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16th August 2010, 08:46 AM
I'm going to start a dream journal to keep everything in one place. In the initial post I will collect links to my older dreams for reference - in chronological order.

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16th August 2010, 08:55 AM
The Golden Discs

In this dream I remember a long wait time. I'm waiting for my sister at some times. Sometimes I'm waiting with my mother, then she's off to look for her. Then I am guarding the door, which seems to have elaborate locking mechanisms. Several times I get bored with the dream, I notice how I no longer pay attention to the dream from the aspect that's supposed to watch and store the dream. These "lengthy" bits of the dream are also the ones that got lost, and while having the dream I already knew that they would be lost.

At the end my sister arrives - it's a party of three arriving at the house and it's supposed to be Christmas. She gives me gifts, among them are two golden discs, like DVDs. The first one seems to have "15" written on it, the second one "6." As I realise this might pertain to the chakras I take a second look at the first disc and it does not read "15" but "1 - 5." I wake up.

In the software business there's the concept of the "gold master" - that's software ready for delivery. Software is information, DVDs are carriers of information (gigabytes of information that is). Afterwards I tried to visualise putting the golden discs to use - putting them into my computer, opening my head and putting them in, and something else I forgot.


16th August 2010, 09:09 AM
First one's from Saturday night, second one from Sunday night.

Two classes at school

It seems I'm involved in some special assignment class, but it makes me skip on some of my regular classes. The first day I remember I join regular class and I get well along with the people, I'm well-integrated right from the start, I get a seat right away even though I am late.

I'm back at special assignment class, and then go back to regular class. There's a teacher introducing me to the class, but there's also a regular teacher. I trip on my way in over an assortment of cables. I want to plug it back in, but some student just plugs in a new cable instead, the cable I'm holding seems outdated. I feel embarrassed, the teacher that introduced me seems to be caught up chatting to someone.

This time there's only seats at the back of the class and there are two outcast students already there.The only remaining desk is turned back and facing the back wall. I mutter to myself "Now that's a great start." I move it where I chose to sit and it turns out too small. I see the students next to me - no wonder they're outcasts, one is wearing a teddy bear costume to school! The other one looks a bit like the blue guy from Sesame Street.

This reminded me of a period in my life where I had trouble in getting integrated at school. This "outcast period" took maybe two, almost three years of my life.

Avoiding school

I just remember that I somehow had problems with attending school. Maybe I didn't understand what was taught in class. I remember then driving on the road, and meeting my co-worker Vitali. He says that there's my teacher over there but I come up with a reason for avoiding her. I have a lot of resentment over school.

Co-workers are often spiritual support or anyone aiding in my growth. Seems like I have deep-seated reservations against learning in this kind of way. This is yet another dream where I come up with a reason to avoid an authority figure in a dream.

Two school dreams in a row, eh?


16th August 2010, 01:52 PM
The Golden Discs

In this dream I remember a long wait time. I'm waiting for my sister at some times. Sometimes I'm waiting with my mother, then she's off to look for her. Then I am guarding the door, which seems to have elaborate locking mechanisms. Several times I get bored with the dream, I notice how I no longer pay attention to the dream from the aspect that's supposed to watch and store the dream. These "lengthy" bits of the dream are also the ones that got lost, and while having the dream I already knew that they would be lost.

At the end my sister arrives - it's a party of three arriving at the house and it's supposed to be Christmas. She gives me gifts, among them are two golden discs, like DVDs. The first one seems to have "15" written on it, the second one "6." As I realise this might pertain to the chakras I take a second look at the first disc and it does not read "15" but "1 - 5." I wake up.

In the software business there's the concept of the "gold master" - that's software ready for delivery. Software is information, DVDs are carriers of information (gigabytes of information that is). Afterwards I tried to visualise putting the golden discs to use - putting them into my computer, opening my head and putting them in, and something else I forgot.

I really like this one from the standpoint of its good and positive tone. You're waiting for your sister which is to say an aspect of your growth that is soon to arrive. You guard the door but it is secure as a vault which it needs to be because this is a real treasure.

The three wise men arrive bearing gifts because, you see, the child is born (delivered) - you.

We have 1, 3, 5 and 6. One is the crown, three the Trinity, 5 refers to the throat chakra as well as the Word and 6 to the heart and the Son. This Cabalistic assignment of the chakras, as you see, starts from the crown down and speaks of the INvolving god within which has as its source the Crown.

It would be curious to know what the likes of Aunt Claire would think of this, but it's what I've been taught and has its place along the with traditional arrangement which puts the source at the base of the spine. Both are valid. Gurdjieff thought so when he demanded the Christmas tree be hung from the ceiling upside down.

16th August 2010, 03:56 PM
Well, there was a specific reason for the "15," "6," and "1-5" pattern. "6" is the reference point - that's when I started to think "This is about the chakras - but then 15 makes no sense!" and I turn back and see it as "1 - 5" which makes sense: chakras 1 to 5. "Chakra" also means "wheel" - there's a close relation to the idea of a disc here, I'd say.


18th August 2010, 08:00 AM
Yesterday I was waking up from a dream, noticed it, noticed that I only remembered a tiny bit, decided that was not worth it and forgot the dream and slept on. There seems to be always a part of me making these recall and wake up decisions...


18th August 2010, 07:20 PM
Hmmm. How to change a typical response in a dream? When I noticed that I avoided doing things like asking for directions or help I started doing that more in waking life.

However, in a recent dream I avoided a teacher because I dislike school. I can hardly go back to school, so I need another way to modify that response. I mean, the symbol is unhelpful to a degree, but it has been established and helpful for understanding - high school and college have been established as symbols for learning at different levels of my being.

So, on the one hand it's nice to get a more detailed picture at what level a certain dream is, but when I meet a teacher and habitually evade or challenge him/her because of my associations with high school that's an obstable... *sigh*


Neil Templar
18th August 2010, 07:28 PM
maybe it's time to start intending before sleep, to make sure you go thru with whatever lessons are available??..

19th August 2010, 12:46 AM
maybe it's time to start intending before sleep, to make sure you go thru with whatever lessons are available??..

Hello, Neil.

So true! Writing up the intention here seems to have set the process in motion. I'll write the resulting dream down now.


19th August 2010, 01:31 AM
The self-destructing mobile

I'm at some kind of camp where our team from work goes to to relax. A lot of co-workers are there. I hang out with Olaf, an older co-worker, 20 years my senior, who has a mischievous (in a good way) personality very often.

For some reason, seems like mostly idle curiosity, he triggers my mobile phone's self destruct. He doesn't mind destroying my mobile as it is obsolete technology. In waking life that mobile is still doing its job, but it's certainly an older one. The mobile is basically made by the same corporation that I work for, which also gave me a more recent one for work use, also by its own brand. The self-destruct seems to protect our technology from getting in the wrong hands.

It seems like an alarm goes off. Several co-workers are very alarmed by this, and some are even panicking. Meanwhile Olaf and I take it apart to look inside. What have we triggered and how will it self-destroy? What will be the consequences? The device does not look much like a mobile, anyway. We open it and I slide some part out on a metal guide rail and the chip that's gonna self destroy is just a small button on the end of it.

A female co-worker, Sonja, runs up to us and warns us of what we're doing and that we shouldn't do it, and why it's dangerous. She seems in panic. In waking life Sonja and I are often in contrary positions as it is her job to handle or deny fault reports - it is in her self interest to deny as many as she can. She could be an aspect of myself here that denies that anything is wrong at all and needs to be fixed. I disagree: "We explained to you how this works, and now you try to convince us that you know what will happen? I don't think so." I try to say she does not have the knowledge to back the statement up. We proceed.

We decide to place the offending part in a location where it cannot do harm. We walk through the main hall. We meet my department manager. (He featured in one dream before, and all of us were at a hotel complex together as a team as well.) I expect that he will chew out Olaf over the alarm he was causing but instead he just reminds him that he still owes him two beers for past services rendered.

Now there's some kind of mix-up. It seems like my younger co-worker Vitali who often appear as guide and friend in dreams, and especially in the "offending" "Avoiding School" dream, seems to be the culprit who triggered this. For some reason someone decides to trigger Vitali's "going home" chip and he will get picked up by a team that will trace down his chip and bring him home. For some reason we just want to get the attention of that team - it seems to tie in to our little self-destructing mobile situation.

I walk outside and place the device on some low wall. There seems to be a loud rushing noise all the time, and in the dream I identify it with a fountain even though I don't remember seeing one. I wonder if we will even hear the explosion - we kind of expect it to dissolve - over this ongoing rushing sound. I turn the corner again when I hear it go off. I run inside to fetch Vitali, excitedly. The return team seems to just have arrived.

We run outside, at least four of us, to watch what is going on. The device seems to have a grown a long thin pipe protuding upward from which it is spraying acidic fumes in all directions. We watch the overly dramatic self-destruct and laugh and laugh, especially Vitali who now seems to be responsible for this little drama. In the dream I theorize that the dissolving the little button broke a seal and below it was all of this stuff under pressure. With the seal broken it expanded and then released the stuff below it.

I wake up.

As I wake up I am just absolutely amazed and thrilled by the amount of recall. I recall interacting with so many co-workers, so much details of the dream. That kind of gives me a high. I write it all down, and decide to post it right away even though it's 3am - I couldn't go right back to sleep anyway.

The presence of so many co-workers makes me wonder right away if this relates to my spiritual growth as it hits me - this got triggered by my "request" above:

However, in a recent dream I avoided a teacher because I dislike school. I can hardly go back to school, so I need another way to modify that response.

As soon as I remembered this I knew it was connected. Also, before going to sleep I did energy work and realised how tense I was. I asked for outside help for dealing with that, as I thought it might be negatively impacting my recall among other things.

The acidic fumes released made me think about released something toxic - possibly a hindering, toxic, obsolete belief.

Mobile phones have already featured in a dream Neil had as higher connection, but mine seems to be obsolete here. It's the obsolete belief that blocks it, therefore rendering it obsolete. I also asked for leaving this belief behind, which actually made clear it is obsolete.

I had concluded last evening that the whole symbolism with high school was not helpful, and that other pictures like co-workers have been working so much better for me (less baggage attached). Remarkably enough the whole dream honored this by finding images that I relate well to. Also the mischief that started the whole process took some of the seriousness out of it, and the limited lucidity of my dream self did then play along better than in other dreams. I did not get in my own way - all the dream parameters seemed to be conducive for me to chose to play along even though I tend not to understand the symbolism while dreaming yet (which would equal lucidity). Contrast this with what would have happened if I got angry at Olaf - the whole dream might have devolved into releasing that anger. Instead my curiosity was triggered.

The symbolism of the self-destruct is that it's actually a part of my self that has to be released to overcome the limitation. There's a lot of symbolism that matches the terms used to describe the energetic process of Inner Dissolving. It all ended up in releasing the toxic content of that block.

The technology the self-destruct seemed to be designed to protect seems to be the knowledge available over the higher self link represented by the mobile. Implicitly there's also the message that since there's a newer mobile available that it's okay to let go of the old one. (I remembered in the dream that my mobile was obsolete.)

I find it interesting my department manager was present in this dream. He is the "highest level of co-worker" ever appearing in a dream. But the first time I didn't get to interact with him because I was on the run from a murderer in a hotel.

Sonja, the co-worker that could represent a limiting aspect of myself... Again: In waking life that's her job - deny anything is wrong (or else her department gets more work). Just as aspects of us that seem to be working to our disadvantage are often said to have a similar misconception. These aspects believe they are really rendering us a service. The aspects are not intentionally misbehaving, they are misunderstanding what needs to be done. And indeed, Sonja here misunderstands what needs to be done. She spreads panic over the change. I overrule her with logic. Just as aspects of ourselves can be realigned when understanding their misconceptions and correcting the erroneous underlying beliefs. Which leads to the aspect cooperating.

I wonder if the rushing sounds "outside" where kind of like what you hear when OBE exiting. I not only think of the sound of a fountain, but also the ever-renewing rushing sound of ocean surf. It was like a rush started, died down, then the next, died down - like ocean surf. But it was too fast in succession, that's why I thought of some kind of "bouncy" fountain.

No idea yet what the "return team" for Vitali was.


19th August 2010, 08:24 AM
Hovering below the ceiling

This one from about 5:30am this morning.

I am in a room, supposedly either my apartment or the one of someone I know. It's rather brightly lit. I must be close to a wall at the moment.

Suddenly I move vertically up the wall. I'm kind of surprised. As I realise I'm hovering above the ground, that I'm flying, I'm starting to laugh out loud. As I wonder why I can fly I come with the explanation that my body must be still on the floor and fell spontaneously asleep... standing up... Well, it was enough explanation for me at that point. :roll:

So, I explore this. I fly forward. It's just movement. No effort, nothing. I will it, I move. I tilt my body sidewards at an odd angle to get a feel for that. I move forward. Then I try to turn myself top-down, so that my head would face down. That's too much, the recall is somehow chaotic there, and I don't do that in the end.

Now I decide to spy on my upstairs neighbours. (This is not my apartment, I don't have upstairs neighbours, and the ceiling is way to high, etc, etc.) I float through the ceiling and end up on another level, but my mischievous effort is cut short. I cannot move at all - in no direction.

I think I float back down before I wake up.

I think this is the first time I ever recall flying in a dream. :D


19th August 2010, 03:57 PM
Hovering below the ceiling

This one from about 5:30am this morning.

I am in a room, supposedly either my apartment or the one of someone I know. It's rather brightly lit. I must be close to a wall at the moment.

Suddenly I move vertically up the wall. I'm kind of surprised. As I realise I'm hovering above the ground, that I'm flying, I'm starting to laugh out loud. As I wonder why I can fly I come with the explanation that my body must be still on the floor and fell spontaneously asleep... standing up... Well, it was enough explanation for me at that point. :roll:

So, I explore this. I fly forward. It's just movement. No effort, nothing. I will it, I move. I tilt my body sidewards at an odd angle to get a feel for that. I move forward. Then I try to turn myself top-down, so that my head would face down. That's too much, the recall is somehow chaotic there, and I don't do that in the end.

Now I decide to spy on my upstairs neighbours. (This is not my apartment, I don't have upstairs neighbours, and the ceiling is way to high, etc, etc.) I float through the ceiling and end up on another level, but my mischievous effort is cut short. I cannot move at all - in no direction.

I think I float back down before I wake up.

I think this is the first time I ever recall flying in a dream. :D

Oliver This has "mental plane" written all over it.

19th August 2010, 04:24 PM
Hey, CF.

Yeah, I think so, too.

I was just totally wowed by the clear recall I had - the one in the mobile phone dream and in the one after. Just no comparison to before. Everything was so very vivid, and such a lot was remembered. I hope it stays this way. I really have hope that some energetic knot preventing this was blown up in the earlier dream.


21st August 2010, 05:00 AM
This one from this morning.

Finding Money

I walk out a store and find a crumpled note on the ground. I think it's a 20 and am quite excited - that would be my biggest find ever. On un-crumpling it turns out to be a 200. Wow! I survey the ground and find another, and it turns out to be a 500.

I actually think this is all real and am quite happy. Later on I realise this was a dream and I forgot the part that happened before that because I did not wake up.

The first thing that came to my mind when waking up is that the total is 700. Then I get a 7 and a ratio of 2:5. This would be a repetition of the message of the Golden Disc dream, but here in taking stock (value), not the information - 1-5 done, 2 more to go.

Another possible interpretation is finding something of value (200) that far exceeds my expectations of what is possible (20). And there's even more to come (500). Because of the store I was close to I was thinking about "what is in store for me" - but I came out of the store, so maybe it's not that.

A third interpretation is that 200 and 500 are the biggest Euro bills there are. Incidentally a lot of stores don't accept them. Don't know where to go from there, though.


21st August 2010, 05:26 AM
Gol darn it, Korpo. You are refusing to admire in yourself what is going on!

Here you have a 500 + 200 = 700. According to Cabalist/Hebrew gemantrics 500 = 'palm of the hand'; 700 = 'fish'. The fish symbol so predates the Christian era that it would belittle it to stop there. It is saying you have in your hand the mystery.

Look, you've recently woken up - your dreams are long and vivid - your on the threshold of something (refer to you 'three wise men' dream). My take is worth considering, Mr. Oliver. :? 8)

I'd fly with it if I were you. :wink:

21st August 2010, 05:57 AM
Hey, E1B.

Look, you've recently woken up - your dreams are long and vivid - your on the threshold of something (refer to you 'three wise men' dream). My take is worth considering, Mr. Oliver. :? 8)

Who says I'm not considering that? :D

You come from a different school of interpretation, and I have taken note of your more recent attempts at the numbers in my dreams. I wouldn't say I went as far as comparing notes, but it would fit in with other bits of information I have.

I was monitoring to find out how much of this is coincidence. No idea. But nothing to ruin a good observation like early agreement. ;)


21st August 2010, 07:01 AM
This one from a while back I titled as one of my weirder ones:


I reported being a small spherical robot, and rotating around my axis, and also seeing lines and movement vectors in the space surrounding me.

Here is what I read in "Lucid Dreaming" yesterday:

I become lucid and remember the task. I start spinning myself. A circle of greenish light begins to manifest in the space around me as I spin with eyes open. The environment doesn't change. Then I (or my point of awareness) seems inside a pastel ball of light in which I'm hovering over the floor in a circle around an axis. Unsure about what to expect, I think, "Perhaps I should look for symbols." Now I see four colored balls of light, vertically arranged in sets of two seeming to spin around their own axes but also around the axis of my aware point. Then four more balls of light appear. I keep spinning faster. Since this seems so unusual, I decide to wind it down. I wake.

Nobody says it like Leia:



22nd August 2010, 04:51 AM
But nothing to ruin a good observation like early agreement.

I agree, but not too early. :lol: And thanks for your support or consideration or, or...

But numbers often refer to the Cabala. Take for example the sign for Jupiter (which I can't produce here) but it looks like a '4'. It's the fourth sephiroth. Or the sign for Cancer which looks like 69, it represents the sun (6) and the moon (9) which ultimately have to be reunited in order to produce the philosopher's gold.

Anyhoo, I was afraid I was being dismissed and appreciate your giving my 'alternative' viewpoint some thought.

Thanks, Oliver :D

23rd August 2010, 07:51 AM
There seems to be a pattern in my dream call or lack thereof. I spent a weekend without recall which is unusual. However, it again coincides with the full moon. I have had the suspicion now several times that this is not necessarily coincidence. It seems like around full moon I always have no dream recall.

Damn lycanthropy. :evil: ;)


23rd August 2010, 01:40 PM
Damn lycanthropy. Did you wake up covered in blood and hair? :twisted:

23rd August 2010, 01:50 PM
Did you wake up covered in blood and hair? :twisted:

I'm more the Michael J. Fox style werewolf, so only in an embarrassing college sports outfit. :mrgreen:


23rd August 2010, 02:14 PM
I have no recall whatsoever, but it's because today is my son's first day in school and I literally woke up last night every two hours, so by the morning REM I was wiped.

24th August 2010, 04:15 AM
This one from just now. I woke and thought I could not recall anything again. Then I challenged myself, following an odd feeling that there might be something, and finally "retrieved" this dream fragment.


The original incident seemed to involve CaterpillarWoman's husband being knocked out of phase with our reality. This resulted in a series of jumps or skips of him appearing at different times and places, and the attempt to bring him back. This part is mostly forgotten, but the attempts at reintegration mostly failed, either due unwillingness or due to incapability to do so.

A plan was devised to resolve the situation. It involved going back to the original incident. My dream self, "Major Samantha Carter" (Amanda Tapping from the "Stargate SG-1" series) crossed the boundary and convinced him successfully to integrate back to our reality at the point where it all started.

I noticed that I barely know anything of CW's husband, so I think he's a symbol. I assume he's a self aspect associated with my thinking mind. Then "being out of phase" here means being "misaligned" with the rest of my being, in need of integration, maybe separated in some way. This aspect of my mind seems to interfere at various instances and is - like so many misaligned self-aspects - interchangeably seemingly unwilling or unable to reintegrate.

Many approaches to reintegrating self-aspects involve going back to the root incident that separated the aspect from the core self. Crossing the boundary is some act of entering the "space" where this aspect exists, probably a plane of sorts. Where do people go when they do "self retrievals?" "Samantha Carter" in the series is an extremely intelligent female astrophysicist. Here she is the "female intelligence" aspect of my self (therefore her role as my "dream self") required to integrate the mental aspect back, kind of like being my "astral physician" (pardon the pun). I can "act as her" as she is integrated with my self, while it takes an explicit act of reintegration to get that other aspect back, represented as another person I do not identify with in the dream.


26th August 2010, 02:19 PM
Last night I had two similar dreams.

Supper at mom's

My mom had prepared a big plate full of slices of bread. The ones on top were buttered, maybe some had something else on it I don't remember. I was eating my way through the heap only to notice that the lowest on them had thin stripes of ham and sausage sprinkled over them - not enough to cover. I usually don't eat that, so I asked why she had done that. She said something like "So you can eat what I eat." Then she proceeded to explain that the sausage might be contaminated (I guess with salmonella) because it had been packed in the fridge next to raw meat. I didn't mind and finished the plate up.

Untested muscles

Somehow my musculature had gotten improved, but somebody announced to me that the changes made as of yet "untested." I said something like "Let's take care of that now then." and struck several poses, which only seemed weird in hindsight.

I wondered later on if the poses were asanas, I can't remember. In the dream it seemed more like posing a bodybuilder, though dream recall is strangely lacking. Not like foggy, but I remember the dream of being very bright and not being able to make out much detail in hindsight.

The common thing is the risk of contamination and the risk of something untested.


30th August 2010, 08:41 AM
My internet router/modem died on Saturday, so this one late:

Going on a trip with CF

I remember vaguely explaining to someone (I had a strong feeling it was CF) about going to some place together. I explained in advance that the rules of the place might seem absurd and why they made sense.


30th August 2010, 08:50 AM
These two from this morning:

Fixing it up

A friend and I pass by a shop, and I notice something is damaged and say this can be repaired. My friend is an electrician, I think, or a plumber). The shopkeeper takes note and invites us in, but I say we haven't the right tools with us. She's disappointed, but let's us proceed anyway as I ask for a screwdriver.

The Apprentice

I am with my teacher. He tells me what needs to be a done in a certain teaching situation. And then he surprises me by telling me that now it's my turn to take care of it. I'm surprised that I am to handle this as I expected him to do it, and have the feeling that I am an apprentice now.

I happen to know which life situation this pertains to. I was wondering about what was expected of me before going to bed.


3rd September 2010, 07:50 AM
No more dreams recalled due to high stress this week at work. I also had some beers and that didn't help either. ;)

Saw a lizard yesterday. Cannot remember seeing one for decades.


4th September 2010, 03:24 PM
Duck & Cover

This one needs a bit of explanation... I'm part of a small team that does a tool migration for my software department. About 100 people are affected, the whole thing will come down on Monday, the last weeks have been very stressful and full of last minute requests, and tests and procedures for all kinds of contingencies.

Also last night I saw the documentary "Atomic Cafe" which contains the "Duck & Cover" short film that advised that if people saw a bright flash (from a nuclear explosion) they should duck and cover.

So, I dreamed I was in one of our offices with my co-worker Joachim, and then he requested we needed a training simulation for this "Duck & Cover" thing, so I would need to come up with a way to produce this bright flash outside so that people would duck and cover.

I thought a moment about it, and put my finger on his chest and said "Sure, no problem if you get me a 50 mega watt power generator I can short-circuit." That was supposedly my dream idea of how to generate a big, bright flash in the sky... ;)

It seems like this is not the only dream of this kind. I felt like as if I had been working on "last minute details" at least part of my night, but this is the only thing stood out because it was so odd.


6th September 2010, 03:09 PM
Kingdom of Heaven?

This one needs some explanation as well. I seem to have a series of dreams that seem to reference the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" with Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson and Edward Norton. Funny thing, though - I haven't seen that movie since 2007... In that move a young commoner named Balian learns his father is one of the noblemen that went on the Crusades. He inherits his father's title and travels to Palestine and meets the ruler of the Christian state of Jerusalem, Baldwin, a leper. His many adventures lead him to become tolerant of Islam, as is the king, and he ends up having to defend Jerusalem from men muslim invaders (who respect him as a honorable individual) because his allies deserted him for pushing their own agenda. Good movie, BTW.

The dream I remember is that I am charged with defending Kerak Castle (a location named in the movie) from a barbarian invasion. For some strange reason the invaders seem to be Scythian barbarians - I see them clad in furs (they look like Hollywood-style barbarians and I don't think they resemble the real Scythians at all). It is said their army comprises 25,000 men and that their forces total 73,000.

I also remember a false awakening from another dream, discussing the previous dream (which I forgot) with someone else. He says something like "Well, isn't that good?" and I respond "Well, no, because that would make me the leper king of Jerusalem!"

The Scythians made me think of "scythe." I think it's also a somewhat generic term the Greeks had for barbarians from the east of their holdings on the black sea. I have not much of an idea about the barbarians from the east and why I have to defend something from them. I wondered if "becoming the leper king" might indicate a fear of becoming too different from others to be liked? I recently got the chance to learn a fair deal about Islam from a Pakistani co-worker and friend.

It's a bit odd to have this movie come back to me in a series of dreams after several years.


7th September 2010, 01:30 PM
This morning I had a dream where I was taking part in some kind of show. Within the dream I recalled that I had had the same dream scenario twice before with minor variation in detail, maybe the topic of the show had changed. I think I then decided to wake up to recall this.

I found myself in a false awakening. Maybe I awoke for real and fell asleep right afterward again. I realised that I was not awake but in an in-between state. I was no longer immersed in the dream I was having, so I thought it was too late for lucidity and almost woke fully up.

Then it came to me - what if I was missing my chances to become lucid because I was having expectations about what lucidity felt like. I realised that I was fully aware but not yet awake, and instead of going with my expectation I could try to stay in there. I had a WILD before from a similar situation where I was half-awake, noticed I was no longer immersed, thought I was making it up and suddenly realised that I was not imagining it, but unexpected things happened. So I wondered whether I could do a WILD now, too.

Upon trying to find my way back into the dream I realised that the visuals had faded, but I also found that the former dream with the shows and recalling the former shows was fading. I decided to wake up and record and this time I woke up for real.

I chose to recall this dream instead of risking to lose it because I found it interesting to recall at least 3 variations of the same dream. Either this is a hint for a continuous dream memory or the dream repeated itself in three variations or the memory was false.


7th September 2010, 04:38 PM
"Or", this where we imagine we are as conscious awakened reality is not at all, and it is a parity of two paradigms overlayed; one we would call deep sleep and one we would call high sleep, this life the baseline between reflective waves below and above. ergo, in the dream, one side of it ended while the other side did not, yet when both ended, here you are as that dualistic body of, wholey having neither sense of in-di-vi-dual natures of below and above, thinking 'here' that they be hell and heaven or some such thoughted melarchy.

and/or, maybe not...dunno really :roll:

7th September 2010, 08:09 PM
Hold on to that first thought, though I think you get then sidetracked afterward into one of your favorite concepts. :)


8th September 2010, 01:20 AM
what if, it is not a 'concept', none of my own thinking anyway. for lack of better wording perhaps, i explain it conceptually in reflection of having openly learned it. but yeah, after the first point is worded, it moves quickly to where words betray it. that doesn't mean i am not going to give it a whirl though. :wink:

8th September 2010, 08:33 AM
I know. :D


15th September 2010, 08:16 AM
I dreamed that the cops from Criminal Minds were threatening a baker who they knew was selling poisoned goods. They had incriminating evidence and were now letting him now that they will prosecute him. When I looked down I saw a pastry and I saw two white tablets overlayed. In the dream I thought this might be about drug trafficking then.

As I woke up I realised that the two tablets looked like Aspirin. I always take two. Yesterday I had none at work but a headache. Pastry/baked good is a symbol for carbs/sugar/starch. Guess I'm told I had a headache because of my carbs/sugar intake - white sugar/white flour are probably the "culprits." They are the "poison" giving me headaches.


15th September 2010, 08:22 AM
My boy visited me in a dream last night, and I tried to talk with him.

At first he just repeated what I said, and so I took note of that and kind of made sure he was actually understanding what I was saying and replying of his own instead of repeating the sound. He did way better in English...


15th September 2010, 02:27 PM

get yourself for a full physical, fasting blood workup, treadmill heart stress test, colonoscopy, upper gi...the whole works mister. mind your dream above and investigate. and stop eating junk, start a good cereal in the morning, like Post Great Grains, sumptin like that to clean ya out and get you regular.


15th September 2010, 02:49 PM
Hello, Tim.

I do mind my dream. No doctor for me, though. Especially no colonoscopy.


15th September 2010, 04:03 PM

16th September 2010, 07:35 AM
This morning I dreamt I was saying to a friend/guide what I was about to do, but as I was about to put my plan into motion, I noticed I was in a bathtub. It felt so nice, soothing and relaxing I postponed my plan for a while and relaxed a little.


16th September 2010, 03:26 PM
Seems a band called Macabre has a song "Scrub a dub dub (3 men in a tub)" having to do with Jeffrey Dahmer. So, let's not go there.

I was curious to find if the old nursery rhyme had anything to offer. A butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker. One source suggested the original ryhme was 'three maids in a tub' and referred the gentlemen to going to the fair to see nude maidens. Weird.

16th September 2010, 03:28 PM
Seems a band called Macabre has a song "Scrub a dub dub (3 men in a tub)" having to do with Jeffrey Dahmer. :shock: So, let's not go there.

I was curious to find if the old nursery rhyme had anything to offer. A butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker. One source suggested the original ryhme was 'three maids in a tub' and referred the gentlemen to going to the fair to see nude maidens. Weird. :?

16th September 2010, 03:30 PM
Hey, Ritch.

I'm from Germany. English nursery rhymes - that's really not buried in my subconscious somewhere. ;)


16th September 2010, 03:56 PM
I see. Actually I wasn't sure if you were not English living in Germany, or German with superb English. :lol:

Odd to think there is that cultural divide, but it's everywhere on these boards and sometimes it's hard to guess a person's cultural background. :?

But on the more German side of things I have a couple of medieval illustrations of a man in a tub or vat signifying the Saturnine Night (purifying by putrefaction). One shows the King in a vat over a fire with this annotation:

"Ovid (...) writes of an ancient sage who wished to rejuvenate himself. He should cause himself to be divided up and boiled until completely cooked, then the limbs would reunite and rejuvenate most powerfully."

Don't imagine this has anything to do with your dream image, but it's interesting - or so I think. :?

16th September 2010, 07:04 PM
Well, if you mean that I like to relax in a hot bathtub then you're spot on. :lol:


17th September 2010, 11:06 AM
Last night I was thinking about something and falling asleep in the middle of - I think while still lying on my back. I never sleep like that so sleep was very light. I was surprised to find myself in a dream (but not thinking about lucidity), saw that the dream pertained to what I was thinking about, woke from it and forgot the whole dream in one go. This repeated at least once if not twice. Somehow I remember having three dreams of this kind, but not what happened in them.


17th September 2010, 01:37 PM

17th September 2010, 02:46 PM
It didn't smell, no. :lol:

(What's a WIND?)


17th September 2010, 04:46 PM
Wake Induced Nonlucid Dream.
Hee hee.

18th September 2010, 08:25 AM
Well, last night was unusual. Really high degree and detail of recall, three dreams! Lately that would suffice for more than a week...

Last night I did two things before settling for sleep:

I visualised some symbolic cleaning actions. I spoke out (in my mind) explicitly some limiting beliefs I have and then cleaned them away. I did this for a while.

And I spoke out loud (for real) an affirmation before I went to sleep: "I will dream vividly and detailedly tonight and I will recall that dream fully, vividly and with all details." Just once.

After 3am I woke with the first dream:

Visiting my boy

I was visiting my boy, and very soon I laid down on my side and he cuddled into me. He fell asleep, and I lay there for a long while, feeling him sleep there. After a long time, I might have been asleep myself, I had to get up and carried him. Well, that woke him up - I tried to rock him back into sleep like I used to but he didn't fall for that.

His mother came in while he slept and said how cute that was. I got up and she said "I want him ready for the night and asleep in his bed, I want to watch the 'Baywatch 1000 Marks special'" - "Why can't he watch that?", then David suddenly said "My favorite is Earl of Erford!" (or Herford, or Erfurt)

I woke up.

Till the dialogue nothing unusual. I visit my boy or vice versa about every week or two in my dreams. Usually he visits me.

I realised how much my affirmation had come to pass. So I renewed it, and said additionally: "I cooperate with my Ashram members and my teachers."

After 5am I woke with the second dream:

Meeting the consultants / Video game racing

I remember it started with having to ask my co-worker A. a question, but it was Saturday and he wasn't around. But I was strolling along the big river, probably the river Danube, in bright, warm sunlight. People were sitting outside a cafe on wooden foldable chairs, and I realised that they were my co-workers. All the external consultants I usually go out or to lunch with. I remembered that they wanted to meet Saturday morning, 9am, for breakfast (not in reality) and I had said that was too early for me.

So I kind of awkwardly said hi, didn't want to disturb, just wanted to ask A. a question. I walked past most of them to a stone circle bench where others were sitting and addressed A.

The next scene I remember I am on a party, my college friend Mikey is also there. Everybody is ignoring me as they're all standing around a huge girl. I lay down on the ground in a kind of casual position and wait for them to notice me.

A bit later on the dream I look at one co-worker when my co-worker Florian comes towards me. Florian has two video game controllers in his hand. They're a bit unusual, at least for me, they look a bit like the remotes we had as kids for miniature race tracks with a little wheel on top. I join him for playing a racing game, and he explains that since we're only two, the other two are played by "artificials."

I am at the start position, kind of inside the game but as observer. The vehicles are some kind of bikes, but maybe more than two wheels, very high-powered. I hit full throttle and the vehicle skids left and right and the others will overtake me. I lower the throttle, get traction and use the skidding motion to keep almost everyone behind me or else they would run into me - something I've seen at Formula One racing. Except it's barred nowadays (crossing the line twice, I guess).

I pick up speed and go. Initially I expected a somewhat circular track. But what happened now was that an announcer said that we go "to classic mode" - everything became really pixely and lacking detail. It now looked more like a C64 game than the sleek highpowered racing machines. I only saw the track ahead of me, and it mostly went up and down and little curves.

At one time the sky was below me and only later I realised that was the representation of a loop. Because at the end of that long, lonely race (no contestants in sight) I failed at one loop that was too big. The perspective swept over the loop to show a big grassy plain on the other side, full of other cars, probably those that started with me. How did they get ahead? They were all driving around disorderly in all directions.

I woke up.

The first part of the dream seemed to directly honor my request. I asked for Ashram members and met my co-workers, people I work with. The bright warm light could indicate that we met a bit closer to their home.

I don't really know who the huge girl was.

The video game is interesting because I had asked last night and the night before an additional request. I wanted to be taken to the world view of a specific other person. So, this might represent another person's attitudes towards spiritual growth, but maybe they're mine, who knows.

What I get is this: Competitive, trying to get ahead, trying to take the seemingly straight way alone (driving most of the time alone on a straight road), but stuck at the final transformative step (a loop turns things upside down). The "classic mode" is a preference for the old way of seeing things, the pixels a lack of discernment (not many different shades of color, not high enough a resolution to see clearly, all looks the same). The cars on the other side are people who have found their own way to higher growth. They had done the transition to the higher plane of growth (grassy plain on the other side).

I repeated my affirmation, and after 7am I woke finally, with this dream:

At work with the barbies

I was at work, and I was joking with my co-workers. At one point I made a homophobic joke, a bit unusual, at two male co-workers.

Somehow I turned out to sit at different desks, and suddenly I sat in a corner. I was opening a program, and it seemed to be a program for designing a work plan, what tasks need to be done. Not sure if this was the case, but that's the closest I recall.

I rearranged things, and suddenly the majority of the tasks had been aggregated in one huge window and mine into a small on the bottom left. But I didn't want to separate it out, so I tried to undo my changes and did not save my changes.

Now a group of females came in. Practically all blonde and all kind of like Barbie in terms of figure. They were here to work on a project, and they were terribly worried that they were behind schedule and this was their last effort. Every time they discovered a part of the project they became kind of overdramatic and panicky, it was unnerving.

At this time I was doing something odd. I was taking oddly shaped pieces of dark/greyish wood. I tried to assemble them into a wooden rectangle I could put my work on, but the result looked unusable because of all the weird shapes. Like trying to take wooden branches right of the tree without sawing them or anything, I was picking the most straight ones.

Next to me was a girl, dark hair. She asked what I was doing. I explained and she said she can understand, and pointed to her butt. She had bolted a wedge pillow to her pants. I realised that this could be helpful to prevent back pain, and that was maybe why I tried to elevate my desktop a bit by adding a layer of wood, but it also seemed highly excentric - after all she would run around with a pillow stuck to her butt. She looked at me and said, "Well, I'm not the barbie kind anyway." She was rather normal-looking, nice face, not as slim as the barbies, but who is.

We got to chat and I started to think she had a somewhat "punky attitude." She hinted at how she didn't like the barbies, and that she likes unusual people, and how they are much more clever anyway. Well, I wasn't quite ready to agree, because I think unusual people have their own set of neurotic ways as the barbies do, but she kind of wanted to be validated in that belief.

During the course of the chat she had transformed into what I thought - she now looked like a punk girl. Wirey, short hair, bleached and some black in between. Lots of black tattoos. But still a nice smile.

I woke up.

The barbies seemed to be too strongly contained in achieving the image society wanted of them. They represented the superficial advertisement ideal you can see around when they're not selling dishwasher soap, but underwear.

The girl represented somebody straying of the mainstream, but still needing some assertion and validation beyond her self-valuation. She was like "Think like I do," and a tiny bit desperate about it. I think the later image represented this attitude - how she wanted to be if she could. She was much more interesting than the barbie, but had her own set of issues.

By elevating my desktop I might want to prepare myself for "higher work." I take accomplished growth (the branches) and try to assemble what I learned into something for that purpose, but I do not have the right tools yet or the right idea of what shape I'm trying to construct. More processing and refinement might be necessary (sawing the wood into the right shape).


20th September 2010, 06:40 AM
Since there was a reference to waking up with something in your head in sono's post, I had that, too, this morning.

I woke with a silly drinking/party song in my head. It's just an endless repetition of some nonsensical lines, but I even skipped some and repeated these: "One sandwich made with ham, one sandwich made with egg. That's two sandwiches for you, one with ham and one with egg."

This felt odd to wake up with, and then I remembered that I ordered a pizza in my dream and it had ham on it. I made a special point of inspecting the texture and everything to see if it was good ham after all. Ham pizza and ham & eggs sandwiches - my personal guess was that I needed protein, so I had an egg sandwich for breakfast.


20th September 2010, 06:49 AM
Poor pizza baker

I only recall bits of this one. It starts with the story of a pizza baker who makes really excellent pizza. But I'm disappointed to find that fellow Italians shun him, seemingly because of his origins or what he's done in the past maybe. It seems like all his merits count for naught, which doesn't seem right to me.

Then I am with my co-worker Christoph. In waking life, Christoph is a line manager, but one I did not work with for a long time and then only loosely. I never reported to him, but supported an effort done by his team. Here him and I order a pizza. He has salami with lots of cheese (seems to be white sprinkles) and I have ham (that's the pizza I talk about). I talk about how the place serves the best pizza and pasta I know off, but find myself inspecting the ham if it is really good quality. (I think I'm confusing it a bit with a pizzeria from waking quality who make good pizza even in spite they seem to use ingredients on the cheap side).

Now I'm not sure who I'm with. Somebody sits on my right. We sit at a table in an alcove. On the left side at the head of the table sits the owner of the restaurant. At another table in an opposite alcove sits another man we first talk to. He's not friendly and not helping.

The owner of the restaurant is George Carlin, the late comedian. Which strikes me as a bit odd, but because the person from the earlier story seemed so humble, and also look different. He asks us something, and if we want to sit at opposite sides of the table instead.

I reply by greeting him because my companion does seem to desperately talk to him but can't. So I try to break the ice a bit for him.

That's all I recall, and it puzzles me quite a bit.


23rd September 2010, 03:18 PM
Just some idle thoughts, Oliver. As you know I'm not too good at the dream interp :( - but sometimes I get lucky.

Thinking about pizza - what is it but some bread, sauce and cheese? Well, it can be or 'convey' just about anything else. Whatever you have in mind you can probably put it on a pizza. :P Now, for you it's gotta' be ham - good ham. And how 'bout that George Carlin - there's a ham for ya'! Some would think he's (was) a pretty dirty ham. :|

So, have you been thinking about 'hamming it up' with somebody or in a situation - like work, where it might not be considered proper behavior? Could you contemplating 'the curse of Ham', son of Noah? All that is rather dark, won't bother to reproduce it here.


Like I say, just idle thoughts.... :)


23rd September 2010, 07:38 PM
Hey, Ritch.

Thinking about pizza - what is it but some bread, sauce and cheese? Well, it can be or 'convey' just about anything else. Whatever you have in mind you can probably put it on a pizza. :P Now, for you it's gotta' be ham - good ham. And how 'bout that George Carlin - there's a ham for ya'! Some would think he's (was) a pretty dirty ham. :|

Can you explain this some more? I'm not familiar with these phrases/idioms.

How funny a synchronicity that I had a chat with a British co-worker about the difference of the British idea of ham and bacon and the German one. :mrgreen:


24th September 2010, 11:05 AM
ham [ham]
n (plural hams)
somebody who overacts: somebody, especially an actor, who performs in an exaggerated showy style

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.



24th September 2010, 08:09 PM
Tonight I walked home, and just before I arrived I thought about the astral body. Next I found a live frog on my doorstep. Weird.


24th September 2010, 11:47 PM
hmmm...what are your thoughts that relate the two incidences? :|

25th September 2010, 03:23 PM
Hello, Tim.

Frogs - or amphibians in general - symbolise "living in two worlds" to me. So it was interesting to find one on my doorstep.


26th September 2010, 09:44 AM
Today I had a memory that could not have happened to realise it was a dream I forgot.

I was driving a car after having not done so for quite some time, but it all came back to me and soon it was real fun.


26th September 2010, 01:37 PM
This one from my Sunday after-lunch nap.

"Messing with the TV"

There was a TV, and I noticed something odd. There was some programme where the character (maybe an announcer) was actually aware of my presence. I had noticed little inconsistencies upon switching to that programme twice. Like he was seeing where the TV was pointing at.

So I switched to another channel and turned the TV sideways, and intended to then, to add to his confusion, just say "You know I already know you can see me."

I think I woke up instead. Guess not only Neil can break dreams. ;)

I think I had actually two thoughts - the other things I wanted to tell him seemed to have to with knowing that it is a dream. Even though I think I was not fully aware of the fact myself.


26th September 2010, 01:59 PM
Geez, and I haven't had my second cup of coffee yet- and you already had your 'after lunch' nap.

26th September 2010, 06:31 PM
Hehe, I just woke from my ... second nap! :mrgreen:

It seems like I had a series of dreams referencing other dreams I never managed to wake up from to recall them.


27th September 2010, 05:32 AM
This was one big dream of interlinked scenes/themes. I haven't interpreted it yet.

"Into the depth of the dungeon / The co-workers' secret adventures / Opera on ice"

We were a party of teenagers, and we had found access to the secrets of invisibility. By this we had dared to brave the deepest dungeon that had not been braved before, avoiding all dangers, and now we stood in the treasure room. People were celebrating and starting to wear golden bracelets and other golden jewelry, when suddenly one warned against this kind of greed. "Yes, you have braved the dungeon, but how will you get out when everyone can see you? You cannot fight your way through."

Several scenes depicting the fright of the monsters in the party now played out, and then we found a way for everybody to get invisible again. We had invisibility rings, and two people where hiding under an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter's, which I was aware of in the dream. The party left the gold and made their way out, and I saw them encircle a monster and fight it, superior through their stealth. For some weird reason it was a weasel. I could see people invisible and getting visible again.

We pass through a stairwell, staying at the same level. Now we're in an office hallway. We're now a group of young co-workers who found secret technology and are using it to go on adventures at night. We meet Steffen, the line manager, and tell him. Steffen is a line manager at my work in waking reality, and I like him a lot. We kind of let him on on what we're doing and he's cool with it. We show him how for example we can pass our hands through walls, and then we try to find out what's behind the walls by letting our hands wander.

But I get like "Hey, why not let half our head pass through the wall and look for ourselves? We can do it." and I start to pass part of my head through the wall. Steffen cautions me that it is easier with hands and there could be some side effects.

Now we run down a giant set of stairs, each step as wide as a floor. Next to me is someone I have a competitive relationship with. I try to tease him, bounce off him, but then I worry he might not take it in good spirits.

At the bottom of the stairs we enter a gigantic room, but at first don't notice for all the people in it. They all wear costumes. I point one out who has a charming costume that seems to symbolise being a policeman's horse. We join the crowd. It seems like we joined a kind of play. Suddenly I find myself taking part in the central duet - a man and a boy singing together. I play the part of the boy which I haven't rehearsed, but I just go ahead and sing anyway. It is a piece about praising the lord, that's all I remember.

Now the crowd gets into motion. The whole area is a broken circle of benches, with three bigger holes in the ring. The crowds in their colorful costumes assemble into groups, and we move as in "Holiday on Ice" around the middle, and then more and more groups move through the holes into the middle. As I have no group, I'm kind of later, but when I go to the center I arrive there with a group, most in my company are older than me. Now the duet is to commence again, but they have a bit of trouble finding people for the roles. I do not volunteer.

An elder guy in my group volunteers to sing the part of the boy, but only if the others help him out with the lyrics which he finds challenging. I assure that we will help.

Later on, people mingle all around the circle of benches. I see high school friends and co-workers. As I try to catch up with a particular co-worker about a recent work project in waking life, I wake up.

Haven't gone too far analysing it yet.


28th September 2010, 09:10 PM
This morning I woke from a dream where I was in some competition with someone I work with - W. Thing is - I don't like W. in waking life, nor his work. So he's not the usual "dream co-worker."

Funny thing is, no matter what I do, I beat W. in this competition without even trying, and other people are also even trying to help me. The next challenge for example would be shooting with bow and arrow. And a co-worker walks up to me and gives me a machine that shoots the bow for me and always bullseye.

When I woke up I wondered why - I'm going on vacation and I currently have little dealings with W. - nor do I think I'm necessarily in a contest with him, even though W. is trying to turn everything into a contest.

W. could be a self-aspect I'm currently working on. I'm reigning that aspect in, and it shares chief characteristics with W. - trying to be right, competitive, trying to get in control, etc. In this sense W. as a symbol makes a lot of sense - I'm "working with" this aspect. The message is that I'm getting into control of this aspect instead of the other way round and am receiving a lot of support from my "real co-workers" (helpers).

The aspect I'm acting from is not concerned with winning. With little effort just as much and more is achieved this way.


1st October 2010, 11:06 AM
I dreamed a short one that seemed significant. There was function called "ptConvert" (a part of a computer program with a specific name and a specific function) that got upgraded. I think even within the dream I was really excited. I knew ptConvert related to me and had to do with processing. My ability to process things had been upgraded "overnight."


4th October 2010, 11:01 AM
"False Alarm"

I was with a friend. Maybe I upset her, or something else happened, I don't remember. She was lying on the floor, in an odd posture. I was concerned. The place was an unfinished apartment, I guess.

So I decided to call 911. (I'm on a visit to the US now, strange that this would immediately come to mind this way.) I had to leave the apartment to find a public phone. I found one on the upper side of a steep slope. I dialled 911.

The conversation started in English but I couldn't follow. The operator switched to German instantly, which surprised me. She wanted to take my personal data first, so I described the usual things you give. As I was doing this I must have wandered off and reception was getting bad. I was even in the dream not quite sure how I did this with a public phone.

I ran back and tried again, excusing myself that I had accidentally dropped the phone. This may have repeated once, and I lost the call. I was somewhere now, amidst throngs of people. I was concerned that a call to 911 would be traced to me that had been no good and inappropriate. I wasn't sure if my friend was really hurt or the situation dire enough to even warrant calling 911.

At this point the call to 911 seemed so unreal, I wondered I had actually dreamed the whole thing. I thought I might have, but I did not consider my present situation in the same light at all. I must have somehow dialled 911 again and put it back down on the hook immediately.

I went back to the apartment. My friend was up and about. I told her I was trying to call 911 because she looked hurt. She replied that she had just been lying there because I had been mean to her. I replied that her posture looked like it could have been something serious, but she wouldn't have any of it.

I wondered who I could call to cancel a 911 call.

The whole thing with the phone call itself where I wandered off in the middle of it and suddenly found myself elsewhere, reminds me of "the wandering mind." Because every time I had to recall what I was trying to do, and every time I "lost connection" or the connection was diminished. So maybe that's mixed in here.

I felt hard done by by my friend. I hadn't done her harm, but she was acting like it, and my attempt to help was simply not appreciated.

"Lame Help"

I was helping a woman down the stairs. She had trouble walking. She might have been Indian, though her skin color tended towards gray. She seemed like she wanted to get down the stairs as fast as possible, maybe it was embarrasssing to her. She want that flight of stairs down to quickly, stumbled and I couldn't hold her. She didn't seem hurt.

I wanted to slow her down, but she now held on to the rail and descended the stairs backwards, telling me off "You said it would be quicker this way so I'm doing it this way." She quickly descended, leaving the crutches she had within the crowd. I tried my best to follow her and watch out for her. As soon as she was at the bottom I went to look for the crutches.

Two guys had crutch pieces and were fooling around with them. I told them off and took them - they were four odd-shaped crutches, more than I remembered. I went to the person who was now a very tall guy, but I think of the same skin color. He tried to figure out which crutches were his. I realised I must have taken a crutch that didn't belong to him from one of the guys.

But the guy was really glad that he got his crutches back and the odd-shaped piece that was left he exclaimed was better than those guys simply pretending that they hadn't found the crutches at all and he ran (!) towards the guys to thank them.

4th October 2010, 05:07 PM
I can't help myself, Oliver, but you are blind to your hidden agendas - unaware of the self operating below your 'self', of the one that might be 'hamming it up' and actually harming people and blind to the possible causes of the effects that then consternate you.

The girl says you hurt her, but you won't buy it. The old lady blames you for her failed attempt. And all the while you pretend it's none of your doing.

You're consistent at any rate. You intrepret dreams so often failing to see the dream behind the dream. You're use and understanding of symbolism is impressive but fails sometimes to find the pathos at the bottom of it all.

Just my thoughts.... and please disregard, as we all know, I'm a raging idiot. :lol: :mrgreen:

4th October 2010, 05:51 PM
I think the first dream has to do with the culture shock you're experiencing while here, and other personal stuff.

5th October 2010, 03:43 AM
The girl says you hurt her, but you won't buy it. The old lady blames you for her failed attempt. And all the while you pretend it's none of your doing.

I'd rather say the commonality is to offer unwanted help and then experiencing the lack of appreciation. In both dreams I tried to do my best, running around trying to be helpful.

Similarly the night before I had two dreams where people took advantage of my willingness to please and I got involved in relationships I had not really wanted. One I had been dragged into and in the other it all felt so one-sided and dominated by the other person I just aborted the whole thing.

In the light of that these two things highlight similar traits but not quite the same. Instead of being taken advantage I try to be helpful because it seems the right thing to do. Actually, the 911 call situation contained an element of punishment as well - the reference to being mean implies that it's okay to fool me and send me on a panicky errand to get back at me.

So, what is indeed my doing is that different aspects of my habits are played out as mini-dramas.


8th October 2010, 09:05 PM
"Facing the troll"

I was pretty jet-lagged and tired, and I was closer to sleep than usual. I was just reading Moss' "Dreamgates." I closed my eyes. A vague picture came up.

I noticed the reflex to dismiss it, but with the explanations from "Dreamgates" I chose to dismiss this reflex instead. I found myself in front of a shadow. The shadow was dark.

I noticed the fear reflex. But I also was conscious that this was a wake-induced experience, so what was there to be afraid about? I challenged the darkness and out stepped some kind of troll or deformed creature. It had long arms reaching to the ground and its head was in its chest.

I hugged the troll and told him I love him. That very much annoyed him and he was gone. I stepped into the dark. The last vision was that of various ugly faces on black trails escape into all directions and then the experience was over.

As I went over the experience I remembered that this must have been astral clearing in a bit more archetypal fashion - the shadow, the monster, braving the dark, releasing the spirits.

12th October 2010, 04:48 PM
This morning I was a saboteur. I was dark-haired and would say I was French. I was riding an old bike and a had huge load of dynamite with me. I came to this concrete building, kind of like rectangular box. I went inside, installed the demolitions, set the fuse and lit it. I ran out.

Upon running out I realised that I left my bike inside, but decided not to run back. Ran over a hill and down the back of the hill, the season was autumn. It was like running down a depression (not my word, what the dictionary gave me) in the hill, rounded out, with the trees standing over it, almost forming a tunnel. There were fallen leaves in beautiful colors dark yellow.

I don't remember any explosion, I just kept with my escape. There might have been something more, maybe I need to check my journal again tonight.

A guy looking like an old-fashioned Frenchman doing sabotage - le Resistance! So, this is about resistance, and sabotage. But I was convinced of acting against tyranny, so this need not be self-sabotage.

I was blowing up a structure made of concrete. A concrete structure, a concrete form. So the demolition could mean releasing something that was stuck maybe, in a state of stuckness that was strong as concrete. Concrete can be quite fluid, but when it hardens, it is very hard.

When I think of the concrete structure I think of form. I'm using a great expansive energy (an explosion) to get rid of something concrete. This is not the first dream where I dream of destruction that might have a positive effect - I'm thinking of "The self-destructing mobile" dream here. I as the saboteur was not harmed.

I'm destroying a structure here. Need not be mine.


17th October 2010, 04:45 PM
hello Oliver,

really great to read your dream-experiences and also i like reading your own interpretations/understandings!
Very inspiring all this to open my own dream-thread too 8)
And hey to hug a dark/hostile or whatever not so lovely being is one of the most deep and effective processes, cause - if referring to something outside (too) or only to the own inside - to me that means that something so called "alien" is integrated, healed and transformed, with love :)


20th October 2010, 05:19 AM
"Tiger in the Living Room"

I think it was in the living room of my childhood home. We were three, I think my mom and my sister. And a tiger was prowling among us.

I think the TV was running, I don't know if it was important that we finish watching it. I knotted a piece of clothing into a ball and threw it, the animal ran after it, we jumped out the window. (There may have been other distractions as we tried to deal with the tiger.)

Then I told them "Find another place to stay. Don't just go in there again!" At the same time I thought about whether I could in the other side of the home and shut some doors to regain part of the home. I decided against it, and I had to leave.


20th October 2010, 09:45 AM
Interesting you should dream this after our discussion of Ryan Hurd's wolf dream link. :D

20th October 2010, 06:43 PM
Damn! You remembered! :lol:


21st October 2010, 06:53 AM
I dreamed that somebody wanted me to read a book. It was either physics or computer science. And he said "It's only 1,000 pages, look!" and I said "1,000 pages! As little as I read at the moment it would take me months!"

I also dreamed I was preparing a friend to testify in court.


23rd October 2010, 05:21 AM
"Breaking into the lab of horrors"

Dreamed that I was in a squad-based game. We were a small group that was trying to get inside some installation. It all seemed rather harmless at this point. We used grenades at two points to get through doors.

"Steering" was kind of clumsy at this point. It was as if I had to use a keyboard to aim and throw the grenades. Once or both times a member of my squad behaved like a badly written computer game figure, stayed next to a tossed grenade in front of the door, waiting, and then came out unharmed as she was not "intended to die" at this point.

We went through the second door. My sense of orientation changed, and now I was more in the scene in a 3D first person kind of way. Inside there was fog and chaos, gun fire, people running in all directions. I had been the last to make it through the door due to steering problem.

I still had thought there would be Nazis as opponents, but there were now armed thugs in orange biohazard suits. I had again problems steering, now having a joystick which I couldn't use to move/aim and fire at the same time. I threw it away and it was like I was not steering myself with a keyboard, little improvement. I decided to keep running and firing, but this place really was a lab of horrors. I looked for the right key to hit and hit somebody with the back of my rifle.

A new type of thug appeared. Their faces were hidden behind masks that looked like a mixture of skull and ice hockey mask. I saw one group of them staring at a vat in awe, inside some weird bone/flesh shape was growing. I gunned them down. Next I saw a group of three moving past me. I wanted to fire at them, but everything changed into a cut scene, but they walked past, almost like in a gang/gangster movie, making me think a bit about "Reservoir Dogs" to describe it - because it was in slow motion.

At this point I half woke up. I lay in the darkness but not quite awake, in a space of comfort, recalling the dream and sorting out the events for remembering. Somewhere in between I started to dream again, but I was not quite asleep as well.

Some things happened in the start of the dream that I couldn't recall afterwards, but they all seemed pretty harmless. I then went into the room of a friend I know from waking life. It was a room with antique furniture. I noticed that the two digital clocks were showing the wrong time around 4am, probably 4:12am, which didn't seem to be the right time in the dream. The mood was darkish/darkening, and suddenly the door to the room fell shut as if sharply pulled by someone who wanted to lock me into the room. The scene now looked as if a thunderstorm was raging outside.

In this moment I remembered that I just a short while ago I had been in my bed, trying to remember the other dream. I then realised that I must have started dreaming while still awake. And I realised that this dream already seemed to turn into a nightmare again, because I was asking myself why my friend had tried to appear to lock me in, if I wasn't supposed to be in here?

I decided not to be scared, went to the door and opened it and in a sense couldn't continue with the dream afterward. I was then half-awake again, but the dream had stopped giving input - I could stay in it, but there wasn't more content coming into the story, no more plot. I took that for being awake and awoke. It was 6:45 am.

When I went to the kitchen I almost dropped the glass I had been holding. The digital clock built into my microwave showed the wrong time, 4:29am, and I mentally made the connection to the wrong time in the dream room I just had been in.


23rd October 2010, 05:04 PM
Wow. Your lab dreams remind me of the lab dreams I used to get. I could swear you were in one of mine. I'll have to look that up.

24th October 2010, 01:25 AM
Yes, please do.


24th October 2010, 02:11 AM
I've searched and can't find it. I found instances in which I mention the experience (now I can't even remember if it was a dream or a projection). I mention it here (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14030&p=106734&hilit=control+room#p106734), so it was before then. I'll keep looking, because it's here somewhere.

24th October 2010, 03:30 PM
"Visiting a school"

I was on the ground level of a really busy school, thinking it was not mine, I'm just here for a visit at this point. I felt the need to go to a restroom, but it seems kids were queueing up on it. I went up a floor, searched the corridors. Sometimes there were signs for restrooms and showers, and people were queued, sometimes I could only find rooms for girls. At some point even the hallways were divided and there were showers on one side. Teens waiting for class turned them on and shoved each other under them and I could hear the shrieks of the girls who got wet.

On 3rd floor I finally found a restroom. I decided to use it, but not take a shower, because it seemed sports was on my curriculum for today, anyway, so I would certainly take a shower afterwards.

Now the order of events becomes a bit tricky. I think next comes the part where students were herded together to watch a movie. It was like a movie theater - seats in descending rows, for example, but it also had a bit of a college class room. I was sitting in first row with a friend.

The movie wasn't starting for some reason, they were having trouble. My friend popped open a laptop and we researched something together. After we closed the laptop down, the movie finally started, and there were some comments as if we had delayed the movie.

But instead of a proper movie what came on screen was that they would show an ice hockey game, and the teams (one seemed to be "Dusseldorf" - it was even spelled wrong) were really uninteresting, and because they lost so much time fixing everything, they would only show the last third of the game.

I decided this was way too uninteresting and not educational, stood up, announced so and marched out.

Now what happened when becomes hazy again, and I made my way into the sports grounds somehow, and now I'm on my way out. It's a bright and sunny day, maybe the grass looks a bit parched, like on a really bright summer's day.

A small group of first graders is blocking the exit, we (as a group) at first stopped, then decided to get past them. I don't know what they were doing, for some weird reason I remember preparations for scuba diving. I just can't match that with what I saw, which I don't remember.

The exit required showing some ID. I was aware I had slipped into the sports ground without showing my ID. I pulled out a transparent plastic protector with two pockets. In the right one was a red badge on a string, the left one was empty. I knew the right one had been my permission to be here.

A person standing next to me, as far as I know not the person in charge of the gate, started to irritate me. He announced aloud I had no proper ID. I felt this was preposterous, especially since I knew I had a second protector in my pocket with at least my ID card, if not even another ID. So even if I had not come in the regular way I had everything required.

He was getting really annoying. I noticed we were standing next to a moat, and somebody was lying down behind him, taking in the sun. I told him he better watch it, and he took a look at me and was kind of like "Oh yeah? I'm stronger than you!" And I said "Oh, really?" and shoved him over the person, he lost his balance and dropped backwards into the moat.

Then I had to get the person lying down out of the moat which seemed to have slipped in a bit, and then I pulled the other guy out, who didn't seem to get out on his own or even try, but I couldn't leave him there.

I half-awoke. In the in-between state I went over everything I could remember again, as if to memorize it. (This is the second night I can remember doing this.) Then I had to convince myself that this wasn't enough. No matter how nice it was to drift around in this feeling, I would surely go back to sleep and forget my dream if I did, so I made myself finally wake up.

The intial part seems definitely take place on the mental plane. The school location gives it away. Also having problems to order events seems to indicate a higher plane. And there was even an element of instruction. The 3rd floor I climbed up to could then have been the 5th subplane of mental plane (3rd if counted from lowest).

The restroom then may have symbolized something I had to release before I could rise higher. The bright sunshine in the last bit might indicate that. But it could also just mean to release something to sustain the rest of the experience.

I think the friend in the cinema who gave me private instruction was a guide, a senior student if you may.

About the movie - the actual city is spelled "Düsseldorf." "Dusseldorf" on the other hand could either be the Americanized pronounciation, or it could mean this: "idiot (Dussel) village (Dorf)." I don't know if the boring movie was to make me overcome likes/dislikes in the mental body, it seemed really, really boring and pointless, as if someone had picked something to not tickle my interest at all. Never had been a fan of watching something just because somebody told me to, so this may be the same aversion against such stuff in a lesser form.

The bright sun parching the grass in the sports grounds might be an indication that something is putting a strain on my growth. It could be my physical elemental, given the reason I was there - sports / P.E. So maybe my "physical education" is an issue, but somewhat parched grass doesn't seem too bad yet.

The kids trying out scuba gear might be souls preparing for incarnation, doing simulations for physical reality (submersing themselves in physical reality), maybe?

I wonder if the annoying guy was the actual gatekeeper, or maybe a chance to release something before passing the gate and go somewhere else. I showed some logical thinking here, but I think I failed the simulation as the guy basically became lifeless after I pushed him into the moat, as if the simulation couldn't continue because of my course of action. He certainly "challenged my identity" but I knew within that there was nothing wrong with it, which is a good sign I guess, but the reaction may have to be improved.

PS - I note the absence of teachers, professors or offical instructors. This might have been in order to prevent triggering my aversion of high school that prevented other such learning experiences. The instruction was then instead given be a fellow student which met no resistance, but rather my full interest. An elegant solution.

5th January 2011, 11:52 AM
I realised I never posted this one. At the time this adventure felt too personal to post.

Met my dead uncle

This morning I fell asleep again to wake up with my mother with me. I'm starting to suspect it's really a guide. I always think it's my mother, but I never see her.

My uncle arrived in his car (he loved his Audi cars) with his family - I guess wife and kids - even though the kids are near-40 or over it. They looked like kids, but also like shady reflections, maybe for his comfort. I got only his attention.

He got out and was glad to see me. I couldn't remember he was dead, only recovering from something. Given his age I thought heart attack. I kind of suspect this was suppressed so I play my role better. He looked old, grey and smaller, like the image of him had greyed out, and his voice was different, also almost a whisper, but it was him and he was glad to see me.

When I asked him about his recovery he said "The first weeks are the hardest." He's been dead for about two months now. I gave him half a hug not to hurt him while he's in recovery.

My "mother" said something to him, and I thought it somehow tactless, or she asked if what she just said was tactless. We turned to the right and there was a vast green expanse full of sunlight, maybe with trees around. It had a well-cared look, I think it was a park. It was a really sunny day, like vacation season.

I sent this experience to Kurt, it was so rather clear and wonderful. He said that on the top level of the astral plane a shade/spirit can say goodbye to the people he knew in the world, before he becomes unavailable during the deep life review on the lower mental plane. I must have been the only one in my family ready for meeting him there, and I am glad I did. I think it gives a lot of closure to have such an experience, and is one of the not-so-expected rewards of working with dreams or the energy bodies.

Whenever I visit places like this I remember the light. Bright but never blinding, of a fullness they try to emulate in movies, rich and sometimes golden, all natural, often shining through the leaves of tall trees. In a recent experience I was on my way back to waking reality and passed through this "area" again - it was like passing through an ideal Indian Summer's day in the forest, along the creek.


5th January 2011, 02:17 PM
He got out and was glad to see me. I couldn't remember he was dead, only recovering from something. Given his age I thought heart attack. I kind of suspect this was suppressed so I play my role better. This reminds me of my dreams of my father. I've mentioned it somewhere else, and I really should make that post about it, because it's something that's been bugging me for years now.

10th January 2011, 01:54 AM
Hi Oliver,
I just read the first page of this thread then jumped to another thread in the Dreaming Forum called "Full moon and pyramid" started by Sono on Dec 20 2010. I had to draw your attention to it because of your "Golden Disk" dream where you think you see 15 and 6 on two DVD-like disks. (And then when you think of chakra's you see 1 -- 5 and 6.) Here's what I thought you might find interesting from Sono's post:

"Last night I had an inspiring dream; I was looking up the the full moon, & next to it an enormous pyramid of light, slowly revolving . . . . There was also a sort of "projection" of a few paragraphs of light- writing, which was huge, spread right across the sky & visible in all parts of the world simultaneously; the gist of the writing was that "they were here" & we could expect to meet "them" openly around the 15/6 next year!"

Hmm . . .

10th January 2011, 11:38 AM
Hey, noctua_breve.

That's a good observation! :) I don't think it's related to a date, though, if you meant that.

However, on the 21st of December I recorded this in the morning:

At some point I read a booklet and it warns that in June the cockroaches swarm and one should be on the lookout. It has two bugs on it with ridiculously overdone bug eyes, look more like oversize fly heads. Maybe the date was 15/06, like in sono's alien prediction dream.

Ridiculously overdone "bug eyes" - hmmm. Didn't think about that one earlier. :shock: :)


7th February 2011, 10:29 AM
Well, I usually collect my dreams elsewhere now, but I liked this one so I'll share it:

"To the moon"

It all starts out outdoors. I'm supposedly in a computer game, without noticing that I'm inside the game. V (co-worker) is there. I glimpse in the distance around the corner a huge battle robot. This is all part of the game, and I know the game parameters. I know when it can spot me, and I'm about to shoot it before it even detected me. (I know the game, but never from being awake. I seem to have played it in my dreams before. I usually shoot the robots by aiming at them before they can shoot me. It's like a railshooter, I guess.)

V is skeptical. He says "If P (distant co-worker) wrote this, shouldn't he know we're here?" Instead of crouching he's standing up, and he gives away our position. The battle bot is starting to move! I begin to run downhill, I can see into a huge, beautiful valley. This shouldn't be happening. I jump and lift off, and start to fly over the valley.

Now I know this is no game! But to make sure I use some powers, I lift a train off its tracks and throw it at the bot. I start to accelerate, and as I approach the wall on the side of the valley it looks I can not rise fast enough, but I ignore it and make it somehow. I was very determined not to touch the ground again but to stay airborne. The whole wall is changing while I speed along it. It even turned blue, and I might have passed through it.

I rise higher and higher, but I have this feeling of wanting to do even more. I decide to go to the moon, and it is quite the challenge. It's as if everything around me trembles (like sitting on top of a rocket) as I try to do so, but again I pull through. As I arrive on the moon my normal sight is gone, and replaced by a weird "raster vision." Little grey hexagons form surfaces and lines connect here and there, as if it was some computer schematic, constantly updating and changing.

At some point during my ascent I was like "The moon? Why not another galaxy?" but I stopped myself, thinking better to stay within my own reality system, wondering if the moon was not already too far out. I realised that I did not know how the moon fits into our reality system.

Now that I am on the moon I remember this line of thought, and decide to descend back to Earth and back into my body, so I would recall. But instead of going directly by just using my mind I want to shoot towards Earth with this awesome acceleration again.

I wake in the dark. I am at my mother's house, it seems. I go to the living room and turn the light on. (Everything is different, but I don't notice.) Four cats at least are in the living room, but I somehow explain the additional cats to myself. One isn't really a cat, but some kind of jungle monkey with huge eyes, but it looks so cute, it could be a cat. One of those who are adjusted to the night.

I brought two snacks with me I was going to eat, chocolatey things. One of the cats is trying to get into the snack bowl. Before I can sit at the computer I suddenly realise this is a false awakening and wake up.

23rd February 2011, 08:12 AM
"Held in place"

(This one back from January 28th.)

I woke in the middle of the night, with the sensation of being held in place. I was lying there, and it was somehow uncomfortable, but I was not alarmed in any way. I was not fully awake, though, I think, but had some awareness that this was like sleep paralysis. I felt chakras. 7 I think. I was confronted with a situation I don't remember. I flicked my 8th chakra on and made my choice regarding the situation.

I guess that did not resolve the situation. I didn't have the feeling it concluded or dissolved. The incessant loud noise coming from my dog (she snores badly) irritated me, so I kind of made sure she would notice me without fully waking up. I fell asleep again.

In fact this must have been my first conscious encounter with sleep paralysis. The sensation of "being held down" wasn't that strong, just like finely applied pressure to certain points, and I chose to explore that state to see what it was like.

23rd February 2011, 08:16 AM
"Sleep school"

I was in class, in the 2nd last row. The rows were sloped downwards, so I was at the top end. The class topic seemed to be "Rhetorics & _________" (forgot). There was a main teacher whose class it was, I didn't know him, but he seemed kind of well-known during the experience, as you would have if you had written a book and/or been on TV. And as a second teacher attending to the class a close co-worker of mine, Frank, whom I share office with, ten years my senior.

I was taking interest in the class, and I think at first I was listening to the teacher, and I have some memories hearing about that it is not about what you know - facts you can cite - he doesn't deem that most important, but it would help and maybe today we would be doing that. I then remember dialogueing with Frank on topic, like I identified three matching facts to his question and he was agreeing that it was a suitable answer, IIRC with some enthusiasm.

At this point I realised I was now in 1st row, I think (originally I thought 2nd, but I can't remember someone in front of me). I thought I must have slipped down the slope to the place I was now in, and now I tried to push myself back up. I pushed myself back, but bumped into someone. I turned around and discovered I had bumped into two black kids, possibly early teens or pre-teens, they looked like they were brothers, a close resemblance.

At this point I realised that nobody was sitting on a chair or something. People were lying or sitting on the slope, I might have even woken up those kids by bumping into them. I remember sleeping bags, don't know if I had one, I think they had some. I think I woke up soon after.

I realised in hindsight that people attended this class in their sleep - and so this is my most clear instance of "attending sleep/night class" so far. The fact that I was aware enough to interact and attend to the topic moved me "forward in class" for interaction with the teacher. I wasn't really prepared for that "conceptually," I expected to have a fixed spot in class and wanted to get back to it, which must have distracted me too much.

30th August 2011, 03:46 AM
This one is from just last night.

"The Lesser Abode"

It was a dark, stormy night, and raining heavily. I was homing in on a scene as if flying. A meeting of people had just dispersed, I could feel them leaving. Some may have left by car, not sure, but my direction was the dark forest. Somebody must have just left for that direction, and it was my direction, too, so I tried to catch up.

I heard reverberating echoes of a voice, and I asked out loud "Are you trying to lure me in?" This had a fantasy, unreal feel about it. I had the feeling I was indeed being lured in, but I followed the trail underground. Twice it went down, and I went past blue lights in the ground of eerie glow. I entered a dimly lit cavern.

I'm not sure I was alone at this time, I might have had company. I think I was speaking to company. I saw somebody rush through the scene and leave to the left, too. At the end of the cavern I saw crushed body of a man. A fallen rock had smashed it. As I went towards I felt something like the spirit of the man, and I talked to it. I explained he was dead. He must have acknowledged that but then he told me wasn't accepting that and would change it.

The man now filled his body with undead life, and it tried to attack me. I think I had company at this time because I said - as if to someone - "I hate when this happens." I struck the undead down, I think.

The scene must have changed at this point. The cavern had changed into a huge hall. It was a place of elaborate design, the walls so high I couldn't see a ceiling (but I didn't look up either). I somehow had the feeling I could leave the scene now, but I decided I was not done with the spirit of the dead man. Instead of leaving the scene, I stepped again towards where he had been, and I think that might have released him. He might have also tried to scare me off for a last time before that happened.

The scene changed further. The place I was now in was a mixture of church, baroque castle and luxury apartment. It had red carpet lining the walkways. Little sets of white marble stairs led between the different "levels" from room to room, and the rooms were made of white marble, too. Golden candelabra and other golden decorations were everywhere.

Again I felt as if I had company, and I began explaining "This is 'The Lesser Abode of the Gods'. They don't visit here much, spending most of their time at Dunmanifestin. But still they sometimes come here, so it's better to be careful and leave right away." With these words I reached an elevator (like one in a penthouse), stepped in, went down and woke up.

Funny I would think the gods spent most of their time in Dunmanifestin. That's the Mount Olymp equivalent in Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Many elements of descending towards the cavern and meeting and fighting the undead had unreal elements to it, but the 'Lesser Abode' was brightly lit and "well defined" if that makes any sense.

30th August 2011, 03:24 PM
The words "Golden Chamber of Melchizedek" come to mind.

31st August 2011, 08:53 AM
I had a few thoughts about this one. I think it's a marvellous dream!

31st August 2011, 10:34 AM
I think you did a dream retrieval. Or better: did a retrieval and remember it like a dream. Cool. I wish I also had been to places like the last you mentioned.

1st September 2011, 03:59 AM
I think the whole theme of this could be a lead up to the word Dunmanifestin - perhaps "they" (the "gods" or your projected "egos") no longer need to manifest to you; you have gone beyond the need for outward tokens of inner experiences, & can now freely move between worlds/states. . . .

1st September 2011, 04:02 AM
Thank you for making the links to your blog & validated OBE available - invaluable info here!

2nd September 2011, 01:10 PM
Hi all, sorry for taking so long to reply back.

I had some thoughts on this one. sono(2) spotted one of them - "Dunmanifestin" = "Done Manifesting." Though I don't know know where to go with this one.

I also do think it was a retrieval scenario. It could also have been a self-aspect. Negative self-aspects "take you over" at times, so this could be a retrieval to break a cycle ("not again") of that aspect taking me over. So, it would be a more archetypal representation of dealing with what is basically a nasty habit. In this case, the behaviour would have been mostly eradicated (the smashed body I found) but there's still some energy left of it haunting me (the spirit I encountered).

The location that this starts out with could be on the astral plane. The entity or self-aspect encountered would tend to be found in the lower layers of the astral. Whether this was my own personal astral (basically a dreamscape resolution of an issue in the astral body) or the wider astral depends on the nature of the retrieval.

The place I ended up in I would place higher, not really sure where. If this was a retrieval of an inner aspect it would have made higher exploration possible. There's sometimes cleansing necessary to do that. Seems like I didn't feel like doing more that night and that's why I left. I usually come up with some other explanation for my impulses in these experiences, so that's probably why I told that little story before dropping out. Dunmanifestin then could be a hint to the actual location, and also hint at my own personal feeling of wanting to be done for the night.


2nd September 2011, 05:49 PM
It could also have been a self-aspect. Negative self-aspects "take you over" at times, so this could be a retrieval to break a cycle ("not again") of that aspect taking me over. So, it would be a more archetypal representation of dealing with what is basically a nasty habit. In this case, the behaviour would have been mostly eradicated (the smashed body I found) but there's still some energy left of it haunting me (the spirit I encountered).
Wow, this so reminds me of a dream I had recently. I had no intention to post it here, but as I now see it is a bit similar to your experience (if we interpret it as quoted above with regard to negative self-aspects), it really rings a bell for me, telling me that mine could have been a similar thing. I will post it in my 'dream retrievals' thread now.

9th September 2011, 07:09 PM
110909 / September 9th, 2011 - Moving house

I was standing in the living room of what I thought of as my house. W's wife A was there (I had been at their place last night). Outside there was supposedly a storm. I pointed out to her that this looked as if the landscape was moving by at 100 kilometres an hour, and that this was one of the most fascinating things I had ever seen.

Then the weather cleared up, but the house was moving. The landscape was going past. I could see it from a variable vantage point that could also be outside the house. And as I thought "The house isn't moving, this must be an optical illusion." the landscape suddenly had a curve to it as if viewed through some special glass, and looked as if it curved in towards the viewer at the edges.

When I thought it looked like the house was moving, it had started moving. When I thought it couldn't possibly move, the landscape changed to support my theory about what was happening as well.

15th September 2011, 10:01 AM
110914 / September 14th, 2011 - Comparing books

I was shown a list of books that were somewhat like encyclopedias. It was a list that showed that over time they contained less and less terms they explained. One example was names of mythical monsters and other such, but I also had the impression there was also something Chinese.

I think the lesson was directly involved with building my archetypal translation dictionary, maybe by comparing with versions from former lives. The comparison probably showed that there were translations in there that reference concepts that have fallen out of use in nowadays, so they are not usable anymore.

15th November 2011, 10:59 AM
This one was fun:

111114 / November 14th, 2011 - Backfiring arrows

There was a group of people that were trying to shoot arrows at me. Some of them where in armor (breastplate) and some in common clothes. They ended up being repelled backwards and dangling down from a clothesline above a city street. Everything was actually looking kind of like I would imagine Discworld, come to think of it.

Then I saw two monks, both baldheaded and in saffron robes, sitting in Lotus, maybe on a ledge, an old man and a girl. He talked to her and said something like: "Common mistake: Tried to shoot the arrow." After he said that I kind of understood, don't know how, that he had thought that they would shoot the arrow, but instead they got repelled. (A different balance in forces maybe?) The whole comment seemed very Zen-y.

I did not want to leave them dangling, so I pulled up (with dream control) a dung cart below the ones with armor and a hay cart below the others. They let go. I woke up at some point.

15th November 2011, 11:45 AM
If this were my dreams, I'd be inclined to think of Shakespeare's "slings and arrows" line. I'd see the repulsion of arrows as a good sign that I had develop some imperviousness to other's attempts to harm me. The most hardened of such would-be character assassins would be those most likely to land themselves in poo. :D

15th November 2011, 11:00 PM
That's a good one! :)

4th March 2012, 06:08 PM
I woke in the middle of the night, recalling this one. While I could get myself to get up and go to the toilet after a while, I couldn't get myself to record it. I repeated some of the keypoints to myself and hoped I would recall them in the morning. In the morning I recalled the other AC instead, but I still asserted my hope that I would be prompted during the day to remember this one.

I was in the bathtub, listening to Wagner's Lohengrin, 2nd act. I felt more and more relaxed while trying to pay attention. In the opera, Elsa the Pure is accused of having killed her brother. Her accuser, however, is challenged by Lohengrin, the knight of the swan, who suddenly appeared. Now, in the beginning of the 2nd act we learn that the accuser was prompted by his wife, a master of intrigue. She convinces him it was evil witchcraft that made him lose that duel.

As the music returns to Elsa (and out of the drama spinning around those two plotters) I suddenly saw something behind my closed eyelids. It was as if letters were embossed on my vision, slightly glowing. I identified them right to left to read "TEUFEL" or "TEUFELS" (could have been a longer word). "Teufel" is German for the devil. With this clue my recall came back, and I unrolled my adventure from the ending forward:

I was in some hotel or large castle-like structure. I was shown around an area that I now recall as "the museum." I ended up going through the rooms till I found myself in a strange hall. Two chutes were going down, and I entered one (still a bit amazed at my bravery) and rode it down.

I returned to as what I thought of as my apartment. It was dark and the light switch would not work. I tried another. Didn't either. I tried pushing a button under the switch and flipping it at the same time, no effect. As I went for the fuse box I found myself in a lighted part of my apartment (no resemblance to the real one). I looked into the fuse box but nothing seemed amiss, there was only a switch under Fuse No. 1 that looked as if it was a reset button. I didn't want to do that.

Suddenly I noticed that the room was full of people - all of them my friends (can't remember recognising anyone, though). I asked them how they did this and how I could restore the light.

I was either led to another room or went through a strange exit. It was built into the corner of the room and led to the corner of another (diagonally). This was a hall again, but it looked earthen, almost like a cave of red clay. I saw two chutes again, but this time I could see the reflection of flames dancing in the right one. (I had taken the right one last time.)

Now I started to wonder about all this. I recognised that the arrangement of my apartment made no sense, nor that this structure should hide behind it. I was feeling manipulated, and identified the devil as the cause. He was trying to lure me in, but I would escape.

As I came out of the whole building I was in foggy streets. I saw another person run by (with strange motions) and followed him, thinking it was the way out. I was already thinking how I would make it to a hideout in safety and escape the clutches of the devil. I woke.

In hindsight this looks like the mind control of a simulation gone wrong. I usually don't react this strongly to mind control, I think. Maybe the recall during Lohengrin is a clue - Elsa was also accused wrongly of evil witchcraft.

The presence of friends before the actual test (of faith?) was a clue to a simulation, as I recall one simulation AC where I left a party to enter a testing parcour. The situation was repeated, maybe the museum was me recalling how I had mastered this in the past?

A fuse box is about restoring flow. Maybe I needed to get into the right state of mind first. Seems like I needed some help from my friends there. The man running by might have been an error message, at least in the last similar experience the people came across were.

19th March 2012, 08:31 AM
120309 / March 9th, 2012 - Beer and Stone

The first one I thought I recalled until I actually tried to understand the specifics. Turns out I don't, but I'll give it a shot:

This was like a chain letter - you pass it on. But it was complex. You got a container of three things, and you were supposed to pass it on. I passed it on to my friend W. It seemed to be a spiritually significant act. For some strange reason it was a glass container, and one of the three things was a wheat beer.

I thought about it, and came up with "Beer is purity." Germany has a law, brought down from the middle ages, that declares nothing can be put into beer but what is derived from hops, water and malt. It's called "The Law of Purity" (Reinheitsgebot). Note the three components.

Furthermore, wheat beer comes in varieties, and one is called "crystal wheat" for its color and refreshing qualities. I think I got one beer and handed another on. Indeed the beer seemed to be nourishing. Spiritual insights are meant for passing on.

Then W is a muslim, he can't drink beer. But somehow this "not quite appropriate" beer got handed on to him, and in the dream he seemed to accept. The purity was coming in a form he cannot quite accept for formal reasons, but he accepted it from me I think, kind of saying something of our relationship. W is a serious and devout muslim, but also extremely openminded. We have a strong exchange.

I think it all represented an exchange of handing on information, whether depicting an exchange that already exists between us or showing me the nonphysical equivalent, I don't know.

Then the scene changed but part of me hadn't even noticed. It was somehow continuous and different.

I was in the bell tower of a church. It was all rather bright and sunny. It had many levels, and wooden stairs connected each. People were sitting all around. It had a feeling of a service going on.

Three nuts and a stone were handed out. The nuts were shaped like cashews, but much bigger (the part that you eat). We were told that if we eat the nut, we should donate, but we could also simply pass it on. At least one another and I, if not all three were eager to donate. But somehow you got to donate and to pass it on.

I think I ate the nut and it was indeed like a good cashew, but now I wanted to pass the next one on. Not sure what really happened there. I decided to find the stone, the stone had purifying qualities.

I knew what level the stone had been placed on, so I went to this level. Several people were sitting on the ground. It must have been close to the top. I approached them and said that the stone was given to them and that I needed it. Somehow they seemed to me as if they wanted to hide something, acting as if it wasn't there.

I approached one. She had dark hair and glasses, but I identified her as Elisabeth (Sissi) from high school which she looked nothing like. I told her I knew the stone was here and she dropped her pretense a bit and acted as if she didn't even know what was important about it. The stone was on a leather band around her neck. It was white, round, but had a surface like a coconut confection - little protuding bits.

She undid the band and handed it to me, and I told her that I will show her why it was important. Now it was like as if she had been wearing another piece of jewelry all the time, one that indeed belonged to her, and I asked her to give it to me for the demonstration.

The jewelry was an oval glass vial of a dark blue liquid enclosed in another glass vial, shaped like an eye. I put the crystal next to it and immediately thick dark black smoke was pouring out through the vials from the liquid into the crystal who was absorbing it. It wasn't even smoke, it was like particles of blackness, black as can be, being drawn into this crystal. She was impressed.

I think I explained the process to her, and I think I knew what was going on.

Sissi was the girl I first had a crush on in high school. She turned out to be quite the opposite of what I expected, full of herself and stupid. "Sissi" could be a pun on "sissy", her last name means "builder". I don't know why she was there, or rather why I would identify someone with her name.

The behavior was peculiar and gave me a sense of dishonesty. Why hide something? It was inappropriate for the spiritual atmosphere, being at the prayer service, sharing those seeds (nuts are seeds) and passing them on, in a spirit of giving. I was not confident she would give it to me, given how she acted as if it was hers.

The demonstration itself seemed to show how to clear away negativity - the black stuff. It was so perfectly black it cannot be anything else, and I already knew there was something negative about the jewelry when I saw the perfectly dark blue stuff in it. It was encapsulated so it was "deeply held" negativity, not easily accessed or extracted.

The stone or crystal seemed to be a "philosopher's stone" for its magical and pure properties. It was able to extract and clear out the negativity regardless of the two layers of glass in between, drawing it out of the jewelry. I think the act itself was meant to clear something out from the person, even if the jewelry is only attached to a person, so I guess this meant attachment.

The combination "sissy builder" makes me think of "trepid reality creator", of someone always afraid of the realities being created. The problem might be creating realities out of fear.

I was not impressed by the negativity, not afraid and also not really put off by the attempt to conceal something from me. I was confident and neutral in a positve way. The church bell tower must have been a higher plane - astral or lower mental. The place I found her on was like it was a room on top, meaning the highest subplane, but it was clearly not the top of the bell tower, so it was the highest subplane of that plane, but not in total?

19th March 2012, 08:33 AM
120303 / March 3rd, 2012 - Clearance

I had entered what I thought was a post office. It was full of people, sitting on white benches, waiting their turn. In fact, I was sitting in the middle of a group of old ladies. I had struck a conversation with a nice one opposite of me when all the ladies around me started to say "Oliver! Oliver!" and one turned towards me and asked "Are you Oliver? Your name has been called."

I was a bit surprised that my name had been called as I came in last and said so. I went to the clerk's station on the far left, and I recognised the clerk. I've been there a lot of times. (In fact he looked like a nice movie actor who played a postal clerk once, but during the experience there was a strong sense of recognition.) I told him that the old lady had been here before me and he checked her and called out to her that she would be definitely next.

It was more like an immigrations office than a post office. Somehow he seemed to be checking my credentials and making a list of charges I had to pay. The last one was 2.22. I went through my small change compartment and got it together just right. He looked at the receipt he'd drawn up and couldn't find it and told me to keep it. I insisted to pay it and we investigated. After he explained to me why every fee was there I agreed to drop it because I did not want to keep anyone further because of this. He seemed relieved.

I think my next destination was main train station. I wanted to check if I had everything together and turned around halfway to check if I had all my stuff or had dropped something. In doing so I ran into two people without hurting them and got eyeballed by another clerk. Then I left.

I read an AC of Kurt's yeseterday. He had to clear out some "contraband emotions" by turning stuckness into flow before he was allowed entry. I wondered about my own state in regard to this. Seems like I got to recall my gatekeeper experience of the night more consciously because of this. It's funny to clearly remember to have done this many times before when on this side of the veil I have no recall of that.

19th March 2012, 08:37 AM
120220 / February 20th, 2012 - The Tournament

This was kind of like a tourist spot, it also reminded me a bit of my own company grounds at times. I was invited to participate in a tournament. It was a trial with several tasks. It took a fair time last night, even though I don't remember much. I think I might have navigated a labyrinth at some point.

I remember passing into a courtyard. Each of us had been given a horse for the grand parade. There were hundreds of people, dressed as knights. Groups shared the same costume, each had a lance.

The king ordered the knights to participate in the parade. I remember myself asking if some were to go on foot? The king sneered that we were to go mounted and with full helmet so nobody could see us laugh or smirk. He seemed arrogant, so I commented to a fellow knight "I'd like to poke this lance into the king's arse." He kind of agreed, but I knew I didn't have the skill to get away with it and escape. I was glad I was staying on the horse!

This was the first time I rode, and as the knights and their steeds collected at the gate to pass through, I must have been the last. My horse was a very benign creature, and I wasn't egging it on but let it chose its pace mostly. At times I would show the way with the lance and it would proceed.

Somehow we passed several interesting sights and came to a huge outside flight of stairs, as wide as you would find outside a baroque castle. To the right down the stairs was a display. An enormous ostrich decorated with plumage was the center of it. He was way bigger than was possible, dozens of feet, I was amazed.

The horse had stopped. I wasn't too sure about going down, fearing I would slip off somehow, but I gave the horse the signal and we descended. We arrived at an entrance, and there two tunnels lined with heavy drapes of red cloth. To the left was where I could leave the horse, and I left it with a stable girl who received it. It had been a good experience. I followed the tunnel.

I emerged in a gym room. People were changing into their clothes and so did I. Many people there, I chatted with someone, but I was also expecting maybe to see someone I know amongst the people changing. I looked beyond because I had hoped for a feast, but what I saw instead was a window into a large gym where older kids played ball games. I woke.

I also remember twice trying to find my way to new tasks through some unfinished concrete areas. I nearly got lost on these two occasions, at least on one I met people and chatted with them. It seemed to me to be all part of the resort.

Seems like a simulation to me. There were initiatory tasks, mazes, going up and down, and a new way of movement, not unlike other simulations and initiation trials. The gym and changing room at the end seemed to be another clue - like passing out of the simulation into the simulation zone, where I saw into another simulation going on (the window).

It didn't surprise me (rather embarrass) that the king could hear my question over all those people and that distance. It was as clear an exchange if there was only us.

I was in my anthroposophic meeting last night. We read about the first two initiation trials the candidate for initiation has to pass, the trial of fire and the trial of water. Funny I would have this AC the night afterward.

Knights remind me of a code of virtues, the striving to be a "noble man." Like the knights in Wagner's operas - Lohengrin, Parsifal, Amfortas and the Grail Knights - they're all spiritual seekers or teachers, longing to get closer to the Source (symbolised as the Grail).

While there are tasks in this tournament there was no competition. It was not jousting or fighting, it was more like a test of aptitude. And it was also for fun.

19th March 2012, 08:43 AM
120318 / March 18th, 2012 - Stuck in customs

I was at an airport. I had just arrived. Customs checks were really complicated at this one. There were all kinds of extra stations one had to pass through and then show the marks for it. I think I had collected them all before, at least I knew the process.

In fact, it was like I dreamed three arrivals at once. In one I passed all the stamps and was in. In one I was there for the second time and got expedited service at the immigrations counter, but had to pay a fee for skipping steps I had done before. In the third one, I was okay with immigrations but had trouble with customs.

In this third one it seems I had already been called into the bowels of the baggage processing plant. Somehow this seemed exciting. A mechanical mouth-like contraption, like a huge trunk, spit out my baggage for inspection. We opened it together, and it contained a 12 kilos block of a green jelly substance. It was sealed in transparent plastic and rather solid. I explained its purpose and uses and was cleared.

Now I was passing through the airport (everything was in a hue of light blue), having made it through most stations to the final check. A coworker I knew was stopped and checked, and I started to have doubts if I had done everything in the right order to report to the final check and pass. I got instantly transported back to the customs counter.

There was a conveyor belt, and people waiting. I got in line and tried to get the attention of an officer when one became available. There was confusion, and she tried to explain to other queued up people that entertainment was available for those in queue.

Suddenly all the customs people were gone, and I was first in line, but without a clue how to proceed. Next to me were two young girls, trying to find some music, don't know what for, some music video maybe they were making. I intruded into their conversation, which wasn't exactly welcome, but then the one next to me felt save to talk to me. To my surprise she responded in German as my last sentence had been. "Well, you're the one they called into the baggage check room, eh? They said you had a lot of glibber in there that burst and got all mixed up with spices you were carrying." - "No, that's not true! It was all safely sealed."

We then got into joking about the customs people, that they had all taken a smoke break. Just then they all reappeared. (They were all wearing red vests, btw.) We joked that some of them were still under the influence of their chosen addiction, and secretly poked fun at some of them. Then they were back to business and I woke.

Immigrations seems to be the passport check Kurt has mentioned before - they check if you have a valid reason to enter. Separate from this seemed to be customs, where they check for "contraband emotions" as Kurt called them, here represented as (emotional) baggage. Seems like I had sufficient emotional control as all that "gooey stuff" was tightly sealed and passed inspection.

My troubles started when I got doubtful. It was only then that I got "reset to start". Maybe I wasn't lucid enough to understand what was going on, and since I couldn't understand that I had lost clearance. There was some explanation attempt in form of the girl, but I was stuck with the image I had gotten - that everything was sealed and I was cleared. I couldn't imagine that had changed somehow.

I now think it was a test of sorts. After I started to recall it and tried to bring it into order it seemed as if I had three runs at this or passed through it two or three times. The stopping of my coworker (J again, the "adventurous" one) for a frisk could have been an error message. Then it seemed like the scene had reset and got me back to customs.

While the airport is usually astral plane, I wonder if I tried to get clearance for the mental plane? Security seemed to be real tight, but not unfriendly. People were helpful, the process itself was not stressful. (Unlike physical plane air travel.)

I woke with a tune in my mind. It took me a few minutes to identify the guitar riff, but it turned out to be "Go with the Flow" by Queens of the Stone Age". Going with the flow, eh? Not bad advice.

19th March 2012, 09:04 AM
That's a great dream; I also very often dream of passport control & immigration (maybe because I have been such a rolling stone). It seems your "yucky stuff" is well sealed/compartmentalised, which you obviously understand . . . you are such a good dream analyst yourself, I would hesitate to try & interpret your dreams! My passport dreams are usually with regard to my name, which is never "right".

19th March 2012, 10:10 AM
Hello, sono.

Kurt says identity and union need to be carefully balanced and blended to get to the higher planes, and the name part would fall on the identity side I would say. This wouldn't come as a surprise as you are very strong on the union side of things, I'd say, from former impressions I had of you, union being the part where you serve others or offer such service. The identity side might come a bit short - the part where you do service to your self, making sure the needs of that sentient being bearing your name are met, too. ;)

19th March 2012, 12:29 PM
The mental elemental has been critized in my dreams several times so far. Every time it was most unflattering, an element that is not necessarily usual to my dreams.

In an early dream beliefs from my upbringing that limited myself were presented as burly Bavarians pushing me around, sending me spinning.

Then, in another dream, the mental elemental was the oldest of three children - two girls appearing as twins (etheric and astral body appearing as twins due to the degree of their alignment) and the mental body appearing as older boy. It turned out that the mental body was cruel towards the girls, particularly hurting one of them. This seemed to be the mental body aspect that caused such strong tension in my physical body while the astral elemental was mostly unaffected. Of note in this dream was that the mental elemental was presented as child-like - a degree of innocence that translates as "not truly fully responsible for its actions."

Much later there was a mad scientist in a fridge, drifting in space. The mad scientist was like Doctor Hans Reinhardt, the villain from Disney's "The Black Hole" - again a reference to my upbringing within the framework of German values, emphasizing rational thought and a certain idea of intelligence. On this occasion I was freeing the elemental from its surrounding shell, making it accessible. (Ironically the name of the actor is Maximilian Schell...) The shell was a hardened belief system preventing flexible interaction with the outer environment, hence the portrayal as being locked/frozen in a fridge.

In yet another dream I saw a friend from high school who now was a priest, but his head had swollen so much he couldn't lift it anymore. I pitied him in the dream, but later dream analysis found that it was again a reference to "overdeveloped mental elemental" (big head) and "belief structure" (priest).

On another occasion the mental elemental was the villain on a space station, and we were not only trying to escape, but prevent him from taking over the station. The villain was of a bizarre shape, fat and widest at the middle, and ultimately got captured as it tried to take over the bridge.

It made a reappearance as mutinous German Wehrmacht soldier. The whole scene was accompanied by a radio broadcast the German troops had retaken a town on the east front. From the whole feeling in the dream I as observer knew this was late in the war, and that any such success would still inevitably lead to Germany's defeat, no matter what temporary successes there would be. I termed the dream "Useless offensive" for its apocalyptic feel - but the feel was apocalyptic from the mental body's point of view. Slipping control, acting out (mutinous) and ultimately and inevitably defeat. Again the German aspect helped me identify the belief structure dominating the mental body.

All of these accounts have in common that the images chosen to portray the energy behind were most unflattering - fat, gross, out of proportion when in relation to physical attributes, villainous and heinous when coming to moral attributes. Our higher ethical nature is said to be rooted in the soul, the mental elemental itself only acts according to its belief structure.

Further clues to the mental elemental in all these experiences were the attempts to control (capture the bridge, capturing a town, pushing me around) or hints to madness (hurting the other kids, the mad scientist). Madness is a caricature of the basic nature of the mental elemental - it only follows tendencies, yet tries to get control and acts out in resistance. It isn't human consciousness itself, but an out-of-balance (= mad, but to a different degree) filter on it rooted in what we see as the ego and heavily identify with, especially in my case in the past. Note that in most of these dreams I'm outside looking at the mental elemental, not being it - emphasizing that human consciousness derives from elsewhere, not from the mental elemental.

The last dream in particular is, inspite of shocking graphic details inside the dream (I left them out), good news. It contains clues that the mental body's dominance can and will be uprooted. "It" is fighting a losing battle ultimately. Identification with it might temporarily win the upper hand (the setback of the allies' cause of recapturing a city) but retreat and submission are inevitable. Note how ultimately also Germany (which is also often related to my mental body) was not annihilated, but disarmed and reeducated. Similarly the mental elemental does not go away, it's pushed into a more beneficial role within the larger entity.

19th March 2012, 03:31 PM
WoW Korpo.....

19th March 2012, 03:42 PM

19th March 2012, 09:32 PM
This was like a chain letter - you pass it on. But it was complex. You got a container of three things, and you were supposed to pass it on. I passed it on to my friend W. It seemed to be a spiritually significant act. For some strange reason it was a glass container, and one of the three things was a wheat beer.

I thought about it, and came up with "Beer is purity." Germany has a law, brought down from the middle ages, that declares nothing can be put into beer but what is derived from hops, water and malt. It's called "The Law of Purity" (Reinheitsgebot). Note the three components.

Furthermore, wheat beer comes in varieties, and one is called "crystal wheat" for its color and refreshing qualities. I think I got one beer and handed another on. Indeed the beer seemed to be nourishing. Spiritual insights are meant for passing on.

Then W is a muslim, he can't drink beer. But somehow this "not quite appropriate" beer got handed on to him, and in the dream he seemed to accept. The purity was coming in a form he cannot quite accept for formal reasons, but he accepted it from me I think, kind of saying something of our relationship. W is a serious and devout muslim, but also extremely openminded. We have a strong exchange.

I think it all represented an exchange of handing on information, whether depicting an exchange that already exists between us or showing me the nonphysical equivalent, I don't know.

This is a very meaningful message. It made me think of how in school, its easy to notice that we learn better from some teachers, because of their personal style and/or because of some common grounds we share with them. And those other teachers whose style dont suit us as well may actually reach very well other persons who respond better to their unique style. I believe it is the same when it comes to spiritual insights. We are all teachers to each other, each in turn passing on what we were once passed on, through our own style and colors, so that those who respond well to our style may in turn teach others who learn well from their style, and so onThis is how something once taught, how a spiritual insight, is kept alive, and how it is passed on to as many as can be.

All these posts were a good read. I am glad you chose to share them... You make me want to open up more too

So, does it mean that youll keep us posted on your future dreams and experiences? ;)

19th March 2012, 10:07 PM
Maybe. ;)

There's no telling how many experiences I have in any period of time (I had some extensive dry spells) and if I can make any sense of them. Some are also simply to personal, so I didn't share for quite some time for these reasons.

As you say, it has been an exchange with W. While I am not likely to take to Islam, W's insights on it have been fascinating, and have broadened my perspective on it quite a lot. It has been fun so far being shown many facets of it. There's a very tolerant and world-wise tradition in Islam we seldomly hear about. Often the public discourse is dominated by extreme views and divisiveness, but it seems no spiritual tradition is free to throw the first stone in that regard. It has been very refreshing to get this access and to share with someone in spirituality without us having to share the same religion or faith.

And about opening up more - what keeps you? ;) It's been a long time since your last blog post. :)

21st March 2012, 11:26 AM
I agree that sometimes we are too quick to judge, simply because we actually lack information, and so we dont understand. Its great to be able to share openly about different views to broaden each others perspective like you and your friend do!

I have lots of ideas for new blog entries and also for my dream journal, but some seem so personal I am not sure where to draw the line between what I should keep for myself and what I should share, but I should come up with something sometime soon hopefully! Opening up has been an ongoing theme for me, especially lately. Maybe I shall actually share about this Well, well see :)

1st April 2012, 07:47 AM
120331 / March 31st, 2012 - Cartoon drawing

It was as if I was looking at a documentary about the history cartoon drawing. It was like an advancing timeline, and most stuff seemed too abstract to know or leading up to things I wasn' aware of.

Suddenly the black outline of Donald Duck appeared. Somebody began to color it. A voice commented on Donald from the off. The painter was filling in the right colors, but somehow it mixed with the lines and marred the colors, especially the orange of Donald's beak he was adding thickly. The voice from the off commented unfavorably on Donald's character and what he was used to represent in what context.

This wasn't about cartoons, but about the meaning of symbols and certain energies. The stuff that was too abstract for me seemed to be more on the energetic level still and found no representation - I could find not much of a picture for it.

Other energies had a clear representation, as the one represented by Donald Duck (clear outline). At a second glance, the symbol wasn't that good a fit (marring the line) when trying to expand on it (adding color) for translating the energy. Distortions (blurring the outline by coloring over it) crept in. The voice from the off explained the meaning of the symbol while this was going on - Donald was mostly representing things associating with him from the oldest color cartoons featuring him. This cartoon character was indeed a representation of character traits.

1st April 2012, 07:55 AM
120324 / March 24th, 2012 - "Second Coming" and Oliver, the Brain Remixer

There was this guy, and he was constantly talking about what seemed like the second coming, Mother Mary appearing, UFOs maybe, "It will happen!" and such, and soon. He was getting on my nerves. Every time a strange hissing noise would appear on the radio signal he would point it out and consider it proof that we just wouldn't understand.

I met another Oliver, Oliver P. from school. He was mixing brains together. I think it was for food. One bit of this, then the outer layers from that one, spreading them on what could have a been a cracker or a leaf of lettuce. I think I tried one. I also think part of it was my own brain.

The nervous guy told me "You have to believe in it and go there to see it happen." - I replied: "If it happens anyway, and everyone is gonna know it beyond a doubt, why do I have to believe? I'm just gonna wait and see, right?"

The first guy is my representation of sensationalism. Seeing hints and proof for extraordinary and paranormal events where there is little, in my opinion. But in this case the guy is my own sensationalist beliefs ("You have to believe!") about what's supposed to happen in my own, personal evolution. Same thing: While this part of me is busy looking for sensational stuff, I might miss the actual stuff going on that is more subtle than that.

I think the other Oliver really is "the other Oliver" - my higher aspect, rearranging my brain structure (mixing brains = adding the higher aspect) and I take it in (eat it). This would tie in with a similar dream from some days ago.

1st April 2012, 08:00 AM
120322 / March 22nd, 2012 - Hello, operator

From waking up it seemed like this happened several times last night:

I was in some dream situation I didn't like. Suddenly I said "To the soul self." There's a shift. It seems as if I'm in the middle of my own head, it's a cave shaped like the human head, but not dark. The association of being in my own head immediately came to me before I could even think about it. In the middle was a little symbolic figure, almost an icon, but in color. It was a cyclops with dark hair, but like in an icon there was no connection between body and head for example. He was red. It somehow was a standin for this state of conscious. Then I asked to go to waking reality and I was out. I remember this happening several times. I also remember studying that figure with fascination.

This reminded me so much of calling an operator to be transferred to someone - only here to another state of consciousness. Oddly enough, if the spatial relations were really to be taken into account the location of this "operator" in my head would be at the pineal gland. ;) It seems odd that it would have happened several times, maybe a simulation. Nothing else recalled.

1st April 2012, 08:03 AM
120329 / March 29th, 2012 - Dana Scully

It's Dana Scully from the X Files. She's hanging from some kind of protusion on the side of a ship just above the water line. She attempts to throw some kind of rope to another above, and surprisingly she succeeds. Somewhere in the process Fox Moulder appears from above, also on the side of the ship. Together they proceed upwards and he makes it on board.

Just on the last step she somehow makes mistake, is sent spinning and drops down into the water. Now I'm Fox Moulder, following her down on a rope. I hear a voice explaining "Immediately after dropping into the ... degrees cold water the body goes into shock." so I have no hope for her to resurface by herself. I lower myself down to the water and submerge a bit to get an overview, but see only water, not her. I can feel the water, hear the sounds of water, but not the cold. The experience ends.

Dana Scully is the rational one and the skeptic, Fox Moulder the believer, the one wanting to go and find the mystery. There's a reference these are energy bodies, because "the body goes into a shock." IIRC I asked before falling asleep to improve recall. Maybe this being pulled up "on board" was to be an attunement to be more like a higher body? Dana spun, so there was something that sent the mental body spinning and prevented that "ascension."

I'm in a supermarket. I'm with Dana and some kids. We are about to check out. Everything works fine till we arrive at the cashier. Somehow this is a British/foreign supermarket. Dana suggest we push our way through the throng. I try but feel uncomfortable and abort that.

I see a self-service checkout and we go there. I find a card slot and suggest we put our payment card in there, but Dana objects that it looks like another symbol and therefore is unsuitable for this card. I say just try but she doesn't.

The kids would be the lower elementals. Seems like the mental elemental is a bit out of alignment. Pushing is a mental elemental thing, so I see no value in it. Ideas about how things work (the truth) prevent "checking (things) out." I guess another clue that still some mental elemental processing has to be done before adventures in consciousness become a smooth experience. I guess the shopping theme meant astral plane.

2nd April 2012, 06:31 AM
120401 / April 1st, 2012 - Exam stress

I was taking a written exam, and mostly doing well. Then the last section came, and I realised that I had not attended for this part. Still I thought I could pass maybe even without it, and doubly so if I made sure I had any points from the last section. I started to skim it.

The first question I had no clue of, and the next one was about a text. I started to read the text in question and wondered if that was the best use of my time before the test finished. I walked over to a book shelf and other coworkers came up. Some of them I asked if I had finished. I think someone even wanted to talk to me, but I shushed them - I did not want to fail the exam by cheating. I found it terribly unfair that people were distracting me now, I should be able to pass anyway.

I realised that the question was supposed to be about the second last chapter in Harry Potter. I never had heard of the character that the question was about, and the more I thought about it I realised that the question, the chapter and everything had very little to do with Harry Potter. (The more I remembered that I had actually read this after all...) With that the illusion broke and I woke up.

This was a simulation. Unlike other initiatory tests I was comparatively confident I'll pass, even if I had to stretch myself (didn't know all the answers). One could wonder if the presence and approach of the coworkers would be a test if I would resort to cheating, but I doubt it. I'd rather think I was too deeply in my idea of what the test was about and how a written test works. But there's no spoon! Er, I mean, written test in Otherwhere.

So, probably my coworkers popping up were probably clues or maybe error messages. There's also some hints of doing this test twice, because the chatting up at the shelf and somebody loudly trying to talk about the solution at my desk seem to appear in two different instances of the same, but the order and sequence as so often is a blur. I guess simulation "runs" could happen not exactly sequentially...

Lucidity could have been good if these were error messages that I wasn't getting it. But Kurt also says that simulation abort if one leaves the appropriate state of mind, so I have no clue how this one went. Even during the test it seemed like that I could pass if I kept my cool - if I didn't let fall myself into the trap of getting upset about not being 100% prepared. I wonder if this was a prerequisite for the test or the whole test itself.

4th April 2012, 05:36 AM
120403 / April 3rd, 2012 - Tooth maintenance

I dreamt that I used one of these metal dentist thingies as leverage under my molars. I pulled them half-way, maybe fully out, cleaned them all around, carefully repositioned the roots and pushed them back in.

One part of me seemed to know what it was doing, another part of me watching was concerned I would accidentally loosen them or not get them back in. But I concluded the dream with a feeling about this.

I think this is rather literal - body maintenance/healing. One molar worked on in the dream acted up in the past, so good I'm doing some maintenance on it.

I also remember another fragment. I seemed to work on a special assignment in a programming project. At first I was a bit resistant, but then I realised it was important.

Don't know what project I was working on or will be working on in physical reality, but this also left a good feeling.

5th April 2012, 06:15 AM
120404 / April 4th - Floor OBE and Syncing

I thought I heard a voice, and suddenly I was lucid. I was in a strange space and mood as I was mostly hearing sounds. I didn't get any visuals but I didn't miss them somehow. It was not a sensation of blindness, not as one expects it.

At first I was startled somehow by the voice, but now I wanted to reconnect with it. I suddenly got the idea in my head that maybe I had communicated with my dog, but that was probably only because I could hear her snoring so loudly. I couldn't establish the state of consciousness again and faded into full waking.

In hindsight, when correlating the sounds with the room, I realised my position must have been on the floor in front of the dog's basket, because her sounds were coming from above. This probably also meant I was very small. In fact, when I try to feel it I seemed to be a point of consciousness only. I got a bit sidetracked by my thoughts what was going on and that probably pulled me out of the right state.

In another experience there were always four frames. All my impressions came in sets of four frames. But some started too early so I missed the first of four and saw only the latter three, or too late, and I only saw the first three. After I realized how it worked it became synchronized and there were always four frames in the right time.

5th April 2012, 03:15 PM
I used to have experiences like that. I miss them.

10th April 2012, 05:01 AM
120409 / April 9th, 2012 - Challenging bullies

I was in a large entrance hall. I had to go past a man with long hair and a beard, and said "Excuse me" but had to slightly push him, but that seemed to surprise him and he had to take a step to not topple.

The hall had a high ceiling and marble-ish floors of large tiles. It was parted in the middle by benches of dark wood. Light was coming in from a glass roof.

Up ahead I saw a small queue of people, maybe 5 at most. At the end of it was an ugly lady probably in her 50s. Suddenly she pushed the other people from behind and they folded up together like an accordion. I started to walk there.

When I approached her a toad-like man approached, too. He seemed like her husband. I asked "What's going on here?" in a non-friendly tone. They said something defiant.

Then I was up against him. He tried to push me, but I would make evasive moves, takes his arm, and swing him in a way to use his own motion against him. He ended up on the floor.

In this moment the door opened. A woman in a white doctor's coat emerged, I now instantly knew she was a psychologist. The man suddenly pretended to be unconscious, and she pointed this out. I said the that man was pretending.

We started to inspect him together, and we saw clues that didn't fit into the picture, he couldn't keep it up. His muscles were acting wrong, he was having jerks (he certainly had been a jerk), and finally it was like as if we had asked him a trick question, he opened his eyes for a moment and asked something back, sheepishly.

In this moment she announced "The doctor will see you now!" (she was actually using the name, but I forgot). I said "But there are many others before me in line." but she pulled me into the room by my arm. In the room she repeated that another doctor would evaluate me. From her saying it I got an impression that the other evaluator was much more senior and older than her.

Now I sat on a chair. In front of me two evaluators in lab coats. They asked me about the events outside, I explained that a woman had bullied others, the man approaching me and then I said "And then we let it escalate from there." To my right a man lolled on a bed, but he was wearing a German police uniform. Suddenly he sat in front of me and he spoke: "No, Mr (my last name), you don't have (don't remember) but width." (As if width had been the way more favorable of two choices.) I felt this was approval. With this the experience ended.

This could have been a simulation. But I never had one with a full-fledged evaluation afterwards. The psychologists (= experts in human nature) could have been helpers running the simulation for evaluation purposes, that's also why I perceived my debriefing as an interview, maybe? I'm not sure about the policeman, maybe he represented authority?

As for the bullies, I have often wondered what the appropriate way was of dealing with bullies, especially when one cannot evade them. The situation had an interesting twist in that it was not I who was being bullied.

10th April 2012, 06:02 AM
It's a metaphor indeed: Looking at jerking back muscles = You can always spot the jerks (at least in hind-sight :P ).

11th April 2012, 01:47 AM
120410 / April 10th - Group reality creation

I didn't realise what this experience was about until I started to translate it, and only then I realised I had to record it.

As for the visuals, I was moving through a sort of construction site. There was a rectangular building frame of brick, with many different levels inside. Between the levels there were just boards at angles, and I was navigating the boards up and down while I was doing something, finishing some sort of construction/arranging task.

I became aware of a voice. I was talking with my friend Manuela at this stage, but later on I was opposite an unknown woman. The woman was somewhat distant, leaning backwards away from me, but we touched at the hand, and I started massaging her hand. In hindsight I realise that this must be the new female guide I've been trying to establish a working relationship with. In the latter scene she didn't talk, only I to her, explaining what I saw, but when I was within the scene, Manuela's voice accompanied me and we talked about it.

What we talked about I wasn't fully able to decode. It was symbolic and I couldn't fully translate it into talking about concepts. It was about group experiences. One possible way to arrange for them was described as Facebook. When thinking about this I suddenly realised that this meant "group reality that many people chose to participate in."

During the talk it became clear that the realities you participate in limited your choices. At this time it seemed like a programming task to me - I thought I was registering with Facebook or with an ad engine, and certain choices wouldn't work. As if you *had* to name your favorite drink and chosing non-alcoholic was not possible, because the social network was grouped by these categories. This seemed narrowing to me as I was neutral about this specific issue that was symbolised here but for the sake of registering my group project (here symbolised as a hut where friends meet to party) I would have to fill out all information even if it bore no relevance. I am not sure what this fully means when it comes to group reality creation, but it kind of seems to say that you have to accept even some stuff that does no longer make sense to you (like chosing a favorite drink in a questionnaire if you don't drink or no longer drink).

Then came a weird aspect, and it also helped me ultimately to decode this. My guide mentioned to me with great amusement how certain errors in the scripts for registering could not be corrected because people have come to expect them. So, there were some errors woven in and kept for everyone's convenience, but the errors still stayed in for those who spotted them, there was, in a sense, no cleaned-up interface, only the agreed-upon interface. The Simpsons were mentioned in this context for a reason, probably as standin for "popular concept". This was the most symbolic part of the talk, and it yielded the key for decoding all of this in hindsight. It had a hint of "errors in the matrix" of reality creation, and so I realised what all of this was about.

In the dream I had seemed as if walking this building. The levels were connected with these rickety boards, but when you stepped into them they seemed real and complete enough. I moved back and forth, in and out, changed things, did my thing, and talked concepts to my guide.

Before I met her face-to-face again I navigated to the top of the whole structure. The square brick frame stopped there, the last board was leaned onto the frame, I moved onto the surrounding brick wall and found myself next to my guide again, where I touched her hand. I think this meant reconnecting with her, which was an intimate experience, but not of that kind. I still try to find the right balance for approaching her to not let these experience devolve in anything else while keeping the necessary closeness we need to communicate at this level, represented in giving her a hand massage which seemed nice and intimate, but not too much.

I actually think this was me stepping into a plane, represented by the multi-storey house frame. The frame was the structure of reality. The boards were interconnections between various sublevels - sub-zones and sub-planes. One could enter the subplanes or see them from outside (I would then see them through gateways/archs which I could peek through) and see the structure of the plane itself while moving along the boards, or standing outside the subelements. I also had an overhead perspective, and was looking down on the whole structure from above while navigating it, zooming out into a sort of eagle-eye view, but at an angle. And finally with my guide I was completely outside of it, in our own space talking.

Much to ponder.

20th April 2012, 02:34 PM
Have to admit to that one:

The Hunger Games' Subtly Racist Clich (http://www.alternet.org/culture/155034/the_hunger_games%27_subtly_racist_clich%C3%A9/?page=entire). No, I didn't see the movie. I mean the other part: That people of color always appear as "soul people" for me in dreams...

More recent spirit guide characters include those portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost, Sister Act and The Long Walk Home, and Laurence Fishburne in Searching for Bobby Fischer and The Matrix. (The Matrix actually employed the device twice: Fishburne leads Keanu Reeves' character to another black guide, portrayed by Gloria Foster.) Cuba Gooding Jr. provided the spiritual inner voice in What Dreams May Come, Jerry Maguire and Radio.

I actually saw most of these and was surprised that I missed the repetition of the role.

11th May 2012, 08:10 AM
I basically haven't dreamed in a week, which strongly coincides with me taking painkillers every day for a tooth ache. Now that I'm off them, I started to have somewhat confused/bizarre dreams the night right after and finally something more like my regular experiences last night.

So, I dreamt I was in a music shop. I remembered from waking state that currently I cannot afford an instrument, so I mostly browsed. Then I decided I wanted to try out a guitar. I was taken to a backroom with sofas and amps. The lady taking me there was one of the cashier ladies from my local supermarket.

There were cables lying around, and I plugged one in. The guitar I had chosen a "light baby boy blue" Fender Stratocaster. The price was rather cheap - 250 bucks for an original. I was a bit disappointed how widely spaced the frets were, I remembered (again from waking state) that I wanted to get a guitar with smaller frets. The frets were directly on the neck, no different wood for the fretboard, which I take to be the mark of cheap guitar. The pickups however, seemed to be high-tech. The looked much fancier than regular and had some technical symbols on them.

I played the guitar but wasn't getting into it. I remembered that the whole setup had two pedal effects chained in, but somehow I wasn't getting satisfactory results. There had been other guitars lying around, but I had been ignoring them as they looked rather designed and hence out of my price range. One had neon-yellow decorations on it, maybe also looking a bit like a Telecaster (or maybe a Double Cut?). But when I decided which guitar to test next there was something I would call a "broomstick guitar."

It was a full electric guitar but didn't have a corpus. It was a full length of wood with the strings on, and it actually looked pretty sleek. I tried to play it, and now it was an on/off affair. I turned on distortion, and played some riffs and had fun. I realised that I play something from Corrosion of Conformity, given that I clearly remembered never having learned to play it. So I actually looked at my fingers while playing it to see what they were doing. I kid you not!

I was not sure if what my fingers did actually made sense. I tried to try more things out, but somehow I couldn't get the distortion back on nor reproduce anything else interesting. My mother may have been there and remarked about the price or being able to afford it. I guess I internalized her worries about money.

I find it interesting I played a riff from CoC - the name itself is a message. When I originally took up playing the electric guitar as a teenager I had some ideas mostly about wanting to be popular, but I guess now I'm corroding some of that conformity to find other reasons to make music. And that's when I had fun making music in the dream.

I own a Stratocaster knockoff I never were particularly happy with, and it's not in good shape either. It's also the same guitar I learned to play with, and that is associated with those original desires. Maybe the blue is a symbol for my "boyish/boyhood" ideas. Next I play a guitar that's stripped of all of that - back to the bare minimum, a minimalistic approach and am able to go beyond what I can do, skill-wise. The riff I played must have been from the song "Clean My Wounds". :shock:

I guess there isn't such a guitar on the regular market in physical reality, but this comes close:


The corpus was so slim that you didn't notice it to be one, but seemed like an extension of the neck.

11th May 2012, 11:19 AM
Blue for me in dream is communicating colore....and light blue is teaching colore...

17th May 2012, 08:43 AM
Last night I found myself on an airport. I was making my way through the somewhat labyrinthine structure (something not so unusual for my dreams) towards my gate. I have a flight on "Commendia Airlines" (pronounced like "to commend", not on the "di" syllable). I shortly wonder why I didn't book on my usual airline selection to get bonus miles.

This is is some physical plane memory mixing up with the experience. I lately get that often if the symbolism chosen to represent something does contradict with facts from physical life.

I make it to the gate, but I notice I am smoking a cigarette. I almost boarded with it, and though nobody said anything about it, I think that I cannot do that. I remember an ashtray nearby and intend to smoke up on my way there.

This has to do with a self-damaging "habit" I've been resolving since start of the year, I guess. Maybe I want to get rid of it before I take the next step?

Now I'm with a coworker. We're heading for an airline restaurant before we take our flight. Its structure is interesting - its a set of platforms in a square shaft. The top platform connects with a small stairwell to the next-lower one, and on and on. Each platform is set in a corner, so that you get the impression that the platforms spiral lower. It has a nice, elegant touch about it.

As we enter, we are on the top level. There's the catering chef, and she asks us not to take any table on this level as it would interfere with the preparations. I see indeed two small tables on this level each fit for two. As we make our way down we see that at the other levels the tables are already full of food which looks gorgeous. We pass several tables which are full of gorgeous meals arranged richly on plates (or bowls?) and make our way to a table full of pizzas. The pizzas have green toppings. I'm not sure, I guess we're on the third level now... or maybe still second.

Again a hint regarding a plane/subplane structure. As in a recent experience, the surrounding shaft would be enclosing the whole plane. The platforms would represent subplanes. Interesting that we descended from topmost downward. I wonder what business staying there would have interfered with?

The experience ends.

20th May 2012, 06:09 AM
I'm sitting in a cafe. The light filters in from behind me, it's beautiful and orange-ish. I notice that opposite to me sits Sebastian Schweinsteiger.

I watched the Champions League Finale (soccer) between Bavaria Munich and FC Chelsea yesterday. Schweinsteiger is one of Munich's centers and one of the tragic figures yesterday. He misshot the penalty that finally lost them the game (though I wouldn't blame him for losing the game).

I'm excited, but decide not to be one of these overwhelmed fans. We chat, and we chat quite nicely. He seems kicked back, relaxed, and unconcerned. Every time success seems to be mentioned, he seems uninvested.

Which either means it's not Schweinsteiger (likely) or an aspect of himself that doesn't usually show. ;)

Co-workers enter the room. I tell them who this is. One wants to shake his hands, and so on. I tell him that he still can be European Champion after all this year. He rolls his eyes at all of this.

Again he's showing he's very unconcerned with success. As the dream itself is quite clear, I'm not sure why he's in there. Yes, the game was an emotionally heated event, and needed resolving. This hardly seems cathartic, though. I think, however, that this dismissal of the notion of success is important.

And maybe that's why a football player is chosen: Front and center (pun deluxe) is how you play the game, not the notions of winning or losing.

19th June 2012, 09:33 AM
This one was a bit weird visually.

Somehow information was conveyed efficiently by putting together huge glass balls with water in them. Various items would swim in it, and by shaking the ball different items would come up in front. A bit like a magical 8 ball, except this ball was more like a 20-sided die in that its glass was surrounded by a framework holding it together that reminded me of that shape.

So, I put together one ball like this, but I wasn't quite pleased with the result. I had put many papers tightly filled with information in it, and this seemed visually overwhelming as a recipient would have to hold it close to make sense of it. So it wasn't ideal. Within where also many multi-colored living forms, looking rubbery. I assume when I tried to redo the ball they escaped and latched on to me. They gave me unpleasant physical sensations, mirrored in the dream images, but when I woke up I realised these sensations resulted from my uncomfortable position.

This seems to be related to making a ROTE of my own. The shapes are "forms" - thoughtforms. Thoughtforms are "kind of" alive, they are made of consciousness, and can take on properties of entities, such as these did. They also tend to attach to one's energy field to transmit information, but I interpreted that as unwanted contact. They are not "smart enough" to do anything else but try to fulfill the intention put in them, that's why I represented them as rubbery, brainless small entities trying to attach to anything.

The possibility exists that I was only the recipient of the ROTE, trying to decode it. I could read the text on the papers inside, so I could decode a fair deal of it, but still found it overwhelming - too much contained at once. Either would point to some training regarding ROTEs.

19th June 2012, 06:03 PM
Somehow information was conveyed efficiently by putting together huge glass balls with water in them. Various items would swim in it, and by shaking the ball different items would come up in front. A bit like a magical 8 ball, except this ball was more like a 20-sided die in that its glass was surrounded by a framework holding it together that reminded me of that shape. As I was reading, Bohm's ideas about reality came to me, and your interpretation about ROTEs made me think- I wonder if both concepts are the same, the scale being the difference.

22nd June 2012, 10:55 AM
Please elaborate - I have maybe an idea what you mean, but I'm not sure.

22nd June 2012, 11:53 AM
Puzzling the reality togeather!!..You are not pleased/sarisfyed....

22nd June 2012, 01:56 PM
Please elaborate - I have maybe an idea what you mean, but I'm not sure. I went to answer in the wrong computer so I'll just come back to it with a couple of links that explain what I mean.

ps. I realize I never did this, so I'd just said that in Bohm's implicate order, there is an analogy that has been used to describe what they mean, and it's that when you look at two particles that are supposedly entangled, what you are really looking is at two vistas of the same particle, and that neither is really 'there', but in a different sector of nonlocal space (if such a thing can be described.) It uses the analogy of a fishtank, when you see one side of a fish on one wall of the tank, and then look at another view of the fish in another side of the tank, it seems to be different fish that are doing the same thing, but the actual fish is somewhere else, and what we think is the 'real' fish (the side views) are really only vistas or reflections.

Anyway, the description of the rote (in which you could see things bobbing up to the surface when you looked) reminded me of the fishtank analogy, the rote would be the entire 'information' as it 'really' is, while how we perceive information is only partial- and when you receive a rote 'all at once' you're getting a fuller picture of what's really going on.

So either way, it's what the image reminded me of.

24th June 2012, 07:07 AM
Two beautiful dream images from last night:

There was this complex arrangement of roofs, kind of like Tibetan (what I first thought of) or Chinese, with their pagoda-style swinging upward curve. It was a gate complex, and it looked like the buildings of a monastery enclosing a yard, and here at the gate the buildings got ever taller.

I remember myself standing in front of this, then starting to run, then starting to leap, bound, and move in a mixture of parcours-like movements mixed with the leaping and bounding motions of Hongkong movies, even jumping into the air and then leaping from there somewhere else in midair. I landed on my hands touching the roof, and I had such perfect control. Then I moved in swift motion over the roof as if I was a spider, interchanging which limbs moved when, lifting my body off with the incredible strength I had. The feeling of being able to do this was exhilarating.

When exploring the roofs I came across a niche at the top of a tall white-caulked wall. The wall was also very old, like everything in this monastic setting. Stepping through the niche I think there was a walkway on the other side. I saw tall bushes had grown along the wall, so tall and their stems so thick I first thought there were trees. They were black and without foliage, but I saw three parrots in them, parrots beautiful with more colors on them than I remembered that kind had - strong, vivid primary colors with a hint of those colors you get when you look at auras.

Then I realised at least two of them were not parrots, but Asian boys. They had shaved heads, wore monk robes of orange and red, where their bodies seemed to be covered in a yellow tinted so strongly red, that it did not seem exactly orange, but more reminiscent of the way peaches can look with their yellow-and-red-veined bodies - but condensed into one color. Their lower bodies were wrapped in a darker shade of red. They sat in posture on top of tall branches, serene and undistracted. They looked both totally adorable and serious. It was clearly two different boys, even though they were so much alike in everything. This overlay of boys and parrots was so beautiful I wished I could photograph it, but I told myself, even if this scene was gone afterwards I would remember, and I had seen it.

26th June 2012, 09:10 AM
Last night someone handed me a severed head inside a bag. I first thought I was to get rid of it and wondered about how to destroy it. Then I thought better of it because I thought I would be charged with destroying evidence.

I might have looked inside the bag, but if I did, I was watching myself from the outside while looking inside, so I don't know what "I" saw. (Because I wondered about it afterwards, if the identity of the head could tell me what it meant, realising I never saw what was inside even though I might have peeked in the dream.)

My son was there, he had white blankets spread over his bedroom in this dream house of ours, and he was playing with trains on them (his favorite toy). In hindsight this actually looked like a winter landscape but I did not make that connection in the dream. He was talking to me, wanting to show me what he was doing, but I was somewhat preoccupied not letting him see the severed head.

26th June 2012, 10:22 AM
WoW...how you are going deep.....not only in head....wow...

14th July 2012, 07:30 AM
I was with my coworker Michael. He commented on the fact that I had a stereo jack installed in my head, and that he thought this might be risky (treating it like a trendy thing youngsters do). I was kind of defending it as one of those spontaneous decisions and cool.

I was looking at myself from outside. I was a girl with thick medium length hair, with a color more like yellow than blonde. I saw myself part it and there was the jack, on a bald spot hidden behind the hair. As I saw it I could feel it, even though I looked at "myself" from the front and above. It was situated roughly at the top of my head.

Looking at it pushed my lucidity from "dream logic" to accessing part of my waking mind, but without any awareness that I was dreaming. I touched it and wondered if I could ever get this removed. How it worked. It felt like it touched my brain, if such a sensation can be described. I then started to wonder if this meant I would get trouble at passing customs/immigrations when travelling...

As I woke up I was not sure if it was real or not. It had felt so real, I had to touch my head. I noticed the head of the girl also had a different, more roundish shape than mine. I also realised that the location of the jack had coincided with the 7th chakra and wondered what would happen if one "jacked in"...

15th July 2012, 02:34 AM
There was this complex arrangement of roofs, kind of like Tibetan (what I first thought of) or Chinese, with their pagoda-style swinging upward curve. It was a gate complex, and it looked like the buildings of a monastery enclosing a yard, and here at the gate the buildings got ever taller. None other place than Shambhala.

I saw tall bushes had grown along the wall, so tall and their stems so thick I first thought there were trees. They were black and without foliage, but I saw three parrots in them, parrots beautiful with more colors on them than I remembered that kind had - strong, vivid primary colors with a hint of those colors you get when you look at auras.

Then I realised at least two of them were not parrots, but Asian boys.

"Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches threof." - Matthew 13:31,32 The boys are Immortal Saints, most likely Tibetan Buddhists in saffron, who, as Immortals, always appear very young, though they are as old as the buildings around the dreamer. Both to be referred to as "Your Highness" as they are so high up in the trees. "Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God. being the children of the resurrection." - Luke 20:36

For a connection between mustard plants and Tibet which is high in the Himalayas, and to highlight the fact that a "black" mustard plant does exist, this passage about mustard from Wikipedia may provide some illumination: "oriental mustard (Brassica juncea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brassica_juncea)), originally from the foothills of the Himalaya (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himalaya), is grown commercially in Canada (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada), the UK (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom), Denmark (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denmark) and the US (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States); black mustard (Brassica nigra (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brassica_nigra)) is grown in Argentina (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentina), Chile (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chile), the US (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States) and some European countries. Canada (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada) and Nepal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nepal) are the world's major producers of mustard seed, between them accounting for around 57% of world production in 2010.[1] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustard_plant#cite_note-0)"

19th July 2012, 06:00 AM
I was with my coworker O. He was eating a cooked snail from the shell. I was watching him. Then I got handed one. Usually I wouldn't touch the stuff - literally. So I used the knife to ease it a bit out of the shell. He rolled his eyes at me as if to say "You're complicating this needlessly." I ate the snail and it was a true taste explosion and a really unusual texture, quite unusual in its vividness for a dream.

Currently I am indeed "trying something new" (job-wise) I didn't try in the past. Just yesterday I wrote a friend I had overcome my preconceptions of what I think I can do enough to give this a try (it had been a challenge to schedule the interview, somehow). I also said I wasn't sure about the outcome, but only if I try I will see. Seems like I get support from the soul level for this approach to be a bit more daring.

21st July 2012, 08:34 AM
This experience seemed to have a full back story. I had flown to the US to take some extra studies to prepare for something next week. I think a professor from my former college had recommended it. I was on the streets of NY with my coworker Frank when I got more involved in the experience - the back story had somehow been negotiated, but the experience started there. True to myself I had worried a bit about the expense and such, and wondered if it would pay back, but then I decided now I was there I would make the most of it.

So, Frank and I where out in the streets about to get a ride when somebody wanted us to enter their store. I think the store was called "Kids" and I could see that Frank really wanted to go and so I gave him a wink and let him go inside. (It looked more like it would carry the stuff that adult men could get as excited about as when they were kids, not a store selling stuff for kids.)

As I was standing there, I noticed a small sign higher up in a corner above the store. If I remember correctly it seemed to advertise "Dungeons & Dragons", a hobby interest of mine. So I decided to enter a stairwell, went up and some intricate path and arrived in a room that had several people arranged around tables.

From here on I got involved in a very long chat with a guy who had sat there. At first I thought I had just chatted up someone with similar interests, only to find out that he was probably studying up for something similar or was in the same line of work. So I asked him at some point if he was a student. He said "A student? No...." He seemed to look for the right word. He now looked like the British comedian Stephen Fry, and for a short moment he looked like he wore one of these black hats graduates wear in some countries, so when I was about to mention that it transformed into a black cap of sorts and he addressed one from a group at another table "What are studying currently?" "Ways of getting to be accepted as doctorates (postdocs?), I guess." She said with a hint of sarcasm, I'd think, as if the main problem was not being good enough but convincing someone to let them do this.

As a side note: Somewhere during the chat I was worried that I had arrived in the states and let nobody at home know I safely arrived.

So, our chat came to an end, and as often all we talked about now only is vaguely remembered as "kind of about / feels like" and so I stood up and told the guy that we probably would not meet again, and wanted to shake his hand. He extended it, but I could not take it right. It was as if he had closed it somewhat. I noticed thick strands of hair at places around it, but not all over. I tried to take his hand in both of mind to properly shake him farewell regardless but could not quite pull it off and felt a bit weird for having tried.

I then went out of the room, over a flat rooftop, back inside, navigated my way back down and into the street. I had not thought about Frank during all of this, but now I wondered if he had stayed put. Basically around the time I stepped out on the street I woke up.

29th July 2012, 08:06 PM
I took an afternoon nap and it was all about sailing. Taking over a big vessel and roaming the seas, and then we ended up going rogue to pull off our mission. Evading some kind of predatory merfolk and their magic. And making our way through even the smallest canal with full speed. We also got a hint about some magic power called either "smoke fist" or "ghost fist" - I think it was the later. And I remembered somehow having a similar sequence of dreams before, just slightly different...

31st July 2012, 03:33 AM
We also got a hint about some magic power
You said it!

And I remembered somehow having a similar sequence of dreams before, just slightly different...

The dreamer is at an existential crossroads most likely between a relatively higher moral timestream (dimension/quantum leap/alternate reality) and a relatively lower moral timestream, analogous to sailing. It would be wise for the dreamer to consult the great classics for a time and procure the more advantageous and profitable higher path while focusing less on siddhas, just for a while. Then, dream sequences will stop acting like a radio that can't decide between two adjacent channels or signal wavelengths. All the best to you, Oliver. :-) I'm praying for you.

16th December 2012, 10:30 AM
I'm with my dog Sally in a stairwell, the light is on a timer. It goes out, I reactivate it, and we step out into the street. It's night, and I'm kind of anxious to look in a certain direction. I'm somehow aware of having done this trip several times before. I'm not aware that this is not our house or our regular trip.

Sally seems to see something in the shadows, or so it seems. At first I ignore it, but then I turn to face it and - feel like I'm pulled backwards as if a cord in my back retracted me. The feeling was a sudden bounce like on an elastic cord. I'm somewhere else - am I in my bed? I wasn't awake yet. My consciousness was in another body yet, dialoguing with the body I left behind when my consciousness moved, kind of guiding it as if I was the tower and as if it was the airplane on a mission.

I suddenly realised that this was not my regular walk, that it had repeated, that I had bounced like on a cord and this reminded me of stories of the silver cord, and that the repetition could mean this was a simulation. As all of this flooded in, I woke up.