View Full Version : Spreading Truth via My New Clothing Line! PLz Support!

9th August 2010, 06:53 PM
Hey everyone! I have just started a clothing line called Paid To Live. The message of my brand is that you will be supported by God/the Universe/Source if you be yourself and do what you love to do, if do what resonates the highest with your inner self. The goal of my brand is not just to make money, but to spread this message to as many people as possible, so that every time someone is seen wearing one of my shirts, they remember what Paid To Live means, and hopefully begin to want to live the Paid To Live lifestyle of doing what they love to do, which is synonymous with being in touch with one's Higher Self.

It would be great if you would support my cause and purchase a T-Shirt from my website:


You will find the items for sale in the "Store" category.

I will personally ship the T-Shirt of your choice directly to you as soon as I receive the request. If you believe in enlightening our society, this will be a good start, and hopefully you spread Paid To Live's message to your friends and family as well.

Thanks and God/Source bless!

Vince aka Out Of Body Dude

13th August 2010, 06:23 AM
Those are beautiful designs.

If you truly want to reach the largest market possible, there are plenty of methods of marketing, thanks to the internet, that are cheap or free, and, with a little hard work, can be very effective. Of course, forums are one of those, craigslist is another (if you can find a way to fit it in) and be sure to tell all of your friends and family.

Good luck with your clothing line!

13th August 2010, 01:21 PM
cool and brilliantly hott! i love the theme, the art, the messagry. i wish y'all the greatest success.

this is exactly what it is all about bro...love the entity, open arms, hands reaching upward, light shining forth, unto 'all' which is 'actually' at life's reach for grasping. and the childlike entity lightedly reaching up to touch the tree of life, it is enough to touch life and abundantly receive the gift that is 'us'.

we look outward for miracles forgetting the miracle which is our very self within living to reach forth and 'be'.


14th August 2010, 08:23 PM
Thank you so much for the comments! I'll keep you updated when our new designs come out.