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1st September 2010, 07:49 AM
When I was a young child about a year and a half old approximately I experienced one of the most important events in my life, this event held as a sub-conscious element only to be realized later in life. The event was quite simple actually a dirty diaper my parents placed me on the grass with my eyes directly facing the Sun, the brightness was overwhelming this is my first conscious memory of existence. I can remember after wards going along in my stroller and looking up and seeing a large mountain and a waterfall there was people up there and I can remember thinking to myself "I want to be up there too". Well I did find out years later my parents went to Marine Land even though I had a pretty good idea it was some amusement park. What became more important however was the sub-conscious element that I was looking at the Sun but I was also looking at myself. The transformation I had to fully realize this was a very profound string of spiritual advancements in my life that I would like to try and take the time to explain the best I can the intricacies of my advancements and finally downturn.

My first experience was a sleep paralysis episode in the summer when I was 18 years old what drove this to happen was my deep interest in being able to understand existence from a cosmological perspective. You see throughout my life I did not believe in God until shortly before my sleep paralysis episode, my realization was that the Universe it's self is bio-logical you could also call the Universe the body of God the expansion of the Universe should be thought as the expansion of God's consciousness. It was fundamental for me to be able to come to this realization there was more than words but a deep a feeling the same feeling that can be amplified to induce a state of sleep paralysis. I would spend all day at work running through my mind many different ideas which would produce the deep feeling, this deep feeling is the ability to perceive the nature of existence without words as the nature of existence can only be "felt" to achieve any substantial explanation. One day coming home I went for a quick sleep without any idea of what exactly I had done to myself by inducing a "deep feeling" while falling asleep would continue to deepen to the point where my eyes opened but my body was unable to move. At first I had no idea what had happened actually I didn't even know it was called sleep paralysis although the first episode I was bit terrified but not discouraged as a matter of fact I was inspired to try again and the next episode I was not terrified at all but it was not until a later episode that anything of significance happened. To me was a new ability that would take time to get good at just like everything else for me it all came naturally I had no interest in reading what other people had to say or any guidance whatsoever on the whole subject my ability and knowledge of it all came from within.

The next significant experience is my most cherished memory and to me is the most profound experience of my life which was an OBE but something happened during this OBE so extraordinary that my memory of what took place never fades. I found myself in this OBE inside the washroom which is just behind the wall of where my bed was looking in the direction of where I was sleeping when looking in this direction in the washroom there is a mirror and I saw the reflection of my soul in the mirror. At first I wasn't sure what I was looking at then it hit me so I moved closer to mirror two feet away and looked closer, I could see that I looked very similar to what I physically look like however there was differences the first was there seemed to be a bright aura coming off around my whole body and my eyes were much larger comprising the entire surface area of the eye socket I noticed that my eyes had a golden shine to them so I leaned forward just inches from the mirror and looked directly into my eyes. I could see that they were in many fragments like bubbles all bunched together on a flowing stream and each fragment was a different color at this point I physically woke up.

It was quite a bit before anything happened again except for having a sleep paralysis episode now and again also I experienced a heightened ability to remember my dreams although it is unfortunate I did not take the time to record everything as a lot of those memories have now faded. Finally a sleep paralysis episode occurred that brought me even closer to myself than the OBE this episode I noticed something, something that was not there in any of the other episodes. As I was looking up at the ceiling I noticed there was a blurry area which I then focused on and quickly realized I could move it so I moved it closer to my face and could see there was definition it was very transparent but I could see the outline of a hand with fingers and I was moving this like it was an extension of my body. I was completely amazed that my mouth opened physically in awe which triggered a sudden end to what was happening. When it was over I made another observation that the light level in my room was much brighter during the sleep paralysis episode which helped with an explanation of what happened that is sleep paralysis is a state of dual perception in which the soul's perception couples within an awakened state. This can be characterized similarly to two radio stations on the same band at two very different locations due to atmospheric conditions and location radio waves from the further station can come through but only for a short period of time. The same sort of conditions happen during sleep paralysis except the transmission is a feed back loop from the sub-conscious to conscious mind as the sub-conscious truly is the gateway to the soul.

The last event that happened was not the same like the others perhaps I became too obsessed with what I was doing and experiencing perhaps too much to the point I did something I shouldn't have during a dream I was in a classroom portable and I remember I wanted to leave but my intentions were not good I wanted to find someone to have sex with and didn't really care about how I did it. When I tried to open the door to go out something forced it closed so I tried again to open it and it was forced closed again then everything began to fade into darkness until there was nothing I was so stubborn for whatever reason was forcing me to wake up I resisted then I heard a voice. This voice came loud and clear it said "JEFF" I was barely able physically speak but still could and replied "I knew you would come" the voice again spoke and said "WHAT?" I spoke again and said "Who are you?" the voice replied to me "Just wake up Jeff" at which time I fully awoke. It wasn't like me to do something like this I don't understand why I would perhaps temptation was too overwhelming and finally had gotten the better of me where I abused the gift I was given. What was to transpire next after falling asleep again I will never forget I found myself in a house with a old lady in a rocking chair I looked at her and asked "What is your name" she replied "Ripley" I asked her another question "Why do you not return to live another life?" she replied scornfully "Why do you ask so many questions?". The next thing I know I'm falling then stop and look around I'm in a jungle and I can see in the bushes two eyes looking at me, all I can see is just the eyes and we make eye contact and I know instantly whatever it is wants me then it charges from out of the bushes. This beast had a lions like head but the body was like it was composed of many different animals I tried to get away I started to rise UP but not fast enough or far enough the beast latched on and it's intentions became apparent this beast has a taste for souls. I looked up and yelled for God to help me I noticed my voice sounded different it sounded like it was a voice from hell but God answered it would seem as everything faded and I woke up.

It's been almost 10 years since all of this happened and not really much has happened to me in between mainly because I suppressed myself by smoking a lot of marijuana I had always smoked but the 10 years have been quite a bit in comparison to how much I was doing then. I did it purposely and I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it I had decided that if weed keeps me uninterested then I can go about my life like everyone else but it's come to the point now I can't keep going on doing what I'm doing as I'm starting college in October there is no time for the weed anymore. I know I will be clear minded again soon enough perhaps I can fully embrace my gift again this is why I wanted to share all of this with everyone I had to tell all of you what I have been through what I did and what I regret most I chose the wrong path in life.

1st September 2010, 09:01 AM
Hi Jeff,

Many people here will relate to your experiences with similar experiences of their own.

I think, perhaps, you misinterpreted the meaning of your last mentioned experience. I doubt your soul would have been consumed and imagine it was some kind of shamanic trial experience.

Welcome to the boards.

2nd September 2010, 08:51 AM
fear, among other similar feelings are a natural reaction to some experiences, and more often than not it is our perception of the experience that triggers such feelings. conquer those feelings and a lesson will become clear, be it about yourself, or something greater. Always look for lessons to be learned from any experience, and not focus on the good/bad, or should have/should not have. it is good that you see it for the gift that it is. as with all forces, if you act on it, it will act on you equally. if you embrace it for what it is, it will embrace you, but only as tightly as you embrace it.

for many years i supressed it as you did, and in a similar way. tho i think it was only about nine years, and it called me back by way of sleep paralysis(never had it until the last two years, even when i first begain to see). It showed me i had a fear with equal curiosity for the unknown that i had lost touch with. for 6 months i fought the paralysis every few nights, and sometimes multiple times in a day. one day it came to me, stop fighting. so i ignored my fear and ended up somewhere familiar that i had been away from for far too long...out of body, with renewed interest and understanding beyond what i had before.

that may have been a complicated way of saying i agree with beekeeper haha....but i like to elaborate

with that being said, welcome, and i hope you find aswell as share knowledge and wisdom here

2nd September 2010, 07:27 PM
Greetings Perceptionist and welcome.
You have indeed experienced some very dramatic events. I like your attitude in that you appear to welcome and encourage these events. Some people fear the unknown and avoid 'paranormal' situations. You will find that many members here have had similar experiences.

Regards 8)

Palehorse Redivivus
2nd September 2010, 08:52 PM
Greetings and welcome Perceptionist!