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14th March 2006, 07:53 PM
I asked Robert and Brian to help me figure this out. I have bought numerous books checked out numerous library books I am not getting the successes i would hope for.

Remembering dreams is pretty hard right now most of the time its a total black out (I have been keeping a dream journal faithfully though). I listen to the BWG faithfully and follow the MAP 90 days religiously.

Right now have had NO success in raising the energy at the spine (not to be confused with kandalini) to bounce it for the mobile energy body working awareness. and if i could raise it it wouldnt bounce. (had similar problems with the legs) I am now almost an entire week behind now because i cannot get past this point.

any suggestions to both of these would be great I am looking for 1st preson SURE FIRE ways to rectify this issue please respond with personal experiences only as I have found no real success with 2nd hand advice on either of these issues right now.

14th March 2006, 10:15 PM
I wouldn't worry about falling a week or two behind on MAP....
My suggestion would be to spend more time on your legs. Work on the soles of your feet, then up to the knee, then to the waist. Also, make sure to work on your ankles and knees.
Your legs are the "trunks" of your energetic tree. It is important to have these flowing consistently. You may have blockages higher up, but from your statement that your legs gave you initial trouble, I suggest spending more time on them.
Also, work on your "tactile imagination" while energizing your legs. If you have already gotten energy sensations from these area, I would suggest strengthening your ability to feel your energy hands on your legs and feet and inside them as well.
As you requested, I am speaking from experience... I had poor energy circulation up my spine until I went back and cleared up some energy blockages in my legs.


14th March 2006, 11:34 PM
I can feel my legs great They buzz 24/7 pretty much the soles of my feet are always energized as with my head hands legs and feet ankles and knees. I will take your advice maybe i do have a blockage in my legs

15th March 2006, 05:33 PM
Sometimes we concentrate so hard on the act of "raising" energy that we skip right over blockages. Try just stimulating the spine and digestive organs with your energy hands instead of raising energy through these areas.
After my legs started responding well, I started running my energy hands up and down my spine. I also ran them all over my torso and inside through my organs. Once I felt that I was able to stimulate these areas, I then started raising energy through them.