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6th August 2010, 08:24 AM
BPA- It's good to at least know about the big ones, afterall, radiation was once considered good for us: http://www.orau.org/ptp/articlesstories/quackstory.htm - untill an MD's, one of the biggest supporters, jaw fell off :?
I had a feeling plastic is a big contributer to the epidimic of cancers (just a guess) I wont be suprised if its proven.

Quite interesting female energy having been felt on the rise and then learning that synthetic estrogen is being 'pumped' into the world. Fish changing from male to female or hemaphradite... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-396612/Third-male-fish-rivers-changing-sex.html

I dont mind, male has dominated for a very long time, its only fair.
Its not just simple pollution, we know everything is connected like clockwork, its a reflection of the times, the mother preparing to give birth.

6th August 2010, 04:09 PM
I like the second link, which tells you what to do.
What I do (which is the most simple way to remember stuff for me) is to
Look at anything in plastic and look for a 7 in the triangle. Seven is BPA, I just don't buy anything with a seven.
And, the second one- I only buy tomato sauce in bottles. Tomatoes are acidic and leach the BPA in the inside of cans, so I just make sure not to buy canned tomato sauce.
Spanish people use tomato sauce a lot- prob. more than italians- so this is simple and easy to remember, and is a major change for my ethnic group.

I stopped microwaving in plastic years ago, so it's not a big difference- for about ten years I didn't use it at all, so the biggest concern for me was the canned tomato sauce.

6th August 2010, 06:44 PM
Yea, its not hard to avoid doing the things that expose you to large doses of it.
Besides, it tastes gross. My friend had a milk jug full of water in her hot car for who knows how long. It was so nasty and plasticy my tongue went numb. The sun and heat must have dissolved the plastic into the water. I like my bpa free waterjug because the water stays fresh much longer than my norm plastic one.
My brother and his girlfriend like to drink thier coffee in those disposable plastic party cups, throwing it in the microwave to heat up cold coffee. My brother has had minor problems, that look bpa related... and his girlfriend unfortunately just recently was diagnosed with bad breast cancer, shes going in for chemo. We've known her her whole life, over 30 years, I'd appreciate a quick intention for her if anyone wants to help.

6th August 2010, 06:49 PM
Absolutely. Post it in the Healing section so that more people see this. It can get lost down here.
My prayers go to her and the family.