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8th September 2010, 10:25 AM
Hi I am a new member I read Robert Bruce's book Pychic Self-defense many years ago and especially confirmed the truth about how neg attachments cause manefestations upon the skin in the form of moles, lumps etc
Recently I had an experience to do with how finally acknowledging the existence of certain types of beings that I had previously been in denial about Acknowledging them recently created an energetic shift within in my consciousness and as a result, affected a hard small lump on my right arm It started to change and shrink .
Also experienced the sensation of increasing energy around my head the had previously been blocked

All this has really caught my attention as these skin 'attachments' are difficult to fathom ie; the energetic source of the problem
These types of beings in question have recently become more well known but still only acknowledged by a few and are said to feed off of the human energy field Anyway I thought this experience was worth sharing I have been certain for a long time that there are various types of beings that feed of of human emotions It is just that in this particular case something unusual happened as a result of acknowledging the existence of a particular type of being

8th September 2010, 12:43 PM
Hi cloudwatcher. Would you like me to move your post to the psychic self defense forum? You may get more feedback there.
I hope you enjoy the forums.