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15th March 2006, 02:16 PM
Hi, I want some advice please.

Recently I had found that I do have some curative energy, just using NEW is enough to activate it and now I am improving my chakras and energy.
My illussion is that one day I could cure (at least) my self from some problems in my eyes and skin. I have miopy and astigmatism, dont know if I can cure those deseases, just curing or improving the second one can change my life a lot.

I searched here for techniques and found th EFT wich I found very similar (at least the principles) to the NEW, I ask one of my guides about those techniques, if I could use them at the same time, he told me "no" that I have to continue with NEW instead of EFT. So, The only technique I use sometimes is the glowing yellow light in the affected zone and it seems to work fine but I wanted a more "generic" technique.

Dont know if I am clear enough. I want to start with me, if everything goes right I will start with my family (lots of stomac and intestin problems, like gastritis and the like :( )
Thanks in advance for the help.

15th March 2006, 08:02 PM
Pranic healing is a good general kind of technique.


17th March 2006, 06:02 PM
I'm not exactly sure why your guide would tell you to only do one healing technique? I do Reiki, Quantum Touch, RB's techniques, EFT, and Soul Healilng. They're all great, some can be used at the same time. EFT works especially well for anxiety, but you can use it on just about anything. For eyes, I would recommend Quantum Touch. The originator of QT, Richard Gordon, improved his own eyesight quite a bit and has a great story about it. http://www.quantumtouch.com

17th March 2006, 11:02 PM
:D Thanks for the info Painterhypnogirl, I dont know also why the guide told me to continue with NEW only but probably is just in the begining. I am just sarting and currently I need to work with my energy, also, I already use most of the techniques used with EFT like the frases and the like, my mom teached me that because of my fobias (she did logoteraphy of Frankl) Perhaps I already dont need the fobia cure and perhaps energy rising is more neccesary for me. I wil llook for the method you mention, it sound good and is using energy directly. The only thing I did not liked about EFT is that EVERYTHING you have is because of a blockage, I think is more complicated than that, probably is like an easy solution and I personally prefer the looooonnnnggggg and hard way to solve my problems.

Also thanks Tom for the Pranic healing, I also will look for it later :)

Sophroniscus: better not do any comments...

20th March 2006, 01:47 AM
If you like a long and difficult way to do things, I'll find a particular post and either post it or pm it to you. It's complicated and spiritual. But not tonight, I'm running out of time. :cry: Tired!