

At this point some part of me knows that Tod is no longer alive and dying and i force myself to wake up to escape going through this once again.

I woke up this morning in a different space, i am a little less sensitive, so not getting so deeply triggered by everything in life, so today has been much easier for me.

Seem to be falling asleep every time i rest, had 3 naps today so far.

Hypnogogic image - My young daughter

Had a lovely hypnagogic image at 5 pm -ish

of my daughters face at about 5 yrs old, the image was so clear and alive and her eyes sparkled with her expression as they always did..

It was so real it almost felt like a visitation, that my 5 yr old daughter had come to visit with me ~ i do miss those times xX

I am not sure if these nightmares are caused by being 'messed' with or whether they are just necessary for me to clear more of my emotional baggage, but i dealt with these in a WSW way, just in case..

2nd April 2012, 10:08 AM
The airplane noise could be getting rid of some reactions to the projection reflex. It does sound like a roaring big noise - it reminded me of a rocket taking off once.

Recalling your dog's death could be indeed an emotional release.

The few times I suspected "being messed with" I could always detect the perpetrator.

5th April 2012, 01:13 AM
Thanks for your understandings Korpo :-)

It was interesting that after dealing with the above nightmares as if these nightmares and myself had 'been messed with' i then went on to have 2 lucid dreams. One of these lucid dreams was quite odd, in that my behaviour was a 'bit off', so i felt i had been influenced in that dream too. (Still need to write these dreams up)

Unlike yourself, unfortunately i am not able to detect perpetrators and have to rely on another for this advice, my communication with my spirit teams or guess work.

I am often unsure if I or certain of my dreams are 'being messed with' or not and also then i still do have to wonder, if the 'messing' is sometimes done for my benefit, even if it doesn't always feel beneficial at that particular time.

5th April 2012, 08:40 AM
Hello, newfreedom.

I wouldn't suspect "being messed with" unless you have a severe situation or can spot somebody doing it within the dream. Nightmares themselves usually have a cathartic function to help balance your emotional response. Having two lucid dreams right after seems to indicate this was the case.

The feeling of "being influenced" can also be present in any simulation - it would be the entity trying to guide you through the simulation and maintaining the whole state of consciousness. Detecting this influence is often possible for people before they can ascertain whether it's benign or not. Most people will then default to their usual responses to being influenced - which can range from wild resistance to ignoring it or just taking note of it.

Information about simulations and this feeling of "being messed with" can be picked from the following entries of Kurt's public Astral Projection Log:

14th April 2012, 07:11 PM
Thanks Korpo, for your understandings and the links given, although i haven't been in a space yet where i've been able to read the links properly, i do hope to be able read them soon, in a way that i can 'take-in' what i'm reading to make good use of them ~ Thanks :-)

31st May 2012, 07:22 AM
Still not managed to read the links (Information about simulations and this feeling of "being messed with) that Korpo kindly gave ~'sigh!'

BUT am keeping this page to write up a few lucid dream events i haven't yet written up....

31st May 2012, 07:40 AM
Date: 31/05/12

Time: between 3am - 4am

As i was walking the dogs this morning at 5am around our local quarry, my 'dream broke' that is the physical activity / reality brought forward the previously forgotten dream memory.

Non-Lucid Dream ~ Camping out in Quarry

As i was walking along one of the usual paths i take when walking the dogs, i became aware of the noise of others being there, turning my head right to look towards where the noise was coming from, i could see some tents and people within the coverage of trees. This was unusual and as far as i knew prohibited, i continued on, walking with my dogs.

Although the path i was walking along was one of the usual pathways i would normally take, in this dream experience i was actually walking in the opposite direction than the current usual, i have walked this direction on this path before in real life reality, but have rarely done so since 'losing' my driving licence in 2009.
......and so i find it interesting & quite strange, that i found myself walking in the opposite direction (and that of the 'old' way) in this now recent dream experience :)xX

Added Note

Although the path i was walking along was one of the usual pathways i would normally take, in this dream experience i was actually walking in the opposite direction than the current usual, i have walked this direction on this path before in real life reality, but have rarely done so since 'losing' my driving licence in 2009.
......and so i find it interesting & quite strange, that i found myself walking in the opposite direction (and that of the 'old' way) in this now recent dream experience

During sometime in 2013 we began again to walk this pathway in the same direction as i was walking in this dream (this was to accomadate & not meet another dog walker who walks his dogs at the same time as myself)

This pathway is also the path where my little dog went missing in Aug 2013. missing dog (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/showthread.php?16338-MISSING-DOG-Can-you-HELP-please)

Interestingly enough i have also had 2 other non-physical experiences whilst walking on this very same path (hope to write a blog post sometime)

18th June 2012, 02:14 PM
Date: 7/06

(2 separate lucid dream experinces to write-up - gone real lazy with recording / writing up experiences !)

18th June 2012, 02:33 PM
Date: 18/06

Time: approx 9am

Lucid Dream
I was walking along a familiar path on the way into town, i was wearing (only ?) a white short sleved shirt, the wind was blowing through my shirt and was very noticeable on my skin, the sun was shining brightly giving everything an 'exotic sparkle' & was warm and comforting....... the feeling was one of exhilaration....

notes: - i knew i was dreaming and so checked to see if i was safe with what i was wearing, (or not wearing) and i was.
It's odd here because although, i did feel like i was in a physical body, NO-Way would i of felt comfy or safe or 'right' wearing just a shirt.... however i may have been wearing a wet swimming costume under my shirt.
This makes sense because:

i had previously been dreaming of swimming

the way the wind blew threw my shirt and into my (wet?) body
when i checked my self out, i would feel ok /decent wearing my swimming costume under my shirt this way, walking along this road, knowing it was a dream

However i don't really remember mentally noting the swimming costume i was wearing when i checked.... just that i was 'safe'

I had awoken quite a few times before this lucid dream and the sun had been shining brightly through my blinds, so i knew it was in reality a sunny day

I decided to sit down on the grass bank on corner of a cross road....
i was now aware of having a rabbit on a leash with me... he was quite big, grey/brown colour, i was also aware of my little dog zen across the road from me on the grass field

notes: in reality there is no grass bank on the corner of that road and also the green field in front of me, where my dog now was, was in reality a different 'real' area that was somewhere else.
In the dream these abnormalities did not concern me or even catch my attention, i knew where i was and seemed to be at both these 'real' locations simultaneously and it wasn't a 'problem'

i decided that since i was dreaming it was safe to let the rabbit off the leash, knowing i was dreaming seemed to allow me to feel there were no consequences to my physical actions...

Eg. in real physical reality i would never have let the rabbit off the leash, but here it seemed ok to do so, i had seen no cars and it was only my dream.... was my logic

The rabbit stayed on the grass bank, continuing to eat the grass, un- affected by his leash being off & him being now free
As i looked towards the green field in front of me where my dog had been wandering around, there was now a large rectangular trampoline, i was aware my dog was still there, but like the rabbit, i didn't feel concerned or particularly interested that he was. I was pondering what i could do next, ( at this point, i looked across the field towards the school that was there, and could see the windows were dark... i wondered whether to go exploring in the building) also i saw a group of people across the otherside of the field and decided to get up and walk across the trampoline to reach them.
i did consider bouncing on the trampoline as i crossed it, but didn't really feel it was something i could be bothered to do, so just walked across to the otherside.

notes: i don't remember getting/ climbing onto the trampoline, also my daughter had a large circular trampoline in the garden for years, so trampolines were not the amazing awe -inspiring thing anymore, that they once had been for me along time ago when i was a child

i was walking widthwards across it. When i got to the otherside i had arrived not in the place i had been aiming for, which confused me a little, so i had to walk further along to reach the crowd of people.

notes: no memory here of engaging with the people. Also when i was making my way towards the people, i was thinking 'i will probably wake up soon, it's not going to be quiet enough to sleep through & remain in this lucid dream much longer'...... interestingly i was not woken up out of the dream experience while i remained lucid

I decided to walk in the opposite direction towards a group of school children who were wearing fancy dress, as i passed each child i looked at their faces and each child i recognised at the time, although most faces i didn't have names to.

notes: now although i knew these children's faces at the time, some of them don't exist in my memory as 'real' children i have met so far in this life and on waking i couldn't remember who some of these familiar faces were meant to have been either

i continued walking past the children and towards the primary school that was there, i saw an old nursery teacher of my children's there, she was with another lady, she didn't recognise me, so i had to remind her who i was

notes: cannot remember anything more here

notes: the school was my old primary school and the nursery teacher who was there was not connected to this school, nor did my children go to that school

I do remember going back to the animals, my dog was still there, as was the rabbit and also some more rabbits !
i remember walking with my dog across the field, heading in a different direction, we came across another animal........

notes: at this point my lucidity faded as i became completely 'lost' in the dreaming scene

18th June 2012, 03:39 PM
Hello, newfreedom.

The initial scene probably marks this as an adventure in your "comfort zone" - close enough to Source to feel comfortable and safe, not so close you might feel overwhelmed. Like a good summer's day is a balance between the sun on your skin but not being too hot. The sun, especially when noticed particularly, often denotes the relationship to Source, and the sunshine itself the particular effect on you. Being too close to Source for comfort would appear as sunburn, sweating and direct exposure to heat, being too far away removed from Source as cold, dark, etc.

Counting the dog, rabbits and the unidentified animal at the end you might have come over three different kinds of animal, usually a sign for elementals. The rabbit denotes a well-behaved elemental, like a rabbit is no harm for anyone. Especially since it still behaves the same after you release it from the leash - denoting "tight control." The dog behaves well as well, this might denote that currently your physical (rabbit - low profile, close to earth) and astral (dog = man's best friend, emotional nature) elementals are well-kept and don't act out especially. The third kind of animal might have denoted something about your mental elemental, but maybe your inner sense were not developed enough to pick up and read out that information, hence the drop of lucidity and recall.

The only thing better than this would be perhaps if they were depicted as being "of the same kind" - but this might follow in another dream. For the dream message and interpretation it might have been more important to portray differences to allow interpret this as various aspects of yourself. Contrast can help refine your discernment that you need to pick up on more subtle aspects of dreams.

Your dog Zen might be also serving as a pun on a Tibetan variant of Buddhism, dhogzen or however that is written, essentially denoting "spiritual discipline."

Crossroads often mean decision points.

Not getting on the trampoline might also signify something - since it is probably an astral plane trampoline it could denote "emotional ups and downs" and you might be have had enough of that and no longer consider that an appropriate thrill and hence no longer enjoy that. Approaching your dog (astral elemental) while doing this might again signify an astral/emotional aspect to this - emotional detachment of the good kind, where you decide consciously not to give in to drama and take a more level approach to things (opposite of the ups and downs of the trampoline).

If you indeed read out your lower three elementals in this one the area you were in might have been what Kurt calls your "world view" - denoting self image and vital information about yourself. I would not necessarily classify this as a dream, but more as an adventure of consciousness for lack of a better term. Like visiting your inner landscape and seeing the state of your being mirrored back to you in symbols.

9th July 2012, 05:22 AM
Thanks Korpo for these understandings and interpretations.... i always enjoy & appreciate them... xX

The animal at the end that didn't make sense was a rabbit and squirrel at the same time, it had a marking on it like sheep do & this marking was to let everyone know it was no longer a pet and lived freely in a 'wild' way now. Also i had met this now wild pet before in other dreams, so it and it's circumstances were familiar to me..

10th July 2012, 09:15 AM
Date: 9/07

time: 2 am ish

Spent the whole hour of sleep being held, grabbed everytime i fell into sleep

At times the 'being' holding me felt comforting, but it felt like 'it' / 'they' were constantly trying to take me away...... further and further from my sleeping body.

I did allow myself to be taken a little way away, but i could not allow myself to go too far.... i would become panicked..... i could not trust whoever it was that had me NOT to take me somewhere 'awful' i couldn't trust that it would be ok. There was a part of me that knew, i couldn't trust 'them' to make it alright.... and so i constantly fought / struggled to make it back to my body again.

Each time i began to 'drift' into sleep, the 'grabbing of me' and pulling and taking me away would begin again..... at times it did feel slightly disturbing too......

I had been in high energy space & processing for 3 weeks. 1 week without much sleep, then had 3 nights of 4 hrs. then 2 nights without much sleep again (1 or 2 hrs max.) this 'pulling out of body' experience happened on the 2nd night of the 2 nights of not much sleep..

Yesterday i spent most of the day 'falling-off' into sleep and last night slept 8 hrs 'normal' sleep....

So looks like this latest 'high' phase is easing. Lot's of healing crisis physical symptoms happening at the moment again... but phase was easier and physicality feels like it's on the way up just at the moment......

Thankyou Robert & all here who make this forum possible ..... Xxx - U are an AWESOME bunch ! :heart: xx:heart: :-)Xx

15th October 2013, 01:41 AM
Been too lazy to write up my lucid dreams... have had about 10 ish or so.. and a few VERY impactful dreams where i was more 'present' than my normal way of living when i am physically awake.

tonights dream was about electrocution,..... i have only a few snippets in memory, but i had to try and disconnect an electric wire that if i touched would propbably electrocute me, other option was leave it to explode, think there were others (humans) within the dream enviroment.

Was relieved to wake up to 'reality'..... PHEFFFFF ! ...(again....)

Steady feet don't fail me now xxx (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuEk3d-R9ds)

Dream moods Dictionary

To dream of an electrocution indicates that the current course of your actions will lead to disaster. The dream also represents fear and the consequences of your actions. You need to be more aware of your surroundings and those around you.

8th January 2014, 10:45 PM
For some time now, i have not been writing up my lucid dream experiences, thought i would begin to make the effort again with the intention to help myself increase my awareness.

Date: 8/01/14

Time: approx. sometime between 3 - 6am

Becoming Lucid
i lost my grip on whatever i was holding onto & began to fall, but fell slowly in a floaty sort of way.... think this then alerted me to the fact i was dreaming.

When i landed the scene / setting of my dream had changed.
i now found myself sitting on the ground, in front of me there was a black & white house, and another building to the right of this, lots of trees behind these buildings and the floor was covered with grass.
There was an amazing sparkle & brightness to the place, like silver & white shimmering light & i could feel the breeze of the wind. It felt so 'real' .... for a while i felt like i was 'really there' & wondered if i was now dead. Since i felt like i might be really there in reality, i was unsure what to do next, or how to proceed.
Just then my children & my nieces came running into view, with my eldest niece waving her arm & shouting my name. They appeared to be around 6 or 7 yrs old.
the eldest 3 children were dressed in yellow cardigans & the youngest in pink, all 4 of them were wearing white trousers.
It appeared that they had come as an aide or guide since i was struggling with my dilemma of 'what i should do'.
I lost lucidity after this...

Because i fell back into normal dreaming before waking up alot of the memory of visual detail was lost.

This morning on my way to work i was thinking about my earlier lucid dream experience & put my awareness in the memory of the dream experience & then back into physical reality again. The lucid dream experience felt by far the most real out of the two & for a couple of seconds my physical reality felt like it was the 'real dream'...... rather disorientating & very strange to come to terms with.. physical reality here felt numbed down, almost 'false' in comparison...

Added note
In 2004 after spending time (4 days) with others who held a high energy vibration i had a similar type of experience.

(physically at first i was asleep) ...i was in a very well lit, bright room discussing things/ talking with others, everything was crystal clear, sharp & impactful, then as i woke up physically......instead of feeling like i was waking up, when i woke, it felt like i had fallen to sleep & everything had become less alive, much more dampened down & muffled. As i woke up physically to my surroundings it felt like i was leaving my 'awake' real space & had gone to 'sleep'.

the experience was 'mind-blowing'

Dream moods dictionary
Colors in dreams represent energy, emotions, and vibes. First consider what that single color in your dream means to you and your own personal associations and relationship with that color. In general, pale pastel colors indicate weakness or subtlety. Dark colors represent passion and intensity. Bright colors mean awareness.

9th January 2014, 09:13 PM
Am going to try to remember my non-lucid dreams on waking each morning & note down, then write-up here any snippets of dreams that 'stand-out', with the intention of improving memory recall, lucidity, daily awareness, mood & energy levels.

Date: 9/01/14

Time: between 1 - 6am

3 separate dreams

I was living at my previous house.....the back gate had been left open, & i was worried our big dog had escaped, but he hadn't (in reality he never actually lived with us in that previous house)

i was part of a group that was planting (this i believe is a reminder that i still have not written up notes about planting activites during work, that i must of decided i should or would do)

Buying groceries with vouchers & money


Dream moods dictionary
To see or pass through a gate in your dream suggests that you are walking through a new phase of life. It also represents new opportunities and possibilities, especially if the gate is opened or swinging.

To dream that you are worried about something is a reflection of waking worry that has carried over to your dream state. You may be harboring some repressed thoughts, some unexpressed emotions, resentments, or hostilities which are triggering your worry dream.

To dream that you are planting something represents your faith and optimism about the future. You have an optimistic view.

To shop for groceries in your dream represents some emotional of physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. You may be in need of nurturance and some fulfillment. Consider the specific items that you are shopping for.

To see a voucher in your dream symbolizes the effort and work that you have invested into some project or cause. New opportunities are being made available to you.

To give or spend money in your dream is analogous to giving love.

11th January 2014, 05:06 AM
Date: 10/01/14

Time: on waking 7am ish

2 or 3 separate dream segments

on a school trip for some days; collecting items as packing up to go home; harassed by a group of young men; old classmates; someone elses written assigment i read; going to the school dance later that evening

someone (?) wanted to put a birthday announcement in the paper for a special surprise for another. the person whose birthday it was didnot want that

back in my childhood home, i was childminding, 2 older children were causing havoc trying to dismantle & pull down a light high up on a wall. i went into the lounge to get the children's dad & he was doing a jigsaw


Also had an afternoon nap (i often do after a morning in work, it 'shatters' me so much that i find alot of the time the only way i can recover is to sleep for a couple of hours) that brought forth 2 separate dream segments

Day time sleep: approx. 2pm-4pm

People chatting outside, i take a look & there was a person outside my garden talking to another who was with a couple of children who were all standing in my front garden, they were apparently looking for their ball (intruders)

Key words: father; Diarrhea; panties; toilet


Dream moods dictionary

Field Trip
To dream that you are on a field trip indicates that you need to incorporate what you have learned with your experiences. The dream represents a transitional phase. Consider the symbolism of what you see and how your felt during the field trip.

To dream that you are packing, but the more your pack, the more there is to pack implies that you are weighed down by the endless responsibilities and expectations in your life. As a result, you are stuck in your current circumstances.

To dream that you are being harassed indicates that you are feeling powerless and helpless in some waking situation. You are under tremendous emotional stress which you need to confront. Consider the significance of who is harassing you and how you felt.

To see old classmates in your dream indicate that you need to draw on your old associations with your former classmates to gain insight in some current relationship. It represents a past lesson that you have learned and is applicable in some aspect of your waking life now.

To dream that you are reading indicates that you need to obtain more information and knowledge before making a decision. You need to think things through and consider all you options.

To dream that you are attending or going to a dance indicates a celebration and your attempts to achieve happiness. Consider the phrase the "dance of life" which suggests creation, ecstasy, and going with what life has to offer you.

In particular, to see your childhood home, your hometown, or a home that you previously lived in indicates your own desires for building a family and your family ideologies. It also reflects aspects of yourself that were prominent or developed during the time you lived in that home. You may experience some unfinished feelings that are being triggered by some waking situation. Alternatively, the dream may represent your outdated thinking.
Jigsaw Puzzle
To see or do a jigsaw puzzle in your dream represents a mental challenge or problem that you need to solve in your waking life.

To see an intruder in your dream represents your feelings of guilt. Consider also what unfamiliar feelings or thoughts may be breaking into your peace of mind. Alternatively, an intruder symbolizes self-indulgent behavior or unwanted sexual attention.
To see your father in your dream symbolizes authority and protection. It suggests that you need to be more self-reliant.

To dream that you have diarrhea signifies that some part of your life is going out of control. You can no longer contain your strong emotions and need to get it out of your system quickly. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you have not analyzed a situation long enough or that you do not want to deal with the problem at all.

To see or wear panties in your dream represent your feminine attitudes and feelings. It reflects a female point of view.
To dream that you are taking off your panties signifies your ideas of sexuality. It may also indicate your need to get to the bottom of things. You may want to find a way out of a situation.

To see a clogged toilet in your dream suggests that you are holding and keeping your feelings to yourself. Your emotions have been pent up too long and you need to let go of the negative feelings.
To see an overflowing or flooded toilet in your dream denotes your desires to fully express your emotions

11th January 2014, 05:40 AM
Date: 11/01/14

A hand came into view (i had watched a mediumship video some days earlier, this hand was a repeat of what i had seen)

Time: on waking 3.30am (11pm -3.30 am)

i woke to hear myself telling others that "i had been told that a very sentinate, intelligent man would come into our lives"

sentinate ~ i looked this word up & it doesn't actually exist, but i feel that it is probably two words combined (my mind often does this, ie. 2or 3 words combined that make a new 'non-existant' word)

sentient ~ able to experience physical and possibly emotional feelings
sentinel ~ a person employed to guard something
i also feel that there is a connection in my mind to the word sensei ~ sensei(先生) ~ is a Japanese word that is literally translated as "person born before another"

​After a couple of mins. segments of the rest of the dream came back

Dream location: local quarry

teenagers with magical swords (else the teenagers had magical powers)
were encouraging them to go on a physical adventure with us
rubber rings as the adventure involved water

This dream was very upbeat & exhilarating & i woke up in

a strong subtle energetic space,
feeling empowered, enthusiastic,
physically easier (body less slugish, stiff & heavy)
like i had options & choices (my space was more open)
i was able to walk the dogs at the location of the dream this morning, something of which i had not managed to do in wks/mths.

Dream moods dictionary
To dream that you are wielding a sword represents your strength, ambition, competitive nature decisiveness and willpower. You are looking to hold a position of prestige, authority, and distinction. Alternatively, the sword may be seen as a phallic symbol and thus represent masculine power.
To perform or dream of magic suggests that you need to look at things from a different view or approach your problems from a new angle in order to successfully move forward. Alternatively, magic symbolizes creativity and wonder. Perhaps someone or something has caused you to be in awe. The dream may also be a metaphor that you or someone is "up to some trick".

about 20 mins. later another dream came back to me, i believe i was lucid at the time of this dream, as i was doing what i do when i am lucid which is

looking at the location & deciding what to do

Location: unkown

i was standing on a ledge on high ground overlooking muddy, sandy ground. the sandy mud had lots of what looked like volcanic looking structures all over it. I located one particular volcanic structure to explore & flew/zoomed towards it. i think i landed inside the pot-hole shape of the structure...

...my memory ends at this point..

It's an interesting reminder for me, that lucid dreams can /do happen without me bringing the memory straight back on waking. This experience is slightly unusual for me, in that i would normally remember the lucid dream on waking, but often would not pay attention to it & lose the memory of it that way instead.

Later still, i remembered another dream whilst reading the forum here;

the word 'dog' (broke my dream)brought back the memory of a dream about my daughter's ferrets. they were being let outside, but were getting on the road & i was having to try & avoid them getting run over, then i remembered the big dog from the dream, i was worried he would grab the ferrets & hurt them (in reality one of my daughter's ferrets is it seems coming to the end of his 'earth-life cycle'; lot's of trips to the vets, stress & our attention focused on the ferret/s just at the moment)


i went back to sleep after this mornings walk

hypnagogic ~ mum & child, child gets a bump on the head (processing my work-type experiences)
non lucid dream - about a bus journey, not pleasant & i ended up crying with stress/ distress feelings in the dream

Later during the day, i fell asleep again... more dreams !!!! ....approx. 3 dream segments

By this point now i am beginning to feel overwhelmed by dream memory experiences & choose to allow these dreams to leave my mind without thinking them through, so that they become forgotten

12th January 2014, 12:24 PM
What are the consequences of remembering your dreams ?...this question came to me on yesterday's early morning dogwalk...


i was able to make the comparison between how i am not aware of experiencing my dreams, in same way as i'm not aware in my 'default mode of living' of having experienced what i am in/ or living through in 3D reality
that remembering dreams is like adding more lifetime / living experience to my life. like being awake & having more experiences to process / like packing more info. in the same time-period /like being awake for more of my day

​Last night on closing my eyes, i was able to experience constant hypnagogics, i allowed them to flow through un-impeeded, which also meant that i would not have conscious memory recall of them later

i am finding recalling all of my dreams is just too overwhelming for me...

i was feeling exhausted emotionally
overwhelmed mentally (just too much info.)
physically having disturbed sleep (the realisation of a experiencing a dream scene, would make me wake up)

So last night i decided not to remember my dreams, i woke up with the memory of 2 dreams, but have not really delved into them much.

2 dream segments

i was attending a wedding: something about having diffculty getting a lift home (this was a real event in my life last year)
visiting relatives, but staying in some kind of communal building with others(maybe a children's holiday camp): 50p; different kind of spiders (a spider hatched out of right eyebrow of a male teen & he was quite pleased/proud of this)

Because alot of my non-lucid dreams are non-sensical i find 'thinking them through' so i can consciously remember them, tiring & emotionally uncomfortable, this is why i rarely record my non-lucid dreams.

Added Note
just had a memory flash up as a picture scene from another of last nights dreams

someone fixed one of my small notebooks computers, as when they turned it on, it worked (i have 2 broken notebook computers & have to rely on my daughter's computer) ...hope this is a premonition & it happens soon

the below is taken From Dream moods
Why should you remember your dreams?

1. Your dreaming mind has access to vital information that is not readily available to you when you are awake. Your dreams serve as a window to your subconscious and reveal your secret desires and feelings.

2. In remembering your dreams, you gain increased knowledge, self-awareness and self-healing. Dreams are an extension of how you perceive yourself. They may be a source of inspiration, wisdom, joy, imagination and overall improved psychological health.

3. Learning to recall your dreams help you become a more assertive, confident and stronger person. By remembering your dreams, you are expressing and confronting your feelings.

4. Dreams help guide you through difficult decisions, relationship issues, health concerns, career questions or any life struggle you may be experiencing.

5. Remembering your dreams help you come to terms with stressful aspects of your lives.

6. You will learn more about yourself, your aspirations, and your desires through your dreams.

12th January 2014, 07:40 PM
In your 'dream moods' you basically reiterate your acquired knowledge. This is not what you, at this point, possess, but a bar set for your inspiration and learning.

The hippocampus is the memory clearing house and directs your conscious memories to some uber-complicated network of neurons which we call memory. I think lucid dreamers have learned or just have the benefit of an 'awake' hippocampus when they dream. Therefore, a lucid dream does not, as usual, go blank but stays for a length of time after waking.

You are on the right track. To recognize a dual existence is key.

Bravo to you.

12th January 2014, 09:00 PM
In your 'dream moods' you basically reiterate your acquired knowledge. This is not what you, at this point, possess, but a bar set for your inspiration and learning.

Ah yea, sorry i didn't make this clear. i should of put 'From' Dream moods & linked it to where i got it from. this i put there for my own & others interest & understandings, i will correct it now, to make it clearer, Thanks

The hippocampus is the memory clearing house and directs your conscious memories to some uber-complicated network of neurons which we call memory. I think lucid dreamers have learned or just have the benefit of an 'awake' hippocampus when they dream. Therefore, a lucid dream does not, as usual, go blank but stays for a length of time after waking.

Ok, interesting...

To recognize a dual existence is key.

yes, this is what i have found too, my trouble tends to be in remembering what i 'know', so i can incorporate it in my life

12th January 2014, 11:02 PM

15th January 2014, 10:10 PM
Date: 13/01/14

non-lucid dream segments

was about some 'people' using methods to alter /effect dreams (writing was involved)
myself & others having to run /escape from the people chasing us
on hoilday, i am in a bed & meant to be sleeping; my ex. lets the 3 dogs out to 'go pee' & i have to go out there to ensure no fighting happens with other dogs; my parents caravan is situated a little distance from the holiday chalet we are staying in & i am un-happy about this, i want them closer (like it always used to be)
i am with a group of people & we are in what looks like a hot air balloon basket in the sky, only this one is made out of metal. i adjust my position as the space is cramped & the woman next to me falls from the basket to her death below, i am unsure if she fell because i moved or she jumped because she had had enough. it seems we are being forced to spend time like this. another women suggests we go rest on the ground when we are not being watched & we all decide to do this, if we are caught doing this we could be killed, but we have had enough; later as i am now moving (driving) away from this scene i see another woman held in stocks, she is in a bad way mentally & physically; as i ride away in the car i pay attention to the route
i am driving my new car through a familiar road in town, but my brakes fail to slow me down as they should, this happens twice

non-lucid dream segments

was about cardboard cut-outs (association to real life events)
a swimming gala, i was back competing again
relatives visiting, a party i didn't want to attend, sweet spices given to me as a present
a birthday card hand delivered arrives through our letter box, it has the number 107 written on it's for my ex. i know who it's from & what it's about

non-lucid dream

i dreamed i was working

19th January 2014, 01:47 PM
Date: 16/01/14

being in a relationship with another
i was in university attending an art class; on a screen in front of the class an image of sheep / rams was displayed & we were to sketch it, then this image was changed to another image, an image containing a car, then this too changed; it was then that i realised this class was too advanced for me, as i had never studied art or passed any exams on the subject; i was also in another relationship

Date: 17/01/14

i had a dream i was working(no details recalled)
motorbike broken down; touring caravan; in a relationship & money
back in my childhood home, was clearing house out, found some rooms full of items i didn't know existed, decided the place was too valuable to leave & felt i could not 'sell-up' (i was very engaged in looking at all the new items in the new rooms & studied what i could see in detail, however although i was able to do this, at the time i still did not realise i was dreaming)

Date: 18/01/14

on holiday in touring caravan, big ditches & craters in the ground, diffculty getting car & caravan out of the place to leave, our belongings got left behind down on the beach, a high wall & a drop to reach our belongings, using a rope to get down to beach & others wanting to help (my parents were responsible for the car & touring caravan in my dream, same as it used to be in real life for me); swimming in the sea, but i was afraid of objects under the water that might of been dangerous, i was in an unfamiliar sea, i stopped swimming out to sea & holding the float i had in my arms allowed the sea to wash me back in to shore, the sea/wave was very strong & i was very swiftly with a powerful force washed back to shore

Date: 19/01/14

working or busy in some place, where they were adults & children

20th January 2014, 10:36 PM
Date: 20/01/14

non lucid dream segments

being in work type experience
swimming gala; with an old swimming friend; trying to finish homework before gala started; diving in the pool
i find my mobile phone, but it looks different (lost my phone in the house approx. 3 mths ago)

afternoon nap

hypnagogic ~ bonus number 53


trying to finish homework before gala started

This is interesting - i was meant to bring some written work home to do for tomorrow's meeting after work, i forgot, so now i will have to try & do it in the morning when i get to work, before i start work.

i will be 'trying to finish homework before work starts'

So was this a premonition of what was to come & if i'd of paid attention this morning, i might of made the connection & remembered to bring my homework home


was this dream the cause of me forgetting....?

i just used the auto - saved restore button, after i lost my writing from pressing a wrong key on the computer, & it magically brought my write-up back, that was nice :-) .....never used it before..

16th February 2014, 10:23 AM

non -lucid dream segment
I was dreaming that i was back in my childhood home again and decided to go look & show others the extra room space i had recently found. On going to look the changes of the extra rooms were no longer there & it was then i remembered that the extra rooms were not 'reality' but just in a dream. (all the while still dreaming)

below is the previous dream

17/01 back in my childhood home, was clearing house out, found some rooms full of items i didn't know existed, decided the place was too valuable to leave & felt i could not 'sell-up' (i was very engaged in looking at all the new items in the new rooms & studied what i could see in detail, however although i was able to do this, at the time i still did not realise i was dreaming)

This happens to me quite alot in dreams, that is, i include 'dream memories & experiences' in my dreams in the same way i do my 3D reality experiences. It seems that my dreaming mind can access all my experiences & experience them as all equally 'real' within the dream space.

Another experience i found interesting yesterday:

i saw something move in the kitchen, whatever i 'saw' was not something physical...... but it 'broke' a dream segment & brought it back to my memory.

dream segment.
i was looking through a large-ish square shaped hole in the bottom of the stairs & there were rabbits or rats or both running under the floor boards. (i think the rats morphed into rabbits at one point, because rabbits would be less worrying to have)

i have had this type of dream - small furry animals under the floor boards (rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs) many times over the years, wonder if there is a 'symbolic meaning' to this (i will check later)

i did watch a comedy a week or so back where the little girl's hamster had been missing for 2 months & she wanted her parents to lift up the floor boards to search for him, ...so this could have caused the 'furry animals under the floorboards' dream to re-occur for me

Also now after having thought about this experience, so i could write it up here, i am wondering if what i 'saw' was a clairvoyant or minds eye vision, that was in actuality triggered by my 'physical eyes' seeing the wooden floor boards in my kitchen & making the connection with the dream memory.

.....i had 'seen' what appered to be a smallish, white furry object move, but this image was super imposed in mid air & my dream about the 'rats/ rabbits under the floorboards' was instantly recalled at this moment.

1st March 2014, 10:39 AM
Date: 26/02/14

non-lucid dream
The dream didn't really make alot of logical sense on waking in terms of describing it to others.

'i would grap a rope pulley system, hang on to a rope & get pulled up to a very high place (i am normally afraid of heights) it seemed i was very good at this & 'they' were impressed, i got the job

i was also an event organizer'

The dream was very vivid & impactful, being one of them 'feel good' / 'feel right' dreams & i woke up feeling exhilarated & euphoric :mrgreen:

.....unfortunately i didn't engage with the feelings for long, or appreciate it enough as i went back to sleep too soon...

Added note: i had been listening to binaural beats on my headphones again, that day before the nights sleep, i hadn't used binaural beats for a while before this, the beat i listened to was for 'depression & anxiety' & i feel this had some part to play in this 'upbeat' dream i later that night

1st March 2014, 11:03 AM
Date: 28/02/14

i have had many dreams over the years about the area in front of my present home, being different than it actually is. There is a 'green' (grass) in front of the bungalow & a turning circle / parking area for cars on the right.

Yesterday the council working on nearby homes, decided to temporarily install a huge portacabin on the 'green' right in front of our home .......this triggered the memory recall of the many dreams i have had about this area. It was quite strange, leaving me with a feeling that somehow the dreams were true 'as here was the proof'

At first, i reacted to this portacabin situation through my old view points, lost in judgements & learnt opinions, .....however this way of perceiving soon 'switched' (thankgoodness) & i was able to be more 'open' to the physical situation, it's meanings & the possible implications

......interestingly part of the name written on this portacabin was 'evolution' ....elliotevolution

1st March 2014, 11:22 AM
Date: 01/03/14

non lucid dream segment
There was a animal under a shed / building of my childhood home i used a stick to encourage it out, it was a wild rabbit, after some effort, myself & my mum managed to get it into a cage. the intention was to release it somewhere appropriate /in the wild

Decided to write this dream up today as it appears to be the only dream memory from last night & is simple (at the moment) usually i have at least 2 or 3 dream memory segments. i've not been paying attention to my dreams again lately, nor felt like writing them up.

'Small animals under the flloorboards' type dream again

2nd March 2014, 03:11 PM
Date: 02/03/14

Time: approx. time on waking 2.20am

This dream was very clear, vivid, impactful & very real-like, however i was not lucid...
The details & experience of the dream were so 'full' that it would take a long time to describe / write it up fully & even then, would not do it justice, so for now i am just going to record a brief-ish outline of the story & add some extra notes after. i have missed out chunks of the dream experience throughout the below write-up.

non-lucid dream
i was visiting an old nursery i used to work in, my daughter was with me, it felt like we were on a shopping trip.
My daughter & i were about to set off on our journey home, we were some hours away from where we lived, we were in different cars, i was waiting for her to be ready, when i found she had gone. i drive off looking for her (dream events not included here) i end up where i am told she is, at a friends house, but she is not there & apparently has gone off with my friends sister.

i am shown my friends house ~ WOW ! this house goes up & up forever, never-ending stairs. he has amazing water views & owns a long stretch of water that is outside his house, we go swimming. We get to the very top of the house, only this part appears to be shared with others & is not available to look at now, but there was alsorts of weird & wonderful phenomena in there.

End up in a room with others, who i recognise from my life & from films i've watched. Someone in the room is doing subtle energy magic & it affects me & others making my hand /fingers tremble, then i get affected with pain. When the people in the room disperse, my friend has gone from where he was standing.

i spend the rest of the dream trying to find my way back to his house, navigating through an indoor complex with dangerous games & competitions situated everywhere.

i wake up during the finish of one of these games/ competitions, that i accidently got caught up in

the dream contained

colours, textures,
numbers, written names,
voice sound
sensation - the water was very cold
awareness of clothing worn - i was aware of what i was wearing whilst swimming & later while walking around the indoor complex
there is telepathy going on within the room full of people & when the people look at me they are giving me an understanding of 'how it is'
the competitions are both physical & subtle energetic in nature
My friend introduced me to his Ballet class as. 'this is my friend big mama' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LYQCWvaqX0)

i wake up in awe ~ WOW ! .... this felt like a dream very much orchestrated / set-up for me by others, more powerful than me ..... by the puppet masters or 'the powers that be'

Within half an hour of waking from this dream, the impact had diminished to that of a 'normal' dream recal impact, taking it from feeling like a real experience i just had to a 'dream memory'

This morning i was more sensitive to myself than the usual:

catching (hearing) myself's own self-talk
feeling more sensitive to my ability to feel
more sensitive to my body's experience of stimulus

which allows me to receive insights, knowings, understandings & have more conscious choice in my life.

One understanding i got from a flash of insight & feeling has shown me that i should take some physical action to change something in my physical life, only a temporary change to make, but that doing this will take off the stress, pressure & burden that is causing a constant background 'worry' 'frantic' feeling within me, that is only adding to the difficulties for me in my attempt to function better.

3rd March 2014, 08:27 AM
Just over the past few posts I'm sensing something sexual about them. That's cool. Gotta have the wild and furry even deep in our psyche. :-D

3rd March 2014, 09:32 AM
Just over the past few posts I'm sensing something sexual about them. That's cool. Gotta have the wild and furry even deep in our psyche. :-D

:lol2: ..... yea, that darn 'sexual' just about gets everywhere, no matter how much you try & shove it away... :roll: ..:wacky1::mrgreen:

3rd March 2014, 09:49 AM
:lol2: ..... yea, that darn 'sexual' just about gets everywhere, no matter how much you try & shove it away... :roll: ..:wacky1::mrgreen:

Maybe because you shouldn´t shove it away but transformit.....!! :-)


3rd March 2014, 10:23 AM
Maybe because you shouldn´t shove it away but transformit.....!! :-)


Well, i've worked on loads of sexual issue stuff the past several years & although i 'know better' i don't think i will ever really lose my feelings of 'discomfort' with some sides of the 'sexual' ....maybe i am still releasing trauma with sexual energy, but if so this trauma seems to be never-ending.

Maybe from a place of permanent peace all things are peaceful....

i was teasing when i said 'shove it away'....that's what the superficial me would like to do & very much did so in the past, but no longer, these days i try to be aware, open & receptive to myself & my issues.

Shoving things away only helps in the short term, but later comes back to 'Bonk you on the Head'....Big Time !! (done that, got the T-shirt)

Thanks for the comment xX:-)

3rd March 2014, 10:29 AM
Well, i've worked on loads of sexual issue stuff the past several years & although i 'know better' i don't think i will ever really lose my feelings of 'discomfort' with some sides of the 'sexual' ....maybe i am still releasing trauma with sexual energy, but if so this trauma seems to be never-ending.

Maybe from a place of permanent peace all things are peaceful....

i was teasing when i said 'shove it away'....that's what the superficial me would like to do & very much did so in the past, but no longer, these days i try to be aware, open & receptive to myself & my issues.

Shoving things away only helps in the short term, but later comes back to 'Bonk you on the Head'....Big Time !! (done that, got the T-shirt)

Thanks for the comment xX:-)

Without knowing the right answere, but I feel a misunderstanding or misdirection about the transformation....if I can get more deeply grip of this I will let you know....but somhow I feel you are looking on wrong Place..


6th March 2014, 11:38 AM
Date: 06/03/14

Time: approx 1am - 2am

I am not sure what to call this, as it doesn't fit with how i describe 'normal' non-lucid dreams, but i wasn't lucid either, i was physically asleep when it happened anyhow. i have had experiences that feel similar & this experience also had the nightmarish, terror tone to it.

Think this was the first 'dream' ? / experience of the night, i did have other normal dreams later, but they didn't impact me much & so i have allowed them to mostly be forgotten, with no interest in recording them

Unfortunately, i fell straight back to sleep after this experience & have lost alot of clarity & specific details of the event.

the experience

Something invisible had gripped me around my wrists & was forcefully pulling me out of my bedroom, i was aware of my bedroom being dark & as it is in real life. i fought desperately to not get pulled out of my room, but was loosing the battle, i was terrified...

False awakening
i woke up & was very 'shaken' & feeling extremely emotionally disturbed, so clutching my duvet, i made my way down the hall to see if my daughter was still awake, she was, i could see light coming from under her door & could hear the sound of her voice / t.v

i knocked & spoke as i opened the door slowly asking if it was alright to enter my daughter's room, it was, i told her what had just happened & explained i felt like i needed some human company to help dissipate the franticness caused by the terror, she understood & was fine with me being there (in real life i have had to ask for the company / or to be in the presence of others, many times to ease the emotional terror i experience sometimes, when trying to get back into a normal sleep pattern after days of not being able to sleep, so this is something my grown-up daughter is quite familiar with & unperturbed by)

....then i woke up... this time physically in my body which was still in my bed & i then i was able to realise that these had been experiences i had gone through whist my physical body had been asleep...

Wacky ! :wacky1:

13th March 2014, 12:09 AM
i hope to find the date / time ... if i can (find where i recorded it with pen & paper)

i had not slept enough to be comfortable for some time & this 'hypnogogic image' came as a much needed releif / respite from struggling to not reach/ gain enough normal sleep & i was / had been 'struggling' again more than i would personal choose to had i the capacity to 'rule' my experiences

Hypnogogic image

Robert was leaning on the top of our wooden fence in the front garden with his forearms resting on the fence. He was staning outside the garden, in real 3Dlife the Elliot evolution porta cabin is situated slightly behind & to Robert's left. (though in the hyponogogic image, i was not aware of this dwelling / construction)

In the image there was no front fir-tree hedge visable, which i have now grown, so time-wise with no 3D physical hedge, the time scale would i would image be anywhere from the year 2000 to 2003, but it could be later than this date, i don't remember when i bought & planted the fir tree hedge.

Hypnogogic images / first dream segment memories

i was at weddings, having my photo's taken with the others attending, as you do at weddings...

these could of been real life memories, since my son married in Sept. 2013. then my niece, in Nov. 2013, one image of photo's being taken was a memory recall of being at my nieces wedding.

Was able to plan a visit to spend time with my big sis yesterday, a once in a Blue-moon occurance these last 11yrs. .... so not sure if the wedding memories were connected in some way with the capacity for me to arranged & execute this 'sisterly visit'

Seems all very possible with he appearance of Robert prior to the wedding images....:mrgreen:xX

After the wedding images were remember3ed by me, i was then allowed to go into unconcious sleep for sometime, a much needed life survival need being allowed (least life-survivalable for me, anyhow)

...Pheffft.... :tongue: .... SO.... a BIG THANKYOU to ROBERT for Being there (here) & a BIG THANKYOU to all who made this 'POSSIBLE' .... :loveyou:....... i luv U all xxxxx:-)8) xX

24th April 2014, 06:00 AM
Date: 24/04/14

Time: approx. 6.10 am

Dozing on & off so this hypnagogic experience was what woke me

the words heard were ~~~'scratching the Tie- namics'

i saw an image of someone scratching metal with a what 'looked-like' a 'screw-driver' type of tool

tie-namics --> a cross between a Titanic & Dynamic .... very clever word mixes ... i enjoy them xX

5th October 2014, 03:26 AM
Duration of sleep: approx. 11pm - 2.51 am (approx. 4hrs)

Dream Elements: High energy, enthusiasm, busy, fun, abundance, sociable, truthful, colourful, warm-hearted, enjoyable, others, childhood way of life, having lots of 3D stuff, collecting 3D stuf, giving others 3D stuff, 3D stuff (hair accessories, perfume, ornaments, plants, toys, edible things, jewellery)

Notes: the last 2 days, i have been in a 'better' subtle-energy space, this allows me to engage with myself, subtle energies, my 3D enviroment, more awareness & involvement in how to make decisions & choices, i am able to take interest in what i am reading, seeing, doing, thinking.

It's a 'Can-Do' space (at times) & i love it..

Non-lucid dream

i am not going to describe the dream 'bit by bit' because this would be too laborious, but the dream was very impactful, clear & 'love-of-life' filled & i woke up 'Buzzing', a very pleasant way to wake

a few things stood out within the dream:

decisions / choices
appreciation of others
functioning in 3D life
enthusiasm & joy

A Great, upbeat, up-lifting non-lucid dream experience

What comes to mind with this dream is the 80's Games show CrackerJack -Double or Drop (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GktZgeOQWUk)(to hold onto as many prizes as you can without dropping them)

13th October 2014, 03:47 PM
Time : approx. 4.25pm

Voice:: experienced as words channelled through me, to me & i can hear the sentence spoken, my mind is speaking the sentence.

The information is 'given' me, it wasn't mine until it came through

This is how mind works.... (?)

(my left ear just started ;humming , vibrating very strong, loud now, think that is a new specific type of experience) changed now to more of a throbbing sensation, racing heart beat feeling & the 'howling-hoover' noise i am very familiar with after 8 yrs of experiencing it on & off

Anyway the the words spoken were:

I am going to loose my own skill again

18th October 2014, 07:05 AM
Time: approx. 7.45 am

Voice heard / sentence spoken;

Musky, musk (Ducky duck) drop it

....Yes, CFT the photo ( my current avatar pic. 3/05/15) is a cake. i made this one for my son's 4th birthday in 1991. Thanks xx

3rd May 2015, 10:51 AM
Date: 3/05/15

Time: approx. 6.30 - 7 am

i had just gone back to sleep after having to get-up to let my little dog out.

Lucid Dream experience
i found myself in the same location of the dream i had just been experiencing, before my little dog had awoken me, at the seaside. i was sitting down, i knew i was dreaming & was in awe of the fact that i was awake & experiencing being in this different reality location. i was expecting the scenery to finish, because i felt so awake & felt i would wake up back within my physical body very soon, i didn't

i sat & enjoyed the view, sand, sea, sun & sky, it was evening & the colours were beautiful. i remember sitting there making the most of this moment, taking in the beauty & energy of the place.

i must of fallen back to sleep & so unfortunately i don't remember any more details...

i wonder if i heard the sea, i think it was lapping quietly on the shore , the sea was quite some distance out, with stretches of sandy beach showing
i wonder if there was a sea breeze, the temperature was cool, but warm
i wonder if i could smell the sea air, i must of done, because i remember now breathing deeply the whole atmosphere & everything that comes with being by the seashore

Suddenly now, after writing & exploring more of my lucid dream experience, i get a flash of memory of feeling the warm sunshine on my body & a mild warm breeze

Added Notes

i don't know what i was sitting on, but something like a tree stump
I was completely alone, there was no-one or any other 'being' in sight, but there was no feeling of loneliness

18th June 2015, 04:13 PM
A couple of hrs. earlier, i was 'hanging out' on site here & i sitting upright in my chair & i fell into a very comforting, relief bringing subtle energetic space.

then i was in a scene, there was a young woman (me ?) & another person, this 'being' had me by the hand & i heard 'come on sunshine' (?) and i was swung by the hand around in a turn /a bend in direction, entering a tunnel like structure as we did so (woodland type)

Vision stopped & i was back in my physical body again, still sitting on the chair

28th July 2015, 01:48 PM
Some nights ago now i met arnold schwarzenegger .in the dream space, i asked him if i could have a hug, he gave me a hug
......i held onto that 'HUG' for a long time ..... felt sooo Good !

Thanks Arnie xxxx

14th August 2015, 03:12 PM
Time: 9.25am

i had dosed off for approx. 20 mins. i was still needing more sleep, so dosed even though i had no alarm to wake me & i knew i was expecting others to call.

i woke exactly on time with the image of 'spit the dog' shaking his head

Added note
Our 'old gal' Bebe (ferret) passed some hours later, she was nearly 7 & half yrs. ... she is re-united again now with her life partner 'Shadow' who 'passed' last year :heart::heart:

22nd August 2015, 10:10 AM
Time: approx 9am

Becoming lucid
i was just outside of my garden, when i saw someone in the air floating like they had made themselves a magic carpet, on seeing this i rose into the air too, i now knew i was lucid dreaming. i studied my garden below for a short while.

Without knowing how i got there i now find myself in my childhood front garden, i decide to enter the bungalow through the large lounge window & go visit my mum. (interesting thing here is that i knew this was still my mum's home & that she would be there, in past visits i have known she is no longer living there & only found strangers in the home)

i attempt to dive through the glass, but am unable to do so. i put my right arm into & through the glass, then i am inside the lounge. i did not look around the lounge, so apart from the table being under the window i donot exactly know how things were set up only that it was 'right' as home. i did notice the room had a bright sunny 'sun-kissed' look.

On entering the hall, there appeared to be an extra door there that was not there in real life. i opened the door to find just another door, i did this repeatedly until eventually the door led to a small white toilet room. i had opened approx. 6 doors to reach the toilet room.

i didn't think i could go back through all the doors & so i just dived through the doors with the intention of getting back to the hall, i did this, but it felt like something had changed, it felt like i was no longer in the 'same' hall i had originally been in, but was now in a hall of my own imagination, it was darker, felt heavier & i had to spend sometime holding the visualisation as i was losing the ability to see

i went into the kitchen & my mother was there (someone else was there too, i didn't pay attention to who) at first glance she appeared younger & healthy, but then i saw her as older, but she didn't quite look like my mum did (even though it was my mum) i hugged her & cried & she said 'it's been 6 yrs' (it's been nearly 15 yrs since my mum passed) we cried & i cried that hard i woke myself up from the physical effects of crying

Number 6 came up twice, i counted 6 doors & my mum quoted 6 yrs

11th November 2015, 05:30 PM
Date: 6/11/15

Becoming Lucid
i had been dreaming & i then i woke up, i felt a sense of exhilaration & 'feel good'... this was not my usual 'feeling' towards waking up in the morning after a nights sleep & so i was a little surprised.
I then realised i had woken up within my dream space & was in the same place i had been when dreaming - the swimming baths. i was also aware of my sleeping body in the bed, i could sense / feel this physically & there was also household noises outside of my bedroom, which i could physically hear. i expected to quickly lose the visual imaginary, wakeup & be back in my body, but this didn't happen, & so then i knew i was free to explore

Lucid Dream
On the opposite side of the building there was a hole in the side of the wall & i could see bright sunshine shining through this. i decided to push myself through this hole head first, and although the hole was too small for me to get through, knowing i was dreaming i just decided i would force my way through the brick wall that was surrounding the small hole.

With this intention i now found myself at the hole in the wall (it was at this point that i had realised i had managed to remain in the dream space & could now go exploring) (if i had to describe how i got to the place by the hole in the wall from the original dream position i had originally started from, i would say that i 'zoomed' across, although i have no experience of the 'zooming', as it happened more or less instantly)
i put my head in the hole & pushed myself through hole as far as i could & then i willed /imagined myself forcing the rest of myself through the hole. i had a moment of visual 'blankness' as this occured & then quickly found myself standing outside of the building.

It was a bright sunny day, & i was high up standing upon some sort of a ledge, down below & all around were green fields & there were some cows standing by themselves here & there in the fields.

i decide to shoot upwards, going higher into the sky, i get some height, but become somewhat fearful of going any higher (i do 'normally' have a fear of heights) i see what looks like an earth planet in the sky instead of the image of the moon i would normally expect to see, this also causes me some slight fear, i start to lose height (because of the fear) & without any choice, i then drop down out of the sky & with a 'blop' sensation land in a sitting position on the front lawn at my old childhhood home.

It is still a bright sunny day, i wonder if my parents are home & then see my mum & dad through the kitchen window as they move into the room.
My parents looked the same way they had done, when in their latter years, when my children were little.
i recognise the clothes my parents are wearing, they are wearing clothes that they owned when they were alive, my mum was wearing a matching top & skirt, but then as she moved her position, her clothes changed & now she was wearing a summer floral dress that i recognised instead. My dad was wearing a shirt & a sweater that i could see of, through the window.

i speak to them & tell my parents how much i miss them, when they speak back their voices are not how they should be, their voices appear to be at a whispering volume

....i begin to loose lucidity & my adventures end.


When i wake up i realise that although in my dream space i recognised the colours & patterns of the suit my mum had original been wearing, she had not actually owned a top & skirt suit like the one i had seen & so the recognition in the dream space was in fact 'false'
.....i do wonder now if this was the reason for the changing of her clothes at that time (i also realise that images can often morph automatically if time is spent looking at them)

On waking i was unable to recall what either of my parents had said to me

11th November 2015, 06:27 PM
Date: 11/11/15

my young son of 7 or 8 yrs was going out to play, he had just gone through the wooden gate of our back garden belonging to the current house we now live in (which is not the house we lived in when he was 8yrs old) when i called him back so i could hug him
it was lovely to hug him, it felt wonderful & i really appreciated the moment

Becoming Lucid
i had called him back for a hug because i had realised i was dreaming (my son is now 28yrs)

...i donot remember retaining lucidity after the 'hug'


Date: 22/11 /15

Remembering being Lucid
A few hours after waking i remembered i had become lucid briefly during my sleeping hours.
i had realised i was in a dream scene & decided to go off exploring.

The scene had a road, buildings, a house, but i donot recall anything else.

3rd December 2015, 05:39 PM
Date: 25/11/15

Becoming lucid:
It was completely dark, (blackness) i could feel R. my dalmatian dog with me (who is still in the physical), i knew i was in the kitchen of my previous house & because i know i no longer live there, i knew i had to be dreaming.

Then i had vision, it was still dark, but there was an atmosphere of blue/ silver light making everything visable.
My mum's deceased sheltie dog was ther lying down, i stroked C. & made a fuss of her, my deceased sheepdog T. was lying down close next to her, i hugged him, it was so good to feel him & smell his physicalness again, i miss him so much. Lying close by was my little deceased papillion dog Z. who i lost earlier this year, it was real good to see him again and touch him physically once more.

Because i didnot wake up immediately after this lucidy, but continued sleeping & dreaming, i dont have memory from moment to moment & there is patchyiness between my lucid moments.

i could hear the noise of the neighbours talking next door coming through the walls of the kitchen. (the walls of the terraced house always allowed noise to be heard through them)

i was upstairs in my old bedroom, i decided to explore the feeling of wanting to live back there, as often during non-lucid dreams i would find myself back in that house, often prefering living there to my now home/ house. So i looked out of my bedroom window to the terraced houses across the road & explored if i indeed really wanted to live back there again. i reaslised i didn't want to live there anymore, but that i was actually connecting to & re-living the good memories of the time i spent living there & that is what was pulling me, i was attaching to & longing for the feeling of 'happiness, contentment & comfort' again from that time, that was once my life.

This brought me alot of clarity, as i now realise why in dreams i am either moving back into that house or not sure which house i actually prefer to live in. On waking my feelings would always be conflicted & i had never reached the understanding of why

i decided to go & try to find a way of verifying my experience as 'real' (my lucid logic is flawed here)

So i looked for a calender to get the date, - it was 11th May 2011. the day was a Friday.

My thinking was that if the day was correct with the date then this would verfy my experience as 'real'

i wanted to wake myself up so i would remember my lucid experiences, i repeated the date over & over in my mind so i would be able to recall it on waking.

false awakening
i woke up, i wrote up notes in my notebook..

.........i woke up & realised i hadn't written notes or been physically awake prior

On waking i realised the date was significant in that it was the date my sheepdog had 'passed'. On checking up on the date's day, it had been a Wed. and not a Fri. as i had seen. So even if my verifcation method had of been a realistic one, it was wrong anyway.

3rd December 2015, 08:03 PM
Date: 29/11/15

Becoming lucid:
i was watching through the window of my house, a car drive into it's driveway across the road, i noticed the metal gate looked perculiar, so this alerted my attention to the fact that i was dreaming.

As i turned to looked at the rest of my surroundings (should have been my back garden) instead of the view of my back garden, i saw what looked like old deteriorated sheds & stables, it appeared to be a farmyard of sorts. There were quite a few people milling to & fro, like they were busy with their daily life, chores, jobs

i decided to 'spin' to change my location, i noticed one person look at me as i did this. i was spinning around & feeling the sensations of doing this. i was aware that the background noise i could hear did not change, so when i stopped spinning, i was not suprised to still find myself in the exact same location as i had been before the 'spinning' had begun.

i decided to leave this location using 'normal' means & walked down a large soil pathway between the surrounding buildings. Once there i chose to shoot up into the air.

i had read recently about 'pulling' oneself towards the sky & this i decided to try. i was now lying horizontally on my back facing upwards towards the sky, my knees were bent up towards my stomach & my arms were outstretched, palms upwards.
it worked i was being pulled higher into the sky. the sky was blue, with many white clouds & i could hear & feel the wind buffering my body. A favourite L.D. experience :-)

As i continued going higher, fear set in & same as my last flying experience i instantly & spontaneously stopped rising upwards & began to fall instead. This time though i was falling fast & was 'in fear' as i was falling too. i decided to wake-up back in my body as i hit the ground as a means of 'taking control' of the 'falling situation'.

False awakening:
i woke up in my body

i was aware of being 'awake', i knew my physical body was lying in bed sleeping.
there was just blackness (i had 'thought' but no vision) i decided to 'spin' to change things.
It worked this time & i quickly found myself in a different scene.

I was in my bedroom, but my bed was positioned in the opposite position to what it is now (although i do move my bed in this position at times to watch movies on the pc) i was sitting on the bed & my son was infront of me. This time he was in his teenage years. i greeted him with a hug & asked him how he was doing

.....i lost lucidy after this.

..the next thing i am aware of is 'following behind' two men they are in old style clothes, guards or army attire.
i find it interesting that i am lucid, as i feel like a point of consciousness that is not really there but just watching the scene. i decide to remain doing this, as this is a new experience for me.

Unfortunately i lost lucidity & do not remember anything more

As i continued sleeping & dreaming, i had two more brief lucid incidents at different locations, one location was a cross between my garden & an unknown park, the other location i was moving forwards very quickly. there were other people in both scenes.

i had been woken earlier before i experienced the lucid dreams by my daughter's voice calling 'mum' from the hallway outside my door. i woke 'with a start' & lay quietly, listening to hear if she would call me again. She didn't, so i assumed she either didn't really need me or else she didn't 'really' call me.
i asked her later & she said she hadn't called me that morning

It was no suprise to me to hear this, as i have often heard her calliing me, when physically she actually hadn't done so.

3rd December 2015, 09:03 PM
Date: 3/12/15

Becoming Lucid:
i am looking at 3 different church spires, i can see each one between the buildings that are close by blocking the full view of these churches. All 3 have a different shape, i am thinking '3 churches near by, that's alot i only have one church tower that i can see from my house.

At the time i was studying these church spires in detail, it would of been nice to have been able to bring the memories back intact, so as to be able to draw them, unfortunately the shapes & details were not remembered clearly enough to describe them on waking.

i am standing in the open doorway of a house, as i move my gaze away from the church spires, i realise i am 'dreaming'.

i look around, it is daytime, in front of the house is a square shaped area of land, mostly made of dirt/ soil, looked like an area to park cars or used as a turning circle for cars to turn in, due to it being a dead end. The dirt road in front leads off forwards until it becomes out of view & there is wooden fencing, brick walls & buildings to the left.

To my delight there was the sea to the right of me, there were some fields & some sandunes to cross before reaching the beach / seashore which was a little way off.

The tide looked like it was only half way in, leaving a good sized area of sandy beach, the sea was quite rough, with medium to large waves, it looked liked a blustery day down there, with people hair & clothes blowing & sea spray shooting up from the sea. There were approx. half a dozen or so people on the beach & one person was entering the sea to swim.

When i looked again, the scenery had changed, the beach was no longer there, only fields & countryside could now be seen.

i was hugely disappointed & moved into feelings of longing & grief... which began to 'take over' .... i decided to wake myself up ..... i did...

Although i was awake, i did not engage with my body,(ie. i did not move physically at all)

The blackness changed into a vision of bright blue water, surrounded by sand, i was looking across & slightly down at this view & was trying to see if this was water from the sea or some sort of lake structure

... i lost lucidity

i am gliding above a shallow very peaceful, calm sea, but i am not interested in landing, i am trying to find some choppy sea, i am looking for some sea waves.

....lost lucidity

L.D. goal - i had planned / decided to visit a beach as one of my lucid dreaming goals / purpose

On waking i found myself in very cosy, blissie energy, this was a pleasant suprise, it's seems like a long time since i experienced that feeling upon waking.

5th December 2015, 04:47 PM
Date: 5/12/15

Lucid Experience
I have no vision, but i have the sensation of something fluffy around my bare feet, i can feel it's teeth nibbling my toes, i am standing.

When i look to see what this is, i now have vision, i am in the lounge of my house & my little papillion dog Z. is lying on his back rolling around playing & nipping at my feet, toes.

I reach down to touch him, to feel him with my hands, to see if he feels 'real', as i know my little dog is deceased & no longer in the physical.

He has flipped back over onto his front & so i stroke his back & feel his fur, he feels so real :heart:

.....I know i am dreaming, but i get caught up in feelings of grief & lose lucidity

On waking i realise my little dog must of been in his puppy years because of the way he was playing with my feet & the fact that he still had his teeth.

This isn't the first time i have become lucid from sensations without having any vision at the start. i know i definately have 2 other experiences written up in my AD journal here that started only with sensations at first, before later attaining vision.

18th December 2015, 01:18 PM
Date: Nov / Dec. 2015

Because i am not able to get my surroundings / living environment appropriate / 'right' i often 'dream' i am making changes / putting things 'right', looking to move home, or living in a new home.

Non Lucid Dream
A couple of weeks back i woke from a dream where i had been re-arranging the furniture in our lounge, on waking the 'feel good' of the dream soon vanished & i was unable to appreciate how actually acting on my dream would change anything.

After a week of being out of 'shutdown' & in a 'high' space i have been able to attend some physical 3D chores & activities.

Today i suddenly felt the need to re-arrange our lounge & am doing so.

Our home is starting at last to feel comfortable & homely once again

If i can stay 'clear' enough then i can continue to make the appropriate physical changes necessary.

Life is Good :heart:......... happiness is here :grouphug:x

15th January 2016, 12:06 AM
Another Non Lucid Predictive Dream
Some nights ago i had a dream in which i was bare legged around Yuki, our adopted ferret.

Up until this point we have still not managed to tame her enough to have her near any of our exposed skin, because of her habit of biting us.

A few days after experiencing this dream, i am doing just that !

ie. i am bare legged around Yuki while she runs freely in the lounge with me ,as i continue to clear, organise & continue to attempt to put our home 'right'

She & i spend time working things out & i seem to make progress, in getting her to not bite me much of the time.

That was the first time she has ever run free in our lounge before too.

21st January 2016, 08:16 AM
Time: 5am to 7am

Half an hr. after waking, some dream memories came back to me

Non-lucid dream
i was in a 3 storey building. i had encouaraged all the dogs to 'go Mad' that is to frolick, run, play etc. My deceased Tod was there. The dogs were all happy together & all getting along well with each other (like the dog whisperer achieves with his dog pack)

There was an alarm, smoke, a fire at the top of the 3 storey building we were in.To get to the fire quicker, i took the lift, even knowing the risk (in real life i avoid lifts like the plague, watched too many Horror movies !)

i got to the fire / smoking area, somthing had been left on a cooker hob & was burning (this is something that i have done many times during processing phases where i have just 'forgot')

Took the object off the hob, which i think at this point had become a rag doll (it originally started as a pan of milk boiling dry ) & the fire / smoke / risk/ at harm incident was over.

23rd January 2016, 03:04 PM
Time: 12.30 - 1.30 pm

Non-lucid dream segment

Cooking snails
We had snails in some muddy looking water & were going to cook them for my ex. to eat . i put my hand in the pan & swirled them all around. i pulled one & then a second snail out to find they were still alive, they were out of their shells with their stalk-eyes protruding. i was horrified by this & hastily took the pan of water outside to sieve /sort through the contents of the pan properly to remove all the 'alive snails'

i have never cooked or eaten snails in this life, neither has my ex. as far as i know

23rd February 2016, 02:36 PM
Date: 20/02/16

Becoming Lucid
i was walking along a familiar town path next to the road, when i became lucid. It was daytime & the daylight was bright & sparkly.

i was not prepared for finding myself 'lucid' in a dream & did not know what to spend my time doing. i thought about spinning to change location, but felt i might lose my lucidity & my ability to 'see' if i did, so decided against doing this.

i looked around to try to decide what to do, i looked into a building to the side right side of me (the scenery had now changed, i no longer recognised where i was) to see if i could go in there & explore, it looked like a cafe that was closed, there were no lights on & the chairs were upside down stacked on the tables.

i continued walking & a few people came around the corner, one of them bumping into me, i think i got into a scuffle with them...

....i continued dreaming, but lost lucidity at this point & forgot any dream memories after this

i had watched a film some days earlier when a woman had shoulder bumped into another woman & this is where i believe my 'bumping into another person' experience came from

23rd February 2016, 02:43 PM
i wake / become aware of an energy lying next to me on the bed. i am lying on my right side with my knees bent up towards my chest, i am facing towards this energy, The energy is oval shaped & black with bright sparks within it, it is quite large & equal in size to myself. It feels dense & tingly, it feels like it is trying to take me away.

it feels like an attack & i feel like it is life-threatening.

Although i can't move i am able to shout at the energy to leave me alone, i can hear my voice when i shout.
i feel myself being slowly pushed off the bed (luckily i am on a single mattress, so do not hit the ground)

Now i am off the bed, i can move, so i get up & get out of my room as quickly as i can. i am looking towards my open bedroom door, walking backwards along the hallway. i am wary of my 'attacker' that i left behind in my room.

The scenery around me changes & i am now in the hall of my previous home.

i go into the kitchen, the atmosphere is still dark, murky & menacing. i decide i must be in the lower astrals & attempt to rise upwards to move to a brighter, more comfortable environment. I am aware of brightness /bright light above me when i focus on moving upwards.

My memory of my experience ends there.

Yesterday evening i experienced a spontaneous strong subtle energetic (healing ?) session - head, chest, stomach areas. And could feel subtle energies within me later during the evening too.

3rd March 2016, 06:51 PM
Date: 3/03/16

Becoming Lucid
i was looking closely at some coloured drawings stuck on a window in a new room of the home i lived in, i looked away, then looked back at the drawings & the details of the drawings had changed ..... i realised i was dreaming

Lucid Experience
There was a door leading to the outside & so i went through this. In front of me was a large grassy bank leading upwards, i decided to climb to the top to see what was there & possibly fly up from there when i got to the top. The steepness of the bank was that i had to use my hands & feet to climb.
After a short distance, i decided to see if i could get my old deceased sheepdog to come & join me / climb with me. i shouted his name a few times to see if he would appear, i didn't shout my loudest, i felt like i didn't want to bring too much attention to myself, i could hear my voice. My dog did not appear, but i heard a young child crying & my mother carrying my young niece (she is grown-up now) came out of the home / building below & both began climbing the bank.

i continued climbing up till i reached the top, i was somewhat disappointed since the grass continued on & there was nothing new to see. Over the top of the grass was a large barn type roof.

...... i got woken up from the household noises of others.

Some notes

It was daytime in the experience, but it wasn't shining or silver sparkling light as it quite often appears, also i didn't feel any emotional elation that i sometimes do. i think that perhaps the experience was a low energy powered one.
Although i could feel how it felt to physically climb the bank with my body, i experienced no physical tiredness or pain
i feel i did not react to the presence of my mother appearing because i had been non-lucid dreaming with her in the dream prior to becoming lucid & so it felt 'normal' or nothing special to see her appear when she did.

12th March 2016, 02:28 PM
Date: 12/03/16

Dream location: My childhood home

Non-lucid dream
There was some loud clanging / banging noises that were causing a disturbance & so i went in the direction of the noise to check it out. i went around to the back garden to look at the top of the garage roof to find out what was making the noise & also to stop the noise from continuing to happen.

As i reached the location of where the sound was coming from, two small colourful butterfly shaped objects whizzed through the air away from me. There were two colours that i could identify as the objects whizzed by me & these were red & green.

The two small butterfly shaped colours then stopped & landed, it was then that i could see they were actually two little male humans with wings. Their wings now appeared to be transparent. They stood looking at me briefly before flying away.

These beings were acting mischievously.

5th April 2016, 05:52 AM
Here's some lucid dream experiences i didn't write up at the time

Lucid dream
looked in through my childhood lounge window to see if my parents were there, they were, dad sitting down in his chair, my mother standing up, she was busy at something

Becoming lucid
the side of the garage was so visually clear, crispness & detail of reality seemed magnified.
i got inside the kitchen, my mum, my dad & my nanna were there, my mum was talking loudly, sounded like a heated discussion, i hadn't heard my mothers voice speaking like this for years ( 20 yrs) & so it was a comforting familiarity.
then i could see my mum twice, there were 2 of her.
As i told my dad how much i missed them i became a young child once more as i hugged & kissed my dad

Lucid dream segment
i was running away from others who i thought might chase me & so i decided to change my outward appearance & become a male, i visualised a male face & held the intention to be seen as a male by others. i found a mirror & looked into it , i was a male but the hair & face of the male were not the same as the male i had held in my vision.
i still felt like me, but looked like a male i didn't recognise, when looking into a mirror

Becoming Lucid
i was answering the door & realised the door was not a door i recognised... i knew i was dreaming

i looked outside, at first my vision was blocked by boxes stacked outside the door, but i peeped around these. The area outside was mountainous & with few buildings, the buildings were in dis-repair & it all looked old from a past time.
i saw some old looking street lights & then i looked for cars to get an idea of the time period. there were some cars, probably from the 70's era.

i found myself standing outside the building, i could feel the air / breeze blowing against me.
i decided to shoot upwards into the air, but only got a short distance before i began to fall back down. i was able to float about 5 feet off the ground & so decided to do this instead.

the area infront of me was now quite busy with people & i decided i would float about them & see if they could see me & if they reacted.
Most people appeared to 'not to see me', but a teenage boy could see me & asked me ' how i was able to float in the air'

Lucid dream
i decided i would pull on the clouds to get myself in the air, as i grabbed the clouds with my mind, they began to be drawn towards me, i grabbed them hoping to get catapulted back into the sky with them, but i was grabbed firmly around the waist & held down

5th April 2016, 06:04 AM

Time: 6am ish

A very 'aware' / engaged dream.

It started becoming impactful when i had to save my baby from falling. It then went on to me caring for the baby, shopping for the baby.

There does seem to have been a point within this dream where i was lucid for a short time.

it was a dream where i felt very efficient, engaged with others & empowered,

i woke up with such a buzz from it that i felt like getting up & taking a shower. i could think & was able to feel like wanting to 'get things done'.

The 'high' from the dream experience lasted an hour before fading & i was able to function again like i could in my younger days :-)

The only thing i did differently yesterday that might have helped cause this, was i took some colloidal vits. & minerals 2 x 5ml.

11th April 2016, 01:56 PM
Date: 11/04/16

Becoming Lucid
i was in my previous house's kitchen & two others were there with me, we had been talking or discussing something that we were looking at on the dining room table. When i realised i was dreaming, i told the others that this was a lucid dream & i was going off to do something else.

Saying this caused me to lose vision & i could feel i was awake in my physical body.

Whilst i was lucid in the dreaming space, i said out loud on different occasions

'please can i speak with my spirit guide' ... there was 'no response'
'please can my spirit guide be with me now'.... nobody came

i do not remember what my surroundings were at the time, but i was constantly drifting from the dream state, to being back awake in my physical body. (although i did not move my physical body at all)

My vision returned, i was in a building & there were stairs in front of me, the banister rail was painted red, i was about to go up the stairs to explore, but then caught sight of an open door to the outside behind me. it was bright & sparkly outside & so i was tempted to go explore outside instead.

When i got to the door my vision had gone. i decided to create what was there with my mind & imagined a very large yard (like a school yard) surrounded by tall strong wire mesh fence. Then in my mind i let all the dogs out, my living dog, my two deceased dogs & my mum's deceased dogs. i still had no vision & so i carefully stepped out of the door & walked slowly forward with my arms outstretched until i came to the wire, then i put my hand on the wire fence & continued to walk along, using the fence to guide me. i had gotten three quarters of the way around the yard when i had vision again. Now i was standing in & could see buildings surrounding a courtyard.

i woke up in my physical body again.

i had more lucid dream experiences,

i was outside, i tried to rise into the air, i managed some height but not much, i could see above the building roofs, some distance away there were tree tops behind building roofs, there was one tree without leaves that i decided i wanted to 'fly' to, when i looked again the trees had now changed & were evergreen fir trees instead.
i was outside again, trying again to rise up into the air, again with little success, looking to see where i could 'fly' towards

15th April 2016, 04:52 PM
Date: 15/04/16

i was lucid for quite sometime, had periods of non-lucidity & also was waking alot too, due to this i have lost alot of the memories of my lucid experiences & donot have continuity of my experiences, so i am going to list the parts of my lucidity that i do remember.

Becoming lucid
i was studying the detail of my surroundings (this usually happens prior to gaining lucidity) i then realised that the alterations of my home were not correct & so i told my daughter standing next to me, that we were in a lucid dream

i asked out loud to have communication with my spirit teams ( no response)
i saw dark grey rocks, that had small hollow cave shapes within them & bright green foilage on & around these rock cave shapes
i was looking up at the sky deciding where to fly, there were stars there, as i looked at each star, a line of symbols would appear written in white next to the star. i assumed these were the names of the stars. i wanted to go to one of these stars.
i found myself in a bright, colourful, strange reality & the beings (people) were different looking than humans. Some purple different shape on the forehead. i assumed that my focus to get to one of the stars had teleported me to this strange reality

Becoming lucid
i had thought i had woken up & was awake. i was standing against the corner wall of my childhood bungalow & looking up at the sky. There were many white cloud torpedo shapes shooting through the sky. i thought they were bombs, this made me realise i was dreaming (again)

Behind me standing on the concrete drive was my little deceased dog, i stroked him & played with him, he rolled on his back.
It was good to see him & feel his soft fluffy fur again:heart:

28th April 2016, 11:31 AM
Date: 28/04/16

Non-lucid Dream

I had a very vivid, impactful, non-lucid dream, there were two elements in the dream that i wanted to record:

i met an old friend, we hugged, then chatted for a while

my daughter was 18 months old again & i was caring for her, but from a now & aware perspective. It was an interesting experience, with insights & understandings. At first when i woke, i thought i could somehow use what i had learnt in my dream to improve things in my life now. And although i can still see that the message is 'correct', i feel unable to act on it at the moment.

1st May 2016, 01:34 PM
Date: 1/05/16

Becoming Lucid
i had been lying in a bed, in a room i did not recognise, i wanted to go to my own room & bed. i got up & as i walked out of the room into the corridor, i got the familiar feeling of 'lucidity'.... 'i was there'

At this point, it became apparent i was in a hospital & there was some 'drama' going on. It looked like a patient had gone 'missing' (escaped !) & there was a lot of hustle & bustle with nurses rushing up & down corridors searching for the missing patient.
Slightly alarmed by all this i hide inside a cubicle toilet, i do need a 'pee'..... but know this sensation is coming from my physical body & that urinating in the dream toilet will not ease my current discomfort.

It becomes apparent they are not looking for me & when someone bangs on the toilet door, i shout that it is 'me' in there & they leave me alone & hurry on by.

i leave the toilet cubicle & continue to wander down corridors looking for my way out, i am approached by a nurse, she speaks to me. She is wondering why i am there, i explain i am looking for a way to leave, she replies that she doesn't think i'll be leaving.

'I am leaving' & on that intention, i see some fire doors to my right & push on the handles & open the doors & i am out.

It is daylight outside, a woman also leaves through the open fire doors & speaks to me. She is telling me something about the cars & the carpark, i look to my right & there is a mud floor car park & some parked cars there.

i look at my surroundings, trying to take in what i see, so i will remember it all when i wake, in the distance, i see the tops of trees with autumn coloured leaves (on waking i could not recall what else i saw)

Suddenly i am swept in the air by a strong gust of wind, it takes me high into the sky, the breeze is cool & fairly strong, the air batters against me gently, i feel like a plastic bag blowing in the wind, the feeling is exhilarating. i am blown in a loop & end up floating just above the mud floor, i examine in detail the damp soil, that is inches from my face.

i wake up.


Because i went straight back to sleep after waking, i was unable to remember all i had seen when looking at my surroundings, when i woke up for a second time.
Also this lucid dream happened during a 'lie-in', i had woken up, got up & then gone back to sleep. The lucid dreams i have been experiencing the last couple of months have all been experienced during 'lie in' periods of sleep.

Added Notes
Later i remembered an image i had seen whilst looking at my surroundings during the lucid dream

i saw white clouds in a blue sky & there was a faint moon outline visible too

10th May 2016, 01:05 PM
Date: 10/05/16

Non Lucid dream
i was having eyes open visions. i had a vision of a landscape, i was trying to memorise the scene, but it changed before i could remember all the details. (road with trees, fields) i had another vision, this time there was writing & also a domino, again i was trying to memorise the details, but the scene kept changing.

i decide to find my voice recorder, to speak & record what i was seeing as a means of remembering what i had seen.

Normally when i have experiences of visions in this way, i know that my physical body is asleep, & my eyes are shut, this time i was not lucid & so believed i was awake, with my eyes open.

11th May 2016, 02:39 PM
Date: 11/05/16

Becoming Lucid

i was standing on the top of a high cliff, below me was a smooth grey rock surface.... i knew i was dreaming

i decided to 'jump'..... to see what would happen, i knew i was safe & wouldn't 'die' since i was dreaming.

i jumped...... i didn't hit the rock surface..... i just kept falling, falling..... falling. It went completely dark, i was still falling, i wondered if this was the place called the 'void'.
I was still falling, i became a little un-nerved, in the blackness i tried to imagine earth in the distance & myself falling back towards earth, as a means to end the continuing falling experience i had now found myself in, but i was unable to manifest this scenario to change my 'present' experience.

The void falling ended & i was now falling in what appeared to be a square shape the size of an average room surrounding me, it was still dark, but i could see the square shape & there were also other shaped objects in there that i could just make out the outline of within the darkness.

This 'space' felt safer, more familiar.

i donot remember any more..


I had not planned or previously thought about 'jumping' whilst in a lucid dream, so this was a 'spur of the moment' type idea.
i do have a fear of heights & falling
i was slightly shocked that i did actually 'jump' as a part of me could not imagine how i could go through with that
On typing my experience, i realise today's date is significant to me, in that 5 years ago today, my first dog 'passed'

11th May 2016, 03:56 PM
The Antahkarana...wherein the Cube is one's immediate Universe...yet the whole of which...the enveloping 3 dimensional shapes...is the vehicle (Merkabah) within which are You...the fourth dimensional Being...without which there is no whole...the Whole being the 5D. Life

There is the Life ... (et)and there is That which Lives the Life. Be THAT

Aquarius - http://youtu.be/l3QvYIx0mfQ



Travellin' Man - http://youtu.be/W-JWw3cQwA0

D.O.C. Who.....

You ;)

Adir Hu

11th May 2016, 05:01 PM
The Antahkarana...wherein the Cube is one's immediate Universe...yet the whole of which...the enveloping 3 dimensional shapes...is the vehicle (Merkabah) within which are You...the fourth dimensional Being...without which there is no whole...the Whole being the 5D. Life

There is the Life ... (et)and there is That which Lives the Life. Be THAT

Aquarius - http://youtu.be/l3QvYIx0mfQ



Travellin' Man - http://youtu.be/W-JWw3cQwA0

D.O.C. Who.....

You ;)

Adir Hu

Thanks Tim :-)

i re-read 'climbing up the grassy bank' .... i call my deceased dog, but he didn't respond, my deceased mother responded instead :heart:

i was not familiar with Antahkarana..... interesting information

16th May 2016, 10:58 PM
Date: 16/05/16

Non Lucid dream segment
i was with 2 old school friends, i asked them to look at the view infront of them to find out what they were seeing.

i looked from the far left to the far right, all that i could see was red sand with large pot-holes that contained grey rocks, that looked like small chunks of concrete, behind the red sand area was the sea.

There were quite a few people in the scene, they appeared to be digging these large pot-holes to obtain the grey rock chunks.

Usually when i view the scene of a dream in this way, it's because i am lucid, so it would seem that what i habitually do in my lucid dreams is currently 'spilling over' into my non lucid dreams

Added Notes
Date: 10/06/16

sim - synchronicity - My next door neighbours were having some garden work done .... loud pneumatic drilling up of their 'Concrete' back yard

31st May 2016, 12:20 PM
Date: 31/05/16

Time: 7.30 am - 9am (during a lie-in)

Precursor to lucid dream
i was looking around the room i was in, trying to see anything un-usual, i do this as a means of jolting myself 'awake' whilst dreaming. There was one object i didn't recognise, it was a black octangle tube shape, just a bit larger than a tin can, on picking this object up & examining it more closely, i realised it was a squeaky dog toy. This seemed to pacify my attention & i was unable at this time to gain lucidity.

Becoming lucid
i am looking out from behind some sort of a transparent screen at my old childhood home's garden. The scene changes / morphs as i continue to look at it. I know this is dream vision & physically i am lying in my bed.

After sometime re-experiencing grief & loss feelings, i decided to go back to a time in my life where i was 'happy' & was trying to work out the dates & ages my children would have been when both my parents were still physically alive.

Lucid dream
i find myself walking holding the hands of my daughter & my niece, they are approx. 3 yrs old, we are in the garden of my childhood home.
We walk around the paths in the garden before going through a patio door into the back bedroom into the house, the bedroom has 3 single beds & some armchairs in it.

The patio door into the bedroom & the way the bedroom now looked is not how it ever looked in the past.

i find myself alone in the hallway, my parents bedroom door is shut, i open the door & go inside. My mother is lying in bed, i ask her if she is alright, she says she is, i ask if i can hug & kiss her, she says i can & so i do. i help her to sit up in bed, she is obviously weak & unwell.
My dad comes into the bedroom with a cup of tea for my mum


i also remember sitting in the lounge & being in awe at how real & stable my environment was. i had a feeling of being there for hours, even days
Because i was lucid for a long time in the dream state & then had phases of non-conscious sleep too, i had alot of memory gaps in the lucid dream space on waking & recalling my experience
I assumed that my mum was in the last months of her life when i met her in bed, but the bedroom set-up was how it had been earlier in my parents lives & also my dad had 'passed' nearly 3 yrs before my mother. i did not notice these discrepancies until i woke up from dreaming.
Also my dad brought my mum a cup of tea, she was a coffee drinker for most of her life & never really drunk ordinary tea

Added note
After reading through some of my earlier dreams here on the forum, i got some dream memory recall back. My mother was talking & i remember the familiar sound of her voice, it was real nice to experience that again.

10th October 2016, 01:20 PM
Date: 17/09/16

Becoming Lucid
i was in a neighbourhood i recognised, it was my childhood neighbourhood, i looked down the road towards where i used to live, as i did this the scenery morphed & it was now an unfamiliar neighbourhood scene instead.

i now find myself at an unfamiliar beach, i can see ships & whales on the sea. i go into the water for a swim, the water is cool & feels 'real'. The sea is quite calm & so i try to make it more rough & wavy, by 'willing' it to be so, but i am unable to change the calmness of the sea, much to my disappointment.

Visit with my mum
My mum is infront of me, i go over to her & hug her, i tell her that i miss her so much & am struggling without her. She tells me she knows / is aware of my life struggles since her 'passing', we chat.


i did not write these dream experiences down at the time & am writing them now from my memory 3 weeks later. Also i fell back into non-lucid dreaming after these lucid experiences & therefore 'lost' alot of details. i also did not recall the lucid experiences immediately after waking as i most often do, but a little later during the morning, when something triggered my memory of these.

Although i have not had many lucid dreams for a while, i did have a spell of non-lucid dreams of being at the beach, by the sea. My favourite place is by the sea, i guess i miss experiencing the sea in physical life, hence i frequently dream of it instead

10th October 2016, 01:39 PM
Date: 10/10/16
Time: approx 10 am (during a lie-in)

i was constantly drifting in & out of sleep due to the household noise, so although i felt like i was lucid for a long time, the experiences were mostly separate, short ones.

Becoming lucid - Window views
i was with family (in a static caravan) & i was looking through the window, each time i looked away & then looked back the scenery had changed. i asked a family member what they could see as i wanted to compare. What they saw was some half built tall metal construction to do with space science. As they were telling me this i was somehow able to see it also.
When i looked again i could now see a row of machinery type vehicles parked up outside.

The first time i looked through the window, i saw a grassy mountain, there were people & cows dotted around & a large roundish stone rock with a water fountain spraying upwards from it's center.

( i donot remember what all the other scenes looked like that i saw whilst looking through the window)

Exit through glass
i decided to go outside & so i pushed myself hands & head first, through the glass window, it was a strange sensation of suction & then a feeling of 'popping' out the other side.

It was now dark outside & i found myself horizontally airbourne, the wind was cool & breezy as it mildly battered against my body. i could also hear a constant clicking noise which i thought was probably being made by the wind blowing & causing physical objects to move.

Airbourne with daughter
i was holding my daughter's right hand, she was now approx. 8 years old, i was attempting to take her 'flying' & was trying to go upwards into the sky. Although we managaed to get airbourne we were unable to gain much height & continue going up towards the different brightly coloured cloud shapes above. It was daylight & the wind was breezy & pleasant.

i was able to see a small rectangular window shaped scene in the distance. It appeared i was looking down a long black tunnel.
At first the scene appeared to be motionless, but then it began to become movie like. It was in colour & i watched this for a short while. I cannot remember fully what i saw, but i think there was a woman & a man

There was a white page of paper & it had black writing, doodles, scribbles & marks on it.

i was trying to make sense of the writing & what i was seeing. i couldn't read the writing, but i could guess at some of the words, when i did this, the word then became the word i had guessed. i spent some time doing this with the writings, markings constantly changing.

i decided that there was actually nothing written in the words & markings that made any sense (in English) until i 'thought' the word i was reading into being, which only then would become the actual word

The only word that i can remember reading was the word 'type'


Alot of my more recent lucid dreams involve looking / viewing as opposed to doing /moving
i used to have difficult going through glass as a means to enter or exit a place, this fear seems to have dissipated now.
i usually have difficulty getting airbourne if i attempt to take any others with me
i also woke up feeling imbued with cosy / blissie subtle energy, which is something i haven't experienced in a long while, after waking from a nights sleep

22nd December 2016, 12:37 PM
The barometer, that was previously my parents had now smashed & broke.

(i add pic later)

it actually has a crack (that we, my family unit caused) across it's diameter now :-(

23rd December 2016, 06:16 PM
Need to find a lucid dream within my journal, that i was given as a re- experience of that particular time,

i think i have had aprox 4 of these

The plastic flowers
the rocking horse
the Halifax plastic children's money box.

Sitting at the crossroads with my little dog Zen & the rabbit / trampoline

& thhhhis afternoon befor it became dark... looking through my lounge window at the moss green roof across the way woith (3 ? ) Jackdaws on there..

i was given the memory & the scenes kinda merge as one & you know 'it's the 'same' 'time'

& my mins said 'same' as Eddie izzie, then said , the word same, then he repeated it ..

'same' same same

rest / stop / take a moment

10th July 2017, 12:53 AM
i have had a series of nightmares again just recently..

worries - pets
experiencing dying'
my presently ill ferret 'dying'
Also having that horrible experience on waking - where i cannot recognise or get to a place of recognition of where i am

20th February 2018, 07:09 PM
Date: 19 /02/18

Time: approx 8am ish

Pushed out of bed

I was lucid & aware of subtle physical sensations, someone climbed in bed next to me, on my right, they snuggled up to me, it felt nice - companionship.

i kept my eyes shut

Then this person rolled on top of me, i was expecting it to get romantic at this point & felt like i was going to be passionately kissed on my mouth, but nope, this being had other plans.

They rolled off me to my left & then firmly 'pushed me off the bed' towards the floor.

Well i didn't see that coming !!!

This felt like it had caused me to be 'pulled out-of-body' as now i was in a black void & falling continuously.

i felt like i was in a similar position to the image below as i was falling

i wasn't uneasy with the experience, in fact i felt quite safe.

I didn't want to open my eyes, as i thought this might cause me to wake-up back in my physical body.

Deciding not to open my eyes, seemed to give me enough awareness to then allow me to have vision enter into the experience.

At this point i was no longer falling in the black void, but was instead in my bedroom space, although this bedroom was familiar, it was not physically the same as my current now bedroom.

i was sitting on the bed & i thought about leaving the room, i checked the window to see if it appeared solid, although damaged [like many of our current windows in our property] it was solid, feeling the same as a solid 3D window would in physical reality.

On feeling the solidity of the glass window, i felt it was not 'right' to leave the room to 'go off exploring' as i would normally like to do.

It felt like there was a safety within 'staying in the room'

...... this realisation appeared to 'wake me back up' within my physical body


Non-lucid dream - Wrong delivery

Date: 19/02/18

Time: 8 am-ish [I][during going back to sleep after having the above experience]

Dream characters

large teddy bears
unlocked house doors
group of psychic ladies
artist studio
outdoor market stalls

[will write up further info. sometime]

10th March 2018, 01:43 PM
Date: 10/03/18

Time: approx. 6am ish & 9am ish

i did have 2 lucid dream experiences this morning, but lost lucidity quite quickly.

Lucid experience 1.
i was walking & looking around my environment & wondering 'what to do'

Lucid experience 2..
it felt very familiar to be lucid again in the dream-space, i think this was because of my earlier lucidity & also because i went very quickly from being awake physically to be aware / lucid in the dream-space.

i was moving forwards, and there was a dirt lane i was traveling along. i was floating along. My daughter was with me, she was approx. 6 yrs old, i asked her if she knew how to float, she said 'she didn't'.

So i picked her up & carried her under my left arm.

i was looking for some soft ground so my daughter could practice her floating skills.

We came to a clearing where there were shops around & i stopped & put my daughter down.

.....began to lose lucidity at this point.

the dream continued with us interacting with another [negatively], then interacting with 2 others [negatively] & ended with us seeing dolphins in the sea.

24th May 2018, 08:05 PM
Date: 24/05/18

Time: 9.30 am [during a lie-in]

Becoming Lucid
I was looking through the window to see if my niece's car was still parked outside. There were no cars parked out on the road or non parked on the drive, then i realised the scene was odd, i was looking at the scene outside my old childhood home, not my present home, i realised i was lucid dreaming.

Once i became lucid, i appeared to have difficulty keeping my eyes open & seeing, i was afraid that if i made too much effort to open my eyes, then my physical eyes would open. This passed quite quickly. so i set off to explore the house.

i dont remember the details only that everything appeared colourful & vibrant.

i opened the back door & my sister was out there sitting in a sun-chair, she was in her late teens & looked different to how i remembered her.

My mum & dad were in their bedroom in bed, after checking it was appropriate to enter, i went in & hugged my mum & told her how much i missed her, & also told my dad.

They looked well & as they did in their middle years as opposed to their later years.

We talked, but their conversation did not seem to have 'realness' or much awareness of reality.

i woke up, but did not open my eyes [our dog was in the bedroom with me & was restless]

i waited to 'see' where i was ... i was again back in my childhood home, i went off to explore once more. There were some Xmas cards hanging up in a row strung across the room. i did explore for some time & i think i went outside to explore too.

It was nice to be back there again & i also enjoyed spending time with my parents too :grouphug:xx

2nd June 2018, 10:25 PM
Date: 2/06/18

Whooshing of a speeding car

i usually wake-up with non lucid dream memories, but don't often pay them much attention, this morning was no different.

On this evenings dog walk a car sped past us, and i was instantly back in the morning's dream.
The sensation of the car speeding closely passed us, was the same as i had experienced in the dream.

Another car later also sped past us, reminding me again of what i had experienced earlier in this morning's dream.

I often don't walk this dog-walk route & haven't walked this way for quite a few weeks, so having a 'car 'whoosh' closely passed me' sensation is not that often experienced by me.

Thought it was kinda interesting...


Wooden shield

Something similar happened earlier this year, in that i had a dream memory experience, that i then experienced physically later that day.

In the dream there was one of my trophies, i had gained as a child competitor swimmer, it was a small wooden shield i had won for freestyle at age 10.

i had no idea where the shield currently was physically & had not seen it for sometime.

That day as i was shifting through the chaos of belongings on the table in the lounge, looking for something, an item fell onto the floor.

It was the shield i had dreamt of earlier that morning...

I get a magical/ awe-inspiring feeling when a dream 'clicks' with a physical reality experience.

I must look up what Robert says about this, i remember reading something around this phenomena in the first astral dynamics book

30th June 2018, 12:12 PM
Date: 30/05/18

Time: approx. 10am - 11.30am [lie-in]

Non lucid dream
i was sitting on the toilet in my childhood home, when i began to hear a voice speaking to me, it was telling me things about myself & my life, giving me higher understandings etc. then i began to see imagery of places i didn't recognise, & it felt like i was lucid dreaming.

i thought to myself 'well this has never happened to me before while sitting on the toilet' once the voice & imagery stopped & i was back to sitting on the toilet again.

[i think i had now gained some lucidity, as after explaining to the now 'dream' residents why i was there, i then went on to explore the back garden & later the front garden to see what was different.

[my memory is not so clear , so i wont describe most of what i saw]

i do remember that there was some of the orange blossom tree we had had in our garden still there & it was hanging over the boundary wall. i thought i would like to take a cutting of that :heart:

Also there was a cabinet full of ornaments etc. & i looked through them all to see if any were ours, i recognised many that i had not thought about for years.

i do not remember any more of the dream

Lucid Dream - flying through the neighbourhood

i was airborne & travelling along through a neighbourhood when i recognised where i was, i was in my own 'present day' neighbourhood, so i turned around and flew back towards my current home.

As i flew around the corner towards where our home should of been situated, a different landscape greeted me. i was at a very high vantage point & an unfamiliar town could be seen in the distance way below.

The homes were grey in colour, had pointy spiked roofs & were all the same.

In the area where our home should of been there was instead some sort of play area made from wood, something like an adventure playground, which had a wooden archway with a name on a plaque at the entrance.

i lost my vision after this, just blackness, i tried speaking out loud 'i want clear sight, clarity now' but my vision never returned.

i then either woke or fell back into non-lucid dreaming.

28th July 2018, 05:50 AM
Date: 28/07/18

Time: 6.15 am [on waking]

Non Lucid Dream - Going on Holiday


It was a Blood moon last night [although we were unable to see this from our location in the UK]

This non-lucid dream was a very uplifting, vivid, detailed & involved dream & left me feeling 'energetically high' afterwards

Non-lucid dream
i was going on holiday with my children & parents to my favourite destination in Sussex, UK. My children were about 6 & 3yrs.

On arriving we appeared to be in like a holiday complex, with many other people around. My sister & grandparents were there too, as was an auntie. [these family members did holiday with us in this location in real life in the past]

i saw a work colleague / friend from my past who said he now lived in the holiday destination, i saw my psychiatrist there & also i met some younger people i remembered from my school days.

In the dream i was busy unpacking, then spending time with my children & family & interacting with lots of the other people around.

i was shopping in a jumble sale type event with my young son, i was buying clothes & toys for the children.......... i 'woke' & the dream ended

8th August 2018, 10:15 AM
Date: 08/08/18

Time: approx. 9am

Becoming Lucid
i was standing in our garage, it was completely empty, when the metal garage door in-front of me fell off it's hinges leaving the garage open, then part of the side wall of the garage to the left of me also fell to the ground, i realised i was dreaming.

The atmosphere in-front of me felt spooky & menacing & it was dark, so i decided to go back the way i had come from, back towards my home.


the garage is actually 'jam-packed' full of junk

the metal garage door is actually broke & is stuck in the 'shut' position

We are now attempting to get our car road worthy again

i have been watching a lot of 'Dead files' series, which may have contributed to the 'spooky' atmosphere experience

i then found myself walking through a type of outdoor market place, with many different types of stalls.

After the market, i found myself in open countryside, it was a sunny pleasant day & there were groups of people siting around. It seemed like some sort of park, where people had gone to visit for a day-out.


it brought back the experience of having days out in the past, something i haven't done in years

I decided to see if i could change my location, & so i began to spin myself on the spot, i span fast for a short time, then slowly came to a stop.

At first i thought i had failed to change the location, thinking it was still exactly the same scenery.

it felt like the same location but now, there were a couple of un-saddled horses & the weather was instead cold & snowing.

Myself & another got on the horses, i was aware that i did not know which way to ride to reach a warmer climate & rode towards where some people were gathered to ask them.

I lost lucidity after this.

24th September 2018, 12:35 PM
Date: 24/09/18

Time: approx. 10 am

i fell back into sleep after becoming lucid, so i have lost a lot of memory detail

Becoming Lucid
i do not remember the moment of moving from non-lucid to lucid dreaming, but i do remember realising i was lucid dreaming.

i had been inside an unfamiliar house/ home in my dream & continued to be so on gaining lucidity.

Lucid dream
I felt hungry & decided to go & see if i could find something nice to eat, i was in a kitchen that resembled my childhood home, but now the fridge was not in it's usual place.

i had eaten in lucid dreams a couple of times before, so i knew it could be done, but i was also aware that i often had little control of my environment & was mostly unable to manifest consciously.

Anyhow i decided to give it a go & intended on there being something sweet & sugary inside the as yet un-opened fridge.

i opened the fridge & there was a large ball shaped cake, i bit into it with gusto & yep, it sure tasted yummy: choc. shell, cake & icecream in the middle, i ate some more until i felt satisfied, the cake also seemed to morph & reminded me of a large mint aero choc ball.

The rest of my time was spent searching rooms, i did think about spinning to change my location, but i was having a fun time exploring, so decided to continue as i was.

i do not remember much of what i saw, one room contained a large yellow blanket that was on the floor & the room had no real furniture, but had several random items sitting around.

In another room i tried to read a newspaper, at first i saw 888 & some pictures of people, but the images & writing morphed & became too difficult to make sense of.

i do remember no longer being within the dream environment & everything was dark, no vision, but must of gone back to sleep rather than waking up.


My daughter & i have moved from a vegetarian to vegan diet the last few months & i wonder if this is the cause of me craving cakes & sweet-stuff within the dream environment

i recently saw some large round choc.-ball shaped desserts on a cake show that was on T.V.

Our ferrets have a large yellow blanket

Number 888 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/888_(number)#Symbology_and_numerology)

19th November 2018, 02:20 PM
Date: 19/11/18

Time: approx. 10am

Brief lucidity, with not much memory recall, i would probably not have bothered to write this up normally, but i found the lack of vision experience interesting.

Becoming Lucid
I found myself back in my childhood home & realised i was dreaming

It appeared to be night time as it was fairly dark & i decided to investigate my own & my sister's bedroom. As i moved towards my sister's side of the room, i began to loose vision, everything became blurry /cloudy,
i stated the command 'clear vision now' & slowly my vision came back, but it appeared as it does when using my 'pinhole glasses' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinhole_glasses)

my eyesight has been deteriorating for a few years now, i use reading specs & also pinhole glasses to help. My experiences of deteriorating vision seemed to be what was being portrayed whilst in this lucid dream state

I was able to see the bedroom, but do not remember anything about the look of the room that stood out, it looked like how my sister's room had once looked.

On moving over to explore my part of the bedroom, & getting my full vision back, there was a double bed in the middle of the room & someone sleeping in it, it was my sister. She appeared to be talking very quietly in a half-sleep state, i lay on the bed next to her to try & understand what she was saying.

It appeared she thought i was her young daughter & was explaining something to her [reasons to why she had made some choice]

i got off the bed & opened the curtains to look through the window to see outside, it was fairly dark, but i could make out the layout of the garden & see the bushes & trees. This garden had lots more bushes & a fir tree too, which our back garden had never had in the past.

i looked away & then looked back again at the garden, it remained the same.

i told my half-asleep sister how different the garden was now.

i went out of the bedroom to go & explore some more,

..........i fell back into non-lucid dreaming

21st November 2018, 01:09 PM
Date: 21/11/18

Time: 9am ish

Becoming Lucid
I was looking into a small oval-shaped mirror at my face when i realised i was dreaming.

I was inside a room that resembled both a static caravan & my childhood lounge, however the contents of the room i did not recognise.
i did notice that there was a green potted plant sitting on the lounge window sill.

i decided i would go outside & practice getting airbourne, so i dived through the glass pane of the large lounge window, it appeared to take me a few seconds to get free of the window, as i found a type of ceiling stretching out above, moving forwards with me, which i then had to make an effort to get away from.

Outside, i now found myself on the lawn in-front of the lounge window, it was daytime, but rather a dull day.

i began practicing getting airbourne, using one arm stretched out in superman style, i had to put quite alot of intent into it, to be able to reach much height.

i enjoyed the sensation of whooshing up at speed through the air.

i did this a few times, with varying success, when i rose into the air on one occasion i noticed in the distance the top part of a tall tower shaped building with a spike, the tower was brightly coloured with it's top & lower top part in 2 different shades [red & purple ?]

On another occasion i rose high enough to be amongst the clouds & i grabbed them & hung on for a while, they had substance to them.

Some family members were taking a dog for a walk, so i decided to join them. i saw a saddled horse below me & decided to get on the horse.

i realised that in physical life, my weight would be too much for an average horse, so i asked that this horse be strong enough to carry my weight without any problem, or that i become lighter. i think i became lighter, i felt slimmer, i felt comfortable now riding the horse.

We arrived at a beach, the tide was mostly in, i encouraged the horse to go faster & we galloped along the beach.

I had quite strong lucidity & this dream space seemed to last quite a long time, but unfortunately i did not want to end the experience early & also was too lazy to wake myself up properly once it did end, so i did not have complete or detailed memory recall in writing this up

27th November 2018, 12:07 PM
Date: 27/11/18

Time: approx 9am

This dream experience felt like it lasted a long time, i did not stay awake after the dream ended & so have lost parts & also the order in which some of the experiences happened. And on waking, & recalling the dream, it now seemed to have lost most of its feeling of 'lucidity.'

Becoming Lucid
i was in my childhood garden, in the garden shed, with an old childhood friend [lets call her L.] the shed door was open & it was warm in the shed & the suns warmth shining through the open door was very pleasant to feel.

i experienced myself as being lucid at this time, but do not remember thinking it.

We were inside the bungalow now & my mother was with us in the dining room, i asked my friend if she knew how i could still visit my parents in their home, when they were no longer there. My mother replied that she & my father were not leaving their bungalow. i replied when you have 'passed' & are no longer here.

My friend did not seem to know & so i told her the answer was 'lucid dreaming'

There does appear to be some lack of logical lucidity whilst talking to my friend L. about lucid dreaming in-front of my deceased mother

My friend & i then did some experiments to explore if we were seeing the same things as each other within the dream environment. There were some small plastic toys on the table, which i would hold up & ask my friend to describe what she saw, sometimes she was seeing the same item as me, other times she wasn't.
We did the same experiment the other way around with me guessing the item, this time a portion of fruit which i also tasted, ate.

.....'of course' i always got the correct answer. [....because i was seeing & tasting the fruit, i assume that my experience of this always ensured that my friend would have to agree with my answer]

We were by some open doors & i could feel the cool breeze from the fresh air outside, i asked my friend if she was familiar with 'flying' & she said she wasn't, so we went outside to have a go.

Outside i met another old childhood friend from my teens years, she showed us how to get airbourne by shooting up quickly into the sky, passing through the clouds until we could no longer see her, when she came back down, she was holding a trophy.

i tried to get airbourne, but there appeared to be tree branches & telephone wires in my way, i managed to get off the ground a short distance & grabbed a metal bar with my hands that was above me, i hung on for a moment before dropping back down.

My friend L. did not want to try to get airbourne.

We were back inside & waiting with others in a queue to go through a door / or enter a lift

We were in my car & i was going to drive my friend home, i decided to drive my car like i was in a video game, speeding & driving through places other than the road, it was fun, i never crashed or hurt any others,
....but i was also aware of the advice to 'not to be reckless or course harm' during lucid dreaming.

i told my friend L. on waking to remember her dreams, and to say affirmations on remembering her lucid dream as she went back to her body.

4th February 2019, 11:46 AM
Date: 4th Feb 2919

Time: approx. 11.30am [after a lie-in]

[to be written up]

12th February 2019, 05:03 PM
Afternoon nap: 1.50 pm -2.45 pm

non-lucid /nightmare-ish type dream


spots / x's in sky, in rows, i wanted to ignore them, / it, others stood captivated / watching.......
yes. this was an invasion
we were being attacked / wiped out

the invasion being appeared as metal gold chain links with claws at ends

i was awoken with a 'start' by my daughter from within the dream space & hence the dream was magnified with intensity,

These types of invasion dreams i have once in a while, they do seem to be a re-occurring theme for me

23rd February 2019, 06:31 AM
6.25am; woke to the words 'what a horrible Journey'

....and i kinda of have to agree !